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									Call Centers Services for Teens: A Growing Trend

Anyone who has a teen in their home knows what a huge part their life their telephone is. They're
constantly networking with friends, managing their social life and keeping up on all the latest gossip.
Teens have also been fast to adapt to all the latest telecommunications advancements as they've come

So it should really come as no surprise that they're now also signing up for call center services to help
them manage their phone calls. This even though, they don't own or manage a business, yet they still
find uses for all the options call center services now have the offer.

30% of Callers Hang up on Voicemail

Reports from a recent study on voicemail have been available for some time now online, but teens who
spend more time on the Internet tend to be more aware of it than adults. What the study brought out is
that up to 30% of callers will hangup on voicemail rather than leave a message, and 30% of their
friends hangup is intolerable for a teenager.

It's a completely different story with call center services though, because they have a 0% hangup rate.
So not only are the callers not hanging up but they're also able to do more than simply leave a message.
For instance they can actually ask the operator questions and have messages relayed to them.

Having a Personal Assistant

Then the ultimate status symbol for teenagers now is a personal assistant because they know that all the
top Hollywood celebrities have one. The big problem for your average teenager though, is that personal
assistants cost money, money that they just don't have to spend that way.

What more of them are finding out though, is that with custom scripts and instructions in the hands of
operators at call center services it's the next best thing to having a personal assistant. They answer the
phone in accordance with the instructions and introduce themselves to all who call as the teens own
personal assistant.

Free 800 Numbers

Teens also love the fact that call center services offer ready to go 800 numbers, completely free of
charge. Young people online are now making friends around the globe, so more of them are acquiring
free 800 numbers so those friends are able to give them a call anytime they like at absolutely no cost.

The 800 numbers come ready to go at no cost because the fees are paid for by the call center services.
They aren't entirely free though, because they still have to pay for the operators time when they field
the calls. Even so, for short messages and conversations they're a big help.

Prepay Means no Surprise Charges

Then parents of teens really love the fact that call center services are entirely prepaid. This means that
they pay upfront for the time that they need, just as they would pay upfront for a pre-paid telephone. It's
the perfect system too because it means that there are never any surprise overcharges.
So teens love call center services, and it turns out that parents like them too. It's the way of the future,
so it's a great way for parents to help their young soon-to-be adults adjusts to what the future holds out
for them in the working world. If they're to achieve any measure of success today, they're going to be
using call center services to help them do it.

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