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&myText=Dec 29, 2010
  Brother Rob rolled in from Japan on December 9th for his first visit to
Florida. The results of showing him the beaches and New Orleans can be
viewed in the new photo gallery "Nuckin Futs", located in the "Gomoku
Gumbo" section and hitting Billy's Galleries. Enjoy!
Dec 24, 2010
  Christmas Eve. Spending time with a couple of dark Rum Noggs topped
with cinnamon. On December 15, one year after being diagnosed with
Cancer, fell into a Mercedes 300 'C" class with my good friend Rob and we
headed west to New Orleans. It is a tribute to modern science....to be
alive and be feeling relatively well, and looking forward to the family
tradition of gumbo and roasted ham for the holidays.
Dec. 7, 2010
   An appreciation of forthcoming breath, the Friends, the Family and the
animals that surround me, the aroma of logs burning in the fireplace, all
ratching up the love of the moment and the celebration of the Holidays.
  'Tis a joyous time of year, thankful all is well in our village,
thankful for another year.
Dec 1, 2010
  The Pink Canadian flies in from Japan next week and is renting a
Cadillac. He is pink due to an inability to tan, sunburn is always his
end result after passing out on exotic beaches across south east Asia.
A road trip is in our future and as his attorney I should advise him
that could be dangerous. Dangerous indeed. Inflating the tires to 100
pounds psi, ether soaked towels pressed down on the floor boards,
handfuls of reds and whites and a salt shaker full of.........New Orleans
is the first destination....can Vegas come into play?    Palm lined
freeways dotted with Bar B Q joints and roadkill, heading into the Sun.
Could be a dangerous road trip indeed.
  But, first things first. Surgery again tomorrow, gassed and left
unconscious........ impervious to the cutting and stitching of body
Nov 19, 2010
  Early Morning. The road that takes me where I need to be, winds gently
around the shores of the Bay known as Perdido. The tide is in with a
light chop, the water... high up on the dock pillars, appears blue as
ever. The Forrest that hugs the edge of the pavement on the east side,
is busting with color. Stands of Popcorn trees displaying leaves of ruby
red, scrub Oaks providing the yellows. This is the time of the year,
after the first cool front passes through, my father and I ran the nets.
   We had for many years, a four hundred and fifty foot gill net with a
wide mesh. A friend of dad's had a little place on Innerarity Island,
waterfront property that jutted into Perdido Bay, and we would walk the
net straight out from his shore. When the nylon weave was secured and
after sharing a couple of beers around an old wood picnic table and
listening to the waves lap onto shore, it was time to call it a day.
The net remained fixed for two weeks with us walking the line twice a
day. We enjoyed a rush of adrenaline, returning at six thirty in the
morning and three thirty in the afternoon, after we eased his pickup
truck down the dirt driveway, we could pick out where the net was pulled
low into the water, indicating something large had been snagged.
Depending on the intensity of the cold front passing over, we were either
allowed a glimpse of the moving shadow caught or seawater the color of
iron with no chance of knowing whether the prize was the Flounder we were
seeking or a giant Turtle. A little hairy sticking your hand and arm
into the latter. More often than not, we would half fill a large cooler
with our beloved flat fish and maybe a surprise Redfish or two.
 Climbing out of our rubberized waders it was time to head home on the
road along the Bay.
Nov 13, 2010 Mr. President,
 Perhaps a couple of solutions or, ideas to investigate.
We know, the upper income groups do not need the tax break, they simply
want them, part of the character profile that probably made them rich in
the first place. I believe that a permanent tax bracket needs to be
created to "pay back" the country that allowed them their wealth in the
first place. Another thought is instead of moving the retirement age
further back, why not create a cut off line financially? Have Social
Security only availible to citizens that need it, same with Medicare.
 As for jobs. Rebuilding the infra-structure for America is a win-win
solution that is desperately needed with both old and new construction
required. High speed railway across the nation is a must as well.
Please Tax the companies that have shipped their jobs overseas and make
it no longer advantageous, and close the tax loopholes and off shore
 I realize you and your administration have considered some of these
options if not all, but you will break the hearts of many citizens if you
allow the rich to continue to escape paying the taxes the rest of the
population contributes to our great nation.
Thank you and good luck.
Nov 11, 2010   Veteran's Day
 The Blue Angles are flying overhead......the roar from their engines
sound magnificent. It is a meritorious way to honor all those who have
served and those that have paid the ultimate. A wonderful moment in my
life occurred in Japan, when my Japanese friend who told me I was part of
his family, and my Dad sat together on my couch and drank Sake together.
When younger, the two had fought on opposites sides in the same battle
during WW2. I really miss those two Vets. I hope someday we will
Nov 05, 2010
  The first storm of Fall blew in just after Midnight, dropping more rain
than needed for a two month period. Trees swayed and the wind
howled...dropping temperatures, and creating a foam soup of white tops in
the Bay. A drive to the beach recreated a winter storm scene from north
of the Mason Dixon line...the white Gulf sand, blowing across the road
and obscuring the asphalt. Old man Winter is coming and he is sending
his calling card. Disregarding the feelings of apprehensions of that
season, time to enjoy it's traditions. Light the Fireplace, get
something in or on the stove that cooks slowly and for a long
Menu: Single Malt Scotch. Kimchi Nabe. Korean Fish Cake.
 New Pirate Radio at OKIBOKI.COM. This episode starts off in memoriam of
Ariane Up (Forster) from the band THE SLITS who passed away this week.
Also on the show.......NEIL YOUNG.............THE
TUBES.............SANTANA..............KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD......JOHN
Oct. 31, 2010
Halloween. Sat out on the patio this evening...looking for a hook-up.
Wanted to flag down a babe-on-a-broom to see if she was up to a party.
What I saw was quite different. Down here...when the temperature drops,
there is another phenomenon other than the smell of the damp earth and
birds singing throughout the night. The Sky. From here....you can stare
into the Milky Way and beyond. The heavens are so close....you look down
at the neighbor's house, then look up to the dark and you feel as you may
fall off the planet. Shooting stars and satellites add movement to a
light show of the beginning of existence. Yeah....heavy shit laid on
you, just by looking up. I love it.
New Pirate Radio on the way.....It's Halloween baby..........someone is
falling through my screen door now......
Oct. 20, 2010
 When the man in the white coat sits you down and explains to you that
you have a disease that can and maybe will..... kill you, the mind does
funny things. Not the shit you see in movies, or read in a good novel,
it's much simpler than all that. Besides the crap that flies around
involving mortality and insurance policies, in the moments you are
alone...is when these thoughts come home. You start recalling your past.
Some, are simple...The smell of chlorine on your body after climbing out
of the pool on a hot summer's day...the aroma of grilled meat in the
air......kids screaming in delight. Some are darker. You have always
realized what a wonderful life you have been witness to, even with the
heartbreak. This episode of Pirate Radio is very personal...a scrapbook
of music, that invokes many, many memories from this life. Like...
 We had just received word that one of my best friends body had been
recovered....three bullet caps to the head and stuffed in a Steamer
trunk. Bad heroin deal, took him away from us. I was in my twenties,
and this was the first loss...of several, that came this way. Beyond
belief for me.....headed to Pacific Coast Highway and spent the night
crying on a California beach listening to Instant Karma. Must have
played that tune a hundred times.
 Or......having 'Beautiful Boy' cranked as loud as possible while seeing
your son ....make those first steps. Owe a lot to Mr. Lennon...... Hope
you all enjoy.
  John Lennon, Pirate Radio archive #42
Oct. 17, 2010
  Play-off Baseball is da shit. It is a little different now than when I
first started watching. Play-off games are equivilent to a Broadway
production. Stadiums are over the top in design. I cannot think, of too
many as tasty as 3rd base side at Camden Yards, slamming Crab Cakes and
BBQ from Boog. Every pitch counts.......Fifty thousand or so.....
yelling at every throw. Sends chills. Camera work is top notch..as well
as sound. A long way from when standing at short stop was a daily
Oct. 8, 2010                             The Year That Halloween Came
 It is usually a good thing to have a house in your neighborhood that
Cops are familiar with. It keeps them too busy to be bothered with your
ass. Last evening, residents of this mostly retired military officers
had some action. I had just finished medicating myself and was busy with
a little multi tasking.....MLB Playoffs on the tube, and screening music
cuts for the next Pirate Radio, when I thought I had heard too many "Hey
Man's" in the chorus. Curious.... walked out to the living room. A
bloody face filled the screen of one of our sliding glass doors and was
yelling above the music, "This Fuckers' trying to kill me, call 911".
Now, this is a little out of the ordinary for a sub division where most
folks are out of their pools by 5 pm and sleeping by 9. This guy
probably stumbled on our place, by it being the only one with lights on.
Calling 911, got the guy to the front door, and gave him a cold wash
cloth. "How many people in the house?" , "Any weapons?" the dispatcher
was listening to my questions and jotting the info down. Waiting on the
Ambulance, asked the fellow what the Hell was underway. "Tweekers Man".
The Asshole just flipped out and hit me with the back of a knife. My
partner is still in there, and he said he was going to kill him."
Suddenly, I was real thirsty........What was the score anyway? The
Yankees still losing? Should I use that song on the next Pirate Radio?
The night air broke open with sirens....the Cops and the Ambulance
arriving simultaneously. "You the one that called?" I nodded. "You
know this fella?" " No Sir, never seen this guy, man". Doing enough
Methamphetamine will induce the old hallucinations..........looking into
this house with the night lighting and Asian artifacts, dude probably
thought he found sanctuary in an Opium Den. With the return of the
morning light, just me and the Monarchs and a cup of joe.
Oct. 06,2010
  The vibe in the October air is exquisite, and sorry, that is the
extent of my drool laced mumbling. No wait! There is more.......While
waiting for the annual return of the Monarchs who rest here briefly
before embarking on their epic journey to Mexico, witnessed a first.
Hummingbird sentry's! Strategically positioned amongst the four feeders
was a humming bully. Never have observed this behavior, where the guard
would harass all other incoming attempts, apparently membership required.
Territorial Humming Birds? Must look into this.
  Menus: Lunch....Yuenglings. Cup of Red Beans and Rice. Bowl of Chicken,
Shrimp, Andouille Jambalaya. Dinner.....Pinot. Clam Linguine in White
sauce, crusty Cuban bread drizzled with Olive oil and shaved Asiago
cheese. Grilled Zucchini.
  Brother George....We all have our rally caps on. Get out of that
Hospital soon, we miss you out here.
Sep 30, 2010
   It's a tropical thang man.........my morning alarms are birds
screeching so loud out the open windows, they sound as though they are
nesting at the foot of the bed. Morning coffee and afternoon cocktails
on the patio. The evening sky is flooded with squadrons of
Dragonflies....more of them than raindrops in a Pacific Typhoon...zooming
by, ten feet above ground level. It's outside man, outside. Neighbors
like Bears, wandering around after a Summer hibernation, free of
conditioned air. Outside is what is happening.
Sep 27, 2010
    Sunday night. It's late. Sunrise due in a couple of hours. Have
discovered once again, that wine....after a couple of bottles, gets
"Fruity". Time to start drinking.....a good time for Scotch. Rough news
regarding a couple of friends health and lives....wondering about my own.
That cool weather got here, and it's Kick Ass beautiful. Easy to savor
your existence.
New Pirate Radio streaming the Universe........This episode.
Sep 22, 2010                                    DAY 156
   That wind is here. No.......not that wind that is our comforting
companion from the Gulf. This is the wind that whispers to you that
change is a coming. Many, many changes. Some of those changes will be
exhilarating.....some will be forever. Fall gets into your Soul. Beauty
that will leave you speechless.......is accompanied with the knowledge of
Man, the Hunter. All do not survive the upcoming seasons, the weak
perish. This is the season of feasting.......preparing. And we get to
start it off in beauty and a chill.
New Photo Galleries on the way. 'IVAN', a look at the Devil Hurricane
that struck Pensacola Florida in 2004. 'Napoli'     John and Kei have been
shooting middle Italy for a couple of years now, and have sent us in a
look. Thank You !
And of course, a new Pirate Radio is on the way..........
Sep 11, 2010
  Back in late August of 2001, found myself stepping off of the Keystone
Express at Penn Station downtown New York City. I was lucky enough to be
spending a week there attending Cisco Router training. The hotel that I
normally stayed with in Times Square was full and had decided to hang as
close to Chinatown as possible. Fortunately the Embassy had vacancies
and booked a room there. The Embassy Suites were a five minute walk from
Twin Towers, and the daily routine was to walk over, descend under the
North Tower.......grab the subway to Madison Square where the class was
held. Coming back, the routine varied a little. On top of the South
Tower, was an observation platform and for $17.50, you could walk around
and take photos. The other Twin offered a bar, Sushi and independent
label beer. Guess which one I frequented. It was easy making 'friends'
with the staff at both the hotel and bar in the sky, most were from
Ireland, living with eight others or so in Brooklyn and on a work Visa
for Manhattan. Very friendly bunch and I visited them daily before
heading back to the room and 'freshening up' for the evening. You never
thought there may be a problem........security was everywhere, and
received my share of stares, and request for ID.
  Two weeks later, on a beautiful Fall morning........was at home when the
phone rang. A plane had crashed into the towers, info was sketchy.
Quickly turning on the TV, saw the second plane impact. There was no
longer any doubt if any of this was accidental.
Photos from that trip (and others) are posted in Photo Gallery 2 on the
web site.
Sep 07, 2010
New Photo Gallery mounted in the 'GOMOKU GUMBO' lounge at OKIBOKI.COM.
Hit the 'billy' icon for shots of Chef's Steve's recent Gulf Coast
Excursion, under the tab 'Charcuterie". Join us on our pursuit of this
lovely tradition of what can be done with Pork and other small game
animals, from White Sandy Beaches to the Crescent City. It was a GAS!
Sep 05, 2010
New PIRATE RADIO jamming your ethernet. This episode...........ANDERS
WHITLEY........LYLE LOVETT..............ELVIN BISHOP.    Enjoy!
Sep 04, 2010
  Chef Steve's jet flight from Philadelphia arrived earlier than expected
on Sunday, obviously a sign from the Gods indicating the festivities
should commence as soon as possible. So.....we did. A little slice of
Heaven....great meals for the next six days, starting with the Pork
Carnitas slowly braising along back at the house. Food and Cooking is a
passion for both of us, and apparently.... well appreciated by the ones
who tolerate our behavior. After all, one cannot consume the sweet or
the savory without throwing back a bit of alcohol, which somehow
continues..... well after the last bite. This was possibly the last
celebration for the Chef for awhile, negotiations are underway with a
partner to open a Trattoria in the outskirts of New York City that Steve
will design and execute the menu. So, we were forced to go for
it........from Bushwackers on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, to fine
dining in the Big Easy.
Photo Gallery " Six Days of Celebration with Chef Steve " will be posted
very soon as well as the next Pirate Radio.
Aug 27, 2010                           DAY 130
  Getting hungry. Chef Steve is two days away from crashing these shores.
It's FOOD time. Japanese....Vietnamese, and that's what I am cooking.
Leave the French to the Chef. A N'awlins grub crawl is also on the menu.
Will be hitting that city's finest and seeing where they are at.
Speaking of N'awlins, this is the five year anniversary of
Katrina....they are still rebuilding. If you need a Big Easy groove on,
check out the PIRATE RADIO archives, PR #33 features some of the bands
that performed at this year's Jazz Fest. Crank it UP!
A new Photo gallery is on the way, check it out to get up front shots of
what a Gulf Coast Hurricane can do. Speaking of damage Hurricanes can
provide, that will be the first stop in the French Quarter....It's been
Aug 19, 2010
BP bullshit is hitting the fan. Folks across the country are starting to
succumb to the PR blitz and believe the Gulf is OK. The Gulf IS NOT
OK....and will not be for a long time. In a previous submission to the
blog there was mention of a friend who had acquired work on the clean up
project. After certifying his Captain skills for BP they placed him on a
vessel of opportunity. A large one. Their mission.......maintain some
of the large industrial booms, pull....haul in and clean....re drop.
Repeat. My friend, after a few weeks of employment has been
dismissed.....along with the whole crew. The Oil is no longer visible on
the surface, BP claiming 75 percent of what spilled has now disappeared.
Bp claiming victory. The reality is the Oil is below. He observed Seas
that once had visibility into it's soul of fifty feet.......now only a
couple. The dispersants released have mixed with the Oil, creating
milky clouds throughout. After working three weeks.......he is now
losing clumps of hair and has sores in different locations on his body.
The Gulf is not OK.......
Aug 14, 2010
 OKIBOKI PRODUCTIONS is pleased to feature New York City artists ANDY
Andy has been cool enough to open the vaults of their material, so we
selected two from each CD .....SINK and TENT. We would like to thank the
band for their patience dealing with a sicko.........Hope you enjoy!!
Aug 12, 2010
 Chemo kicking in..........A truck runneth over. Difficult to keep
awake, eyelids are heavy. The uncontrolled perspiration by-product is
shivers. No pain....resembling Flu like symptoms, weak and
alone....missing the company of Family and Friends. Kitty keeps me
straight. Can not wait to get to the other side of this illness.
Aug 10, 2010
 The departure of the Archangels/Rascals have left a pall around here, a
return to the norm of Chemo treatments and solitude. The blasts of
shrieks from tiny lungs that startle you, are now missed and longed for.
What a pleasure to have them here....and a needed burst of resolve to
continue on with the dreaded doctors appointments. Thank You little
 We have a new resident as yet unidentified. It arrives at night and
perches in the surrounding pines screaming into the stillness. One
attempt with a flashlight ended prematurely with its flight as soon as I
got through the door, his silhouette across a moon filled sky revealing
enormous proportions of a hunter. There may also be a new nest of little
New Pirate Radio on the way. We are featuring a new Artist from
NYC...Andy Snyder and the Mobile Wash Unit. Can't wait!
More Visitors on the way...........Chefs from NYC. This will involve a
few rounds in the kitchen....can't wait to GET IT ON! Also kicking
around a short trip to some of the shops in N'awlin's that are taking
cuisine to new levels. Food Heaven.
Aug 06, 2010                             DAY 109
 So...........The Well is Plugged. Please let this be the case, and work
can begin with removing 100 million barrels of toxic waste from the Gulf
and the Wetlands. BP is continuing the charade and 'releasing' reports
that three quarters of the spill has already disappeared. That would be
some magic eh?......The Gulf can handle quite a few things through
absorption.....Oil and toxic dispersant's are not among them.
The Party is ON! Quite the gathering tomorrow for a Pork Rib Blow-out.
Will be throwing racks at a time throughout the day onto the smoke grill
and sides of Turnip Greens and Grandma's Potato salad. Summer is the
Keeping up with a two year old and an older sister of three, will let you
know what kind of shape your body and mind are in. I cannot remember
having as much fun with sprinklers and blow up pools....I must be the
four year old bully in the crowd.
Aug 01, 2010
 It's Hot! Temperatures are climbing. Little feet and tiny hands have
now been buckled in and are heading this way from Tampa. Should be a
busy week of Fishing, Bar-B-Q and the Beach. Maybe pull the coloring
books out.
New Pirate Radio on the way. We have a new artist from NYC we will be
Sir Nick Faldo the Knighted Golfer from the Queens Kingdom, must not have
spent much time in America's south during all his travels. Several times
during the weekend broadcast he repeated Northwest Florida's own Boo
Weekley when asked about his health. "The Back ain't hurtin or nuthin'
". Not the Queens English? Now I hear similar statements all the
time...... Huh.
July 30, 2010
  "Today is a good day to die".....Old Lodge Skins (Chief Dan George)
from 'Little Big Man'. Today is one of those days. Beautiful.
Yesterday, there was a vote before the House, that would have provided
free health care to the First Responders to the World Trade Center on
September 11. It was shot down by the Republicans citing rising cost to
the Nations deficit.......These are the same people who want the Bush Tax
cuts to the most wealthy of Americans, extended. It is clear the
direction of our beloved country is the destruction of the Middle Class.
Greed.....is all that matters to this Political Party.
Tonight's menu: Tequila. Mexican - Japanese fusion. Tempura style Red
Snapper fillets in Corn Tortillas with micro greens drizzled with a
Buttermilk, Sour Cream and Chipotle sauce. Pinto Beans topped with
Manchego cheese and juice of grilled Limes.
July 28, 2010                               Day 100
  100 days ago, pressure that had been building under the floor of the
Gulf Of Mexico erupted ......Killing eleven people on an Oil rig operated
by BP.
OKIBOKI.COM now resides at a new IP and has a brand new box......Probably
will have a few 'tweeks' showing up the next couple of days, please bear
with. Some new features for us, unlimited bandwith and disc space for
site data. As she smooths out ...Videos should run fine, please check
out the three we have posted under 'Productions" and the 'TV' icon.
These are from back-in-the-day, Sorry, no HD yet.
Had a good weekend, calls from all over. Washington DC filled us in on
the Spook situation and the government outsourcing Intel gathering, some
contracts going to Foreign companies. Philadelphia called in with news
of the start of a new Eatery venture going up in White Plains N.Y. , and
Austin Texas rang in with Day 1 of a new Robert Duvall
picture..........Oh Yeah! Got the weather update from the 'rents in
July 28, 2010                   Day 100
We will be switching over to another server tonight, and will be down for
up to 24 hrs. Sorry for any bummers.
July 24, 2010
  A little quite on the blogging front, smack in the middle of tech
upgrades. The site is being relocated to a dedicated server, hopefully
allowing videos posted to run smoothly. Now, this is going to take
awhile. Normally our upload speeds are such that when posting a new
PIRATE RADIO, usually takes close to an hour for roughly 80 minutes of
music....Some of the earlier shows have close to 160 minutes of tunes.
At that rate, transferring 38 current shows plus photo galleries....gonna
be at this for days. Time to place the cooler with ice and bottle of
Vodka within reaching distance. Also on the Tech table, is our
OKIBOKI.MOBI project, where we are bringing music to your cell phone.
Busy little Bees.
July 20, 2010                     Day 92
 Well now. It looks like it is just a matter of days until the truth is
revealed......BP will be sending many a mixed messages in the near
future, trying to calm fears of the public, in the face of their
own.......We may not have heard the worst........ yet.
Yesterday was a celebration of FOOD...again. After a very early
appointment at the Hospital, pulled into mom's driveway to the aroma of
Slab Bacon in the cast iron. She had prepared some of my favorites,
Fried Green Tomatoes and fresh Georgia Peaches with toast. Could have
shoveled the pie hole all day. The Evening went as well. Smoked Rib
Steaks on the grill with Baked Potato and Summer Squash. Chilled Sake to
wash it all down.
A couple of cool Tech developments here at OKIBOKI HQ. We are hooking
the site up to a dedicated server, and hope this will allow streaming
video to accompany Music and Films. We are also in the process of
completing OKIBOKI.MOBI....A non-Flash site you will be able to access
PIRATE RADIO from your cell phone.......STAY TUNED !
July 18, 2010
 Each of the four Majors in Golf have their own distinct personality. My
favorite, The Masters takes place every year in Augusta Georgia and is
the most beautiful Golf Course these eyes have ever seen, and had the
pleasure to attend. There is one more place that falls into the Bucket
List....And that Golf Course was on display this weekend. St. Andrews in
Scotland is commonly referred to as the 'Birthplace of Golf', and many of
the rituals of the game were born in this Sheep field. That will be nice
that someday after finishing a wind blown, chilly, 36 holes by the
Sea....set the clubs aside and stroll through town. The Goal will be to
find the loudest Pub, pull up a stool and have warmth return to the soul
via a single malt Scotch....
ESPN's coverage of the British Open was grand, far better than even a
channel that name themselves after the sport. On Friday alone there was
16 straight hours of televised play....get the crew some coffee.
Strength is returning following the last Chemo treatment. I appreciate
everything the Doctors have accomplished with the miracles of modern
science. At the time of Surgery, following six weeks of Chemo and
Radiation, the Doc had told me there was no tumor to be found, only a
'blemish' on the walls. Thank you Chemo and blasts of mysterious
rays....I have made up the mind though, enough Chemo. Walking away.
New Pirate Radio Tonight at 11:45 (EDT)   This edition of Pirate Radio
July 15, 2010                     Day 87
 The purge of poison bile from beneath the floor of the Gulf of Mexico
is................over? That is the phrase BP wants stuck in your mind,
we shall see. There have been so many lies and untruths up to this
point, it is tough to get excited about news that should be a relief to
all. We shall see.
The last dose of Chemo had me rockin'.....wow. No more.....rolling the
dice is a better option than this. All done.
New Pirate Radio on the way and a new Photo Gallery.
July 13, 2010                                        Day 85
 BP is attempting another method. Every tradition of bestowing lucky
charms are in the works. Salt flying over shoulders, avoid stepping on
cracks, Chickens losing feet, Gris Gris hittin' the street......
Back at the Doc's today. Had more liquids pumped into me than three days
of drinking in Hong Kong. All of that and walk away without the hiccups
or a tattoo.
August looking like a busy month for visitors to OKIBOKI HQ. We will
still get the Grillin' done on the beach, So C'mon Y'all..............
Menu: Next Food Channel All Star kicked ass. Web Master Babe fired up
Thai Chili Shrimp. Patient had a little alcohol.
July 10, 2010                    8 P.M.
 Being unemployed for six months or so, can add a little spice into a
relationship......even if it is do to illness. Something I could do to
contribute, right? I would have no problem if any loved ones of mine
needed help, regardless of the illness.....   but, I do not care for not
having a job. The spouse had long thought this as well. She solved the
crisis. She hired me. I am now her Japanese Gardener. You know what?
I should have done this my whole life. Konichi-wa!
Not sure category...............Went to Johnson Beach today to catch the
Blue Angles. Clean up crews were well down the strip. The
surf......crystal clear. Came across two tarballs. In your Heart and
Mind...you know there are 20 gazillion tons of shit floating and settling
into the body of your Gulf. Yet, today, It looked like my Baby.
July 10, 2010
The thunder in the sky today will not be provided by Mother Nature.
Today's thunder will be courtesy of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angles F-18.
Perfect day, The Blues are performing at Pensacola Beach in a honored
tradition and hoping to drum up some cash for the sludge affected
businesses. They are always a thrill...
Tonight's Menu: Sake. Tempura. Watermelon.
July 09. 2010                                              Day 81
 500 miles of coastline, all five of the Gulf states in the USA.....have
now been drenched in toxic waste from the BP Oil spill. The Well remains
uncapped. Took the five minute drive down to the beach on Monday, July
5, to the state park located at Johnson Beach Florida. At the pavilion,
activity was high. Could have been a rock concert setting up...instead
it was a staging area for BP employees. Perhaps 10 - 15 buses, food
tents, latrines and security guards. Walking down to the shore...public
access to a State owned Beach, was limited to one small space. That area
had been 'raked' and looked like nothing at all had transpired. There
were a couple of Park Rangers overseeing the workers, and I asked how the
process was going. They both shrugged. After talking awhile they had
mentioned that in their morning meeting, the Federal bosses that run
State Parks were initiating a forty year study of the effects of this
spill. Forty Years. If I was 15 years old, I would be lucky to see the
outcome. Guess they figure this shit is going to be around
awhile......Continued the drive down to the end of the park where guests
do not frequent. Every other step....had an oil patch. The BP effort is
all a front.
I am aware that I am a peon. Cannot think of anything more important in
the world than love, family, The beauty in nature and art, and a great
meal. You may laugh at the food mention....but the contents are only a
small portion. It is the love that goes into the preparation to be
shared with other humans, family or strangers...that make my world go
round. I have all of that. Other people think of world domination
through cash. I like my mornings better.
Menu: Vodka. Healthy Vodka though...mixed with fresh Apple juice.
Stepped into the garden and picked a handful of fresh basil. Gently
lifted the skin up from the Chicken breast and inserted the leaves. A
slight drizzle of O oil and a Garlic and cracked red pepper rub. Grilled
on coals and basted with sauces of tomato,honey and soy. Yellow rice and
Broccoli stirred with fresh butter.
July 4, 2010
 Put the foot down on the confinements of convalescing. The weather is
beautiful. Time to ignore the good Doctor's orders. Recovering from the
Surgery is going well, The new Chemo blasts are another story. Twice a
month now, required to get comfy on a heated, vibrating recliner while
the nurses get busy loading the bags of IV solutions. The side effects
are not what you normally imagine. There is no hair loss, no weight
fluctuations, at least in my case. These bags of magic potion remove
your ability to deal with anything cold. Can't touch it, can't drink it,
can't breathe it. Weird huh? The coldness 'freezes' anything that comes
in contact, as if it were 40 degrees below. Grab a handful of ice, and
you are reminded at once, as your fingertips sting and the cubes hit your
bare feet causing your scream. Scares the hell out of the Cat. Get a
little burnt by room temperature Vodka and Tea to go with your fatigue.
No Sun either......So, Today was the day.
I had devised a plan. Drop my tired ass on a lounger and get some sun
while drinking a tall glass of Ice cold Vodka and water. With a lemon.
Any freezing should be negated by the blazing Sun. A man can only take
so much. Sun, Vodka, Percocet, and Hillbilly Heroin can only lead to
brilliant ideas right? Open the trunk to the Road Warrior and grab the
Driver, six iron, wedge and putter. Grab enough balls to equal our
normal foursome, (well.... there is one member of the group, 'Lefty' who
had an operation that would allow me to lose a ball quickly.... be down
to seven and still be 'all in') and walk across the street. You know it
is a special day with rounds of bottle rockets exploding and the birds
continue to sing. My favorite holiday is giving thanks with a day of
cooking, but a day devoted to alcohol and gunpowder, that's up there as
well. Working my way down the short path it opens to the fourth tee.
Paying patrons have all split for the smell of meat burning, the course
is all yours. Sometimes you have to hit the road to recuperation at full
throttle. If I don't pass out, it's the Beach tomorrow.
Menu: Vodka. Grilled Washington State Salmon on Cedar planks and a brown
sugar rub. Grilled asparagus. Chocolate cake. Happy Fourth Of July
July 3, 2010                        Day 75
 Happy Birthday to the U.S.A.! Fire up the grills, ice cold bottles of
beer with beads of sweat from the summer heat. Baseball games, Golf and
Beach Volleyball....unleash the kites to the skies, crank the tunes. The
party is ON!
 Even in times where shit is hitting the fan, the spirit of America is
evident. A local group of volunteers have been collecting the eggs of
Sea Turtles that reside in Northwest Florida and will be transporting the
little guys to Cape Canaveral Florida to increase their odds of their
survival. Fed Ex is picking up the tab.
 A few years back, England had an issue with a few of their folks getting
a wild hair in the rump regions and refusing to come home and play by the
rules. Things got bloody, War broke out...and after several years, a new
nation was born. Since those times England and America have been the
best of Allies. No one in the former colonies should hold their brothers
in the U.K., responsible for the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. The
Heathens who perpetrated this disaster.....are not Englishmen, no more
than the bankers on Wall street are Americans. They have their own
country and the flag that resides over head is one of greed and not
country. These folks are committing acts of Treason.
New PIRATE RADIO tonight at 11:59 EST. On this show..........THE
SPARKLEHORSE...........THOM YORKE................RY COODER........... A
celebration of the U.K. and the U.S.A.
June 28, 2010                               Day 70
  Rain bands of Tropical Storm Alex arrived during the night drenching
the area with sheets of sultry precipitation . The eye of the storm
appears to be headed for south Texas, we will get the rain and storm
surge. Good news, at least at this time....the winds will not disrupt
the clean up operation either at the Well site or Beach pickers.
Musicians are performing beach concerts in an effort to boost lagging
tourism dollars, yesterday Kenny Loggins and the Doobie Brothers,
Thursday is Jimmy Buffet. That other Rock Star.... the Vice President of
the United States Joe Biden, tours the area tomorrow. Mr. Buffet must be
questioning his Karma gods, Today is opening day for a massive hotel his
company built on Pensacola Beach....might get tough making payments with
empty Islands. Margaritaville indeed.
June 26,2010
Day 242 of the Gulf Oil Spill
 The Engineer
     "HOLY CHRIST" Trevor screamed as he dove for the floor. The gunshot
had exploded right outside his windows to the garden. Crawling under the
desk in his study, He listened. There! One more! It was then Trevor
realized his mistake, It was not gunshots at all...but them damn Thunder
Bolts so prevalent in the god forsaken American south. He loathed
Houston, so raw and uncivilized. It was also the Headquarters for his
company and allowed Trevor and his family a social standing never
achievable to him in England with his lineage. But, getting a degree in
geology and a little luck had allowed him to work his way into the worlds
largest petroleum producer. Not just the largest Oil company, 'BS' was
the largest enterprise in the world. Unspeakable profits every quarter
provided Trevor and thousands of other stockholders like him, wealth
beyond their dreams. Until all hell broke loose...... Literally and
figuratively. Trevor's nerves were shredded, and the Foreman was
perspiring worse than the far less paid 'Small" people who worked for
him.    They were coming for him, that he knew. His company had put up 20
million in escrow and it was already depleted. The damage to the Gulf
and the people who inhabited it's shores was massive. The U.S.
Government was demanding more of the almighty and Trevor knew his company
was not about to forgo stock dividends again. Money is money. BS would
take it's chances in court...... all it had to do was remove any
possibility of damaging 'first hand' testimony. Trevor was the man who
ordered the drilling to go on regardless of the Well breaking apart. His
testimony alone could collapse the company for good. Strange things were
starting to occur. Bernie, his good friend was the engineer who sent the
email condemning by-passing of safety regulations, and had not returned
any of his phone calls for at least 72 hours. Not like Bernie at all.
He must be in hiding or................. Trevor was not taking any
chances, he had sent his wife and family north for a 'vacation' and had
completely locked down the house and killed the lights.
  Outside, the storm intensified. Branches of the Japanese Myrtle were
scraping the siding. In the dark....Time takes its time. Trevor felt he
had been in blackness forever, yet it was barely midnight. Sheets of
rain were being blown sideways. Trevor never heard them at all, but
their presence could be felt. Slowly turning, his worst fears were
realized. Three men in dark green rain gear, the tallest one carrying a
silver metal suitcase. "What is the meaning of this?" "What are you
doing in my house?" The three men only smiled. "We're sorry Trevor if
we startled you, It is your retirement party you see". "Time to reunite
you with Bernie". So, this was it......Fatal mistake to come between
money and the company. "BS simply cannot have your testimony, there will
be no mistakes admitted". Two of the men pulled goggles out while the
third opened the suitcase and pulled out a circular power saw. Rain gear
that doubled for nasty, messy business gear. Trevor saw the hammer
coming down.   Money is Money.
June 24, 2010                          Day 66            1:40 A.M.
 The executives of the Energy companies that rape our earth for profit
from fossil fuels are laughing amongst themselves. Just this year a coal
mine explosion killed 29 in West Virginia. Deep Water Horizon, spilling
unknown amounts of Crude right now into the Gulf of Mexico, claimed the
lives of 11 more. One would expect their greed to be concerned about the
upcoming quarterly profits, if not criminal charges and the collapse of
their unlimited wealth machine. Instead, they have members of a
political party of the United States Congress apologize to them in public
statements before the Senate with many more members of that Party
agreeing in private. Hence, we have seen no penalty as of yet for the
mine incident that took the lives of brothers, sons and fathers. What we
see is an is an uproar by elected officials whose campaigns have been
financed by these and other similar companies of Energy and Finance.
 A request for a special escrow to cover immediate financial emergencies
to protect the environment and the families that live here were referred
to as a 'Shakedown'. BP must find this comforting. Throw a couple
billion here, a couple billion there, it's all good right? They have a
substantial amount of Congress in their pocket as to not be worried about
it's future. Let me ask them this. How do I explain to family members
crying at the sight of dead Porpoise washing ashore suffocated in the
greed? Can I file a claim for that? They will probably be able to buy
their way back to stocks rising in value, we who live here are dealing
with suicides of citizens who cannot face the loss of their Gulf.
June 23, 2010                        Day 65
 Spill now slamming 173 miles of coastline in 4 states.   Local efforts
to salvage summer losses due to sludge, have beach front businesses'
posting videos on You Tube to entice visitors. More damage will occur
months later with loss of tourist dollars this season. My local fish
monger owns 4 boats, must send his crew out in opposite direction in the
gulf 1 1/2 times further. Prices rising on an economy that was
struggling since previous Administration. Some neighbors are
volunteering their boats....others have a sign "For Sale". Pensacola
Beach hit today with both Tarballs and blotches of Oil Goo. Somebody
please apologize to BP for our consistent whining and moaning.
June 21, 2010                      Day 63
Oil field bulk..... slightly offshore, stretching east to Destin. 87,000
square miles closed to fishing, roughly 36 percent of the Gulf of Mexico
Pebble Beach Golf Course in Monterey California is one of the most
stunning. This week's USGA Open was a 'toast' to the amatuer ranks. Par
takes the trophy. The games most praised players..... were non factors.
It was great.
June 20, 2010            1:30 AM
  OKIBOKI PRODUCTIONS is fired up over our new addition to the Gomoku
Gallery. TOKYO REPORTER is the creation of our buddy BRETT BULL, a
current resident in one of the greatest city's in the world. Brett's web
zine has been providing zany, off beat feature's and photography, for Ex
Pats and Japanese citizens in need of the news in English, since 2008.
Considering the Japanese alphabet consist of close to FIVE THOUSAND
characters, and my tendency to be a little lazy with the studying, gives
you an idea what a life saver Brett's site can be. Not only does it
inform readers of activities that the local press may be hesitant to pass
on, Tokyo Reporter also is a great source for upcoming events of the
 Brett and our buddy Rob-the-pink-Canadian (also in the Gomoku Gallery)
occasionally do the after work rendezvous in search of exquisite adult
beverages and a pair of chopsticks. Tokyo, as New York and all other
great urban centers of the world, is paradise for those in need of a
warm/cold liquid refreshment and an exciting culinary experience. God I
miss that, and hope to live vicariously through Brett's site. Welcome
June 19, 2010                  Day 61
 Heat advisory in effect. The Gulf is on fire, thick black smoke curling
into the atmosphere. Feels like the end of hope, and yet....The skimmers
arrive. BP is claming success with new cap, The 'small' people thank
them. We need a break.
Life goes on......Family and friends are celebrating unions in the
Keystone state. Plans to attend, sidelined by illness. Much love and
hopes for happiness are sent from the Gulf.
June 15, 2010                   Day 57
 Well, since we ended the last entry on such an 'up' note........regular
life is trying to go on. Let me tell you about the Farm..The corn, is
just flat out terrific! Small ,juicy white kernels and with a touch of
Sea salt ...butter.....and fresh cracked black pepper, all streaming down
your chin with each bite of glorious fun. The 'Maters' and the field
peas as well, all were fresh as could be....... delicious and just great
Summer fun!!
President Obama has been in the area for the last couple of days. As
impressive it can be viewing the motorcade zoom by, The stops and
speeches, I still have concerns. For the life of me, I cannot understand
the lack of Skimmers. I do not comprehend the absence of these 'Vehicles
of Opportunity' from Day 5! We desperately need to keep this shit off of
our shores. We have a buddy that has been certified by BP to Captain
Skimmers...... We will be receiving updates on what is REALLY going on
out there.
Keep the Faith, the folks that live here will never give up on our love
of the Gulf of Mexico.
June 13, 2010                        11:30 A.M.
  It had started out as many spring days of early June had before. The
harvest of Silver Queen corn on the cob was in full swing in roadside
stands at farms in Baldwin County, Alabama. This was, before we lost
Dad, an annual tradition. We decided it was time to resume it, had been
awhile. Mom arrived and we made the quick jog to State Highway 98,
turned west. Florida and Alabama are separated in this part of the world
by a fairly large bay, known as Perdido...quiet,calm blue waters and one
of my favorite drinking establishments accessible by boat. A slight drop
and curve on this old road, the approach to this picturesque ancient
bridge is a palm lined, two lane blacktop invoking time travel to the
1950's. Could have called it a day right there, pull over and hit the
bar with no walls. Maybe should have. At the apex of the crossing, a
look left, exposes a view all the way to the Pass and the Barrier
islands... spectacular. It was here, that we had a glimpse into the
future of our afternoon. Our first sighting of the 'Booms'. Private
citizens not waiting on the promised help, had taken matters in their own
hands and dropped untold meters of line in desperate hope. It felt like
getting greeted by a two by four across the forehead....disturbing to say
the least.
  At the farm, in the shade of an old Oak, the stand was
bustling....bushels of corn, flats of 'maters' and eggplant, two pound
bags of field peas. Shaded cows...tails busy swatting as they lay in the
fields...you could have been in any era. We made the decision to head to
our ground zero, south to the Gulf. Crossing over the Intracoastal
Waterway we dropped down into Orange Beach, a busy little wharf
community. Looked like any other Summer day. Power and boats that use
the wind tied to the docks, folks strolling and shopping. Minutes later
we were on the bridge over Perdido Pass and the inevitable burned into us
again. T.V. satellite trucks and State Troopers directing traffic...all
evidence of an 'event'. Pulling over we walked down to the shoreline.
The sludge had ignored the presence of the single Boom placed the day
before and was making headway to the Bay and Estuaries. Crews were
laying down more Boom, but the much needed 'Skimmers'.... not to be seen.
The Forecast is favorable for the main bulk of the slick to strike now at
anytime, painting these snow white sands of our beaches..... the color of
June 13, 2010
New Pirate Radio is jammin' around the globe. This edition......THE
enjoy. Many thanks to TRUE MARGRIT. Great band to get your swerve on
and to work with.
June 12, 2010                                        Day 54     10:30 A.M.
The first 'field' of OIL slick has arrived. Orange Beach Alabama to Gulf
Shores have taken the initial blow. The clean up crews are nowhere to be
found. Heavy Petroleum odor has been reported, sugar white sands have
been slammed. Hell is here.
June 11, 2010    PM
New PIRATE RADIO on the way. This show will include musicians from
COUNTY, Will be posted to the site soon. Also, a new entry into the
Gomoku Gumbo lounge, 'TOKYO REPORTER'. A cool web site from Japan that
gets the ex pats up to speed in the city's local neighborhoods. Coming
June 11, 2010              Day 53
The BP Plague is here. The Beaches in this part of the Gulf of Mexico,
from Mobile Bay to Port St. Joe consist of Barrier Islands that offer
protection to the mainland. They are the first to get hit..slowing
hurricane force winds during the storm season. Today they are trying to
protect us from a man made disaster, barrels of Sweet Louisiana Crude.
Behind the Islands... bays, estuaries and the Intercoastal Waterway
provide sanctuaries for Shellfish, Waterfowl and countless varieties of
Fish. Yesterday, Perdido Pass was breeched, allowing the Oil access to
the mainlands. Two days prior, the Pass into the Gulf...sole defense was
a lame strand of boom of a couple hundred yards.
Optimism is running high. I haven't figured that out yet. The estimates
of the amount of poison being released into the Gulf were doubled today
with no end in sight. This area has had it's share of catastrophes and
as a result, the people are strong. This tragedy will bring heartbreak
for many years to come...will deal with that.    Right now, it's time to
get a shovel, get a boat....our baby needs help out there.
June 07, 2010                  Day 49
Booms, Skimmers and Dispersants......all words of the week, and probably
well into the future. The Oil is coming on shore in batches, some
heavier than others. As of today...it has now reached West, to Texas.
The final phase of treatments begin today. Previous procedures seem to
have been successful, am growing weary of intrusions into my body by
knives, clamps and chemicals. Whatever it takes to defeat this Tumor.
New Pirate Radio is on the way, along with a new photo gallery of a
little seen world.....
June 06, 2010                               Day 48
We will be creating a link to the website with information on the Oil
Plague. These links will include sites if you need help, want to help,
and status reports. If you have sites you would like us to add....please
send them in. I will also be following the crisis with cameras and
posting those as well On OKIBOKI.COM.
June 04, 2010
Day 46 of the British Petroleum spill....Day 1 for Ground Zero in
Florida. It was around 5 A.M. this morning that the first signs of
global greed woke the residents of this area, home to some of the most
pristine beaches in our United States. The diagnosis is not good. The
crude sludge first arrived in two distinct forms. Smooth caramel like
"tar balls", mixed with silky lumps of "Goo" measuring up to a couple of
inches thick. This is disturbing for other than the obvious reasons.
The "Goo" is fresh.....just squeezed. That's right, you're imagination
is correct. The "tar balls" indicate sludge that has been in the Gulf
for a period of time. The BP lie is over. We have Oil in every layer of
our lifeblood...and all it took were for the currents to head North,
exposing the Plague from day 1 to present.
The entire Northern Gulf Coast has taken on an eerie Apocalyptic
atmosphere. Media broadcast on every medium are warnings of dangerous
air quality to accompany sludge tainted with Cancer causing chemicals
from BP's choice of 'Dispersant'. We have sold our souls for the
money....and most were not even aware of that fact.
During the 1970's, the first gas shortages sent a warning of continuing
down the "chosen" path. Lobbyists convinced the law makers (can you say
payola?) of home grown glory and wealth of unspeakable amounts. The
Chairman of BP was recently quoted as "wanting his life back" ....He will
be fired or choose retirement in the near future and will have the
capability of building the mansion of his dreams in any Country that his
company has not yet soiled. Yes, there is glory and unlimited fortunes
for some...he will have his life back. We will not.
We have allowed "Big" company's to gamble with the future of society and
the health of the Planet. For the Buck.
 My time left here on the third rock, has probably been shortened by a
recent illness. My first reaction to the idiots, was one of self
pity....that I would not be around to see beautiful untainted Red
Snapper, hoisted to the back of the boat while the Sun drops on the
horizon. I refuse this as an acceptable condition. There are
representatives in our Government that believe these huge corporations
qualify for tax breaks to encourage their paths of destruction. I am no
longer sad......I am mad.
June 03, 2010
The Oil continues to roll in, but Art lives on. OKIBOKI PRODUCTIONS is
thrilled to present to you a gallery of Artist Micharl Boles's
Sculptures. This series consist mainly of metals and gems, and in
person...... will take the breath away. See Michael's work in the Gomoku
Gumbo Gallery. Thank You Michael!
June 02, 2010                           Funeral for a Friend
A heartwrenching situation arrived with this morning's dawn, A dear
friend is dying. My lifetime companion and lover has a Cancer of her
own. What started out as a serious wound a little over a month ago, has
metastasized, and is spreading throughout her body. All of my life....my
friend has never tired of revealing the endless beauty that exist on our
planet, and now she has been murdered.........by Man.
My friend is the Gulf Of Mexico, and her oil soaked waters are nine miles
away. The Disease is expected to reveal itself within 24 hours, and be
with us for the rest of my life. Today is the last day that things will
ever be the same. The Lover that I knew. The Lover that I loved. Will
be gone forever.
A few years back....work had taken me to Corpus Christi Texas. Outside
of all the hotels were areas to wash the 'Tarballs' from your legs and
feet, a result of an oil spill ten years prior. Twenty years following
Exxon Valdez, the underside of rocks on the beaches are still coated with
a film of Crude. So, you see.....It will take my friend many years to
recover, more than I have left. Even if they stopped the bleeding
today....the damage has been done.
I must say goodbye to her now....things will never be the same.
May 30, 2010
BP's 'Top Kill' failed. This is bad.....real bad.
Friday evening was an interesting night. London calling...an author by
the name of Michael Doyle was ringing up, he is writing a book about the
making of a cult classic that I had the privilege of working on for
many,many months and was asking if I would consent to a telephone
Interview of that project. The Movie....."THE THING". Now that Motion
Picture was released in '82 or '83, and it has been many years since,
that I have answered any questions from the Media about what went on
while putting it all together. It was a pleasant surprise and 100
minutes and several stories later, we made a promise to keep in touch
with updates and more stories. Think I got a few for him, just wondering
how much he REALLY wants to know, and asking myself what the statute of
limitations in California may be....
Saturday was a good day in Professional sports.
Still Tweaking the Video page and options.......we may have to switch
providers or build a dedicated server for streaming video to run.
May 29, 2010
 Having a bit of trouble with the newly added Videos in the 'Productions'
section. DO NOT ADJUST YOUR MACHINE! It is on our side, and they ran to
perfection in the test environment...(of course), however when a browser
is added to the mix the 'streaming' is shot to hell. In fact we are
seeing wildly variant load times for different browsers and appears to be
a situation that requires troubleshooting while 'On Line'. Bear with us
while we get this corrected....
May 28, 2010        0540 A.M.
Today, the Sweet Crude Plague 'top sheen' is moving South West.....
sparing the coastlines of the northern Gulf Coast States for one more
 Having a blade inserted just south of the belly button and continue down
to just north of your Pelvic bone, will get you a couple of days off from
the work place. Unless, it's at OKIBOKI HQ. That's right.....sleep is
for sissies. Several new items have been posted to the site, New PR
featuring True Margrit and photo galleries sent in from Thailand and New
Zealand. This morning we have three 'new' videos captured from the PBS
employment years as Lighting Director for the studio and a 30 minute
interview and location shoot with Florida Artist / Eco-activist, Robert
Fichter. These videos are posted under the 'Productions' Icon from the
main page.....just click on the 'T.V.' Icon. The two other vids are a
lighting reel (examples of my work) and a couple of Promos for the studio
engineer on the Fichter piece. Congrats to the Art Department.....These
are the first videos posted to the site. No stopping us
Man, the NBA Playoffs......
May 24, 2010
OKIBOKI PRODUCTIONS is honored to add TRUE MARGRIT to the circle of
friends in the Gomoku Gumbo Saloon. It was a real pleasure working with
them and a BIG SHOUT OUT to Andy (who bangs those skins with automated
gunfire tone and precision) for tolerating my rants and typo's while
being severely medicated following surgery. Hit their Photo to find
upcoming tour dates and management info.......Thanks TRUE MARGRIT!!
1961....The last time the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, one of
the longest M.I.A. streaks in professional sports. That's right...the
Cubbies are on the same list, WHABOUDIT? It's all about to change.
The Black Plague is approaching. Slime of Louisiana Sweet Crude has
struck the barrier islands in the southern most Parrish. Negligent
Homicide charges should be filed.......Assholes.
May 22, 2010
Real Jazzed! Digging the new True Margrit...The San Francisco area band
will open up our next Pirate Radio and take us out....Hoping to load up
tonight, will also be posting a link to TM's web sites and how to get
their tunes.... at a little later date. Running a little behind with
restrictions in maneuverability.....Hope you enjoy!
May 20, 2010
While the Fires continue to spread in numbers and the Civil unrest grows,
Bangkok is under siege in the desparity over the distribution of wealth
in Thailand. Longtime friend Graham has sent in photos reflecting very
different views of life in the countryside of this nation in South East
Asia. Find his Photo Gallery in the 'Gomoku Gumbo' section.
May 19, 2010    PM
Cool! Just loaded a new Gallery on the site, 'New Zealand'. Great shots
from our friends Joey and Homa after spending close to three weeks in
that wonderful country. To check them out, select the 'Gumbo' icon, then
Joey. You will see the NZ gallery.
A lot coming up on the site. Next up.....Thailand! Our dear friend Graham
has filed a few Photos from the countryside, where life is relatively
peaceful, while Bangkok is busting at the seams. Graham believes it is
time for the Government to come to the table and address the protesters
issues. Great shots.
May 18, 2010
Great news! The good folks from the San Francisco based band TRUE
MARGRIT have graciously sent in a copy of their latest CD "The Jugglers
Progress". We will be featuring the band on the next PIRATE RADIO
coming up soon.......
I suppose if you have to be laid up with a 30 plus stapled, sutured
stomach........now is a good time. The Chicago Blackhawks have won the
first two games in their playoff series on the road.... for the first
time ever in franchise history. YEAH ! It is also looking very good for
a return to the classics....Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics. YEAH!
Have been submerging myself in classic Films and a ton of reading with
Tune groovin' in the background.   Convalescence 101.
Next up from the Art Department........New Zealand!! Look for it....
REAL soon.
May 16, 2010              Chasing The Dragon
The Opiates required to get one through a major Surgery, Can and will
become your best friends. The drugs trick your mind into ignoring any
pain and works for about 50 percent of that pain. Wild images and
distorted dreams are also included in the pacakge, and last night's Movie
in the mind....contained some of the most frighting scenes I have been
exposed to. The Clowns from the previous administration, two oil men,
were still in charge. With our beautiful Gulf being destroyed at an
alarming pace.....ended up spending the day in cold sweats. The
situation is grim, but I have confidence what can be done....will be
done, A.S.A.P
Channel surfing tonight came across 'Night Of The Comet'. I had worked
on that Flick in the mid Eighties. It was a gas to view it again and to
recall all of the behind-the-scenes antics. We did not have much of a
budget, but one of the best crews assembled in my career, pulled off a
fun, campy film. Always nice to see your screen credit scroll across a
Nation wide broadcast.
Menu: You dont want to know.....
May 14, 2010   Death Is Strolling Outside My Door

Hospital corridors.
Cold, still, and dark.
Late in the evening now.
Although it has been a busy day.
Parts of the body flushed
From the Operating floor.
Death is strolling....outside my door.

Pain shooting
Through every muscle and vein.
Times have been better and
Times have been worse.
It knows which room I am in.
Getting giddy now, wanting one more.
Death is strolling....outside my door.

Parched lips.
Bringing easy and simple desires.
Please Sir, mouth craves that ice.
Cold and clean run, run, run
Down my face.
Peacetime pickings not as plentiful as war.
Death is strolling....outside my door

Shadow movements
Cross yellow tiled walls.
I see him move closer now.
Hate to disappoint, but will not go today.
I am here and fighting.
Love to upset his little Film Noir.
Death took a stroll....outside my door.

And lost.
May 10, 2010
Today is the day. Surgery in a couple of hours......Continue on my
friends, see you in awhile.
May 09, 2010
Site updates! New Pirate Radio loaded...this episode we are featuring a
few of the acts from the second weekend. Don't forget, there were
probably 150 OTHER bands during the two days that we selected from! You
gotta go.............Also....new photos added in the 'Tsuke Billy'
Gallery named appropriately, Jazz Fest.
Tonight's Menu: Pinot Noir. Smoked Pork Ribs with BBQ Sauce, Stir fried
Cabbage and Vidalia Onions.
May 07, 2010
Dateline Apr 27, 2010. The non-stop from Washington D.C. arrived.
Longtime buddy, Joey deplaned and shots of Patron were in our immediate
future. It was on, a tradition of the best sort....Jazz Fest N'awlins.
We had a bit of time to chill at the beach before driving over, and the
most was made of it. Nice way to start the next day, cocktails and surf
in the early afternoon. A late dinner of Grilled whole Snapper and
chilled Shrimp followed up with cigars and sports and the stereo
blasting. There have been many great vacations....Jazz Fest cannot reach
a burn out point. The city is magic, the food is magic, and then there
is the music. Man, is there Music. Will be posting a Photo Gallery soon
to the site, along with a Gallery from our good friend Graham who is
doing some amazing work in the jungles of Thailand. His organization is
constructing schools there for the children and Gray has sent some kick
ass shots.
A new Pirate Radio is also on the way....featuring some of the cool acts
that performed last weekend. Great variety at that Fest as always.
Back in communicado amigos......
Apr. 21, 2010
New Pirate Radio posted, this is our N'awlins Jazz Fest Edition. We have
a very special guest...Carlo Ditta has sent us his classic "Try A Little
Love" and will close out the show. The music will jump from genre to
genre violently, we are trying to give you a feel of Fest.... walking
from stage to stage, or in town...from bar to bar. We here at OKIBOKI,
hope you can attend Fest and visit the beautiful city that is New
Orleans....but, if you cannot.......Here is a sample of the great music
getting kicked out. We are featuring Artists from this year's event
starting off with Dead Weather...and a few of the killer acts from
previous Festivals....Enjoy.
Menu: Cabernet. Grilled Cajun Spiced Bar-B-Q Chicken, Grilled Zuchs,
Portabellas and Tomatoes.
Apr. 20, 2010     4:20 PM
Shit, had something really relevant to write.....forgot. Kinda hungry,
Apr. 15, 2010
Great news from the Doc yesterday.....the scan from last week no longer
detecting the Tumor. Modern science and medicine did it's thing.
Surgery is still necessary and scheduled for May, that is OK, I can roll
with that.
Unbelievably beautiful here, seems like EVERYTHING is in bloom......get a
cocktail, let's go water something......
N'awlins Jazz Fest will be here soon (if it doesn't live in your heart
all year long)....... Hitting WWOZ.ORG as much as possible, gettin'
Jazzed UP!
Next Pirate Radio coming soon, along with more gallery features. PR will
feature Jazz Fest Musicians from this year and from the past...
Apr 13, 2010
Time closing in. Treatments almost complete. Meeting with Doctors to
discuss next step(s). Here we go!
Cannot begin to explain how relaxing a good cup of coffee and trimming
Bonsai trees on the patio table can be......man, love this time of year.
Jazz Fest right around the corner, next Pirate Radio will have a few cuts
to set the mood.
Apr 08, 2010
No matter how much we try to plan and organize our lives, every now and
then the 'Body' jumps up and lets you know just who is really in charge.
My body has been a little bossy lately.
Have loaded a new photo gallery in the 'Tsuke' section of Gomoku Gumbo,
entitled TREATMENTS. This is a small collection of things that help you
get through. Family....Friends......Food.
Topped off a chilled Sake with Imported Limoncello.....WOW!
Apr 03, 2010
Body has been dictating thoughts and movements.......Body is not
cooperating with mind.
Beautiful Spring! Azaleas, Dogwood and Wisteria popping...Grill smoke
drifting in though open windows YEAH ! Need Fishing from boat in Gulf,
Pompano running close to the shore. Appetite for life at it's Zenith.
Stumbled across more Akira Kurosawa on TCM, and coincidently was well
prepared with gallons of Sake and Japanese snacks. Should one cogitate
on ALWAYS having enough Sake on hand? NAH.
Menus: Sake. Yesterday. Gomoku Yakisoba Katai, sides of Rice and chilled
Peaches. Tonight. Butaniku no Misozuke (Pork and Cabbage in Miso sauce)
Tomorrow. Shio Ramen with Shiitake Mushrooms.
More Galleries on the way.
Mar. 28, 2010
New Music tonight on Pirate Radio. Gorillaz......Drive by
Truckers......Jimi Hendrix........Frightened Rabbit........Los
Campesinos. 10PM ET.
Mar. 24,2010
"Sake makes me bright". Toshiro Mifune in Akira Kurosawa's 'SANJURO'.
Every now and then, there is such a thing as 'great' T.V. and last night
was one for Cinema fans. TCM screened three Akira Kurosawa films in
prime time to celebrate what would have been the directors 100th
Birthday. Luckily, had a shitload of Sake and Osenbei (Japanese Rice
Crackers) in the house, and settled in for a wonderful evening of Film.
During my time in Japan, a mutual friend and Film producer had invited me
to a night of conversation and drink with Kurosawa-San with whom he was
good friends. Unfortunately, the Director fell ill a few days prior and
the opportunity never arose again. Damn....... Nights like these return
faith in the medium and it's possibilities.....after all, another network
was offering a weekly show where you could watch Kirstie Alley get
Menu: Sake. Thai style Chili Chicken with Scallions.
Mar. 21, 2010
SXSW is winding down, great B ball in the first weekend of NCAA. Gotta
love Spring, seems the collective minds of Humanity are in 'Break Out'
Don't forget, If you are in the Los Angeles area on Monday Mar 22, THE
FREQUENCY will perform a FREE show at The Echo 1822 W Sunset BL starting
at 8:30. THE FREQ is the featured band in this episode of Pirate
Radio...Check 'em OUT !
Menu: Tequila. Grilled Wisconsin Brats, Navy Bean and sweet onion soup
seasoned with smoked Ham hocks....Stay clear.
Mar. 16, 2010
Moving on to the final stage of treatment prior to surgery. First leg
went rather well, none of the expected pitfalls / side effects
encountered. Couple of rough days, equivalent to influenza symptoms.
Now, just waiting.....letting modern science do it's magic. The Illness
has prevented me from making a road trip with the rest of the gang, so
it's 'cooking for one' for awhile. I fortunately have everything I
need.......Sunshine, fresh ground coffee and Hillbilly Heroin....What's
not to like? Kitty and I will continue to find humor in stupid
shit....read more and listen to music. Let the Gulf breezes wash over my
skin. Things could be worse.
Mar. 12, 2010
Hope you are getting your FREQ ON with 'THE FREQUENCY' on Pirate
Radio.......great band, enjoying this show....will be posting the band in
the Gomoku Gumbo section with links to websites and tour info.
Looking forward to 'THE PACIFIC' starting Sunday on HBO.....class
production outfit there.......
KILLER day here......making you hungry for Fish on the beach.
Menus: Sake. Yakatori, Daikon steeped in Dashi broth. Japanese style
Shrimp in Chili sauce, Yaki Onigiri.
Mar. 10, 2010
Got a wild ride for the mind on our next Pirate Radio. L.A. band 'THE
FREQUENCY' has gotten us hooked up with some of their stuff and will be
featured, and kicking us off...Shout out to Marc and the band for getting
us right. Also on the show....STATE RADIO.....KING SUNNY ADE....PETE
Will be shooting to upload tonight at 11 EST / 8 PST......OOOOWWWW!
Up next in the 'Gomoku Gallery', Joey and Homa update their pics with
shots from Thailand......coming soon.
Today is the LAST day of treatments.....got a month off before the big
Mar. 09, 2010
Some sad news from the music world last Saturday. Mark Linkous of
SPARKLEHORSE is no longer with us.....several contributions of his work
will close our next Pirate Radio....
Coming soon.....
Mar. 06, 2010
Great Pirate Radio news. Marc, from the L. A. based band THE FREQUENCY
has graciously sent some cuts to be featured on the next show. Can't
wait, will be loading up soon.
Beautiful Daze here in Northwest F-L-A. Grills are smokin' and the surf
is up. N'awlins Jazz Fest right around the corner. If you have never
attended....I HIGHLY recommend. Great music, great food, great party.
Need anything else?
We have some wonderful Artist / Activists sending in their work to the
site, several new galleries on the way......stay TUNED !
Mar. 02, 2010
Tropical force winds, power down.....tree limbs scattered through
streets. Conversation by candlelight. Good storm. Morning was in on
Lamb side, out on the Lions back. Had a house full of family down from
Chicago, really cool to sit through two hours of electricity free
cocktail party. Weather set to improve, need Beach time desperately.
Feb. 28, 2010
Plant City Strawberries are in.....Damn, they are Yummmmmmy.
A couple of great sporting events today. First up....Hockey! The USA
and Canada puck up for the gold. There might be a few body slams. If
slapstick is not your thang, The 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale (Golf
Channel) is, simply put...A RIOT! 30 thousand fans surround the par 3 in
bleachers and sky boxes and maybe a Vodka or two. Miss the Green, they
boo. Perhaps in the future of Golf.......A similar stadium hole on every
course for both nines. It is hilarious.
Feb. 27, 2010
Four weeks of treatment in the bag. Two to go. There are good times /
bad times during process. Today is a bad time. Cue Zep cut....'In the
days of my youth.....'
Curling got it's hooks in me. In Chicago, It is not unusual during your
afternoon drink break... to hit a Pub that has Bowling on the Tube.
Watching Curling has that same effect. Looking forward to GREAT Hockey
on Sunday, the crowds will be wild....not a huge Hockey fan, but these
games have been exciting.
New Orleans Jazz Fest coming on......Yeah!
Feb. 23, 2010              0630
AP-WASHINGTON D.C.        DICK Cheney's CPU malfunctioned, spammed by
'Treehugger' virus...Firewall compromised....After being admitted to
hospital, ruse intact, The troublesome DICK Cheney model was powered down
and shipped to a lab at an 'undisclosed location' for immediate
upgrades.....breaking...more updates to follow.
***************UPDATE*****************        AP- WASHINGTON D.C
 NEOWORKS CORP. may be forced to recall entire line, faulty algorithm
detected in 90 percent of all models, causing 275 lawmakers to
temporarily disappear, tell staff they need to hike on Appalachian Trail
for 'downtime'. Models include Joe Lieberman, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle
Bachmann, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and the biggest malfunction of all,
the Glenn Beck.
Feb. 22, 2010
Every month in Northwest Florida is listed on some species dance card.
February belongs to the Robins. Hundreds of them strolling around in the
yard. What a trip. Spring has definitely arrived, the air is filled
with song....almost deafening......Damn , it sounds good.
Great Hockey last night......Wow. When these two countries get together,
It's a Get-it-On type of night. Will follow and cheer for both, the
remainder of the Olympics.
Feb. 21, 2010                  Sunday Night
Folks, have a couple of new additions to the Gomoku Gumbo Gallery. We
are very pleased to load a few of Artist Satomi Miyahara's Paintings to
our site. Hit her pic for the Slide Show. Also, Chef Steve (a.k.a.
Shake and Bake) also in the GG link, has sent in a rant on Life, Lovers,
and working a Big Time food gig while living in New York City.
Menu: Scotch. Maguro Don. A Japanese dish of Marinated Yellowfin Tuna
plated with shredded Nori on a bed of Rice. This is a technique taught to
me by a Master Japanese Chef while I was Employed at his fine eatery in
Zushi Japan. Recipe dates back to 1928. Served with Gyoza, which are
seared and steamed Pork Dumplings.
Feb. 19, 2010 4 A.M..... Watching women's Curling. Hmmmm.
New Pirate Radio complete, Should be loaded on Saturday. We have Cuts
In my earlier days, T.G.I.F. was PARTY night. A release from the
previous work week. Spend some time with friends...hear some live
music....slam some shots. Now, Friday release arrives in the form of
tubes getting disconnected and a break from being Zapped. It is still
party night though. Crank the tunes. C'MON!
Feb. 17, 2010                     HEAVEN'S GATE
OK. Our shots from the set of 1979's HEAVEN'S GATE are now posted on the
site. Hit the "Gomoku" link then select "Billy". Captions will be added
later today. A blog entry will also follow a.s.a.p.
New Pirate Radio is damn near finished....still adding Movie Audio clips.
We have music from NYC....Baltimore...Dublin......London.....Atlanta and
Hell A.
Next up.......Gallery of artist Satomi Miyahara Paintings.
Feb. 16, 2010
NBC's coverage of the Olympics is lagging a bit due to events
cancelled/postponed however, always a gas watching speed on Snow and Ice.
Tons of cool stuff coming to the site. We will be loading a gallery on
the work of a good friend in the Jungles of Thailand constructing schools
for the children. We also have a couple of new photo galleries on the
horizon, Painter Satomi Miyahara's latest work and global shots from our
pals in Paris...Two new columns, Underground writer Gene Gregorits from
Detroit, and Chef Steve's culinary adventures while being employed at one
of the BEST French dining locations in New York City. Up next,
(hopefully tonight) personal Photo Diary of working on a Major Motion
Picture, "Heaven's Gate" with shots from "Barfly" following up soon.
Feb. 13, 2010
Lost another good friend yesterday, slipped away in the middle of the
night. Propped up on his bed with giant pillows..reading glasses on,
went right through that gate in silence. Preliminary tests indicate the
heart had quit, all I know is... this is affecting mine. Andy was 54, a
young man in any book....even Vegas. The number of my mates that have
preceded us continues to grow, I guess that is life in it's essence. I
am a lucky man to have known them. We will see you Andy, and I just want
to say thanks.
Feb. 10, 2010
Sun feels good. Fresh ground coffee, Biscotti and Narcotics. Have not
seen that on the Waffle House menu. Treatments going well, nothing to
it. The good Doctor is a member of two Mardi Gras Krewes, one here and
N'awlins. Coincidence? I think not. Discussions include State of
Health, and kick ass Zydeco bands.
Made it through another Birthday, just like in youth..they are precious
again. A Sushi counter, cold Sake, and loved ones... fill my soul with
Number of visitors to the web site are way up. Curiously, A large
contingent from behind the few remaining Iron Curtains. Are we now an
updated version of Radio Free Europe? Spawning future Revolutions? Now,
that would be cool....(Yeah I know......did I mention Narcotics?)
Have some kickin' additions coming soon.....notes from the culinary
underbelly of New York City by Chef Steve (currently banging pans at
Daniels) and Painter Satomi is sending in shots of her Watercolor and
Acrylic portraits in Impressionist styles.
Feb. 08, 2010     12:01 A.M        Fait La Force
An appropriate phrase for both the folks of Haiti and N'awlins. Not even
close to the same circumstances...but, the need to rise up and overcome
the odds, resonates in two separate cities. A nice way to get the
Birthday started....Thrilling game for dem Saints fans.
The Game menu: Chianti. Martinis. Created a new chili. It's name from
this point forward......WHO DAT CHILI. Chicken, Andouille Sausage, Okra
and Crawfish, Pinto Beans.
Feb. 03, 2010
Looking forward to the upcoming Winter Olympics.....Great international
spirit, great competition, great visuals. Vancouver will be stunning in
it's beauty.
This episode of Pirate Radio......SPOON........BOB MARLEY......BIG AUDIO
little more inspriration for dem Saints......DR JOHN
Feb. 1, 2010
"Right this way Billy". Familiar with the drill now, make my way back to
the large room. Cocktail lighting....nice. Prostrate my prostate.
After positioning is complete, the Radiologists make their exit.....alone
now. There is a whirring sound, the big blue robot that dominates the
room has assumed command. Numbers displayed via an LED screen at my head
informing me of the attack zone....15 painless minutes later and it's
over for the day. Time to consider an adult beverage.
Next Pirate Radio complete. We have music from Austin...Jamaica....The
UK.....Mali.....and for dem Saints, a few tunes from N'awlins. Will be
kicking the show off on Wednesday night, Hope you enjoy.
Jan. 31, 2010
Shots of the coastline around La Jolla and San Diego during this weeks
PGA Tour were fantastic. Hand Gliders cruising with the Sea Cliffs in
the background, what a beautiful place that holds MANY great
memories...... I hope to return soon.
Last nights menu: Vodka. Rare Rib Steak with bone in and up (no wait....
that was after) Japanese style Corn and Broccoli.
Tonight: Chianti. Chicken Cacciatore w/ fresh Parmigiano Reggiano grated
on top. Fresh greens in O Oil and Japanese Vinegar.
Jan 30, 2010
X games are always a trip.....Last night was "Big Air"... Winter version.
Man, those kids FLY! Love muting the T.V. audio, and cranking the
stereo, admiring their fearless flight.
Finishing up the next Pirate Radio, should be uploaded soon. Closing the
show with a N'awlins master musician and rooting for dem Saints.
Jan. 28. 2010
OK...... Today is the day. Treatment starts in a couple of hours. A
little nervous, yet anxious to get all of this over... A journey of a
thousand miles begins with one footstep.
New Pirate Radio on the way, we will have cuts from the latest release
from my boys, SPOON...can't wait!
Great Politics on the screen last night, if it can just get done.
Jan. 24, 2010
The dimming afternoon light went bright. The Heavens opened and angelic
voices rang out (ok.....it was in the form of a minivan side doors
"O-Ji... O-Ji!" Their shrieks piercing the neighborhood stillness. Tiny
angels with arms outstretched, approaching fast, bend down and swoop them
up. Heaven in my arms, light in my heart...Celestial beings arriving
from Tampa. The kids were home. Fire up the logs and crack open a
couple bottles of wine.   Pork Carnitas slowly caramelizing in the Crock
Pot, NFL Playoffs. I cannot ask for any more. Everything is going to be
Jan. 22, 2010
Beautiful day in Northwest Florida......Fresh Brewed Coffee and Percocet,
music by Deerhunter....is a good way to get moving. The New Orleans
Saints success this year have given the Folks there a REASON to
party....That could be dangerous. Hope THAT celebration continues past
Super Bowl.....
Next up in GOMOKU GUMBO.....shots from two Motion Pictures on the Resume.
HEAVEN'S GATE and BARFLY. Lot's of behind the scenes pics....
Tonight's Menu: Chilled Sake. Korean Bar-B-Q

Jan. 19, 2010
The long curtain was slowly pulled back. A physicians assistant dressed
in scrubs, surgery mask resting on her collar.
"We are ready for you now, Billy.....let me grab your I.V. and those
tubes, we are going to the end of the hallway and make a left. First
door on your right." The room was large. Giant lights suspended from
the ceiling, Electronics everywhere.....several masked bandits all in
green, moving to and from predetermined locations.
"Hop right up here on this table please, your head goes here. That's it,
now lay down......rest your arm right there."
There is activity throughout the space. You have the lead in your own
Sci-Fi drama...whether you wanted the role or not. Staring up at the
lights, Zen mantras and Iggy Pop flooding your consciousness at volume 9.
The anesthesiologist leans into view while others are strapping you in
and making busy.
"OK Billy.....You are going to experience a little rush of warmth, and
Eyelids are closed...a soft feminine voice "Hey, how are you?" A couple
of blinks....focus returning, an unfamilar face looming above, same funny
party hat as all the others... including you. "Welcome back, the doctor
will be around shortly." Someone has selected the Ramones button in the
endless jukebox of the mind...sounds damn good.
"Billy, How do you feel? It all went as planned. You will notice a small
rise and lump in your chest, that is your new IV Med Port" Doc says
Matter-of-factly. Wait a minute....who are the Cubs going to draft this
year and what was I going to make for dinner and did I ever tell you
about my aunt in Seatlle who had this dog and.... Wait again...these were
not bandits! They did not remove anything from the body at all. They
added something!
" Can I get you anything?"
"Yes, please...Dirty Martini."
"Ha! That's a good one. There will be some pain..the percocet should take
care of that. Any problems at all, give me a call." Was the Doc
Time to head home.
Tonights menu: Sake. Chilled Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi. Maguro Don (thin,
marinaded strips of Tuna on a bed of rice) Stir fried white Asparagus
with Portabella mushroom caps in Dashi reduction.
Jan. 17, 2010
Another great weekend for sports on T.V. NFL Playoff's during the day,
midnight Golf from Oahu...keeping any desire to venture outside to a
minimum. Precipation and wind battering the windows, on my second novel.
Prepping for surgery in the morning...have to shut down consumption at
the stroke of 12, no more Food or Alcohol. 14 hours left to get the
Swerve on and cook a fine meal. Getting used to Hospitals and that
cannot be a good thing......or is it? No longer freaked at approaching
needles and Hey!...Wheelchair rides while RIPPED on Morphine have an
Jan. 14, 2009,
Beautiful Blue Skies....bright Sunshine and warmer
temps......Yeah........ C'MON ! Schedule clear for the day, Coffee and
Kitties in my immediate future. Have a hankering for Yaki Soba and Sake.
New Pirate Radio should be loaded by the end of the day....JAMES
Jan. 12, 2010
"The results from your scan are in and we are encouraged. The Ultra
Sound indicates some migration, however, what we will be treating will be
"local" for all intents and purpose. You have an appointment with the
Surgeon tomorrow, and we will schedule a meeting with the Radiologist
shortly thereafter.....".
Another day...another doctors office.
"We plan to approach this in a manner we are confident in our success
rate. We will start with a radiation/chemo regiment for six weeks,
evaluate, and proceed with surgery four months following. A pump will be
installed in your neck area and the Chemo will be administered via an
I.V. portal a week at a time. Radiation treatments will be daily, Monday
through Friday."
"Any questions?"
Jan. 10, 2010
The Holidays seem to be everybody's favorite time to re-establish old
connections. That is always cool. Calls and Emails from Japan, old and
dear friends, and a suprise call from Alberquerque. It appears that a
mini reunion of cast and crew are on location shooting Mickey Rourke's
new flick. Mickey, Waldemar, Kenny and I all met on the set "Heaven's
Gate" while shooting the epic in the scenic beauty of Northwest Montana,
where we were "sequestered" for 8 months. That is a lot of time on a
Movie set, and we all became good friends. After shooting was completed,
Kenny and Mickey have worked together many, many times, I was lucky to
get in on a few of those, Barfly and Johnny Handsome. Might have to
visit Alberquerque again......
Holidays shots of Food and Fun are now posted in the Tsuke Gallery under
the Gumbo link.
Jan. 08, 2010
"Please come back this way and have a seat." In the corner of the small
office was a large, overstuffed leather Lazy-boy, the arms draped with
two small white towels. "The first thing we need to do is get an I.V.
going. Then, I will inject a radioactive solution."    "There, I am now
going to kill the lights and return in an hour....You need to relax."
And so the day began....
Jan. 06, 2010
Folks are flipping out down here in Florida. Ice crystals on Palm Fronds
will blow your mind. Last couple of evenings have been accompanied with
a hard freeze and it is chilly. But, this is Florida and not Illinois.
Instead of Snowfall, we have Iguana fall. Apparently, the drop in
temperature induces Iguana-coma and they are falling out of trees. They
will thaw out and revive....millions of Iguanas flicking WTF? in
Iguanaese. In two weeks the warming trends will return and declare an
end to winter in the south, initiating the "Damn Humidity" season...
Jan. 03, 2010
Happy New Year Everyone! Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu! The Year of the
Tiger? Thinkin' he had more press last year, but ya never know....
Hope all is well. Just wrapped up 8 days in Destin...Feel extremely
fortunate to have had a life of so many wonderful moments, and this was
one. Fuel for the upcoming Year....Some challenges ahead, nothing new
about that. Don't ya know everything is going to be alright?
New gallery will be posted soon. Holiday shots.
New Years Eve covered a couple of traditions...From Japan, brined Garlic
and Cucumbers...Tuna and Red Snapper Sashimi. Pork and Sauerkraut from
the north country of Pennsylvannia. Might have been a little drinking
going on. Finished the Holiday with a regional dish of Black- Eyed Peas.

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