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					TO: Professor Jan Babcock
FROM: Amanda McCloskey
DATE: 16 September 2011

The purpose of this memo is to give you the background information on my resume and
two cover letters that I wrote for my application to two different job ads. For each job I
will provide you with a brief overview of the company through an audience analysis, as
well as the job description of the position I am applying for. I will then give you a
rhetorical analysis for each job to explain to you how I adapted my resume and cover
letter for each job.

                                AUDIENCE ANALYSIS

O’Keeffe & Company

O’Keeffe & Company is one of the top PR agencies that specializes in the Sales
Promotion & Specialized Marketing Services industry. They have locations in Oregon,
Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. The company deals with
a range of activities from advertising and event planning to graphic design,
interactive/social marketing, public relations, web development, and research. O’Keeffe
& Company prides themselves on thinking out of the box and moving away from the
traditional marketing plan. They have innovative thinking coupled with a respect for
meticulous detail, which is what drew me to their company.

Billboard Magazine

Billboard Magazine is a weekly-published magazine that is the premier trade publication
for the music business, as well as being one of the oldest trade magazines in the world.
Billboard Magazine publishes news, analysis trend reporting and other key features, as
well as Billboard's famous standard-setting charts of U.S. sales, airplay, downloads and
box office grosses. Billboard and its popular music charts have evolved into the primary
source of information on trends and innovation in music, serving many areas of the
industry. Billboard is headquartered in New York with bureaus in London, Los Angeles,
and Miami and has editorial correspondents in major cities around the globe.

                                  JOB DESCRIPTION

O’Keeffe & Company

O’Keeffe & Company is offering a job opportunity as an Account Coordinator for recent
college graduates. It is described as a foot-in-the-door opportunity for graduates who are
interested in the marketing and communications field. The qualifications for this job are
that a candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Public Relations, or
Communications. Some of the actual responsibilities in this position include monitoring
traditional media as well as social media platforms, serving as liaison to industry event
and award coordinators, staffing events, including registration, booth relations, and room
monitoring, and other responsibilities in which the Account Coordinator would work
across a wide variety of projects and responsibilities. I would need to have excellent oral
and written communication skills, including the ability to adapt to various writing styles
and guidelines. I would also need to have excellent Internet communication skills,
including knowledge of social media platforms. As a candidate for this position at
O’Keeffe & Company, they expect you to be ambitious, diligent, and conscientious
professionals that will support client teams in their fast-paced rapid growth environment.

Billboard Magazine

The internship opportunity that Billboard Magazine is presenting is a Special Events
Department Internship, which involves helping the Special Events Department at
Billboard in their planning and marketing of music industry conferences. Candidates for
this internship are expected to be available to work 10:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m two to three
days a week, and must be receiving college credit for this internship. The general
qualifications that interns must have is a general knowledge of the computer, including
excel, word, and be familiar with email and the Internet. Some of the duties an intern in
this position would have are researching potential attendees and new companies to attend
conferences, and assisting in the creation and updating of promotional materials, website
updates, mailings and advertisements. As an intern for Billboard Magazine you will be
working in a professional environment, and they expect you to perform your tasks
efficiently while helping their Special Events Department with their music industry

                              RHETORICAL ANALYSIS


The format and style that I decided to use for my resume was a functional format. I
decided that this format would attract more attention from the employers, as well as
highlighting my qualifications and skills in a more relevant manner toward these jobs.
My objective was chosen so that it could fit for either position, since each are positions
dealing with the communication industry. Education is the first area on my resume after
the objective because I feel that showing each employer my accomplishments
academically, as well as showing them that I have a relevant degree for their job is very
important. What I decided to stress in importance after the education section was my
professional working experience. I put my most recent internship first because I felt it
was important to show them how long I have been with the Department Of Defense,
which shows I have a good work ethic as well as knowing certain basic office duties they
may require an employee to know. The next section I decided was important to add to my
resume was the leadership section. I decided my prior leadership position I held as
philanthropy chair for my sorority deserved its own area outside of the activities section.
This leadership position was especially relevant for the internship at Billboard Magazine,
because my leadership position dealt with music event planning which is what the
internship consists of. This helps give me an edge against another candidate who may not
have any event planning experience. I decided to end my resume with a list of my
activities and computer skills. The activities section shows my involvement with different
organizations that required me to have teamwork capabilities, which was stressed in both
job descriptions. The skills section highlights that I have the basic computer and social
media knowledge that both jobs require.

Cover Letters

Each of the cover letters followed a similar format, with different information tailored to
each position. In each cover letter the introductory paragraph explains where I heard
about each of the companies positions that I was applying for. I then went on to explain
my interest in the company and interest in obtaining the advertised employment position.
The difference between the two cover letters is the information I decided to include to
tailor them to each job.

The cover letter for O’Keeffe & Company had the addition of a second paragraph after
the introduction that explained that I had the skills that were necessary and required for
their Account Coordinator position. I then went on to explain in more detail what that
experience was and the different responsibilities I had. I felt that talking about my
leadership experience I had from being the philanthropy chair for my sorority, would be
important to show them that I have worked on task-oriented projects that required
excellent organizational skills and juggling many tasks at once, which is exactly what
they describe in their job description as responsibilities. I also decided to talk about my
past internship working for the Department Of Defense because I felt that would help
show that I have working experience, as well as office skills. Each paragraph in the cover
letter was written that way so that it could be organized in a way that O’Keeffe &
Company could easily see my interest and relevant experience for their position.

For Billboard Magazine, I decided to talk more about my interest in their internship, and
how having that opportunity would be able to help me gain more skills in the industry, as
well as helping their department complete event planning duties. I thought that I would
only highlight my past leadership experience as philanthropy chair because that
experience is very relevant to the internship. It shows that I have the event planning
experience, as well as having knowledge about planning events that deal with the music
industry. That shows Billboard I have the skills and knowledge to get the tasks assigned
to me done in an efficient manner. I did not talk about my past internship with the DOD
because I felt that might take away from the most important part of that cover letter,
which is my past event planning experience. I also did not include that because it was not
really relevant to the job description. The way I organized this cover letter highlighted
my past event planning experience to show that I can be a great asset to their company.

Both jobs deal with the communications field, but they vary in the specific industry that
they deal with. I hope that you now have an understanding of my thought process while I
wrote each of these documents. Any suggestions that you may have for either of my
cover letters or resume are appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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