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									                                                                                      VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                                                     Locally Appointed Teacher
                                                                           Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (TAN-T-557)
Section A

Information about the vacancy

 Location                        Dar es Salaam, Tanzania                                Number of posts                           1

 Job title                       Locally appointed teacher                              Job type                                  Teacher

 Start date                      Likely to be August 2012                               Closing date                              13 July 2012

Job specific skills, knowledge, qualifications & experience

 The Teaching Centre in Dar es Salaam is inviting expressions of interest for local contracts which we
 expect to start in the late summer. These positions are dependant upon our securing a new contract, and are
 therefore yet to be confirmed.
 This post is full-time teaching position (25hrs contact hrs) and associated administrative duties, including
 evaluation, development and improvement of English language courses, materials and related services.
 You must have a CELTA or Trinity Cert. TESOL and two years’ experience of ELT after training (eg. CELTA).
 Also a demonstrable ability to teach across the range of courses offered including adults and young learners.
 Ideally you will also have experience of delivering professional development courses such as report writing,
 presentation and communication skills in buiness and customer service, also being an IELTS examiner would
 be useful. Please note the successful candidates will demonstrate experience in adult teaching.

 For more information about the post or for an application form please contact Megan Coles at

 Short-listing is carried out against knowledge, qualifications and experience as specified in the Professional
 Profile against teacher profile/person specification. Interviewing is carried out against the essential teaching
 skills and the 2 core behavioural competencies. We may also shortlist against desirable competencies if we
 get a large pool of applications.

 The British Council is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and is keen to reflect diversity of UK society
 at every level within the organisation. We welcome applications from all sections of the community. We
 guarantee an interview to disabled candidates who meet the essential criteria. British Council appointments
 are contingent on thorough checks. In the UK, and where appropriate systems exist overseas, these include
 Criminal Records checks.

Local restrictions on employment (if any)

 The main restriction is on partners. A spouse's visa can only be obtained for the wife of a man working. The
 husband of a woman working, or an unmarried partner of either sex or in a same sex relationship would either
 have to have his/her own job (eg a teaching couple) or make some other arrangement to stay. This has been
 done with a student visa, but it was difficult and the process was a fraught one.

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                                                                                      VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                                                     Locally Appointed Teacher
                                                                           Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (TAN-T-557)
Section B

Information about the Teaching Centre: a brief overview

 Dar es Salaam
 The Dar es Salaam teaching centre delivers 4 50-hour terms per year. Through 2011, we had between 350
 and 450 adult EFL students per term, with a bulge at pre-intermediate. We also deliver professional
 development training (Effective Communication Skills, Report Writing and Presentation Skills being the most
 common) and contract courses (General English, Report Writing, Academic English, and Oral
 Communication). We do not run YL courses, and these will not be introduced. Teaching (max 25 hours per
 week) takes place generally between 8am and 8pm.

 Most of the students are Tanzanian age 20-35 and either work or study. 60% female, 40% male. Classrooms
 are well equiped (data projectors but not interactive whiteboards) in a colonial era building which houses all
 British Council sections.

 Academic Year
 There are 4 x 10 week terms. Teachers’ holidays are taken between each term - around 3 weeks at
 Christmas and in July and 1 week in April and September.

 Our adult General English and profesional development courses are 50 hours per term.
 All courses from Beginner to Upper Intermediate levels and General English courses use standard course
 books. Professional Development courses use standardised British Council materials. Courses are based on
 completing sets of learning aims and following a standard learner journey. Assessment is based on skills
 work which contributes to learning aims and an end of course test.

Section C

Information about the terms and conditions of service

Job overview

 You will be contracted to teach 25 hours per week over 5 consecutive days per week.

 Contract Length                              24 months                                 Renewable Period

 Contract Type                                Full-time                                 No. of Staff Managed                      0

 Contract Hours                               37.5 hours per week                       Contact Hours                             25 hours/week

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                                                                                      VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                                                     Locally Appointed Teacher
                                                                           Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (TAN-T-557)
Annual salary

 Tanzanian Shillings 32,869,848.00
 [June 2012: GB £1 = TZS 2540]

Income Tax & National Insurance

 Income Tax
 Salary and all allowances are assessed as inclusive of any local taxes of whatever kind that may be levied by
 the Government of Tanzania. At present the position is that no local tax is payable on your salary in Tanzania,
 but if the host country requires you to pay income tax you must do so, and you should inform the Council. The
 Council will not adjust your salary and allowances to take account of any such taxes. Any UK Income Tax
 charged will be your sole responsibility and will not attract compensation or extra payment from the British

 National Insurance
 UK Class 1 National Insurance payments may be compulsory for the first 52 weeks of this agreement. If so,
 the Council will pay the employer's share and will deduct the employee's share from your salary at source.

Fares & Travel

 Non applicable

Baggage allowance

 Non applicable

Annual leave allowance

 35 days paid leave plus an additional 5 days while Tanzania remains in ECA category E or F. Public holidays
 (at least 10 days, sometimes more) are granted in addition to this.
 Please note ECA ratings are subject to regular review.

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                                                                                      VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                                                     Locally Appointed Teacher
                                                                           Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (TAN-T-557)
Medical allowance

 You will be covered by the British Council’s Group Medical Insurance.

 The scheme is currently administered by BUPA International and covers medical, repatriation costs, personal
 liability and other items. Costs are reimbursed through BUPA or settled directly with BUPA approved

Settling-in allowance


Accommodation allowance


Any other allowances


Additional information

 Recognition of previous service
 Service in one British Council centre will be recognised as of equivalent value to service in the teacher's new

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                                                                                       VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                                                      Locally Appointed Teacher
                                                                            Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (TAN-T-557)
Section E

Information about the place

Country Overview

 Tanzania is East Africa's largest country. It is just south of the equator, and stretches from the sea (Zanzibar
 is a 20 minute flight from Dar, or 2 hours on a ferry) to lakes Victoria, Tanganyka and Nyasa. It is four times
 the size of the UK, and has a population of around 39 million. People are concentrated around Dar es Salaam
 and Lake Victoria. The rest of the country is sparsely populated, much of it given up to game parks, of which
 the Serengeti and Ngorongora Crater are the most famous.
 The people are friendly and relaxed (which can lead to frustratoin when you want to get things done) and,
 although they belong to a variety of tribes, Tanzanian identity and patriotism is strong, so there are no tribal
 problems. Swahili is one of the unifying factors, and it is spoken everywhere. English, the language of
 secondary and tertiary education, is generally of a poor standard in rural areas.
 Tanzania is a democracy, and one where presidents step down, something of a rarity! Since economic
 liberalism was introduced in the early 1990s there has been substantial growth, with the economy currently
 growing at about 6% pa. It remains a poor country though, with per capita income averaging $200 pa. Being
 a stable, democratic, economically liberal country, Tanzania receives a lot of support from donors, including

City overview

 The capital was moved to Dodoma in 1974, but Dar es Salaam remains Tanzania's industrial and commercial
 heart. The population is something around 4 million, and growing fast, due to migration from the countryside.
 The city is centred round East Africa's largest port. The city centre is well laid out, low rise, and still has many
 colonial era buildings (the British Council ocupies one of these).
 Dar is much more laidback and gentle than many African cities, and much safer and less threatening, too. On
 the other hand, it is less lively than many other African cities.


 Dar has a tropical, coastal climate. That means it can be pretty hot and humid, although it is very pleasant
 during the northern summer. The hottest time of the year is Jan-March, with the 'long rains' bringing relief.
 The 'short rains' are in November/December. Moving into the interior the temperature will increase, but
 humidity decreases.


 It can be difficult finding mid-range accommodation. Accommodation often comes furnished. Typically, locally
 recruited teachers rent a room or flat which is an annex to a larger building. Presently most teachers live in
 the northern suburbs, though previously people have rented, successfully, in the city centre.

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                                                                                      VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                                                     Locally Appointed Teacher
                                                                           Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (TAN-T-557)
General living costs & conditions

 For a poor country, Tanzania is surprisingly expensive. Of course, it depends what you are buying. Kellogg’s
 cornflakes or Marmite (and western goods are readily available in well stocked supermarkets) are priced
 about the same as in the UK (GB £2.20 for the former, 500G). Fruit and veg grown locally is much cheaper
 (75p for a pineapple, 90p for a kilo of aubergines).

 A taxi ride into work or back home, 15 minutes or so, will cost about GB £3. A local beer (Kilimanjaro or
 Serengeti) 75p for 530ml bottle in a supermarket.

 Power and water are generally reliable, although at the mercy of the rains. Telecommunications are good,
 especially mobiles. Walking around is unthreatening, though unwise in unlit areas at night.

Transport & Communication

 Some teachers have second hand cars, some have motor bikes, and some rely on taxis. It is possible to use
 the local busses, but they are cramped, uncomfortable, and not the safest. Everyone has mobile phones.

General health, medical & dental care

 There is a good clinic with which the British Council has an agreement, and all teachers go there. Anything
 serious would need to be treated outside Tanzania, though. There is a good Swedish dentist.
 Malaria is a problem in the country, but most foreigners avoid it by avoiding mosquitos as much as possible.
 There are high rates of HIV infection, about 10% of the urban population.

Job opportunities for partners

 Work permits are required for all expats living in Tanzania who want to work. This includes British Council
 spouses. Voluntary work is not easy to get into, unless you have specific skills which are in demand.

Schooling & Childcare

 There is one international school offering IB (International School of Tanganyka) favoured by all expats who
 have their school fees covered. There are other international schools offering British curriculum, but as no BC
 teachers have children of school age, we do not have information on quality or fees. We could ask, if you
 need, of course!

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                                                                                      VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                                                     Locally Appointed Teacher
                                                                           Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (TAN-T-557)
Any other information (shopping facilities, entertainment, leisure)

 There are lots of bars and going out for a few beers and a dance (live band or disco) is very popular,
 especially on Fridays and Saturdays. The music can be very samey, though, often pretty 80's and not
 everyone's cup of tea. If you like beaches, though, you're in for a treat as there are beautiful beaches within
 easy distance. Snorkelling is fantastic, and there is diving too.
 Shopping is fine for food, but very limited for anything else. Not a shoppers paradise!
 If you like animals or birds, then you will have great difficulty deciding what to do with long weekends and
 holidays as the choice is very wide. It is not that cheap, though (although you don't have to stay in luxury
 tented camps - but it is nice once in a while!).

                    Whilst the information above was accurate at the time of writing,
                       specific benefits and entitlements are subject to change.

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                                                                          Teacher Role Profile – global template

Job Description

 Job Title                   Teacher of English

 Directorate or Region       SSA                    Department/Country         Tanzania

 Location of post            Dar es Salaam          Pay Band                   Locally engaged teacher

 Reports to                  Senior Teacher         Duration of job            2 years

 Purpose of job

  To promote and ensure quality teaching and effective learning of English
  To support the wider aims of British Council and its cultural relations mission

 Context and environment

 There has been a British Council presence in Tanzania since 1947.
 We currently have 15 full-time members of staff. As well as the Academic Manager, the Teaching Centre team
 consists of a Senior Teacher Corporate & Partnership and a Senior Teacher RPC and Projects, an ELT Co-
 ordinator and about 6 other teachers on local/hourly paid contracts. The Academic Manager also manages the
 Registrar/Customer Service Manager and the team Customer Service Officers.

 The Teaching Centre delivers approximately 4,200 class hours per year. Our academic year runs from
 January to December with 4 x 10 week terms. We have approximately 400 students per term and adult
 numbers have increased through diversification of our product portfolio. One of the main successes this year
 has been winning the tender for the Australia Aid contract, with 10 students from various countries all over
 Africa, studying with us for the next 9 months.

 We have 6 classrooms on-site and our strategy for 2012/13 is to focus on off-site delivery using partner
 premises such as the Alliance Francaise ,NCT and IFM.

 Support British Council’s global English strategy by
  delivering teaching to the highest standards of ELT
  enhancing British Council’s reputation as a world authority in ELT
  continuing professional development and sharing of best practices


    Ensuring teaching meets learner needs and expectations
    Ensuring teaching meets Teaching Quality standards and organisational expectations
    Maintaining good relationships with customers and colleagues
    Supporting the teaching centre’s activities and British Council plans

                                                                      1 of 3             Recruitment Team Jan 2012
Main duties

     Plan, prepare and deliver high quality English language teaching that meets the needs of different
     customer groups taking into account individual learning styles

     Monitor progress and provide regular feedback to help manage students’ performance throughout the
     course, and actively promote learner autonomy

     Contribute to the development, evaluation, and improvement of English language courses, materials and
     related services, in order to meet students’ needs by actively working as a member of the teaching team

4    Complete teaching related administrative tasks to specified standards

     Actively engage in professional development and performance management to ensure quality and high
5    standards in teaching and learning, and maintain British Council’s position at the forefront of best ELT

     Contribute to the development of lasting, mutually beneficial relationships by enhancing students’
     understanding of contemporary UK

     Support local marketing and promotional strategy, and assist the teaching centre team in delivering
     excellent customer service

     Ensure safeguarding and guidelines are applied and upheld in line with standards and policy for the
     following areas:
8          Child protection
           Equal Opportunity and Diversity
           Health and safety

Key relationships:

 Other teachers
 Teaching centre management team
 Teaching centre administration team
 Customer services staff
 Other wider BC teams
 Wider EFL community

 Learners
 Parents
 Partner schools
 Corporate Clients

                                                                   2 of 3            Recruitment Team Jan 2012
 Other important features or requirements of the job
 (e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc)

 (Centre-specific) i.e. Evening and weekends, split shifts (where relevant) attendance at INSETT etc

 Please specify any passport/visa and/or nationality requirement.                            Right to Work in Tanzania

 Please indicate if any security or legal checks are required for this role.                 CRB check

Person Specification
                    Essential                                                     Desirable
 Behaviours          Making it happen (essential)                                                        Interview only
                     Working together (essential)

                    Please note: the other behaviours below will not be
                    assessed at interview. However, all behaviours will
                    be used for performance management purposes.

                     Being accountable (essential)
                     Shaping the future (essential)
                     Connecting with others (essential)
                     Creating shared purpose (essential)

 Skills and         Teaching Skills – level 1 = essential                                                 Interview
 Knowledge           Classroom management (1)
                     Course and lesson planning (1)
                     Subject knowledge (1)
                     Understanding your learners (1)
                     Learning technologies (1)

 Experience                                                                       IELTS examiner          Short listing
                    2 years experience of ELT after initial training (i.e.                                and interview
                    CELTA/Trinity Cert TESOL)                                     YL & YA

 Qualifications     Cambridge CELTA or Trinity cert TESOL                         Recognised              Short listing only
                                                                                  diploma in TEFL
                                                                                  i.e. DELTA

 Submitted by       Megan Coles                                                       Date                25/6/2012

                                                                             3 of 3                 Recruitment Team Jan 2012

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