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									                                                                             VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                             Teacher of English, Erbil, Iraq – IRQ-T-499

Section A
Information about the vacancy

 Job title                        Teacher of English                              Location                              Erbil, Iraq

 Start date                       September 2012                                  Job type                              Teacher

 Closing date                     10 June 2012                                    Number of posts                       2

Advert text including job-specific skills, knowledge, qualifications & experience

 The British Council in Iraq is recruiting teachers of English on two-year contracts in the new
 Teaching Centre in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, starting in September 2012.
 We are looking for self-sufficient teachers with a CELTA or Trinity Cert. TESOL and experience of
 teaching adults, exam preparation classes, corporate and general English. Teaching will be exam
 preparation (IELTS long courses and induction workshops), general English and skills workshops
 for adults as well as training for corporate clients (business English, professional skills, teacher
 training, general English). There may be some YLs in the future.
 We need teachers who can adapt to whatever business comes through the door and work in a new
 centre where systems and procedures are still bedding down. Flexibility and the ability to deal with
 last minute situations will be a huge advantage. In terms of experience and qualifications, you need
 to be able to teach a wide range of courses from professional skills to teacher training to exam
 preparation courses without much support and back-up from a large and busy teachers’ room and a
 well-established centre. IELTS is 90% of the teaching at the moment so experience in teaching
 IELTS preparation is essential.
 The package includes an attractive salary paid into a UK bank account; 40 days’ leave a year plus
 12+/- public holidays, baggage allowance, visa and flights. Accommodation is provided and paid for
 by the BC, utilities are your responsibility.

 For further information, contact Martha Gibson, Deputy Director, Iraq:

 To apply, send your completed application form and the last 2 Performance Evaluations/End of
 Year Records of Performance to Janet Tufnell, Recruitment Manager MENA:

 The closing date for applications is 10 June

 The British Council is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and is keen to reflect diversity of
 UK society at every level within the organisation. We welcome applications from all sections of the
 community. We guarantee an interview to disabled candidates who meet the essential criteria.
 British Council appointments are contingent on thorough checks. In the UK, and where appropriate
 systems exist overseas, these include Criminal Records checks.

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                                                                             VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                             Teacher of English, Erbil, Iraq – IRQ-T-499

Local restrictions on employment (if any)

 UK passport holders only

Section B

Job overview

 This is a new TC and the first in Iraq which makes it a flagship operation. You will be teaching
 courses to adults, both public courses and corporate clients:
 Public courses: IELTS induction workshops, IELTS exam preparation courses, general English,
 business English, teacher training, professional skills workshops.
 Corporate clients: teacher training, IELTS preparation, professional skills courses, business and
 general English, placement testing and needs analysis.
 There may also be the need to teach in either Baghdad or Basra on short-term contracts,
 depending on demand.
 Teaching will be 5 days a week but there may be a need to teach at weekends (in which case
 overtime will be paid or your working week will be adjusted). You will teach up to 24 hours a week
 and there is provision in the 40-hour contract for admin, teacher development sessions and
 meetings. Teaching will be scheduled at times dictated by customers so teaching in the evenings
 will be the norm.
 There are 2 fulltime teachers and an academic manager at the centre, a Registrar and 2 CSOs
 managing registration and some marketing capacity. There are 6 other staff who manage exams
 and project work. As a small office, you’ll work closely together and integration is key.
 Teaching staff will need to teach whatever is required to get the business on its feet so there may
 not be a regular timetable structure in place every week until work becomes more regular. You will
 need to establish your own resources, procedures and systems amongst yourselves which some
 may find difficult to cope with but this will be led by the academic manager. If you are looking for a
 well-established Teaching Centre to work in, this post is not for you.
 If you are an IELTS speaking and writing examiner, there is copious opportunity for you to examine
 at the weekends and earn extra income. We urgently need examiners so if you are not an IELTS
 examiner, we will ensure that you go through the training to become one.

Section C

Information about the terms and conditions of service

 Contract length                       24 months                                       Renewable period                          12 months

 Contract type                         Full-time                                       No. of staff managed                      0

 Contract hours                        40 hours per week                               Contact hours                             24 hours per week

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                                                                             VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                             Teacher of English, Erbil, Iraq – IRQ-T-499

Annual salary

Salary is £24,000 p.a., paid into your UK bank account.
It is currently tax-free but it is the post-holder’s responsibility to investigate NI contributions if
applicable. See below.

Income Tax & National Insurance

Salary and all allowances are assessed as inclusive of any local taxes of whatever kind that may be
levied by the Government of Iraq. At present the local position is that no local tax is payable on your
salary in Iraq. But if the host country requires you to pay income tax, you must do so and you
should inform the BC. The BC will not adjust your salary and allowances to take account of any
such taxes. Any UK Income tax charged will be your sole responsibility and will not attract
compensation or extra payment from the BC.

UK Class 1 National Insurance payments may be compulsory for the first 52 weeks of this
agreement. If so, the BC will pay the employer’s share and will deduct the employee’s share from
your salary at source.

Fares & Travel

Economy class fare paid London – Erbil; Erbil - London at the start and at the end of contract.

Baggage allowance

Accountable allowance of up to £1200 at the beginning and at the end of contract.

Annual leave allowance

40 days’ leave per year, plus public holidays as per BC public holiday list (about 12 days a year).

There are 3 fixed periods of closure – Nowruz (new year in March) and the 2 Eids. The TC is closed
for around a week for all three and you will be obliged to take leave at these times.

        The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.
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                                                                              VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                              Teacher of English, Erbil, Iraq – IRQ-T-499

Medical insurance

 All UK-recruited teachers on fulltime contracts are covered by the British Council’s Group Medical
 The scheme is administered by BUPA International and covers medical, repatriation costs, personal
 liability and other items. Costs are reimbursed through BUPA or settled directly with BUPA
 approved hospitals.

Settling-in allowance

 2 weeks’ salary, given cash in hand on arrival.
 You also get 2 days’ leave within the first 2 weeks to settle in to your flat.

Any other allowances

 Staff who have worked for the British Council full-time for at least three months are entitled to a
 matching pension contribution of up to £1,800 per annum. Note: applications for a matching
 pension contribution are submitted in December.

 Hotel and subsistence
 You will be booked into a hotel for up to 2 weeks on arrival (or longer, while we find suitable
 accommodation for you). You can claim subsistence at the local rate for lunch and dinner during
 this period.

Additional Information

 You need to attend a 3.5 day hostile environment training course (SAFE and SAFE Plus) in the UK
 before departure.

 You can get visa on arrival and this is converted to a residency permit in-country.

         The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.
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                                                                               VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                               Teacher of English, Erbil, Iraq – IRQ-T-499

Section E
Information about the place

Country Overview

 I think everyone is familiar with what Iraq has gone through in the last 30 years: a dictatorship, the
 overthrow of the dictator Saddam Hussein and the US-led invasion in 2003.
 Iraq is now in reconstruction phase and is using its natural resource of oil to bring itself back into
 the world forum as a key player in the region. It is now a middle-income country and the British and
 US troops have withdrawn, with the void for development being filled by the international
 commercial sector and development agencies.

 Kurdistan is an autonomous region within Iraq and has its own regional government. The Kurds
 were persecuted under Saddam Hussein and as a result, mainly of them left for the UK, Australia
 and the USA. They are now beginning to return and invest in their region.
 It’s possible to travel freely around Kurdistan but you cannot visit other regions due to the security
 situation. You may however get the opportunity to visit the BC operations in Baghdad and Basra.
 You’ll need a separate visa for this and we currently cannot travel internally so you’ll have to travel
 via Jordan.

City Overview

 Erbil (spelt variously Arbil, Erbil, Irbil) is the capital city of the Iraqi region of Kurdistan. With a
 population of nearly 4.8 million, the three governorates of Dohuk, Erbil and Suleimaniah cover
 about 40,000 square kilometres - four times the area of Lebanon and larger than that of the
 Netherlands. The capital Erbil is locally also known as Hawler.
 Since the establishment of the no-fly zone in 1991 and even more so since the liberation of Iraq in
 2003, the Kurdistan Region has undergone rapid development. Over 65% of the villages destroyed
 by Saddam Hussein’s regime have been rebuilt, two new airports have been opened and new
 highways, schools and hospitals are being constructed.
 Foreign visitors and investors are warmly welcomed. Among the growing number of visitors are
 international media and business people, as well as returnees from the Kurdish Diaspora.
 While Middle Eastern customs of business, dress and behaviour are closely followed, Kurdistan is
 also progressive, pluralistic and relatively open.


 Summer months (May-September) are very hot and dry, especially on the Erbil Plain, often
 reaching temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius. It is slightly cooler in the evenings and in the
 mountainous regions around Dohuk and Suleimaniah. The winter months can be cold with rain and

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                                                                             VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                             Teacher of English, Erbil, Iraq – IRQ-T-499


 We will identify accommodation for you in the secure compounds in Erbil. Examples of these are
 Naz City and Italian Village which are like guarded and gated housing estates and usually have
 sports facilities and a shop onsite. The BC will pay the rent (we have an upper limit of $2500 a
 month) which will get you a decent standard of accommodation.
 These are usually 2-bedroom flats which are quite spacious. They come furnished or unfurnished
 so if you find somewhere which is unfurnished, the BC will furnish it (within reason). You will pay
 your utilities bills (either reimburse the BC or directly to the landlord).

General living costs & conditions

 Life in Erbil can be quite comfortable. As with most cities, you can live locally by shopping in the
 local markets or you can shop for imported items which will be more expensive. Most things are
 imported from Turkey.
 Transport around the city is by taxi generally, but you can go local and take the bus too. It’s not

Transport & Communication

 There is a public transport system of buses which follow the routes of the main roads which circle
 the Citadel in the centre of Erbil (the 30-, 60-, 100-Metre Roads). There are also buses which
 transport people to the main shopping market everyday.
 Other than buses, there are now millions of taxis – the beige ones are newer and are becoming
 more common than the older orange and white taxis. Neither have metres yet but a trip around the
 city is likely to be no more than $2. Agree the fare before you get in. You’ll quickly have a good idea
 of what to pay. Payment is in Iraqi dinar, rather than US dollars.
 The BC uses a private taxi firm called Hello Taxi which is reliable and comfortable. The drivers
 speak some English and can be called and booked easily.

 You can get an internet connection for your flat and will be given a local mobile phone for official
 use. If you want to by a personal SIM card, these are readily available.

General health, medical & dental care

 You must have a medical exam before appointment. All relevant vaccinations are also done before
 arriving. You will be insured by BUPA while in Iraq.
 Local standards of medical and dental care are generally good.

        The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.
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                                                                              VACANCY INFORMATION
                                                              Teacher of English, Erbil, Iraq – IRQ-T-499

Job opportunities for partners

 This post is unaccompanied.

Schooling & Childcare

 This post is unaccompanied.

Any other information (shopping facilities, entertainment, leisure)

 Shopping malls are springing up all over Erbil but there are still the traditional local markets and
 high streets shops.

 Entertainment would consist of eating out (drinking in hotels only but you can buy alcohol in the
 Christian neighbourhoods), sports activities. There are also local cinemas (not sure what they show
 though or if it would be a pleasant experience), bowling alleys etc. Erbil is changing so quickly that
 new entertainment opportunities will appear on a weekly basis. You might also want to do the
 tourist bit and visit the Citadel and the fort. Day trips into the hills for walking would also be possible
 – take local advice on this.

 There is quite a community of ex-pats now living in Erbil so there might be opportunities to socialise
 with them. You’ll also want to get to know the British Consulate staff who are based there.

                             Whilst the above information was accurate at time of writing,
                              specific details and entitlements are subject to change.

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                                                                        Teacher Role Profile – Iraq

Job Description                                                              Ref no: IRQ-T-499

Job title                Teacher of English

Directorate or Region    MENA                         Department/Country      Iraq

Location of post         Erbil                        Pay Band                Teacher

Reports to               Academic Manager             Duration of job         2 years

Purpose of job (global standard)

   To promote and ensure quality teaching and effective learning of English
   To support the wider aims of British Council and its cultural relations mission

Context and environment

The Teaching Centre opened in January 2012 with 2 teachers and an Academic Manager
(DTCM). There are now 2 CSOs and a Registrar to complete the team. We are looking to
increase the number of teachers now to meet demand. To date, the demand has been
predominantly for IELTS preparation as education is the biggest growth area in Kurdistan. But
there is also some demand for corporate professional skills training and general English.
As this is a new TC, systems and procedures have not yet become embedded and staff are
required to respond to whatever is needed to get the business on its feet and be flexible with the
set up. You might be required to teach off-site in Baghdad for short periods of time.
Teaching will take place in rented classrooms, separate from the BC office. But you will be
expected to integrate fully with the other activity of the BC offices in both Erbil and Baghdad.


Support British Council’s global English strategy by
 delivering teaching to the highest standards of ELT
 enhancing British Council’s reputation as a world authority in ELT
 continuing professional development and sharing of best practices


   Ensuring teaching meets learner needs and expectations
   Ensuring teaching meets Teaching Quality standards and organisational expectations
   Maintaining good relationships with customers and colleagues
   Supporting the teaching centre’s activities and British Council plans

                                                              1 of 4         Recruitment Team Jan 2012
Main duties

     Plan, prepare and deliver high quality English language teaching that meets the needs of
     different customer groups taking into account individual learning styles

     Monitor progress and provide regular feedback to help manage students’ performance
     throughout the course, and actively promote learner autonomy

     Contribute to the development, evaluation, and improvement of English language courses,
3    materials and related services, in order to meet students’ needs by actively working as a
     member of the teaching team.

4    Complete teaching related administrative tasks to specified standards

     Actively engage in professional development and performance management to ensure
5    quality and high standards in teaching and learning, and maintain British Council’s position
     at the forefront of best ELT practices

     Contribute to the development of lasting, mutually beneficial relationships by enhancing
     students’ understanding of contemporary UK

     Support local marketing and promotional strategy, and assist the teaching centre team in
     delivering excellent customer service

     Ensure safeguarding and guidelines are applied and upheld in line with standards and
     policy for the following areas:
8         Child protection
          Equal Opportunity and Diversity
          Health and safety

Key relationships: (include internal and external)

 Other teachers
 Teaching centre management team
 Teaching centre administration team
 Customer services staff
 Other wider BC teams
 Wider EFL community

 Learners
 Partner schools
 Corporate Clients

                                                            2 of 4           Recruitment Team Jan 2012
Other important features or requirements of the job
(e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc)
Evening teaching is the norm, some weekend work (as required), unaccompanied posting

Please specify any passport/visa and/or nationality
                                                          UK passport holders only

Please indicate if any security or legal checks are       CRB check, SAFE and SAFE Plus
required for this role.                                   training courses

                                                            3 of 4       Recruitment Team Jan 2012
Person Specification
                    Essential                                                 Desirable
Behaviours           Making it happen (essential)                                          Interview only
                     Working together (essential)

                    Please note: the other behaviours below will
                    not be assessed at interview. However, all
                    behaviours will be used for performance
                    management purposes.

                       Being accountable (essential)
                       Shaping the future (essential)
                       Connecting with others (essential)
                       Creating shared purpose (essential)

Skills and          All five teaching skills – level 1 = essential                          Interview

Experience          2 years’ experience of ELT after initial training         IELTS         Short listing
                    (i.e. CELTA/Trinity Cert TESOL) which must                Examiner      and interview
                    include the following:                                    status
                     Experience of teaching adults, exam                     desirable
                        preparation classes, corporate and general

Qualifications      Cambridge CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL                                   Short listing

Submitted by     Martha Gibson                                         Date               May 2012

                                                              4 of 4               Recruitment Team Jan 2012

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