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					                           MANDATORY DISCLOSURE

Mandatory        Disclosure     by       Institutions     running      AICTE       approved
Engineering/Technology/Pharmacy programmes to be included in their respective Information
Brochure, displayed on their website and to be submitted to AICTE every year together with its
The following information is to be given in the Information Brochure besides being hosted
on the Institution’s official Website.

“The information has been provided by the concerned institution and the onus of authenticity
lies with the institution and not on AICTE.”
       Address including telephone, Fax, e-mail.
      Telephone-03481-230033/231155/231144, Fax-03481-231188, Email –
       Address including telephone, Fax, e-mail.
     West Bengal University of Technology

       Members of the Board and their brief background
       Members of Academic Advisory Body
    The following is the details of the members of the Board of Governors:

Sl.                                                                     Designation in
                    Name                        Particulars
1       Dr Nazrul Islam            Chairman, Basantapur            Chairman
                                   Education Society (BES)

2       Asraful Islam               Secretary, BES                 Vice Chairman

3       Dr Dibyendu Ghoshal        Director, DIET                  Member Secretary

4       Debasish Kundu             Principal, Dumkal Polytechnic   Member

Sl.                                                                      Designation in
                     Name                      Particulars
5      Prof Dr Manoranjan          Principal, Education College     Member

6      Prasanta Bagchi             President, Murshidabad           Member
                                   District Chambers of

7      Dr. Satyakia Bhattacharya   Govt. College of Engineering &   University Nominee
                                   Technology, Shrirampore, WB

8      Director of Technical       DTE, Govt of WB                  Member (Ex- Officio)

9      Sri Dilip Kr. Sarkar        Asstt Teacher, Dumkal BT High    Govt. of WB
                                   School                           Nominee

10     Regional Officer            RO, ERO, Kolkata                 Member (Ex-Officio)

       Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic Advisory Body
                    Two meetings in a semester.
       Organizational chart and processes
                1. Director – Prof Dr D Ghoshal
                 1. Principal-Prof Dr J K Ray
                 2. Vice Principal – Pallav Jyoti Pal
                 3. Registrar- Md B Hossain
                 4. Account Assistant - Palas Kundu
                 5. Jr Office Assistant-M Hossain
                 6. Library Assistant-Abdul Majid
                 7. Clerk-Dipti Adhikary
                 8. Computer- Usuf Ali
                 9. In addition other supporting staff.
       Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic
        The Faculty Members are full time and they actively take part in academic affairs
        and various project work and seminars etc. are undertaken for improvement of the
        academic scenario.

       Mechanism/Norms & Procedure for democratic/good Governance
        The administration is based transparent rules guided by democratic norms. In every
        department there are HODs who keep relation between the faculty members and the
        administration heads.

       Student Feedback on Institutional Governance/faculty performance
        The Students are happy and friendly with the institute.

        Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students
         There are anti-ragging committee and committee for redressal in case of sexual
         harassment of lady staff.
       Name of the Programmes approved by the AICTE
        1. ECE, 2. IT, 3. CSE, 4. EIE 5. EE
       Name of the Programmes accredited by the AICTE
        Not Applicable
       For each Programme the following details are to be given:
               Name                       NA
               Number of seats            NA
               Duration                   NA
               Cut off mark/rank for admission during the last three years NA
               Fee                    NA
               Placement Facilities NA
               Campus placement in last three years with minimum salary, maximum
                salary and average salary : Almost 80% –85% passed out students have got
                placement through on campus/ pooled campus interview. Salary Range 1.4
                lac to 3.5 lac per anum.
       Name and duration of programme(s) having affiliation/collaboration with Foreign
        University(s)/Institution(s) and being run in the same Campus along with status of
        their AICTE approval. If there is foreign collaboration, give the following details:
        Details of the Foreign Institution/University: NA
               Name of the University/Institution NA
               Address NA
               Website NA
               Is the Institution/University Accredited in its Home Country NA
               Ranking of the Institution/University in the Home Country NA
               Whether the degree offered is equivalent to an Indian Degree? If yes, the
                name of the agency which has approved equivalence. If no, implications for
                students in terms of pursuit of higher studies in India and abroad and job
                both within and outside the country.
               Nature of Collaboration NA
               Conditions of Collaboration NA
               Complete details of payment a student has to make to get the full benefit of
                collaboration. NA
       For each Collaborative/affiliated Programme give the following: NA
               Programme Focus
               Number of seats
               Admission Procedure
               Fee

                   Placement Facility
                   Placement Records for last three years with minimum salary, maximum
                    salary and average salary
           Whether the Collaborative Programme is approved by AICTE? If not whether the
            Domestic/Foreign Institution has applied to AICTE for approval as required under
            notification no. 37-3/Legal/2005 dated 16th May, 2005
           Branch wise list of faculty members:
              Permanent Faculty: CSE 12, IT 12, ECE 14, EIE 12, EE 13
              Visiting Faculty: 01
              Adjunct Faculty: 23
              Guest Faculty: Guest lecturers are invited whenever required.
           Number of faculty employed and left during the last three years
           Nos of Faculty Employed during last three years: 58
           Nos. of Faculty left during last three years   : 39

       For each Faculty give a page covering
             1.          Name : Prof Dr Dibyendu Ghoshal
             2.          Date of Birth: 13.08.1962
             3.          Educational Qualification: M Tech, PhD
             4.          Work Experience
                     -       Teaching: 05 Years
                     -       Research: 20 Years
                     -       Industry: 00 Years                                       Signature
                     -       Others : 05 Years
             5.          Area of Specializations Microwave
             6.          Subjects teaching at Under Graduate Level
                        Post Graduate Level
             7.          Research guidance
                                                No. of papers published in
                          Masters’s                     - National Journals:      06 (Six)
                          Ph.D.                         - International Journals: 02 (Two )
                                                        - Conferences: 19 ( Nineteen )
             8.          Projects Carried out: Many
             9.          Patents: Nil
             10.         Technology Transfer: Nil
             11.         Research Publications: 27 Papers and 54 Technical Reports
             12.         No. of Books published with details: Nil

       Details of fee, as approved by State fee Committee, for the Institution.
          Tuition Fee : Rs. 20500.00 Per Semester
          Development Fee: University Development Fee 2000.00
          Library Fee – 1500.00 ( One time )
          Admission Fee- 3000.00 ( One time )
          University Regn Fee: 300.00 one time
          Semester Exam Fee: 800.00 each sem
       Time schedule for payment of fee for the entire programme.
      At the beginning of the semester ( January & July )
       No. of Fee waivers granted with amount and name of students.
          Shamim Iqbal Manon, Jyoti Kumari, Soumya Vidushi, Subal Chakraborty, Sanjib
          Das, Ashoke Kr Das, Soyeluddin Biswas, Md Quiser Alam,Md Tohidul Islam, Sohel
          Rana,Asif Ikbal Mandal, Jhuma Mandal, Md Saiful Islam, Sangeeta Adhikary, Md
          Abdul Wahab, Saurav Samaadder, Fazle Karim, Sahariar Hossain, Debasish Ghosh,
          Sukla Mondal,
       Number of scholarship offered by the institute, duration and amount:
          A few free and half free studentships are granted
       Criteria for fee waivers/scholarship.
          Financial Condition and Academic performance
       Estimated cost of Boarding and Lodging in Hostels.
          About Rs. 2000/- per month.
       Number of seats sanctioned with the year of approval.
          CSE-60, IT-60, ECE-60, EIE-60, EE-60 AICTE approval for 2008 -2009
       Number of students admitted under various categories each year in the last three
               Year 2007                     Year 2008                   Year 2009
       Stream    No of Students   Stream   No of Students   Stream    No of Students
                   Admitted                  Admitted                   Admitted
        CSE           60          CSE             60         CSE           14
         IT           59           IT             60          IT           11
        ECE           60          ECE             60         ECE           46
        EIE           59          EIE             58         EIE           15
         EE           60           EE             59          EE           54

        Number of applications received during last two years for admission under
         Management Quota and number admitted. Nil

       Mention the admission test being followed, name and address of the Test Agency
         and its URL (website).

        Through Counseling, Central Selection Committee,
        Number of seats allotted to different Test Qualified candidates separately
         [AIEEE/CET (State conducted test/University tests)/Association conducted test]
         AIEEE-15% and State Joint-85%
        Calendar for admission against management/vacant seats:
          -     Last date for request for applications: NA
          -     Last date for submission of application: NA
          -     Dates for announcing final results: NA
          -     Release of admission list (main list and waiting list should be announced on
                the same day): NA
          -     Date for acceptance by the candidate (time given should in no case be less
                than 15 days): NA
          -    Last date for closing of admission.: Within three days after counseling held by
          -    Starting of the Academic session.: July each year.
          -    The waiting list should be activated only on the expiry of date of main list.
          -    The policy of refund of the fee, in case of withdrawal, should be clearly
                The fee is refunded to those students only who leave college with proper
                notice obtaining release letter and no objection certificate.
       Candidates qualified in AIEEE/WBJEE are only eligible

        Describe each criteria with its respective weightages i.e. Admission Test, marks in
         qualifying examination etc. : NA
        Mention the minimum level of acceptance, if any. : NA
        Mention the cut-off levels of percentage & percentile scores of the candidates in the
         admission test for the last three years. : NA
        Display marks scored in Test etc. and in aggregate for all candidates who were
         admitted. : NA

Item No I – XI must be given in information brochure and must be hosted as fixed content in
the website of the Institution.

The Website must be dynamically updated with regard to XII–XV.

        Downloadable application form, with online submission possibilities.

            List of candidates whose applications have been received along with
              percentile/percentage score for each of the qualifying examination in separate
              categories for open seats. List of candidates who have applied along with percentage
              and percentile score for Management quota seats.
           No such provision is there.

            Composition of selection team for admission under Management Quota with the
             brief profiles of members (This information be made available in the public domain
             after the admission process is over)
            Score of the individual candidates admitted arranged in order of merit. : NA
            List of candidates who have been offered admission. : NA
            Waiting list of the candidates in order of merit to be operative from the last date of
             joining of the first list candidates. : NA
            List of the candidates who joined within the date, vacancy position in each category
             before operation of waiting list. : NA
         Number of Library books/Titles/Journals available (programme-wise)
                                     Number                                 Journals
                                                 Number of
S.No          Course(s)       of titles of the
                                                                 National       International
       1       CSE                    660         3765                01               00

       2       IT                     651         3651                03               00

       3       ECE                    686         3920                02               05

       4       EIE                    626         3749                03               02

       5       EE                     666         3741                03               00

            List of online National/International Journals subscribed. This college has
             subscribed for INDSET online journal and about 200 Journal ( Full version ) are
             being accessed by the students.
            E-Library facilities: Satellite Interactive Terminal has been set up and this has direct
             link with WBUT and all IITs over India for sharing live demonstration of class room
             and teaching.

    For each Laboratory : All laboratories are as per WBUT syllabus and space and equipments
available as per AICTE norms.
 List of Major Equipment/Facilities

    Eight Computer Labs, Basic Electronics Engineering Lab, Electrical Engineering Lab, Engineering
    Graphics Lab, Engineering Physics Lab, Engineering Chemistry Lab, Language Lab, Transducer &
    Sensor Lab, Analog Electronic Circuits Lab, Digital Electronics & Integrated Circuits Lab, Electronic
    Measurement & Instrumentation Lab, Data Structure Lab, Analog Communication Lab, Computer
    Organization & Architecture Lab, Circuit Theory & Network Lab, Communication Engineering Lab,
    andWorkshop with Machine Shop, Carpentry Shop etc. Microprocessor & Micro Controller Lab,
    Industrial Instrumentation Lab, Antenna and Audio-Video Lab, Internet Lab, Power Electronics Lab,

    Process Control Lab, Digital Communication Lab, Microwave Lab, Measurement Lab, Telemetry Lab,
    Advanced Communication Lab, VLSI & Design Lab etc, Digital Signal Processing Lab, Electrical
    Machine Lab 1 & 2, Electrical Drives lab, Thermal Power Engg Lab etc.

   List of Experimental Setup
    VLSI, Telemetry, DSP , Microprocessor, Power Electronics, Communication Setups etc.
          Number and Configuration of Systems: P-IV 320 Nos
          Total number of systems connected by LAN : 220 Nos
          Total number of systems connected to WAN: Nil
          Internet bandwidth : 2MB Radio Tower Connectivity
          Major software packages available:
              Windows 98, Windows XP, Red Hat Linux, Matlab, MS Office 2003, Adobe
              Photoshop, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash, Visual Studio, .NET
              Desktop Campus All lng Lic/ SA Pack MVL – (B ) 100 pcs, Visual Studio Pro All
              Lng Lic / SA Pack MVL – ( B ) 100 p-cs, Windows Svr Std All Lng Lic/ SA Pack
              MVL – B 2, SQL Svr Std Edn Win 32 All Lng Lic/ SA Pack MVL – ( B ) 1, SQL Svr
              Std Edn Win 32 All Lng Lic/ SA MVL Device CAL – B 100 pcs, Windows XP Prof
              SP3 Media Kit-B 1 pcs, Office 2007 Prof Plus Media Kit- 1pcs, Visual studio 2008
              Prof Media Kit – ( B ) 1 pcs, Windows 2008 Svr Std 32/ X64Bit Eng Disk kit – B 1pcs,
              SQL Server 2008 Std Media Kit – B 1 pcs
          Special purpose facilities available:
          List of facilities available.
             Games and Sports Facilities: Yes
             Extra Curriculum Activities: Yes
             Soft Skill Development Facilities: Yes
             Number of Classrooms and size of each: 28, 94.67 x28 SqM each
             Number of Tutorial rooms and size of each: 08, i) 135.84x2, ii) 67.43x2,
                                                                  iii) 54.47x2, iv) 67.58x2 v) 53.74x2
           Number of laboratories and size of each: 20, 137.15 x20 Sq.M
           Number of drawing halls and size of each: 02, 137.15x02 Sq.M
           Number of Computer Centres with capacity of each: 07, i) 137.15x2, ii) 54.43x4
                                                                    iii) 622.75x01
           Central Examination Facility, Number of rooms and capacity of each: Nil
           Teaching Learning process:
          Curricula and syllabi for each of the programmes as approved by the University.

       Academic Calendar of the University: From July to December and January to June
       Academic Time Table: From 10.30 am to 5.00 pm
       Teaching Load of each Faculty: 12 – 16 periods per week
       Internal Continuous Evaluation System and place : Done on regular basis
       Students’ assessment of Faculty, System in place: Online system implemented
For each Post Graduate programme give the following: NA
   i.     Title of the programme
   ii.    Curricula and Syllabi
   iii.   Faculty Profile

  SI               Name                   DESIGNATION Subject Teaching
   1.     Prof Dr P C Sen                 Professor         Electronics

   2.     Prof Dr D Ghoshal               Professor/Direc   Electronics

   3.     Sahadev Roy                     Lecturer          Electronics

   4.     Debasish Kundu                  Asstt Prof        Electronics

   5.     Madhusudan Das                  Lecturer          Electronics

   6.     Hasanujjaman                    Lecturer          Electronics

   7.     Sharmin Shabnam                 Lecturer          Electronics

   8.     Sahanowaj Khan                  Lecturer          Electronics

   9.     Atanu Sen                       Lecturer          Electronics

   10.    Samiran Sarkar                  Lecturer          Electronics

   11.    Taslim Haider                   Lecturer          Electronics

   12.    Arindam Biswas                  Lecturer          Electronics

   13.    Soumya Ghosh                    Lecturer          Electronics

   14.    Abhik Biswas                    Lecturer          Electronics

   15.    Prof Dr A K Bandyopadhyay       Professor         Computer Science

   16.    Sofikul Islam                   Asstt Prof        Computer Science

   17.    Retwick Chatterjee              Asstt Prof        Computer Science

   18.    Palash Das                      Lecturer          Computer Science

   19.    Sankar Karmakar                 Lecturer          Computer Science

SI             Name                DESIGNATION Subject Teaching
 20.   Mansuruzzaman               Lecturer      Computer Science

21.    Anupam Roy                  Lecturer      Computer Science

22.    Subhasis Biswas             Lecturer      Computer Science

23.    Safikureshi Mondal          Lecturer      Computer Science

24.    Proton Sarkar               Lecturer      Computer Science

25.    Antara Munshi               Lecturer      Computer Science

26.    Sumit Kr Samanta            Lecturer      Computer Science

27.    Md Hamid Islam              Lecturer      Information Technology

28.    Sahanowaj Ahmed             Lecturer      Information Technology

29.    Suvendu Chatterjee          Lecturer      Information Technology

30.    Mousumi Biswas              Lecturer      Information Technology

31.    Arun Kr Sadhu               Asstt Prof    Information Technology

32.    Zinnat Rehena               Asstt Prof    Information Technology

33.    Sukanta Mondal              Lecturer      Information Technology

34.    Sandipan Biswas             Lecturer      Information Technology

35.    Sohini Bhattacharyya        Lecturer      Information Technology

36.    Jahiruddin Ahmed            Lecturer      Information Technology

37.    Sunny Biswas                Lecturer      Information Technology

38.    Rajesh Mukherjee            Lecturer      Information Technology

39.    Prof Dr Joyanta Kumar Roy   Professor /   Electronics & Inst.

40.    Md Faysal Kabir             Asstt prof    Electronics & Inst.

41.    Hassanujjaman Mandal        Lecturer      Electronics & Inst.

42.    Pritam Singha Roy           Asstt Prof    Electronics & Inst.

43.    Krishnan Banerjee           Lecturer      Electronics & Inst.

44.    Md Asifuzzaman              Lecturer      Electronics & Inst.

45.    Promit Datta                Lecturer      Electronics & Inst.

46.    Subhajit Bhattacharyya      Lecturer      Electronics & Inst.

                                   - 10 -
SI              Name           DESIGNATION Subject Teaching
 47.   Rudra Prasad Biswas     Lecturer           Electronics & Inst.

48.    Tanbir Ahasan           Lecturer           Electronics & Inst.

49.    Sampurna Santra         Lecturer           Electronics & Inst.

50.    Sujit Khamaru           Lecturer           Electronics & Inst.

51.    Rajendranath Naskar     Asstt Prof         Electrical

52.    Sonar Chand Jana        Lecturer           Electrical

53.    Subhadip Chandra        Lecturer           Electrical

54.    Subhadeep Chakraborty   Lecturer           Electrical

55.    Rajat Kr Ranu           Lecturer           Electrical

56.    Suparna Maity           Lecturer           Electrical

57.    Bikram Dutta            Lecturer           Electrical

58.    Saroj Kumar Bayen       Lecturer           Electrical

59.    Gopal Krishna           Lecturer           Electrical

60.    Subrata Mondal          Lecturer           Electrical

61.    Sirsendu Pal            Lecturer           Electrical

62.    Chandrani Nath          Lecturer           Electrical

63.    Subhendu Karmakar       Lecturer           Electrical

64.    Md Baijid Hossain       Sr. Lecturer       Humanities

65.    Adway Chowdhury         Lecturer           Humanities

66.    Masud Billa             Lecturer           Humanities

67.    Mainak Mondal           Lecturer           Humanities

68.    Sahin Sariar            Lecturer           Management

69.    Nirupam Roy             Lecturer           Management

70.    Saidul Haque            Lecturer           Management

71.    S M Munir               Lecturer           Management

72.    Subrata Kar             Sr Lecturer        Math

73.    Pallav Jyoti Pal        AsstProf       &   Math
                               Vice Principal

                               - 11 -
      SI              Name                      DESIGNATION Subject Teaching
       74.   Sarfaraj Nowaj                     Lecturer            Math

      75.    Md Refatullah                      Lecturer            Math

      76.    Anindita Nandi                     Lecturer            Physics

      77.    Subhendu Maity                     Lecturer            Physics

      78.    Indranil Bhattacharjee             Lecturer            Physics

      79.    Abhijit Mandal                     Lecturer            Chemistry

      80.    Baidyanath Ghosh                   Lecturer            Chemistry

      81.    Basantalal Agarwal                 Lecturer            Chemistry

      82.    A K Mondal                         Asst.    Prof   &   Chemistry

      83.    Tapan Kr Bandyopadhyay             Asst Prof           Mechanical

      84.    Albert Siraj Banerjee              Lecturer            Mechanical

      85.    Chandan Kumar                      Lecturer            Mechanical

      86.    Abhra Kanti Kar                    Lecturer            Mechanical

     Brief profile of each faculty: Copy Enclosed.
       Laboratory facilities exclusive to the PG programme: VLSI, DSP & Applied
Instrumentation Labs have been upgraded for PG Programmes.

     Special Purpose
           Software, all design tools in case
           Academic Calendar and frame work
           Research focus
           List of typical research projects.
           Industry Linkage
           Publications (if any) out of research in last three years out of masters projects
           Placement status
           Admission procedure
           Fee Structure
           Hostel Facilities
           Contact address of co-ordinator of the PG Programme: NA

                                                - 12 -
NOTE:   Suppression and/or misrepresentation   of   information   would   attract
        appropriate penal action.

                                   - 13 -

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