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									                   [NAME & LOGO OF COMPUTER SERVICE PROVIDER]


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The following terms of service apply to both on-site and off-site service and repairs.

1.          Parties
[NAME OF COMPUTER SERVICE PROVIDER] is referred to throughout this Agreement as
“PROVIDER”. The above noted customer is referred to throughout this Agreement as “You” or

2.          Services and Support
PROVIDER will provide You with computer repair, diagnostic and troubleshooting services (the
“Services”) specified in the attached Appendix A , which forms part of this Agreement. PROVIDER will
provide free support for a period of _________ days following the completion of the Services.

3.          Warranty
(Choose the applicable provision below, and delete the other.)
PROVIDER is certified to perform warranty repairs or upgrades on _______________________ hardware.
Warranty work will only be covered if it is related to the Services billed on the invoice. Unrelated Services
will not be covered by the warranty and may be charged accordingly.

PROVIDER has limited certification to perform warranty repairs or upgrades on
___________________________ hardware, however, any repairs made by PROVIDER may void the
factory or supplemental warranty on Your computer or device. If Your computer or device needs repair
and is covered by warranty, it is recommended that You contact the supplier that sold or manufactured
the equipment for information about repairs covered under warranty. Upon request, PROVIDER will
report the problem to the manufacturer, contact technical support, and schedule repair service for Your
computer or device. PROVIDER may recommend replacement parts, but You remain responsible for all
such replacements.

4.          Billing and Payment
(a)         The Services will be billed in accordance with the fee schedule set out in Appendix A. Charges
            will be calculated in quarter-hour increments, with a minimum service time of one-half hour. All
            invoices are subject to applicable taxes.

(b)         PROVIDER will give You an estimate of costs before performing any Services, however, estimates
            are not guaranteed. If actual costs will exceed the original estimate, You will be informed. You
            can then either authorize PROVIDER to continue the work or to stop when the estimate limit has
            been reached.

(c)         Payment in full is due upon completion of the work. Any parts, hardware or software ordered
            specially for Your equipment must be paid for in advance.

(d)         Payment may be made by cash, credit card, Paypal, or debit.

     [Address], [City], [State / Province], [Zip / Postal Code] Phone: __________ Fax: ___________ Website: ____________________

(e)         If You are unhappy with the Services or if the Services cannot be completed, You will be refunded
            for any amounts already paid.

5.          PROVIDER’s Obligations
PROVIDER will, whenever practicable, perform the Services in Your residence. Provided, however, that
You agree to allow PROVIDER to remove a PC from the residence in order to perform the Services at
PROVIDER’s shop facility, if PROVIDER deems it necessary. PROVIDER will perform the Services in an
honest, reasonable, timely and considerate manner.

6.          Customer’s Obligations
(a)         You agree to make available to PROVIDER all computer programs, data and documentation
            required by PROVIDER to complete the Services.

(b)         You agree that prior to PROVIDER performing any Services on Your PCs, peripherals, devices or
            equipment, it is Your responsibility to:

            (i)       Back up all data, software, files and information stored thereon; and

            (ii)      Remove all disks, cassettes, tapes, DVDs, film or other media from such devices.

            You agree that whether or not You have requested back-up services from PROVIDER,
            PROVIDER shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage, disclosure,
            alteration or corruption of or to any data, software, files, information, disks, cassettes, tapes,
            DVDs, film or other media.

(c)         You are responsible for ensuring that all PCs are protected with up-to-date antivirus software.
            PROVIDER can install such software for You, at the rates set out in Appendix A.

(d)         You hereby authorize PROVIDER to install any software on Your computer(s) which is necessary
            to perform the Services. All such software will be deleted or uninstalled upon completion of the
            Service, if requested.

(e)         You must take delivery of Your computer and/or equipment within ________ days following
            completing of off-site repairs. If You fail to do so, You will be charged a storage fee of $______ per

7.          Guarantee
All Services are guaranteed for ________ days from the completion date. If any Service is found to be
incomplete, incorrect, or defective, PROVIDER will correct the problem free of labor charges. You agree to
pay for any additional parts that may be required.

8.          Certification
PROVIDER technicians are ___________________________________________ certified service technicians.
(Fill in the qualifications of Your technicians), and PROVIDER’s service center is an
____________________________________ authorized service center.

9.          Limitations to Services
PROVIDER shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of the Services which is due to any
cause beyond its control. PROVIDER reserves the right to refuse to perform the Services on the basis that
the minimum system requirements are not met or the technical needs (including wiring or physical or
technical barriers) or other requirements of the Customer are unusual or extensive and beyond the scope
of the terms of service, in the sole determination of PROVIDER.
     [Address], [City], [State / Province], [Zip / Postal Code] Phone: __________ Fax: __
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