504 by xiaoyounan


									                      Consigned by and raised at Kentuckiana Farms, Lexington, Kentucky

                                               BIKINI BODY                                                             Barns
504                                  (PENNSYLVANIA ELIGIBLE)                                                            5-6-7
                           BROWN FILLY Foaled May 8, 2009 Tattoo No. 4GB613
                                                                                        No Nukes p,3,T1:52.1
                                             Western Hanover p,3,1:50.4 -------
                                                                                        Wendymae Hanover p,4,T1:57
      Western Terror p,3,1:48.3-----------
                                                                                        Artsplace p,4,1:49.2
                                             Arterra p,2,1:53.4----------------------
                                                                                        Delinquent Account p,1:51.4
                                                                                        Abercrombie p,4,1:53
                                             Life Sign p,3,1:50.3 -------------------
                                                                                        Three Diamonds p,3,1:53.1
      Bermuda Babe p,3,1:53.1 -----------
                                                                                        Beach Towel p,3,1:50
                                             Surf Sand N Sun ----------------------
                                                                                        Day After p,2,2:01.1f
By WESTERN TERROR p,3,1:48.3. Sire of 54 in 1:55, 126 in 2:00, incl.: FAST PAY p,3,1:49,
YELLOW DIAMOND (M) p,3,1:49.4f ($1,315,071), OSCAR OSCAR p,4,1:49.4f-‘10, SHACKED
UP (M) p,3,1:49.4, WESTERN SILK (M) p,3,1:50.1-‘10, DROP THE BALL (M) p,2,1:50.4-‘10.
1st Dam
BERMUDA BABE p,3,1:53.1 ($50,219) by Life Sign. 5 wins at 3 and 4. At 4, winner Final
          Kindly Hanover Ser. at Balmoral; third in leg White Ruffles Ser. at Meadowlands. This
          is her second foal. Dam of:
     Sea Venture ($3,213) (Western Terror). Now 2 and racing, timed in 1:54.
2nd Dam
SURF SAND N SUN by Beach Towel. From 6 foals, dam of 5 winners, 1 in 1:54, 2 in 1:58, incl.:
     BERMUDA BABE (M) p,3,1:53.1 ($50,219) (Life Sign). As above.
     ALACRITOUS p,3,1:57.2 ($1,320) (Sealed N Delivered). Winner at 3.
     Rileys Seahorse (M) ($2,689) (Village Jove). Now 3 and racing.
     Producer: Summer Squeeze p,2,2:03.2h (dam of LIFE'S A LEMON p,3,1:58.1f; 4,1:55,
          SQUEEZE PLAY p,3,1:55.2f, MR LIFEGUARD p,2,Q1:58.4f; 3,1:56.1f, SUMMER
          SMILE p,3,1:56.2f-‘10).
3rd Dam
DAY AFTER p,2,2:01.1f ($4,375) by No Nukes. 2 wins at 2. At 2, winner leg Maiden Ser. at
          Greenwood. Half-sister to HAPPY FAMILY p,2,1:56.1f; 3,1:53.3f ($489,822),
          SPIRITED STYLE p,2,1:55.3f; 3,1:52.4f ($334,265), FOUR PACK p,2,Q2:00.2h;
          3,1:54.2; 1:54 ($107,216); three-quarter sister to LIKE BUTTER p,2,1:57.3; 4,1:53.4f
          ($126,650; dam of ON THE TEE p,2,1:53.4; 3,1:53.4f; 1:53.1f-$514,963, BUTTER
          FREE p,3,1:55.2f; 1:51.4f-$264,373; grandam of BUTTON UP p,2,1:56.2h; 3,1:56.1h;
          4,1:52h-$516,344), KISSES N CANDY p,2,Q2:01f; 3,1:54.1 (dam of JR MINT
          p,2,1:55.2; 3,1:50.2; 1:49.3-$778,289, BIG HUGS p,3,1:52.4-$159,937, STEALS A
          KISS p,3,1:53.4; 4,1:51.3; grandam of DR DREAMY p,2,1:51.2; 3,1:51f-‘10-$295,724,
          SEE YOU SMILE p,3,1:51.2), DR MOM p,2,1:54.4 (dam of FOX VALLEY MICKALA
          p,2,Q1:59.4; 3,1:53.4; 4,1:51-$295,257, FOX VALLEY LADYDOC p,2,1:53.4;
          3,1:51.4-$189,586; grandam of DROP RED p,2,1:53.1; 3,1:49-$389,725, SOUTH-
          WIND IRVIN p,2,1:58.3h; 3,1:55h; 1:53.1f-$262,034, IM BETTING ON YOU
          p,3,1:53.4f; 4,1:51.1f-$188,221); full-sister to the dam of LIFE SAVIOR p,2,1:54.4;
          3,1:51.4, etc. From 15 living foals, dam of 9 winners, 8 in 1:55, 9 in 1:59, including:
     KEEP YOUR PANS OFF (M) p,2,1:56f; 3,1:52.2; 4,1:51.1 ($298,441) (Abercrombie). 11
          wins, 2 thru 5. At 2, winner Champlain S.; second in Arden Downs S. At 3, winner
          Tarport Hap P., elim. Fan Hanover S., elim. Scarlett O'Hara P.; second in Final
          Mistletoe Shalee P., elim. American-National S.; third in heat Jugette, elim. Mistletoe
          Shalee P. Dam of PANS CULOTTES p,2,1:54.3 ($309,180), PAN LARCENY
          p,2,1:55; 3,1:52 ($149,930), BELL BOTTOM PANS p,2,Q1:59; 3,1:52.1; 4,1:51.3
          ($133,960), PANTIBACTERIAL p,3,Q1:58.2. Grandam of PAN VOYAGE p,2,1:55.4f,
          PANFULLY COOL p,2,Q1:59.4f-‘10, PAN AMIE p,3,2:00f.
     CRISIS SITUATION p,2,1:56.2f; 3,1:53.3f ($235,704) (Walton Hanover). 14 wins, 2 thru 6.
          At 2, second in leg Kindergarten Ser. at Greenwood; third in Nassagaweya S., 2 legs
          Kindergarten Ser. at Greenwood. At 3, winner Nat Christie Mem., leg Mohawk Ser. at
          Mohawk; second in Final Western Canada Pacing Derby, Final Mohawk Ser. at
          Mohawk, 3 legs New Faces Ser. at Meadowlands, elim. Berrys Creek P.
     LOOKINFORASIGN p,2,1:57; 3,1:53; 4,1:52.2 ($154,814) (Life Sign). 15 wins, 2 thru 7.
     LOST PRIVILEGE p,3,1:56.2f; 1:55f ($74,586) (Abercrombie). 21 wins, 3 thru 7.
     CAN'T QUIT SMILING (M) p,2,1:55.1; 3,1:53.3 ($47,475) (Grinfromeartoear). 4 wins at 2
          and 3. At 3, second in cons. Ontario Sires S. - Gold at Mohawk.
     LAST NIGHT (M) p,3,1:53.1 ($33,339) (Abercrombie). 3 wins at 3. At 3, winner 2 legs
          Green With Envy Ser. at Meadowlands; second in leg Town Pro Ser. at Woodbine,
          elim. James Lynch P.; third in leg Town Pro Ser. at Woodbine. Dam of CHARLEY
          BARLEY p,2,1:53.3; 3,1:52.2f ($385,855), TOOMUCHFUNWITHU p,2,1:55f.
     AH WHATA NIGHT p,3,1:59.4f; 4,1:58.3f ($28,372) (Life Sign). 8 wins, 3 thru 8.
     WIPETHATSMILEOFF (M) p,3,1:54.3 ($15,181) (Grinfromeartoear). Winner at 3.
     ANOTHER GREAT DAY p,2,Q1:58.3; 4,1:53.2 ($14,523) (Grinfromeartoear). 2 wins at 4.
     Have No Regrets (Grinfromeartoear). Now 3.
Next Dam - BECKY'S LOVE (Albatross-SHIFTING SCENE p,2,1:59.2-Race Time)
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