UK Tenancy Application Form by Megadox


Screen prospective tenants applying for a vacancy with this UK Tenancy Application Form.
- Each applicant must provide personal information relevant to the tenancy, including disabilities, smoker/non-smoker, intention to seek benefit assistance, etc.
- The applicant must provide current and past rental history (including evictions) and employment history.
- All occupants and sharers must be listed, and any and all pets.
- Contact information for referees and guarantors is required.
- The applicant must also disclose financial information.
- Applicants must give authorisation to the landlord or letting agent to perform credit checks and gather any additional information that they require to assess the applicant.
This UK Tenancy Application Form is downloadable, fully editable and can be used anywhere within the United Kingdom.

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									                                           TENANCY APPLICATION FORM
This document is not a lease or tenancy agreement and does not grant any right to an Applicant to
occupy the Rental Property.

If you are completing this document by hand, please print carefully and legibly. Provide all
information requested, to ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible.

                         Section I.          Rental Property and Tenancy Information
Address of rental property

Type of rental property
(house, private flat, council flat, etc)

Rent payment method                           ____ Cash        ____ Cheque       ____ Standing Order
                                              ____ Other (describe) ____________________________________
Tenancy period                                ____ Monthly     ____ Weekly       ____ Yearly
                                              ____ Other (describe)____________________________________
Initial term of tenancy                       ____ months
Proposed tenancy start date                   ___________________________, 20_____
Tenancy type
(assured shorthold, etc)
Total rent per calendar month                 £
Deposit amount (if applicable)                £
Administration fee (if applicable)            £
Who pays council tax, utilities,
other charges?
Other tenancy details

                        Section II. Applicant Information
       Each person who will be responsible for a share of the rent must complete a
                                  separate Section II.
Full legal name

Work telephone number                                                         Home      telephone
Mobile number                                                                 Email address
Date of Birth                                                                 Place of Birth
National          Insurance     number                                        Smoker?
(or equivalent)
Vehicle information                           Make ______________                     Model _______________________
                                              Year _______________                    Reg. Number _________________
Are you disabled?                             ____ Yes                                ____ No
                                              (If yes, give details)

Do you intend to seek benefit                 ____ Yes                                ____ No
assistance with rent payment?                 (If yes, give details)

Person to contact in case of                  Name ______________________________________________
emergency                                     Address ______________________________________________
                                              Telephone Number ____________________________________
                                              Relationship to you ____________________________________
                                                    RENTAL HISTORY
Current address

Length of           tenancy     at   this                                     Rent (if renting – if not
address                                                                       renting, state whether owner,
                                                                              living with relatives, etc)
If renting, name and address of               Name ______________________________________________
current landlord                              Address ______________________________________________
                                              Telephone Number ____________________________________
Reasons for leaving

Previous rental addresses
(Provide details for each property you have rented for the past ______ years.)
Address                                         Length of Tenancy              Name of Landlord           Telephone Number of

Debt problems                                   ____        Individual Voluntary Agreement
                                                ____        County Court Judgement
                                                ____        Bankruptcy
                                                (Give dates and details)

Any previous evictions?                         ____ Yes                                  ____ No
                                                (If yes, give dates)

Additional occupants / sharers
(Provide details for each additional person who will occupy the rental property. All persons who will be paying a share of the rent must fill
out a separate copy of this Section II.)
Full Name                                       Share of rent?               Relationship to applicant         Age (if under 18)

Pets                                            Type of animal ________________________________________
                                                Age _____________      Weight __________________
                                                Spayed/neutered _____________

                                               Type of animal ________________________________________
                                               Age _____________      Weight __________________
                                               Spayed/neutered _____________
                                              EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION
Current employer                                Name ______________________________________________
                                                Address ______________________________________________
                                                Telephone Number ____________________________________
                                                Fax Number __________________________________________
Date hired                                                            Current rate of pay
Position / job title
Employer referee                                Name ______________________________________________
(If self employed, use your accountant or
lawyer as referee.)                             Position _____________________________________________
                                                Office Number _______________________________________
                                                Mobile Number ______________________________________
                                                Fax Number _________________________________________
                                                Email address ________________________________________
Character referee                               Name ______________________________________________
(Must be a professional person, NOT a
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