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									Jonathan Mortimer Smith
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The King Of Crunk

Jonathan Mortimer Smith (born January 27, 1971), better known by his stage name Lil' Jon, is an
American rapper, actor and music producer who was a member of the group Lil' Jon & The East Side
Boyz. Lil Jon formed the group in 1997, and the group released several albums between then and 2004.
Besides the group, Lil' Jon has also produced many hit urban singles and has made the terms "OK!",
"What?!", and "Yeah!", a familiar calling amongst his friends, followers, admirers, and inside and outside
of the hip hop genre.

Life and career
Lil' Jon was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked for So So Def Recordings between
1993 and 2000. He attended Woodward Academy, where he graduated with Honors. Jon was
accepted into Emory College, but declined so he could work more on his music.

Lil' Jon & the East Side Boyz

Smith took the stage name Lil' Jon and formed musical group Lil' Jon & the East Side Boyz with
hype men/rappers Big Sam (born Sam Norris) and Lil' Bo (Wendell Neal). The group signed to
the Atlanta-based Mirror Image Records and were distributed by Ichiban Records. In 1997, Lil'
Jon & the East Side Boyz debuted with Get Crunk, Who U Wit: Da Album. It included singles
"Who U Wit?" and "Shawty Freak a Lil' Sumthin'", the latter of which came out in 1998. Both
singles charted on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at #70 and #62 respectively.[4]
Under BME Recordings, the group followed in 2000 with We Still Crunk, and scored a hit with
"I Like Dem Girlz", which reached #55 on the R&B chart and #3 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart.
Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz signed to TVT Records in 2001 and debuted there with Put Yo
Hood Up, which combined previously released tracks with new ones. The group's first nationally
played single was "Bia' Bia'", a song written about and dedicated to Lil' Jon's girlfriend at the
time. It featured rappers Ludacris, Too Short, Big Kapp, and Chyna Whyte.[2] "Bia' Bia'" peaked
at #97 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #47 on the Billboard R&B chart.[4]

In 2002, the group released Kings of Crunk. "I Don't Give A..." was its first single; it featured
Mystikal and Krayzie Bone and peaked at #50 on the R&B chart. The group's next single, a
collaboration with fellow Atlanta hip hop group Ying Yang Twins titled "Get Low", became
popular in nightclubs nationwide and reached the top ten of the Hot 100.Crunk Juice followed in
2004, led by "What U Gon' Do" featuring Lil' Scrappy. "What U Gon' Do" peaked at #22 on the
Hot 100, #13 on the R&B chart, and #5 on the rap chart; its follow-up, "Lovers & Friends"
featuring Usher and Ludacris, peaked at #3 (Hot 100), #2 (R&B), and #1 (rap). He also
graduated college at Ohio State in 1993 and then later moved back to Atlanta to perform his 1st
hit song.

Solo Career and Production

In addition to leading Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz, Lil' Jon has also produced many hit urban
singles. From 2003 to 2005, while still with The East Side Boyz, Lil' Jon produced hits like "Salt
Shaker" by Ying Yang Twins, "Yeah!" by Usher, "Freek-a-Leek" by Petey Pablo, "Shorty
Wanna Ride" by Young Buck, "Shake That Monkey" by Too Short, "Let's Go" by Trick Daddy,
and "Girlfight" by Brooke Valentine.[2] Lil' Jon entered the San Francisco Bay Area hyphy music
scene in 2006 with his collaborations with Bay Area rapper E-40: Lil' Jon produced E-40's single
"Tell Me When To Go" and had E-40 and Atlanta rapper Sean P on his own "Snap Yo Fingers".

In 2006, Lil' Jon severed his negotiation with record label TVT. He vowed never to record for
TVT Records again, alleging that TVT owner Steve Gottlieb was shortchanging him. He also
began recording a rock music album, Crunk Rock; in May 2006 he began recording in Las
Vegas, Nevada because rock band The Killers was recording its upcoming album Sam's Town

“                                                                                               ”
     After a long battle and negotiations with TVT, we worked out our differences. TVT
     cut the check and now it's time for me to get back to work.

MTV News reported in March 2008 that Crunk Rock was taking more time to complete than Lil'
Jon already planned. As part of TVT Records' 2008 bankruptcy auction, Lil' Jon withdrew his
multi-million dollar objection to the TVT sale proceedings and agreed to TVT’s transfer of his
artist agreement to The Orchard. In return, The Orchard released Lil' Jon from all future
obligations and returned the rights to the master recordings of Crunk Rock

Musical style
Jason Birchmeier of allmusic has described Lil' Jon's production as "bass-heavy" and his album
Put Yo Hood Up as having "a long and varied list of guest rappers to accompany the beats". With
the guest performers featured on that album much more than the East Side Boyz, Birchmeier
remarked: "[T]he end result is an album that resembles a street-level mixtape rather than a
traditional artist-oriented album". Alex Henderson, also of allmusic, contrasted Lil' Jon's style of
"rowdy, in-your-face, profanity-filled party music" with other Southern rappers', those who
"have a gansta/thug life agenda" and those who convey "serious sociopolitical messages". Lil'
Jon has also found influence in rock music, having worked with Rick Rubin and Korn. For Trick
Daddy's "Let's Go", Lil' Jon sampled the bass line from Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train"..

Other endeavors
Lil' Jon has his own energy drink, called CRUNK!!!, which was launched with Sidney Frank in
2002, after Frank's Grey Goose company had sponsored hip hop tours which included Lil' Jon.
When Frank died, former Kimberly-Clark executive Tom Mahlke took over as chief executive,
and during 2008 the drink took an estimated $15 million in sales.[ He launched his own line of
Oakley Sunglasses in 2004, and his own brand of wine, Little Jonathan Winery, which produces
a Merlot, a Chardonnay, and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lil' Jon and his group also worked on a series of pornography releases, with the Lil' Jon and The
East Side Boyz American Sex Series released in 2004.

In 2008, Lil' Jon was reported by Forbes to have received a total income of 11 million US

Personal life
In 2004, Lil Jon was married. Lil Jon is a fan of Atlanta Thrashers, a hockey team of the NHL
and writes a blog on the NHL website On the blog, he has stated that his son plays
hockey. Former Atlanta Thrashers goalie Kari Lehtonen once had a picture of Lil' Jon on the
back of his helmet. In April 2009, Lil Jon acquired the former cell phone number of Miley
Cyrus; despite that, he still received messages intended for Cyrus.

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Albums with the East Side Boyz:

      Get Crunk, Who U Wit: Da Album (1997)
      We Still Crunk!! (2000)
      Put Yo Hood Up (2001)
      Kings of Crunk (2002)
      Crunk Juice (2004)

Solo albums:

      Crunk Rock (2010)
Video games
     Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
     25 To Life (cameo appearance)
     Def Jam: Icon
     Need for Speed: Underground "Get Low" song is featured in this game
     Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix

     2004: Soul Plane
     2005: Boss'n Up
     2005: Hip-Hop Honeys: Las Vegas
     2006: Date Movie
     2006: Scary Movie 4
     2007: Class of 3000
     2008: Smoke and Mirrors
     2009: Pimp My Ride International
     2010: Freaknik: The Musical

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