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                                                                                       Martin Woods
                                                                                      Indigoextra Ltd
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                                                                                    8 December 2011

1   Drupal Developer freelance telecommute job

We are a busy web design & promotion company looking for a freelance Drupal web developer to
work in an ongoing role creating high quality Drupal websites. This is a telecommute / work from
home freelance job for someone with strong Drupal web development skills.
We anticipate the vacancy being full-time, but would consider candidates who are available for at
least 25 hours a week.
We are paying 120-180 Euros a day (£100-£150 GBP, $160-$240 USD) depending on skills and
experience and are open to applicants from anywhere in the world.

Essential Drupal web development skills include:

       An extensive understanding of Drupal 6.
       Experience with Drupal 7.
       Good communication skills, a team player with a creative and open approach who can
        follow a detailed brief. Someone with high standards who strives for excellence.
       Installing and configuring the Ubercart ecommerce modules in Drupal
       Reasonable CSS skills (if theming isn't your strong point, that's not a problem).
       Good understanding of HTML.
       Good PHP and MySQL.
       Great understanding of a wide range of Drupal modules for complex websites, such as e-
        commerce stores, property portals, discussion forums.
       Good knowledge of configuring permissions for interactive websites.
       Understanding of Drupal CCK (Content Construction Kit) and Views
       Basic on-site SEO skills (writing and structuring a website for search engines). Training in
        this can be provided if need be.
       Being able to accurately state how long a project will take when provided with a detailed
      Fluent English OR French (we have both English and French clients and while a bilingual
       web developer would be a bonus, we anticipate offering a telecommuting vacancy to 2
       candidates, one French and one English).
      An understanding of best practice in Drupal

NB, If your first language is French, you're welcome to write to us in French, otherwise please write
in English.

Desirable skills for the vacancy:

Having any of the following skills would be a bonus:

      Knowledge of other web design packages (including Dreamweaver, Joomla and
      Flash animation
      Custom Drupal module development
      Project Management experience (including AGILE)

We are happy to hear from candidates anywhere in the world, with a slight preference for Drupal
developers in Europe & USA (we currently have offices in UK, France, USA and a couple of
freelancers in other European countries).
We normally pay on a monthly basis and pay all invoices within 2 weeks of receipt, but are open to
an alternative arrangement if need be.
We are looking to find a freelance Drupal web designer / developer on a telecommute / work from
home basis who will become a valued member of the 1 Website Designer team.

The Telecommute Job

We (www.1websitedesigner.com) are looking for a long term working relationship with someone
where initially we will liaise with the clients and pass instructions on to you, however after we have
worked together for a relatively short period of time, we would ideally like to recruit a Drupal
Developer who would be comfortable moving into more of a Project Management role, or be
comfortable working with part of a team following the AGILE project management approach.
The nature of website design is that it is highly varied, however we would anticipate this vacancy
including a small amount of custom Drupal coding, and more work on larger projects involving
complex website configuration (e.g. community portals, property websites, etc.)
This is a telecommute / work from home opportunity, with minimal or no travel required. As a
freelance developer, you will simply need your own computer (either a PC or a Mac) and a reliable
internet connection. We have a particular development project in mind which is based in Quillan,
South France. The nearest cities are Carcassonne, Perpignan and Toulouse, so if you're a Drupal
developer in Carcassonne, Perpignan or Toulouse, then there would also be the opportunity to
work on a more face to face basis with the existing team.

Please list at least 2 Drupal websites you have designed or worked on in your application,
including your specific role in their development. If you have created bilingual websites and/or have
good SEO skills, please mention this too.
If you are French speaking, you are very welcome to apply for the job in French. We would
welcome a candidate who speaks fluent French and basic English. If English is your first language,
please apply to the Drupal web design vacancy in English.
Please email vacancy@indigoextra.com with a resume and covering letter to apply for this
freelance position.
In your covering letter, please let us know:

       The date you are available to start.
       How many years experience you have in Drupal.
       How many years experience you have in web development generally.
       At least 2 different Drupal websites you've worked on and your specific role in their
       Your current salary and how much you would be looking for per hour (please specify the
        currency, as obviously this will vary depending on if you're in the UK, Europe or USA).

We look forward to hearing from you about this telecommute web development vacancy.

Martin Woods
Indigoextra Ltd.

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