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					Skilled staff and years of experience put to                                                                           PromptSaaS Inc.
work for your company                                                                                    
Promptchat’s White Label Live Chat Servers are used by                                                      Phone UK > +44 207 193 7481
some of the biggest webshop system providers around the                                                     Phone USA >+1 (347) 709 9944

world as a means of generating extra revenue from their
existing clientele.
Add to the list online marketing agencies who purchase
the system for its real-time campaign monitoring feature
as well as a range of Google Advert agencies selling PPC
enabled live chat campaigns.

We work with your budget to insure that
your business requirements are achieved                           Professional
Every project will have different objectives.
The Promptchat pricing policy is clean and simple with no
                                                                  LIVE CHAT SYSTEMS
surprises along the way – That’s a guarantee!
                                                                  As a pioneer in live chat software development, Promptchat has
Each of our system is priced as an off the shelf solution
                                                                  introduced numerous Industry 1st concepts since 2007.
and we offer custom development and integration services
                                                                  Promptchat is unique for its White Label Live Chat Hosting Server
at a one off cost based on mutually agreed specification.
                                                                  offering any business to become a live chat service provider and
All development services are delivered on time and fully
                                                                  the Chat Centre system dedicated to Contact Centres offering
tested and debugged within the agreed timeframe.
                                                                  pay-per-chat and pay-as-you-go chat credit facilities.

Deployment and support services are part                          We support all our customers with world-class 16/7 live customer

of each project that we undertake                                 service.

Some examples here:                                               We are the sole developer and proprietor of our technology, do
     •    Webstore     provider     companies         integrate   not license any products from others, and do not outsource or
          Promptchat’s live chat system within their              offshore any of our operations.

          webshop as a premium feature.
                                                                  This enables us to provide better support and ensure the most
     •    Contact Centres integrate Promptchat’s statistics
                                                                  advanced    and    competitively-priced   products    and   services
          and billing data with their invoicing sw.
                                                                  available today.
     •    Banks integrate Promptchat’s calendar based To-
          Do Tasks and Sales Lead information with their
          CRM and/or HelpDesk system.                             OUR PRODUCTS
                                                                  AND SERVICES
                                                                  Hosted Live Chat Service for Website Owners

                                                                  Self Hosted live chat server for Corporate Websites
                                                                  Live Chat Service Hosting Server for Web designers

                                                                  Chat Centre Pay per Chat System for Call Centers

                                                                  Installation and Technical Support Services

                                                                  White label rebranding services

                                                                  Custom software feature development services
                                                                  System integration with CRM & other 3rd Party software
    YOU CAN NOW                              We provide useful advice and a unique
                                             integrated approach that can help you
                     YOUR OWN
                                             introduce live chat services to your
            BUSINESS                         customers as soon as within a week from
                                             date of installation!

                                            You host the system on your
                                            own server under your brand
                                            The Promptchat white                    PromptChat Centre
                                            label chat server allows
                                            you to manage your own:            NEW! and Industry 1st

                                             •   Chat hosting server(s).          Promptchat developed a
                                                                                  dedicated client/server
                                             •   Your own resellers and
                                                                                  system for Call Centres
                                                 customers.                       wishing to introduce a
                                             •   Set your own prices or           new revenue stream by
                                                                                  offering pay per chat
                                                 bundle   it   with    your       services to their clients.
                                                 existing product!

                                            Unparallel levels of service and quality

                                            Since Promptchat’s launch in the end of 2007, the Promptchat
                                            system served over 11 million website visitors to date (March
                                            2011). Promptchat is a truly international company with
                                            operations on the North American market, UK market as well as
                                            in Hungary, Czech Republic. R&D operations are centralized in
                                            Sofia, Bulgaria with Corporate Company Headquarters in
                                            Ontario, Canada.
                                            Call us to learn more about Promptchat on:
                                            UK Tel: +44 207 193-7481
                                            USA Tel: +1 347 709-9944
                                            Or log on to:


            Self Hosted Live Chat Server: $299 incl. installation
      Promptchat Chat Centre Version 3.0: $1,000 incl. installation.

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