Ladies_Day_at_Xpress_Lube by xiaoyounan


									Ladies Day at Xpress Lube

Because Apparently Ladies Need Extra Special Oil Changes
Becky Myers

        I have to say, when I first saw this ad at the Daytona Beach Xpress Lube was incredibly
confused. I thought that maybe the old Xpress Lube had turned into an underground night club.
This had to be a disturbed part of town the police had yet to discover. I envisioned girls dancing
on the car lifts and alcohol foaming from the hoses into industrial size glasses. (Yes I have quite
the imagination) But really, the parking lot was bare and I couldn't imagine why a company
would advertise "ladies day" and "lube" in the same sentence. It just seemed. . .inappropriate.
But apparently Ladies Day oil changes are all the rage at Xpress Lube, Jiffy Lube and even some
Toyota dealerships.

        Ladies Day with your local oil change mechanic could win you not only a mad
discounted price ($18.99 vs. $30.00), but also a free manicure or Brazilian bikini wax. (For those
ladies out there who are actually getting bikini waxes while getting your oil changed, you are
truly disturbed. Please seek help immediately).

         I must admit though, I did take part in Ladies Day at Xpress Lube, but only because I'm
thrifty. My 2001 Pontiac Grand Am was hurting for an oil change and my wallet was begging me
not to give in to the strange rattle of my engine. I finally hit up the Xpress Lube at 115 S. Nova
Rd., Daytona Beach, FL.

        While sitting in the tiny waiting area, (in which dirt was literally falling off the wall and
the coffee must have been sitting there since Britney Spears cut all her hair off), I decided to
drum up conversation with the miserable looking cashier.

Me: So, why do you have a special day for ladies?

Miserable Cashier: It's just one of the managers favorite days.

Me: Do a lot of ladies come in?

Miserable Cashier: Yes! It's one of our busiest days.

Me: So, do you also have a gentleman's day?

Entire population of waiting room: "Roaring Laughter"

Miserable Cashier: No! Hahaha

Me: What about Veteran's day? Student day?

Miserable Cashier: No. . .
        I went back to my rickety metal seat with a huff and decided the Ladies Day oil change at
the Xpress Lube or Jiffy Lube was totally sexist. I appreciate the discount, I really do, but since
when do ladies need a special day to get their oil changed? Why do only women deserve
discounts and not perhaps the poor and underprivileged members of society? Why would women
ever want a special day at dirty auto shops? Are they trying to bribe women to come in so they
can sell their $100 wipers? Whatever their motive is, it definitely reeks of sexism.

        Final conclusion: Xpress Lube and Jiffy Lube are conspiring to overturn all that progress
women folk have made in the auto industry. You know, how we now have On Star instead of
hitch hiking to the nearest gas station? Anyways, I'm thinking that maybe nail salons should start
a Gentleman's Day and see what happens. Our world could consist of men with sparkly nails and
women with awesome cars. VROOOM!

Ladies Day is every Wednesday at Xpress Lube and every Tuesday at Jiffy Lube.

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