Side Affect Of Sleeping Tablet

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Many of us feel sleeping problem. If sound sleep is not clear, tiredness feel in the
body. No work can do properly. As a result, many people apply sleeping pill for
which they addicted to sleeping pills. Except this he can not sleep. Without advice
on specialist , use of medicine , it becomes addicted. Due to awareness it is only
the case. As a result many problems create in the body. Like:

      •   Possibility of cancer.
      •   Weakness of launch
      •   Problem of in hell
      •   The body may be weak
      •   May be senseless
      •   Taste of food may be aversion
      •   Feel headache

At present many underage boys and girls take sleeping pills. Many addicted
people lose their normal life for taking sleeping pills. So, without the advice of
doctor sleeping pill should not apply.