The Pastoral Role In the Proxy System Implementation by alicejenny


									The Pastoral Role In the Proxy
System Implementation

      Church of God of Prophecy
          Pastoral Training
Education is Paramount

 In coming Assemblies, Pastors will be
    challenged in how to educate their
    Church on the process and how to
    also help their people come into a
     harmonious spirit where they can
          express their decisions.
Pastor’s Role is Paramount
 The Pastor’s role…is paramount to the
  success of this process.
 The process relies heavily on his/her
  reading and studying the issue being
 Upon release of the new study document
  the pastor will need to begin thinking of the
  process and his role in local church
 The Pastor is not to alienate or judge…but
  rather…seek to be a counselor and
A Series of Scheduled Meetings
 After the Pastor has read and studied
  the new document, he should
  schedule a series of meetings to
  dialogue about the issues.
 It is suggested that at least four
  sessions be held to successfully
  complete this task.
Session #1
 Read the document in its entirety and allow
  ONLY questions pertaining to
  understanding or clarity.
 Announce meeting in advance and
  encourage prayer for these meetings.
 At the close of the first meeting, people
  should be encouraged only to pray and to
  refrain from further discussions until after
  the second session a week later.
 We MUST allow time for the Holy Spirit to
  guide us!
Session #2
 Discussion should be invited…with
  understanding and encouragement that
  issues are to be discussed for ‘content’ only
  and not to judge one another’s views.
 Pastor…maintain a Godly order.
 Pastor…refrain from giving your own input
  until all others have expressed their
  thoughts. Then…
 Introduce a good Biblical exegesis concerning
  your views on the subject at hand.
 End of second session…Prayer…NO FINAL
Session #3
 Begin to seek for a unified expression on
  the issue.
 It may be necessary to intersperse times of
  prayer or worship to allow the Holy Spirit to
  bring unity and submission to God and one
 Sermon Topics: Biblical Submission, Holy
  Spirit leading, Prayer/Fasting, and Unity of
  the Body.
 At the end of session #3 hopefully a “one
  accord” decision can be reached…if
  not…additional sessions may be necessary.
Session #4
 Choose an ‘official representative’ who will
  attend the Assembly to be their “voice”.
 The Pastor, District Overseer, State
  Overseer, or the North American Presbyter.
 Pastor is most likely, but…if they have
  convictions that would hinder serving as
  the “voice” for the local church’s proxy,
  then another representative should be
 After the Church has made their final
  decision…Church Clerk and Pastor
  complete, verify and mail the “Proxy Pre-
  Registration Form” to the State Office.
 MUST be in the State Overseer’s office by
  March 31, 2008
 Keep in Mind: It may be necessary for a
  local church to “Abstain or Submit” if they
  cannot come into “One Accord” once at the
The Pastoral Role In the Proxy
System Implementation

      Church of God of Prophecy
          Pastoral Training

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