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									                              Naruto – Clash of Ninja

By Andrew Apodaca
© D3 Publisher of America

Table of Contents

1.0 Characters
       1.1 General Strategy
       1.2 Naruto Uzumaki
       1.3 Sasuke Uchiha
       1.4 Sakura Haruno
       1.5 Iruka Umino
       1.6 Kakashi Ha take
       1.7 Zabuza Momochi
       1.8 Haku
2.0 Secret Characters
       2.1 Rock Lee
       2.2 Kyubi Naruto
       2.3 Sharingan Kakashi
3.0 Play Modes
       3.1 Story Mode
       3.2 One Player Mode
       3.3 Player vs. Computer Mode
       3.4 Two Player Mode
       3.5 Time Attack Mode
       3.6 Survival Mode
4.0 Difficulty 4
5.0 Extras
       5.1 Extras Mode
               5.1.1 Ninja File
               5.1.2 Sound Mode
             Character Voices
       5.2 Difficulty 4
       5.3 Attack Power 4
       5.4 Secret Characters
1.0 Characters

      1.1 General Strategy
          There are ten total characters in Naruto: Clash of Ninja, seven starting
          characters and three secret characters. Each character has a unique set of
          combos and a special jutsu attack that can be used with a full chakra gauge.
          Some of these combos can be linked together for added damage. The special
          jutsu attacks are mostly unavoidable and deal great damage to the opponent.
          These special attacks can be avoided by side stepping, jumping or attacking
          the opponent at the right time. The special jutsu will go directly through a
          blocking stance. Also, the special jutsu can be combined within a combo to
          deal ultimate damage. Try pressing [B B X].

      1.2 Naruto Uzumaki
          Naruto is a balanced character that is easy to use from the very beginning. His
          charged up kunai can knock most other projectiles out of the air while
          continuing upon its path. He also has a few powerful combos. Try using this
          combo [↓ B A A B] on a falling opponent.

      1.3 Sasuke Uchiha
          Sasuke is another balanced character like Naruto, also easy to use from the
          very beginning. He is faster than Naruto, giving him a small advantage, but he
          isn’t as strong. If timed right, his “Fire Style Jutsu” can be used to add
          significant damage and nice combo hits.

      1.4 Sakura Haruno
          Sakura is very fast but very weak, making her difficult to use effectively by
          novice players. She has a few teleportation moves, and a lot of ranged moves.
          Teleporting around and using ranged attacks is a good strategy for confusing
          most any opponent and gaining the upper hand in battle. Her throw will push
          the opponent off balance, giving her a good opportunity to start a good combo.

      1.5 Iruka Umino
          Iruka is a strong character but his combos are difficult to use efficiently, good
          for anybody but recommended for intermediate players. When Iruka throws
          his gigantic shuriken, it mows down any other projectiles and continues flying.
          The shuriken can also perform damaging combos by itself.

      1.6 Kakashi Hatake
          Kakashi is another very strong character, balanced all around and good for
          everybody. His strong attacks make him easy to use for beginners; but his
          combos are difficult to link and use efficiently, making him good for more
          advanced players. He is a great character overall, but nothing too unique.
       1.7 Zabuza Momochi
           Zabuza is a powerful but slow character, providing a good challenge for
           intermediate players. His huge sword can deflect any thrown weapon,
           including the gigantic shuriken Iruka wields. Although Zabuza cannot use
           thrown weapons, his sword has a good range and is more than powerful
           enough to make up for it.

       1.8 Haku
           Haku is a mysterious character, recommended for more advanced players. He
           has really useful attacks and combos, but they are difficult to use efficiently.
           His special jutsu is very powerful and cannot be copied by Sharingan Kakashi.
           A good technique for Haku is to jump and press and hold the A Button to
           suspend his senbon in mid air. The suspended senbon will aim at the opponent
           and when the A Button is released, they will speed toward their target. This
           technique can lead to very nice and damaging combos.

2.0 Secret Characters
    There are three unlockable characters in Naruto: Clash of Ninja; Rock Lee, Kyubi
    Naruto and Sharingan Kakashi. Kyubi Naruto and Sharingan Kakashi may look like
    the originals, but they are much more powerful.

       2.1 Rock Lee
           Rock Lee is one of the most powerful characters, but he is easy to use for
           everybody. His attacks and combos are strong, but he cannot use any thrown
           weapons. His combos on the other hand, can link together to perform extreme
           combos and maximum damage. These combos take time to perfect, but can
           eliminate almost any opponent in seconds. Try linking two combos together
           and following up with his special jutsu.

       2.2 Kyubi Naruto
           This form of Naruto is more powerful and much faster than the original,
           making him useful to all players. Even though he cannot use thrown weapons
           anymore, he now has claws and much faster attacks than before. Combos are
           his specialty.

          Special Jutsu: Claw Strike Barrage
          Naruto rushes forward, slashing like mad and forcing his enemy back with
          every step. This special does massive damage, and can easily turn the tide of
          battle. Watch out though, as hitting a jumping opponent will simply cause
          them to hit the ground and be unaffected by the rest of the attack.
A Button Attacks
- A: Claw
- ↓ + A: Vanish, and then pop from the ground with a punch
- ↑ + A: Upward claw
- → + A: Lunging double claw
- ← + A: Guard/Taunt
- Running + A: Teleport
- Jumping + A: Overhead claw

B Button Attacks
- B: Lunge punch
- ↓ + B: Sweep kick
- ↑ + B: Lunging jump kick
- → + B: Lunging claw strike
- ← + B: Delayed claw strike
- Running + B: Diving body check
- Jumping + B: Diving punch

Combo list:
Combo 1 – B,B,B,B,B,B                          Combo 16 – →,B,B,B,A
Combo 2 – B,B,B,B,A                            Combo 17 – →,B,A,A
Combo 3 – B,B,B,A                              Combo 18 – ↓,B,B,B,B,B,B
Combo 4 – B,A,A,A,A
                                               Combo 19 – ↓,B,B,B,B,A
Combo 5 – B,A,B,B
Combo 6 – B,A,A,B,B,B,B                        Combo 20 – ↓,B,B,B,A
Combo 7 – B,A,A,B,A                            Combo 21 – ↓,B,A,A
Combo 8 – B,A,A,B,B,A                          Combo 22 – ↑,B,B,B,B
Combo 9 – A,A,A,A                              Combo 23 – ↑,B,B,A
Combo 10 – A,A,B,B,B,B                         Combo 24 – →,A,A,A
Combo 11 – A,A,B,B,A                           Combo 25 – →,A,B,B,B,B
Combo 12 – A,A,B,A                             Combo 26 – →,A,B,B,A
Combo 13 – A,B,B
                                               Combo 27 – →,A,B,A
Combo 14 – →,B,B,B,B,B,B
                                               Combo 28 – ↑,A,A
Combo 15 – →,B,B,B,B,A
2.3 Sharingan Kakashi
    This form of Kakashi is just as strong as the original with a few different
    moves and combos, good for everybody. The significant difference from the
    previous form is that the ability of Sharingan has been released. With
    Kakashi’s Sharingan ability, he can mimic any special jutsu and return it on
    his opponent. However, it will not work on bloodline abilities such as Haku’s
    “Crystal Ice Mirrors”.

   Special Jutsu: Lightning Blade
   Kakashi’s standard special attack is the same whether he is using Sharingan or
   not. Hold the X Button when it is used to charge the ability and make it do
   even more damage.

   Special Attack: Copy
   This is where Sharingan Kakashi differs from the normal Kakashi. If you use
   the Guard ability (Back and A) when an opponent uses his special attack,
   Kakashi will absorb the ability and then use it on the enemy instead. The only
   ability that cannot be copied and turned upon the opponent is Haku’s Crystal
   Ice Mirrors. Instead, Kakashi will simply parry Haku’s attempted attack.

   A Button Attacks
   - A: Kunai throw
   - ↓ + A: Vanish, then reach from the ground and throw the opponent
   - ↑ + A: Upward kunai throw
   - → + A: Double kunai slash
   - ← + A: Guard/Taunt
   - Running + A: Running kunai throw
   - Jumping + A: Jumping kunai throw

   B Button Attacks
   - B: Punch
   - ↓ + B: Elbow
   - ↑ + B: Jump kick
   - → + B: Double roundhouse
   - ← + B: Delayed lunging punch
   - Running + B: Side kick
   - Jumping + B: Diving elbow
           Combo list:                                     Combo 13 – →,A,B,B,B
           Combo 1 – B,B,B,B                               Combo 14 – →,A,B,A
           Combo 2 – B,B,A                                 Combo 15 – →,A,B,B,A
           Combo 3 – B,B,B,A
                                                           Combo 16 – →,A,B,B,A,A
           Combo 4 – B,B,B,A,A
           Combo 5 – B,B,B,A,B                             Combo 17 – →,A,B,B,A,B
                                                           Combo 18 –
           Combo 6 – ←,B,B,B,B
           Combo 7 – ←,B,B,B,A                             Combo 19 –
           Combo 8 – ←,B,B,B,A,A                           running,A,B,B,A
           Combo 9 – ←,B,B,B,A,B                           Combo 20 –
           Combo 10 – ↓,B,B,B                              running,A,B,B,A,A
           Combo 11 – ↓,B,B,A                              Combo 21 –
           Combo 12 – ↑,B,B                                running,A,B,B,A,B

3.0 Play Modes
    There are various play modes to go through. Training, Extras, and Options are not
    listed here.

       3.1 Story Mode
           Story Mode consists of six or seven battles. If the player can make it through
           the first six without continuing, a seventh match takes place with Rock Lee as
           the challenger. The other six fights are as follows: Match one -Iruka Umino;
           Match two – Sasuke Uchiha; Match three – Sakura Haruno; Match four –
           Kakashi Hatake; Match five – Haku; Match six – Zabuza Momochi. The
           difficulty setting is the only setting that can be used in Story Mode.
           Unfortunately, Naruto is the only available character for Story Mode.

       3.2 One Player Mode
           During One Player Mode, the player must fight all eight main characters. The
           order of each opponent is random, with exception to Haku and Zabuza being
           match seven and eight respectively. All characters are selectable in One Player
           Mode. Rock Lee, Kyubi Naruto and Sharingan Kakashi are only selectable if
           they have been unlocked. All Option settings can be used in One Player Mode.

       3.3 Player vs. Computer Mode
           In Player vs. Computer Mode, the player chooses both his/her character and
           the opponent. These battles are only one match and can consist of up to 5
           rounds. All characters are selectable in Player vs. Computer Mode. Rock Lee,
           Kyubi Naruto and Sharingan Kakashi are only selectable if they have been
           unlocked. All Option settings can be used in Player vs. Computer Mode
           except for attack power.
       3.4 Two Player Mode
           This mode is where two players can challenge each other. All characters are
           selectable. Rock Lee, Kyubi Naruto and Sharingan Kakashi are only
           selectable if they have been unlocked. All Option settings can be used in Two
           Player Mode except for attack power.

       3.5 Time Attack Mode
           Time Attack Mode is where the player fights through all eight matches as fast
           as possible. All characters are selectable for this mode. Rock Lee, Kyubi
           Naruto and Sharingan Kakashi are only selectable if they have been unlocked.
           No Option settings can be used in Time Attack Mode.

       3.6 Survival Mode
           Survival Mode is an endurance fight where the player gains a small amount of
           life back after winning a match with time remaining on the clock. The amount
           of health gained is dependant on how much time remains. Survival mode
           begins with an easy difficulty and slowly progresses to a much more difficult
           opponent. Avoid enemy attacks, and practice attacking at the most opportune
           moments. Survival Mode is the most difficult aspect of Naruto: Clash of Ninja.

4.0 Difficulty 4
    Opponents that are of Difficulty 4 are very challenging. They can link combos on the
    player as well as use special jutsu with excellent timing. The best strategy for
    surviving in Difficulty 4 is to play defense. The more the player moves from the auto
    block stance, the more likely the opponent is to land a successful attack. Learning the
    opponent’s attacks and when to attack is vital. Most any attack can be countered with
    the right timing. If the opponent is using a slower attack, use a quick attack right
    away to counter it. Another good strategy is to attack in the middle of the opponent’s
    combo. Some combo moves are slower than others, thus providing a small
    opportunity to attack. Though side stepping is important, not moving out of auto
    block stance is more important. These techniques are vital for surviving in Survival

5.0 Extras
    There are a few things to be unlocked in Naruto: Clash of Ninja. Of these are Secret
    Characters, Ninja Profiles, a Sound Player, a Gallery of Naruto Art, and a few
    different Option settings.

       5.1 Extras Mode
           The Extras option on the main menu is where the player can view all of the
           extra content. This mode is unlocked by beating One Player Mode once with
           any character
       5.1.1   Ninja File
               These are the ninja’s profiles. Information on each character is in
               these profiles. Information such as: Registered Ninja ID#, Blood
               type, hobbies, etc. A 3D model of the character can also be viewed
               along with a victory pose. Attributes, such as strength and ninjutsu,
               for each character are also displayed here. The Ninja File for each
               character can be unlocked by completing One Player Mode with
               that character.

       5.1.2   Gallery
               The Gallery is a gallery of art that is used in Naruto: Clash of Ninja.
               Each character has a few pictures in this gallery, including the
               secret characters. There are 96 pieces of art in total. Each of the 96
               squares is unlocked from choosing a character a certain number of
               times in One Player, Two Player Battle, or VS Computer. The
               squares each display a piece of art for a character when selected.
               Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura must be selected at least 11 times and
               the rest of the characters must be selected at least 9 times for all art
               to be unlocked.

       5.1.3   Sound Mode
               Sound Mode consists of a music player, where the player can enjoy
               the music from each of the areas of the game; and a sound effects
               player, where the player can listen to each of the sound effects and
               character voices. To unlock Sound Mode, complete the game with
               any character after having unlocked all the Ninja Files.

      Character Voices
                       Each character, with exception to Kyubi Naruto and
                       Sharingan Kakashi, has a Character Voice file. Every sound
                       and phrase each character says can be listened to here. The
                       sound file for the corresponding character can be unlocked
                       by beating One Player Mode after unlocking every Ninja

5.2 Difficulty 4
    Difficulty 4 is unlocked by defeating 9 opponents in a row in Survival Mode.
    This increased difficulty takes effect in VS Computer, Story, and One Player

5.3 Attack Power 4
    Attack Power 4 is unlocked by completing Time Attack Mode in less than 7
    minutes with any character. This allows the attack power to be set higher to
    cause more damage for each hit. Be careful however, because this will also
    increase the amount of damage the opponent deals as well.
5.4 Secret Characters
    Rock Lee can be unlocked by beating Story Mode without continuing and
    winning the match against him. Kyubi Naruto is unlocked after the voice file
    for every character has been unlocked. Sharingan Kakashi can be unlocked by
    beating One Player Mode with Kakashi after Kyubi Naruto has been unlocked.
    Good luck, and have fun!

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