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									   Property Investment with Vendor Finance

Vendor finance is a great scheme and it makes the things convenient and
easy for the seller as well as the buyer. This is a great deal as when you
are planning to buy some property or anything they need a big amount of
investment and sometimes it is not possible to have this much of liquid
case at once and thus this scheme of vendor finance is very helpful. The
person who is the buyer is called a purchaser and who is a seller is known
as the vendor. In this the seller that is the vendor pays the amount which
is deficient and the property remains in the name of vendor till the time the
whole amount is paid off by the purchaser.

There are some terms and conditions which will be made by the vendor
and the purchaser will have to agree to the contract and then only this can
be worked out. When the whole amount is paid back to the seller or
vendor then the property is transferred to the purchaser. Vendor finance
is a new scheme where the Vendor that is the seller will pay the money as
a loan and help the purchaser.

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