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					    Operation: Overthrow Oppression

operation: overthrow oppression

    The spaceport city of Mos Eisley has been under
totalitarian rule of Emperor Palpatine for the last two decades.
Sentient Rights have largely been ignored, especially in the
last five years. The city is under the constant and unrelenting
watch and guard of Imperial forces, and patrols of
Stormtroopers are as common as Jawas and dust storms. The
government in Mos Eisley, and more so on the entire planet of
Tatooine, is not an elective government. The planet is
overseen by a Regional Imperial Governor, who is also
responsible for the other Outer Rim Territories. The city is in
turn ruled by an Imperial Prefect, or in many cases, an
indigenous ruler allowed tenure, although they are either
intimidated by Imperial presence or are on the Empire’s
payroll. To make a severe understatement, the standard of
living on Tatooine is abominable.
                                            What hasn’t worked:
                                      What hasn’t worked:

   Citizens have, from time to time, tried to rise up and rid the
planet of these aggressors. They have had various degrees of
success, but all have ended in failure. The majority of rebels
were captured and summarily executed in the streets as an
example of the “steel will and unrelenting grasp of the Empire.
Some of the more peaceful revolutionaries have merely been
sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel or the Maw Installation. A
few of the (un)lucky ones were shipped off to Coruscant itself,
the nerve center of the Galactic Empire.
   A few notable examples of past failures are the Farmers
Rebellion of ANH -20, the Bantha Street Massacre, and the
Peaceful Objector Uprising, which resulted in ten scholars
being sent off to the Spice Mines. These and other attempts at
a Coup-de-tat have failed because of a lack of overall
communication, resources, planning, and tedious
                                                  Imperial Forces

                                          imperial Forces

Imperial Forces have fairly unlimited resources at their disposal. They have Stormtroopers specially trained for desert
warfare, biker scout troops, scout walkers, troop carrier attack walkers, TIE fighters and bombers, outstanding transport
and logistics capabilities, and at least one Imperial-class Star Destroyer capable of making heavy bombardments from the
relative safety of space. Each ISD has a complement of at least six squadrons of TIE fighters and/or bombers.
                                  Resources available to the resistance

                     Resources available to the resistance

   Even though we are seriously outgunned, we are not helpless. We have concealed the location of a squadron (12 fighters) each
of X-wings, A-wings, and gaggle of hybrid fighters made from the wings of a TIE fighter and the fuselage of an X-wing. We have
1 Lambda-class Imperial shuttle, and two Corellian Corvettes can be dispatched to us by the Rebel Alliance upon request.
                            Resources available to the resistance

                Resources available to the resistance

   For dealing with threats on the ground, we have organized a squadron of Incom airspeeders and T-16 Skyhoppers.
Each squadron has a full compliment of ground crew as well. We have also secured a number of old Trade Federation
battle tanks. These are equipped with repulsorlift technology, and have an armament consisting of nine military-grade
heavy blaster cannon. The controls have been altered to be more accomodating to a sentient, as the original pilots were
‘droids. We also have three divisions of militia at our disposal. All troops are armed with blaster weapons and have
been trained by Rebel Alliance personnel in the art of desert and urban warfare. No one knows this planet and, more
specifically, this city than our own people. We will use Mos Eisley itself against the Imperials however we can.
                                   The Invisible Spaceship
                               The invisible spaceship

   This is the Piece De’ Resistance. Three of our operatives stole plans for a cloaking device from an
Imperial intelligence facility in the Corporate Sector. We have installed this into our “liberated” Imperial
Lambda-class shuttle. Final tests are being run as we speak, but if successful, this will give our forces the
ability to drop strike teams anywhere we choose with no chance of being detected until the shooting starts.
This new technology will also allow the safe transfer of high-level staff to and from this star system. We can
move right under the Imperials noses using their own technology against them. It doesn’t get any better than

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