Dubai Desert Safari Tours & Packages

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					• For those of us who like to start off the day
  with the cool breeze of the morning desert
  winds, a morning desert safari in Dubai is
  best suited for you.
• The Evening desert safari tour in Dubai is for
  those who love to absorb the entertainment
  and the desert activities as it simply gives
  them a lot more time to move about; take in,
  absorb; and be a part of the desert. This
  spectacular desert safari tour covers a lot
  more compared to the morning desert safari
  tour; and gives visitors a chance to spend an
  entertaining evening with family and friends
  while enjoying the sights and sounds of the
  desert landscape.

Description: Dubai Desert Safari Tour offers exclusive desert safari packages. Plan and book our Dubai city & Dhow Cruises packages to enjoy the thrilling city view and awesome cruise rides in Dubai night.