Make your DVD copying jobs easier and faster with Microboards Duplicator

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					Make your DVD copying jobs easier and faster with Microboards Duplicator

DVD production and copying are among the trends in business for many years now. This is why many
entrepreneurs are entering this endeavor to cater the increasing demand in the market. CD and DVD have
been useful not only in the music industry, but have extended its application even in medicine, movies,
photography, and more.

Due to this, innovations of more complex machines and supplies are introduced to improve the domain.
When it comes to DVD copying, manufacturers have brought several devices to fit the high demand of
production. Whether you are requiring it for your personal or business use, or for small to large
fabrication, you will find gamut of brands and models, where you can choose the one that fits your

When you need 1-to-1 duplicator for recording some discs or you need it for high volume, Microboards
Duplicator provides the right solution for your media burning needs. This highly innovative device can
fit your production of hundreds of discs in a single day. It comes in varieties of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 recorder
configurations that have CD+G support.

Some models of this device are also designed with a hard drive that permits you to store multiple data for
easier retrieval and copying purposes. This tower duplicator has an easy-to-use button interface that
allows faster operation even if you are just a beginner. This device is suited for any media production
including professional video and audio duplication.

They are also valuable for backup needs, and production of multiple copies of discs. They are available
in 24 x and 48 x, which are even quicker than the computer disc drive speed. It allows you to run your
master disc on top and easily copy the content on the rest of the drives and let it do the burning.

To make a perfect pair in your disc copying, Microboards DVD is a reliable DVD that works in a speed
of up to 16 x and can store data up to 4.7 GB. This DVD comes in white inkjet surface that permits a
sophisticated color printing and Shiny Silver color for thermal printing.

After recording, you need a good packaging for your disc to protect its content as well as its surface. A
Half Size DVD Case is an ideal storage for your media that has a standard size of a DVD and CD. It has
almost half the length of a standard DVD case so they don’t take a lot of space in your shelf or cabinet.
The inner part has push-button hubs and has a clear insert sleeve where you can easily insert your cover.

Today you can find range of DVD cases available including CD jewel cases, double CD/DVD jewel
cases, triple CD/DVD jewel case and more where you can conveniently use for your media production.
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Description: In the media industry, the introduction of a more complex and high technology media and machines has brought significant improvement in this arena. They serve bigger industries, and have been used in different applications that made them very useful in the modern times.