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					InvestIng In
WIsconsIn’s future
A growth AgendA AccountAbility report, 2011-12
    status At-A-glance
    core strategy 1: Prepare students                               3.5 years of the program, 3,093 students completed 223
     uw-platteville seniors participated in service                 service learning projects with 347 community partners.
     learning, internship, and senior/capstone experiences
     above the national average. uw-platteville has also           core strategy 5: resources
     rapidly increased the diversity of its undergraduate           From 2008 to 2010, total grant monies requested more
     population, increasing 138% between fall 2004 and fall         than doubled; 2008-09 saw $2.11 million in successfully
     2011 in enrollments of students of color.                      funded grants, increasing to $3.38 million in 2010-11.
                                                                    uw-platteville is also growing the university’s financial
    core strategy 2: More graduates                                 resources by offering classes in a 2-week period
     enrollments at uw-platteville have increased by 21%            between the fall and spring terms when facilities would
     over the past five years. in the same time period, degrees     otherwise be vacant. in the 2011 winterim session, 536
     conferred have increased by 25%, totaling 1,348 degrees        students enrolled producing 1,391 student credit hours.
     conferred in 2010-11. enrollments in uw-platteville’s
     distance education programs continue to grow,                 core strategy 6:
     increasing by 66% over the last five years. three new         operational excellence
     online graduate programs will be launched in 2012.             uw-platteville is updating its pioneer Administrative
                                                                    Software System (a peopleSoft system), which will greatly
    core strategy 3: Well-Paying Jobs                               increase functional capacity, reduce inefficiencies, and
     uw-platteville conferred 588 SteM degrees in 2010-11,          offer more flexibility to students. in fall 2011, uw-platteville
     an increase of nearly 27% compared to five years ago. in       began a multi-phase data warehousing and “business
     addition, uw-platteville stands out as a national cost-        intelligence” project to integrate multiple campus data
     effective leader in engineering education. uw-platteville      sources and better enable informed decisions.
     has launched its center for new Ventures, which is focused
     on assisting the university in entrepreneurial development.   core strategy 7: collaborations
                                                                    uw-platteville has 8 collaborative degree programs and
    core strategy 4:                                                is the site of the only confucius institute in wisconsin. the
    stronger communities                                            institute provided 49 chinese language classes and activities,
     the pioneer Academic center for community                      with participation of nearly 800 students and community
     engagement at uw-platteville has energized the                 members of all ages from the region and the state.
     development of student engagement projects. in the first

  C ore Strategy 1

  Prepare students
  ensure that students are prepared with the integrative learning skills, multicultural
  competencies, and practical knowledge needed to succeed in and contribute to a rapidly
  changing, increasingly global society.

	 UW-Platteville’s	Progress		                                                                    	 additional	UW-Platteville	indicators
  on	UW	system	indicators                                                                          marketability	of	a	UW-Platteville	degree
  uw-platteville prepares students for a global society through
  a variety of experiences, both as part of the curriculum and                                                                                                UW	system	
                                                                                                                       Pioneer	career	network
                                                                                                    academic	                                                 consortium
  outside of the classroom. Among these experiences are the                                                                                                                           total
  high	impact	practices in the table below. Student participation                                                      Positions          %	of	total            Positions

  in these activities has been shown to contribute to gains                                           2007-08               2,249             32%                  4,710              6,959
  in critical	 thinking, one of the fundamental outcomes of                                           2008-09               1,405             35%                  2,646              4,051
                                                                                                      2009-10               1,148             27%                  3,109              4,257
  learning, as well as to gains in practical skills and in personal
                                                                                                      2010-11               2,079             33%                  4,304              6,383
  and social development.
                                                                                                   *dates run 9/1 to 8/30

                                 UW-Platteville                       national master’s
                                                                                                   uw-platteville graduates are particularly marketable and in
   High	impact	Practices:	First-year	students
   learning communities                 8%                               19%*             17%*     demand by employers. in 2010-11, total positions available to
   Service learning                    33%                               37%*             38%*     uw-platteville graduates have nearly returned to pre-recession
   High	impact	Practices:	seniors                                                                  levels. Further, fully one-third of available positions are posted
   research with faculty               18%                                19%              17%     directly to the uw-platteville Pioneer	career	network, indicating
   Service learning                    53%                               46%*              50%
                                                                                                   a demand specifically for uw-platteville graduates.
   internship                          57%                               48%*             46%*
   Senior experience                   34%                               29%*             29%*   	 increased	diversity	in	the	enrollment	Process
   critical	thinking:	seniors
                                                                                                                                Undergraduate	students
   thinking critically                 82%                               86%*             87%*
                                                                                                                                            students	of	
   Application of theories             77%                               81%*             82%*                                                                        White            total*
                                                                                                    term                                       color
   Analyzing ideas                     81%                               86%*             86%*
                                                                                                                                             #       %             #          %           #
  *Significant differences from the uw-platteville percentage at the 0.05 level.
                                                                                                    Fall 2004                               185     3%           5,339       95%        5,622
  note: All participating national and master’s-level public colleges and universities.
  Source: 2011 national Survey of Student engagement.
                                                                                                    Fall 2005                               186     3%           5,506       94%        5,840
                                                                                                    Fall 2006                               247     4%           5,733       94%        6,133
                                                                                                    Fall 2007                               282     4%           5,978       93%        6,414
• study	 abroad, international exchange programs, and short-                                        Fall 2008                               328     5%           6,124       93%        6,612
  term, faculty-led international study courses help students                                       Fall 2009                               372     5%           6,427       92%        6,971
  gain a basic understanding of, respect for, and appreciation                                      Fall 2010                               394     5%           6,699       92%        7,232
                                                                                                    Fall 2011                               440     6%           6,875       92%        7,460
  of cultural differences. of uw-platteville graduates in 2010-11,
                                                                                                    Average Annual change
  4.1% studied abroad, an increase from 3.8% in 2009-10 and an                                                                              39                    226                    268
                                                                                                    over time
  increase from 2.6% five years previously.                                                         percentage change
                                                                                                                                          138%                    29%                    33%
                                                                                                    between Fall 10 and Fall 04
                                                                                                   *total includes students of color, white students, race unknown, and international students.

                                                                                                 • uw-platteville continues to progress in its strategic goal of
                                                                                                   increasing diversity in student enrollments. From fall 2004 to fall
                                                                                                   2011, enrollments of students of color have increased by 138% (an
                                                                                                   average annual increase of 39 new students of color per year).

      Core Strategy 2

      More graduates
      increase the number of wisconsin graduates and expand educational opportunities
      through improving access and increasing retention and graduation rates.

    	 UW-Platteville’s	Progress		                                                                      • degrees	 conferred at uw-platteville in 2010-11 totaled 1,348
      on	UW	system	indicators                                                                            an increase of 25.2% over five years earlier. uw-platteville
                                                                                                         conferred 1,139 undergraduate degrees in 2010-11, exceeding
      providing access for new students and increasing their rates
                                                                                                         the More graduates plan of 992.
      of success are key to producing more degree holders. the
      More graduates initiative includes specific enrollment plans
      for uw-platteville.
                                                                                                       	 additional	UW-Platteville	indicators
                          UW-Platteville	total	Headcount	enrollment
                                                                                                         First	 year	 experience.	 uw-platteville maintains a dedicated office
       Fall	semester		                            2006        20010       2011
       students	enrolled                        #      %    #       %   #       %                        of First year experience (Fye); the office is tasked with increasing
       African American                       139     2%  202      3% 184      2%                        student success and retention through high impact, research based
       American indian                         22     0%   26      0%  18      0%
       Southeast Asian                         25     0%   41      1%  51      1%                        practices. programs address both academic and life skills, and include
       other Asian American                    48     1%   41      1%  42      1%                        intro-to-college courses, which have resulted in a first-to-second
       hawaiian/pacific is.*                               10      0%  10      0%
                                                                                                         year retention rate that is over 10% higher than students who did not
       hispanic/latino(a)                      66      1% 124      2% 143      2%
       two or More races*                                  52      1%  88      1%                        take an intro-to-college course in their first year at uw-platteville.
       white                                 6,255 92% 7,217 91% 7,455 90%
       unknown                                204      3% 103      1%  91      1%                        Fye launched its first summer bridge program in August 2011.
       international                           54      1% 112      1% 180      2%                        nineteen students participated who were at-risk for attrition based
       urM1                                   252      4% 433      5% 464      6%
                                                                                                         on lower Act scores. After one term, compared to students with
       transfer Students                      328         396         376
       total headcount                            6,813       7,928       8,262                          similar Act scores, bridge program participants showed significant
       More graduates plan                                    7,845       7,971                          gains in gpA, retention, and credits earned. through a successfully
        underrepresented minority (urM) students include all who indicate African American,
                                                                                                         funded grant from great lakes higher education, the 2012 bridge
      American indian, hispanic/latino(a), or Southeast Asian alone or in combination with other
      races/ethnicities.                                                                                 program will be expanded to accommodate 50 at risk students.
      *new race/ethnicity categories were implemented in 2008.
                                                                                                         distance	education.
    • success	and	progress	rates in the chart below show the percent
                                                                                                             distance	education        2005-06       2009-10       2010-11
      of students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree, or are still
                                                                                                              course offerings            196           259           265
      enrolled, within four and six years of entering uw-platteville.
                                                                                                                 enrollments             2,312         3,562         3,844
                                                                                                         uw-platteville’s distance education programs continue to grow
      SucceSS And progreSS rAte For                                                                      each year, serving mainly non-traditional and place-bound
      uw-plAtteVille, FAll 2005 cohort                                                                   students. over 3,800 registrations were processed for students
                      First time Full-time Students                                                      studying at a distance through various formats (online, streaming
      4 years later                                            84%               graduated from
                                                                                                         video, webex, print-based, and itV). All online programs were
      6 years later                                           81%                graduated at            recognized by geteducated.com as a “quality best buy”. the
                                                                                 Another institution
                                                                                                         online programs were also recognized with the platinum award
                                                                                 Still enrolled at
                      Full-time transfer Students                                uw-platteville          as best School for online education by corporate report
      4 years later                                           82%                Still enrolled at       wisconsin. three new online graduate programs will be launched
                                                                                 Another institution
      6 years later                                        78%                                           in 2012 (distance education leadership, integrated Supply chain
      Source: Voluntary System of Accountability, college portrait (www.collegeportraits.org)
                                                                                                         Management, and organizational change leadership).
                      0       20      40        60       80       100

 C ore Strategy 2

 More graduates
 Closing the Achievement Gap
 reduce the Achievement gap by half by 2015 among underrepresented minorities, lower
 income students, and for all races/ethnicities.

	 retention	and	gradUation	rates                                                                        	 statUs	oF	tHe	acHievement	gaP
 each uw institution has the goal of raising retention and graduation                                    the uw System has the goal of reducing the Achievement
 rates for all students, and closing the achievement gap among                                           gap by half compared to the baseline cohorts (1998 to 2000
 underrepresented minorities (urM) and lower income students.                                            combined) among underrepresented minorities (urM) and
 improving the success rate of all student groups is important to the                                    lower income students, and for all races/ethnicities by 2015.
 plans of the More graduates initiative.
              UW-Platteville	new	Freshmen	entering	Full	time		
                                                                                                         cloSing the AchieVeMent gAp in
             2nd	year	retention	rate	at	institution	Where	started                                        retention rAteS At uw-plAtteVille
                                   2000	Fall	cohort      2010	Fall	cohort
                                      #          %          #         %                                                                                                          gap: 16%
     African American                 7           *        33        52%                                                                                                         2015 goal: 8%
     American indian                  1           *         2         *
     Southeast Asian                  1           *         7        86%                                                                                                         gap: 19%
     other Asian American            10         80%         6         *                                  Fall 2010                                                               Status: in progress
     hawaiian/pacific is.1                                  2         *
     hispanic/latino(a)               7         86%        26        54%                                                                                                         gap: 0%
     two or More races1                                    22        55%                                 baseline
                                                                                                                                                                                 2015 goal: 0%
     white                          924         75%      1,428       75%
     unknown                         1            *         1         *                                                                                                          gap: 2%
     international                   7          86%         7       100%                                 Fall 2010                                                               Status: in progress
     urM   2
                                     16         75%        85        56%
     pell recipients                190         73%       550        73%
     total new Freshmen             958         75%      1,534       74%                                              10%        20%     30%   40%     50%      60%      70%   80%
     More graduates plan                                             74%                                             urM          non-urM       pell         non-pell
  new race/ethnicity categories were implemented in 2008.
  underrepresented minority (urM) students include all who indicate African American,
 American indian, hispanic/latino(a), or Southeast Asian alone or in combination with other
                                                                                                         cloSing the AchieVeMent gAp in
 *Five or fewer students were retained or graduated.                                                     grAduAtion rAteS At uw-plAtteVille

 Accomplishing the More graduates initiative means increasing                                                                                                                    gap: 33%
                                                                                                                                                                                 2015 goal: 16%
 graduation rates for students of all races/ethnicities.
             UW-Platteville	new	Freshmen	entering	Full	time                                              Fall 2005
                                                                                                                                                                                 gap: 21%
            6	year	graduation	rate	at	institution	Where	started                                                                                                                  Status: in progress

                                    2000	Fall	cohort 2005	Fall	cohort
                                                                                                                                                                                 gap: 1%
                                        #         %         #    %                                       baseline
                                                                                                                                                                                 2015 goal: 0%
     African American                  7          *        15    *
     American indian                   1          *         5    *
                                                                                                                                                                                 gap: 11%
     Southeast Asian                    1         *         9    *                                       Fall 2005                                                               Status: in progress
     other Asian American              10         *         6    *
     hispanic/latino(a)                 7         *         9    *
     white                            924       49%      1,152  54%                                                        10%         20%     30%      40%             50%    60%
     unknown                            1         *        20   35%
     international                      7         *         2     *                                                  urM          non-urM       pell         non-pell
     urM  1
                                       16         *        38   32%
     pell recipients                  190       42%       266   44%
     total new Freshmen               958       48%      1,218  52%
     More graduates plan                                        55%
  underrepresented minority (urM) students include all who indicate African American, American
 indian, hispanic/latino(a), or Southeast Asian alone or in combination with other races/ethnicities.
 *Five or fewer students were retained or graduated.

      Core Strategy 3

      Well-Paying Jobs
      increase the creation of well-paying jobs by expanding the university research enterprise
      while linking academic programs to entrepreneurship and business development.

    	 UW-Platteville’s	Progress		                                            pioneer Farm: the center has connected a series of
      on	UW	system	indicators                                                evolutionary research concepts with agricultural programming
                                                                             to expand approaches to production agriculture, water use
      part of uw-platteville’s mission is to create new knowledge
                                                                             evaluation, and economically sustainable farms.
      and prepare students to use that knowledge in the workforce.
                                                                             national center for Forensic Science: integrates high
    • research leads to the development of new industries and
                                                                             level research, technology and student learning to produce
      creates well-paying jobs in wisconsin. Federal and privately
                                                                             sophisticated practitioners in the forensic science field.
      funded research expenditures at uw-platteville were $204,000
      in fiscal year 2011 (Fy11), up from $157,000 in Fy10.                  innovation center and research park: the exploration of
                                                                             a state of the art center for applied research, technology
    • degrees	 in	 high-need	 and	 leading-edge	 fields are important
                                                                             transfer, and entrepreneurship. the park’s feasibility study is
      to meet the demand for workers in fast-growing occupations,
                                                                             being funded through a series of grants and partnership funds.
      such as in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
      (SteM). in 2010-11, uw-platteville conferred 588 SteM                  leadership	in	engineering. between July 1, 2009 and June 30,
      degrees, up from 462 five years ago.                                   2010, uw-platteville produced the highest number of engineering
                                                                             graduates among similarly sized, comprehensive public
    • uw-platteville’s graduates contribute	 to	 Wisconsin’s	 economy	
                                                                             institutions throughout the nation (source: Fall 2010 ipedS).
      through higher levels of discretionary spending and by paying
                                                                             in that time period, uw-platteville conferred 222 engineering
      higher taxes. the difference in earnings between college and
                                                                             degrees, which is over 50% more than the second largest
      high school graduates is $21,000 on average. overall, 69% of uw-
                                                                             provider of engineering graduates among uS public, master’s
      platteville graduates remained in the state, with 21% living in the
                                                                             level institutions with a student population of 9,999 or less.
      Southwest region. three-quarters (75%) of wisconsin residents
      who graduated from uw-platteville remained in the state.               compared to similarly sized, private non-profit, comprehensives,
                                                                             uw-platteville’s total in-state cost of attendance (tuition, room,
                                                                             and board) was on average two-thirds less (based on 2010-
       additional	UW-Platteville	indicators
                                                                             11 full time undergraduate students for a full academic year;
      the	 center	 for	 new	 ventures. the center connects the               source ipedS).
      significant expertise of uw-platteville faculty, staff, and students
      by fostering innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship that          in engineering education, with job outlooks that are both high
      builds on the university’s assets. by engaging all of uw-              paying and high growth, uw-platteville stands out nationally as
      platteville’s applied research efforts, the center’s primary           a cost effective leader among comprehensive universities.
      mission is to facilitate faculty innovation with business and
      industry, encouraging strategic investment and fostering
      emerging technologies. the center’s recent projects include:

  C ore Strategy 4

  stronger communities
  in partnership with communities, address wisconsin’s greatest challenges and priorities
  through intensified engagement, research, and learning.

	 UW-Platteville’s	Progress		                                                                    in the first three and a half years of the program, 3,093 students
  on	UW	system	indicators                                                                        completed 223 service learning pAcce projects with 347
  uw-platteville has a positive impact on communities both by                                    community partners (some projects included multiple community
  cultivating civic participation in students and through a variety of                           partners). A point to note is that these numbers only include
  engagement efforts developed in partnership with communities.                                  students who had a budget need to complete their service
                                                                                                 learning project. Many more students complete service learning
• encouraging students’ civic	 participation yields immediate                                    who do not have a budget need.
  benefits to communities while students are enrolled and builds a
  foundation for lifelong civic involvement of graduates.                                                                                             community	
                                                                                                  time	Period     Projects   students   $$	approved
                                                       UW-                                       Fall 08            18         201         36,564         18
     Participation	by	seniors,	2011                             national master’s                Spring 09          43         674         95,069         50
                                                                                                 Fall 09            34         398         91,444         61
   community service
                                                        62%              58%              55%*   Spring 10          33         473        115,053         44
   or volunteer work
   community-based course project                                                                Fall 10            27         379         67,985         47
                                                        53%             46%*              50%
   or service learning project                                                                   Spring 11          37         597        148,327         80
   Voting in local, state,                                                                       Fall 11            31         371        103,986         47
                                                        26%             33%*              35%*
   or national elections
                                                                                                 3 ½ year total     223       3,093       658,428         347
  * Significant differences from the uw-platteville percentage at the 0.05 level.
  note: All participating national and master’s-level public colleges and universities.          the	PK-16	Partnerships sole purpose is to recruit and retain
  Source: 2011 national Survey of Student engagement.
                                                                                                 the underrepresented student population within teacher
                                                                                                 education. this population includes, but is not limited to,
• one of many ways uw-platteville is active in community	outreach	                               students of color, women in the SteM (Science, technology,
  and	engagement	is by offering non-credit courses for professional                              engineering & Math) areas, and men in elementary education.
  development and personal enrichment. in fiscal year 2011, the
  total of non-credit continuing education course enrollments for                                the pK-16 recruiter/retention Specialist for the uw-
  uw-platteville was 7,658.                                                                      platteville’s School of education is focusing efforts on the
                                                                                                 recruitment of students of color for the teacher education
                                                                                                 program through extensive collaboration with several school
	 additional	UW-Platteville	indicators                                                           districts throughout wisconsin, illinois, and texas. through
	 community	engagement.                                                                          collaborative efforts between uw System, dpi, and uw-
                                                                                                 platteville faculty, a mentoring program for students of color
  the	 Pioneer	 academic	 center	 for	 community	 engagement	
                                                                                                 desiring a career in teacher education is in the preliminary
  (Pacce) began in September 2008. its mission is to nurture an
                                                                                                 stages of development. the goal is to have this in place
  environment of community-based Scholarship of engagement.
                                                                                                 within the next few years. uw-platteville is growing by leaps
  Funding for student engagement projects comes from student
                                                                                                 and bounds, and along with the continuing efforts of the pK-
  differential tuition approved by students. All projects must be
                                                                                                 16 partnership, the underrepresented teacher education
  for academic credit, include student(s), faculty, and community
                                                                                                 population will thrive.
  partners, and involve significant interaction between students
  and the community partner. Funded projects also require
  dissemination, reflection, and student learning outcomes.

             Core Strategy 5

             balance, diversify, and grow the university’s financial resources and facilities while
             developing its human talent.

         	 UW-Platteville’s	Progress		                                                     	 additional	UW-Platteville	indicators
           on	UW	system	indicators                                                          Winterim provides a means by which uw-platteville utilizes its
             the resources of people, money, and facilities are what                        resources in a more efficient and effective manner. by offering
             enable uw-platteville to fulfill its mission to students and the               classes in a two-week period in January when classrooms and
             people of wisconsin.                                                           residence halls would otherwise be vacant, winterim offers
                                                                                            students an opportunity to earn credits toward their degree while
         • diversity	of	faculty	and	staff is an indicator of uw-platteville’s
                                                                                            generating additional revenue for the campus. winterim enrollments
           efforts to develop its human resources. Faculty and staff
                                                                                            have grown since its inception in January 2000. between 2011 and
           diversity provides richer exchanges of ideas in the classroom,
                                                                                            2010, student credit hours (Schs) in the winterim session grew 6%.
           broader lines of inquiry in research, and a more welcoming
                                                                                            Since 2005, Schs in the winterim session have grown by 22%.
           climate for students from underrepresented groups. in fall
           2011, 9.5% of uw-platteville faculty and staff were of color, or                      year           courses	offered                students                   scHs
           89 out of 941 employees.                                                              2005                  32                         436                     1,137
                                                                                                 2006                  25                         390                     1,034
             uw-plAtteVille FAculty And StAFF oF                                                 2007                  28                         464                     1,191
                                                                                                 2008                  34                         472                     1,228
             color by eMployMent cAtegory, FAll 2011                                             2009                  33                         484                     1,240
    18         17.3%                                                                             2010                  35                         482                     1,311
                                                                                                 2011                  39                         536                     1,391
    15                                                                                           2012                 38*
                                                                                            *data are preliminary; final offerings dependent upon enrollment in each class.
                                      9.8%                                         9.5%
                                                                                            grant	Writing	activity. uw-platteville’s mission includes an expectation
     9                                             7.6%
                                                                                            of “scholarly activity, including applied research, scholarship, and
     6                     5.6%                                                             creative endeavor” that supports its degree programs and special
                                                              3.6%                          mission. grant writing provides a means through which faculty and
     3                                                                                      staff may pursue financial resources to assist them in their scholarly
                                                                                            activity. it is anticipated grant writing activity will increase significantly
     0        Faculty      iAS      non-iAS      Admin.     classified grad Asst   total
                                                                                            in the coming years with the additional emphasis being placed on
               African American              American indian                                external funds. in recent years, individual proposals in the amount of
               Asian American                hispanic/latino(a)                             $100,000 or more have constituted a much higher proportion of our
             iAS=instructional Academic Staff                                               total requests. between 2008-09 and 2010-11, total funded dollars have
                                                                                            increased from $2.11 to $3.38 million.
         • uw-platteville relies on	 revenue from a variety of sources to
           fulfill its mission. revenue from all sources increased from $79                                                                         2008-09 2009-10 2010-11
                                                                                             total requested (in millions)                           $6.88   $15.03 $15.27
           million in fiscal year 2006 (Fy06) to $103 million in Fy11. revenue
                                                                                             total Funded (in millions)                              $2.11    $2.99  $3.38
           from gifts, grants, and contracts increased from 8% of revenue                    proposals Submitted                                      81       77     72
           total in Fy06 to 13% in Fy11.                                                     proposals Funded                                         43       41     48
                                                                                             proposals pending                                         1       16      9

  C ore Strategy 6

  operational excellence
  Advance operational excellence by becoming more flexible, responsive, and cost efficient.

	 UW-Platteville’s	Progress		                                                	 additional	UW-Platteville	indicators
  on	UW	system	indicators                                                      operational	efficiencies	&	technology	enhancement	2011
  uw-platteville makes efficient use of its human, financial, and
                                                                  • Updated	 student	 information	 system.	 uw-platteville is in
  physical resources in a variety of ways.
                                                                    the process of updating its pioneer Administrative Software
• by encouraging progress toward degree completion, uw-             System (“pASS”) to incorporate the university’s distance
  platteville helps ensure efficient use of students’ personal      learning programs and to offer more flexibility to users. the
  and financial resources and provides space for new students.      implementation will reduce the inefficiencies associated with
  credits	taken	prior	to	graduation, an indicator of educational    maintaining separate administration systems for distance
  resources used by uw-platteville students, are currently below    learning and on-campus programs. in addition, the updated
  the levels in 1993-94, when the goal to reduce credits to the     system will feature enhanced functionality that will enable
  bachelor’s degree was adopted.                                    faculty, staff, and administrators to be more responsive to
                                                                    student needs and offer additional flexibility to students
  AVerAge creditS tAKen by uw-plAtteVille                           through improved self-service admissions, financial aid, and
  bAchelor’S degree recipientS                                      registration modules.

  155 -                                                                      • data	 Warehousing	 and	 “Business	 intelligence.” uw-
            151                                                                platteville is embarking on a multi-phase data warehousing
 150 -                                                                         and “business intelligence” project to integrate multiple
                    146      146                                               campus data sources and improve uw-platteville’s ability to
 145 -
                                               143      143                    make data informed decisions. the project will enable uw-
                                                                               platteville to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of
 140 -
                                                                               campus programs. project goals include mining data to better
                                                                               understand causes and predictors of student withdrawal and
 135 -
                                                                               identify at-risk students to improve retention and developing
                                                                               tools to improve campus space allocation and to tailor course
 130 -
                                                                               offerings to match student needs.

           93/94    01/02   03/04    05/06    07/08    09/10    10/11        • renewable	 energy	 solutions. uw-platteville is examining
                                                                               options for renewable energy projects that would enable the
• Keeping administrative	 spending low allows uw platteville to                university to leverage some of its own resources to produce
  concentrate resources on instruction and other student-related               electricity for the campus. these projects would reduce
  activities. Administrative spending at uw-platteville was 32% of the         utility costs and enable the university to operate in a more
  national average in Fy09, the most recent year of available national         environmentally-friendly way.
  data. this means uw-platteville spent $12 million less on institutional
  support than it would have by spending at the national average.
• reducing energy	 usage is a goal for uw-platteville and all state
  agencies. At uw-platteville, energy usage in fiscal year 2010 (Fy10) was
  6.5% below the amount in Fy05, the baseline year for state agencies.

       Core Strategy 7

       Further leverage uw System’s strengths and impact through collaborations among the
       campuses and with other wisconsin partners.

     	 UW-Platteville’s	Progress		                                            	 the	 confucius	 institute	 (ci) at uw-platteville is the only
       on	UW	system	indicators                                                  institute in wisconsin and one of 70 in the united States, among
                                                                                353 worldwide. the uw-platteville ci has done tremendous
       uw-platteville’s collaborations and partnerships with other uw
                                                                                work in the state of wisconsin in 2011. we offered over 100
       institutions, other education sectors, businesses, community
                                                                                programs-chinese language classes, cultural events, culture
       organizations, and governmental agencies allow it to have greater
                                                                                workshops and classes, and School culture programs-with
       impact than by acting alone.
                                                                                6,000 enrollments and attendees.
     • uw-platteville increases student access through collaborative	
                                                                                • the institute provided 49 chinese language classes and
       degree	 programs, which are offered at multiple locations,
                                                                                  activities, with participation of nearly 800 students and
       integrate courses from different institutions, or both. uw-
                                                                                  community members of all ages from the region and the
       platteville is a partner in eight of these formal arrangements,
       listed below.
                                                                                • For the first time, the institute and uw-Madison collaborated
          collaborative	degree	Program            Partner	institutions            to sponsor a professional development workshop for
        dual degree - bS in physics, bS in
                                           uw-la crosse                           chinese language teachers and pre-professional students.
        MS in technical and professional                                          the workshop featured presentations by a number of
        communication                                                             distinguished scholars in the fields of chinese linguistics and
        dual degree - bS in biology,
                                           clark university (dubuque, iA)         language arts.
        doctor of physical therapy
                                           darmstadt (germany),                 education	abroad	at	UW-Platteville includes partnerships with
        MS in computer Science
                                           townsville (Australia)
        dual degree - bS in physics,       Mil, carroll university
                                                                                14 universities in 12 countries, aimed at providing international
        bS in engineering                  (waukesha, wi)                       education experiences for undergraduate students. in addition,
        bS in Mechanical engineering       uw colleges-Fox Valley, rock co.     the education Abroad office has cooperating agreements with
        bS in electrical engineering       uw colleges-Fox Valley, rock co.
                                                                                six uw campuses as well as a variety of consortium programs
                                           uw colleges-baraboo, barron
                                           co., Fond du lac, Manitowoc,         to provide a broad range of education abroad opportunities to
                                           Marathon co., Marinette,             its students. the education Abroad office also serves students
        bS in engineering
                                           Marshfield, richland,
                                           Sheboygan, washington co.,           from all uw System 4- and 2-year institutions in its institute
                                           waukesha                             for Study Abroad programs in six locations worldwide. uw-
                                                                                platteville is an active participant in the hessen-wisconsin and
                                                                                consortium for north American higher education collaboration
     	 additional	UW-Platteville	indicators                                     (conAhec) exchange programs sponsored by uw System.
     • the	 nanotechnology	 center	 for	 collaborative	 research	 and	 	 Highway	 technician	 certification	 Program, in collaboration
       development	(nccrd) collaborates with other uw campuses           with the wisconsin department of transportation, trains
       and several research institutions and industrial partners         and certifies highway technicians. From 2002 to 2006, 5,613
       around the world. its mission is to perform basic and applied     certifications were awarded. in the last 5 year period, 7,046
       r&d that engages students and other faculty, and fosters their    were awarded, a 26% increase.
       entrepreneurial inclinations and independent investigation.
       efforts have resulted in multiple patent disclosures and the
       startup of two platteville-based companies

uw-platteville continues to be the fastest-growing uw System institution. over the
last 10 years, enrollment has grown by 46%. in fall 2010, 7,928 students enrolled,
including approximately 900 students who attended classes through uw-platteville’s
distance learning programs. over 75% of undergraduates are majoring in engineering,
agriculture, education, industrial technology management, criminal justice, or business
administration. uw-platteville has unique initiatives in nanotechnology & Micro electro
Mechanical Systems (MeMS), forensic investigation, and sustainable and renewable
energy systems. Additionally, great emphasis is placed on academic engagement,
undergraduate research, and coop/partnership experiences.

this report illustrates uw-platteville’s contributions to the uw System’s growth Agenda for wisconsin. progress is reported within the seven
core strategies of the uw System’s Strategic Framework (above). each core strategy includes one or more indicators of progress that are
common among uw institutions, supplemented with additional information reflecting activities and outcomes of particular relevance to
uw-platteville. For similar information on the uw System as a whole, as well as links to additional resources and technical notes, see the
systemwide Investing in Wisconsin’s Future report: http://www.wisconsin.edu/opar/accountability/                                               11

the Accountability report can be found at http://www.uwsa.edu/opar/accountability/

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