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									                          Trip to Wonderful Kashmir This Winter
India is an amazing country and blessed with lots of amazing beautiful places. Kashmir is the beautiful
place to visit. Kashmir that is located in the northwestern region of India.

                                                                 India is an amazing country and
                                                                 blessed with lots of amazing beautiful
                                                                 places. Winter is the best period for
                                                                 the holidays in India. Snowfall,
                                                                 dazzling wind, soft sun rays, and calm
                                                                 atmosphere are the major interesting
                                                                 attractions during winter seasons.
                                                                 India is the finest well-known tourist
destination among international tourists too for the winter vacations. The winter season of India
attracts large numbers of visitors from around the world. The area of this spectacular tourist spot is the
home of world popular places and Kashmir is one of them.

Kashmir is a sightseeing place that is situated in the northwestern region of India. Nestling in the
Excellent Himalayas this spot is very well-known to flourish its interesting attractiveness in the entire
world. Located at the height of 5209 ft, the spectacular view of Himalayan Mountains will pleasure your
senses. The Zanaskar, the Shivaliks, the Pir Panjal and Ladakh are the major tourist destinations of this
wonderful spot. Lush green mountains, luscious fruits, amazing lakes, cascade of water streams makes
this destination a true amazing heaven on the Earth. Simply Kashmir can be frequented in any season,
but if you love to do activities like Paragliding, mountaineering, snow skiing etc. then winter is the finest
time to spend your holidays.

The several valleys of Kashmir like Lolab Valley, Lidder Valley, Gulamrg Valley, Dachigam Valley,
Yousmarg Valley etc. will pleasure your senses and make you crazy about this interesting destination.
This is the excellent desired destination for your family journey. In addition to that the warm welcome
of this destination makes you pleasant. Heartwarming hospitality and owing to the nice climate, Kashmir
is just like a heaven. This place makes the great destination for honeymoon. You can reach this place via
various transports, but the air medium is the finest suitable option for you. It not only saves your useful
time but also offer a satisfying and comfortable trip.

Srinagar Airport is also well-known as Sheikh UL Alam International Airport serves this region. It is
situated at the distance of 14 km from the center of the city. So book your flight tickets now!

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