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									                          Final Evaluation 1.1

This task includes the following sections:
1. Prepare a short presentation of your complete electronic portfolio, by
   completing the Final Evaluation below.
2. Present your complete electronic portfolio to your teacher.

The factors that influenced your participation may include but is not limited to:

       well-being        fun and enjoyment             challenge      sense of
       achievement social factors e.g. able to do physical activity with friends
               able to choose my own group             aesthetic appeal       pushes
       the body to physical and/ or mental limits      could go at own pace
               cost         accessibility environmental appreciation technology
              equipment needed

   1. Reflect on your own performance in all the activities and compare and
      contrast your participation within the activities.

My overall participation in swimming was poor as swimming is not my
strongest point in P.E. I felt it was hard as I was unfit and did not have good
technique in the water. I did not enjoy swimming as I don’t like the feeling
when I have to do a lot of lengths and feel like I can’t breathe anymore. Also
I did not like swimming when we had P.E in the mornings and the water was
freezing cold. I liked doing the triathlon as I was the biker. I biked for my
team and enjoyed this because I felt I could go at my own pace and speed up
when I needed too. This triathlon was fun and it pushed my body to metal
limits as I had to keep telling myself I could reach the end. Golf I enjoyed a
lot because I could take my time and think about my shots. I liked how we
were outside and we could move around and not be stuck inside the gym or
at school. The overall activity I enjoyed the most was Golf as I enjoyed the
environment around me and the people I was with. I liked being talked
through the lessons and while we were hitting, this made the understanding
of the game simple and more fun. Overall I liked Golf better then Triathlon
training and swimming because it was more fun. Though I liked triathlon
training better then swimming as swimming was my weakest point in the
whole of P.E studies.

   2. Summarise how the factors you have chosen influenced your
      participation across the different activities?

   In training for swimming this was my weakest activity that I participated
   in throughout the year. I felt that this activity was hard as it pushed my
   body to physical and metal challenges. Swimming was extremely hard
   because I was unfit and free-style was not my strongest point. Soon I had
   to push myself even harder to achieve better results and enjoyed the
   sense of achievement when I saw the difference between my pre and final
   test. Also I felt that training in the mornings it was cold and had a
   negative effect on my well-being. Doing lots of lengths was hard as well as
   I had to keep up with the high swimmers which was very hard. While
   swimming training at the same time we were training for the triathlon. In
   this triathlon I was the biker. This made me realise I had to train for this in
   my own time. I felt this was an enjoyable task as I could go with friends in
   the mornings to train. The triathlon was an enjoyable day as it was fun
   and our team felt a sense of achievement when we had finished with
   good results. I felt that while I was biking I pushed my body to work
   harder. At the start of the race I lost a lot of time as my knowledge of how
   to work the bike was unknown. Soon I got the hang of the bike and I felt
   that the environmental appreciation around me was a good way of
   helping me to keep going. Golf was very challenging as it was hard to get
   your body into the right positions for the swing. Although this was
   challenging I also felt that it was enjoyable and you could have fun with
   your friends while playing. My well-being also affected my play as if one
   day I felt bad I wouldn’t concentrate and wouldn’t play as good were as a
   good day I would concentrate more and gain better results.

3. What activities would you continue within the future as a result of the
influences you have identified, such as cost, accessibility, social factors,
equipment, etc.

I would continue with golf as it is very fun. One down side to golf is that it is
quite expensive and this could not help with doing this activity again. I would
do triathlon training again as it does not cost and I could train in my own
time either with friends or by myself. If I set a goal this would help better as I
would stick with my goals and not want to give up as easy. In a group would
also contribute a lot because they would want to train as well. Swimming
training I would not do again as it was not enjoyable and I did not like it very
much. I could not go at my own pace a lot and had to do many sprints which I
dragged along in. I felt very tired after swimming and though it would keep
me fit it wouldn’t be worth doing if it wasn’t enjoyable and cold. I found that
the environment appreciation helped with my well-being as if I felt good or
bad that day we were doing an activity. This is also a factor which
determined my like or dislike of the activity. Overall I really liked Golf and
would play it again with friends inside or outside of school. I felt that all 3 of
these activities helped with my fitness and in fitness ways the triathlon got
me the most fit which gave me a sense of achievement after the training

Your teacher will determine your grade for participation based on your active
participation. This evidence will be gathered on the teacher recording sheets. In
addition to their own observations during physical activities, your teacher can also
gather evidence of your participation from your electronic portfolio entries.
The teacher will make a final judgement on whether you have shown sufficient
evidence on whether you can explain factors that influence your own participation.

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