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Graduate Studies - University of Guelph


									Graduate Studies
Program Offerings 2012
                         CHANGING LIVES
                         IMPROVING LIFE
Join us for
Graduate Studies
Preview Day
Saturday, October 22nd, 2011
from 10am-1pm
University Centre, University of Guelph
  explore Guelph’s 90+ graduate programs
  meet with faculty & staff to learn more
  about graduate programs and current
  research opportunities
  speak with admissions officers & financial
  support professionals
  hear what current graduate students have
  to say about their program
  take a tour of the Guelph campus

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We can’t wait to show you what we have to offer.

         See you there!
THINK Guelph
               Erin Franklin, Cambridge, ON
               European Studies, MA
               “Being a graduate student at Guelph means that I get to interact
               closely with fellow graduate students, faculty members and through
               my teaching assistantship, the undergraduate student body. There
               is a real sense of involvement and community in being a graduate
               student here.”

               Kwan Yu Li, Mississauga, ON
               Family Relations & Applied Nutrition MSc
               “I chose to study at Guelph because of the excellent faculty,
               research opportunities, supportive environment and
               approachable faculty. Faculty are passionate about their research
               and staff at Guelph are extremely dedicated to students.”

               Anthony Merante, Niagara Falls, ON
               Integrative Biology MSc
               “Guelph’s campus is so different from any other. The walkways are
               red brick, and buildings show the development of the University
               from stone buildings to modern steel and glass structures.”

               Christian Carello, Thunder Bay, ON
               Chemistry MSc
               “I have been given the opportunity to conduct research in a
               good facility, teach undergraduate students in the laboratory,
               and take interesting classes. The professors always have their
               door open to any questions or concerns and I could not ask for
               a better relationship with my advisor.”
                                                                                                                                                                                        Welcome to the University of Guelph
                                                                                                      Welcome to the University of Guelph
                                                                                                      where we strive to make graduate
                                                                                                      study one of the most rewarding and
                                                                                                      stimulating periods in your life.

Table of Contents                                                                                 A leading research institution with specialized professional programs, the
                                                                                                  University of Guelph offers a unique environment for learning and living. 
Why Choose the University of Guelph ...................................... 4-5
                                                                                                  Here, you will find an academic community that is committed to creating,
City of Guelph ............................................................................6
Financial Support .......................................................................7        transmitting and applying knowledge to improve the social, cultural and economic
Admission Requirements ............................................................8              quality of life of people in Canada and around the world. Our graduate programs
Cost of Living .............................................................................9     and our graduate students are central to achieving this vision. Graduate study at
International Students ..............................................................10           the University of Guelph is supported by internationally renowned faculty who are
Collaborative/Interdepartmental Programs ..................................11
                                                                                                  engaged in cutting-edge research and practice. You will have the opportunity to
College of Arts .........................................................................12
                                                                                                  work closely with faculty members who are committed not only to their research
College of Social & Applied Human Sciences .............................13
College of Management & Economics .......................................14                       but also to the development of their students as future researchers, educators and
Ontario Agricultural College ......................................................15             practitioners. As one of more than 2500 graduate students in over 90 graduate
College of Biological Science ....................................................16              programs, you will find Guelph highly conducive to developing your own network
Ontario Veterinary College ........................................................17             of like-minded scholars and to making friends from around the world.
College of Physical & Engineering Science .................................18
Visit Us ....................................................................................19   I am delighted that you have chosen to explore graduate opportunities at the
Graduate Programs ..................................................................20            University of Guelph. I encourage you to review our website, visit our vibrant
                                                                                                  campus to experience our inspiring and innovative community, and contact our
                                                                                                  faculty and staff to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a graduate
                                                                                                  student at Guelph. We are confident that as you learn more about the quality of our
                                                                                                  graduate programs, you will be eager to join us here at the University of Guelph.

                                                                                                  Dr. Anthony Clarke, Assistant VP, Graduate Studies & Program Quality Assurance

Why Choose Guelph                           “ The outstanding quality of education, the professional
                                            academic atmosphere, as well as the constructive feedback
                                            from colleagues, fellow students, and advisory committee
                                            members make graduate study at Guelph quite unique.”
                                            Nathalie Newby-Montreal, QC - Population Medicine PhD

                    Why Choose Guelph?
                    Consistently ranked as one of Canada’s
                    top Comprehensive Universities by
                    Maclean’s Magazine.

                    Reputation                                                                          Degree Options
                    Consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top Comprehensive Universities by            Many programs at Guelph have varying degree requirements. At the Master’s
                    Maclean’s Magazine, the University of Guelph offers over 90 graduate programs       level, students may have the opportunity to complete: coursework plus major
                    all recognized as leaders conducting cutting-edge research in their respective      research project/paper, a thesis, pass by coursework, or may be eligible to
                    field of study.                                                                     transfer into a Doctoral program. Specialized Graduate Diploma’s are also offered
                    Research                                                                            in various programs. See program website for details about your degree options.
                    New and enhanced partnerships have fuelled a 33% increase in new research           Interdisciplinary Approach
                    funding at the University of Guelph, boosting the total annual research             Graduate Studies at Guelph offers the opportunity to study and conduct
                    complement to a record of $158 million.                                             research across disciplinary boundaries. With access to professors and
                    Faculty                                                                             professionals from a variety of disciplines, you can tailor a graduate program to
                                                                                                        your specific research interests.
                    Our faculty members are committed to providing a personalized approach
                    to learning for their graduate students. In addition to making themselves           Field Work
                    readily available for consultations with students, faculty members conduct          Interested in attaining some hands-on experience? Many graduate programs
                    leading-edge research, use innovative teaching methods, are well connected          have strong connections with industry allowing students to attain field-work
                    within their professional communities and are committed to student success.         experience during their program and professional networking opportunities once
                    Their dedication creates a personalized, positive and well-rounded academic         they graduate.
                    environment for graduate students in every discipline.                              Library
                    Graduate Funding                                                                    Our students have access to an extraordinarily wide range of information
                    The success rate of Guelph students who apply for funding from the Natural          through the main Library’s electronic resources and our innovative partnership
                    Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Social Science and            with the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. The Tri-University
                    Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship            Group of Libraries (TUG) provides access to a total of 7 million volumes
                    (OGS) program is consistently higher than the national /provincial average.         including our own collection of 2.5 million volumes. Over 400 computers in the
                    Program Options                                                                     library give students access to books, periodicals, films, audiovisual and archival
                                                                                                        materials, government documents and maps.
                    We offer many programs and fields of study that are unique to the University
                    of Guelph. Please continue to review our brochure, visit our website and explore    Your Department
                    the research interests of our faculty to gain a better understanding of our         Guelph’s personal approach to graduate studies is one of our best attributes.
                    diverse interests.                                                                  Departments provide a relaxed and intimate environment and our students feel
                                                                                                        that the faculty, staff and students become their second family.
                                                                        “As a person with reduced mobility and English as a Second

                                                                                                                                                                        Why Choose Guelph
                                                                        Language, I had many fears when I began graduate studies. Student
                                                                        services offered at the University of Guelph gave the support and
                                                                        guidance I needed to achieve my goals. I feel like someone is always
                                                                        there to listen and to accommodate my needs.”
                                                                        Adriana Leon - Caracas, Venezuela - Food Safety & Quality Assurance MSc

                                                                             Graduate Programs
                                                                             Our faculty members are committed to
                                                                             providing a personalized approach to
                                                                             learning for their graduate students.

Campus                                                                              Athletics & Facilities
Our beautiful campus is located on 350 hectares of land in the heart of Guelph,     At Guelph you will find a wide range of athletics for your convenience. We have
Ontario. The self-contained campus is made up of charming traditional buildings     a variety of classes, organizations, clubs, intramural sports and varsity teams.
and new facilities set amidst spectacularly landscaped grounds, phenomenal            Twin Pad Arena              3 Gyms                       Cardio Machines
green space and an Arboretum creating an inspiring backdrop to complement             3 Dance Studios             Running Track                Weight Training Room
your graduate experience.                                                             2 Pools                     5 Squash Courts
Transportation                                                                        Stadium                     Rock Climbing Wall
  Eligible Guelph students have unlimited access to the City of Guelph transit
                                                                                    Graduate Students’ Association
  and can use the bus system as often as they like.
                                                                                    As a full or part-time graduate student, you are a member of the Graduate
  Conveniently located in Southwestern Ontario, students have access to
                                                                                    Students’ Association (GSA). Whether in negotiations with university administra-
  surrounding cities via our on-campus GO Bus Terminal or Grey Hound Bus lines.
                                                                                    tion, participation on various university committees, or through interaction with
The Community                                                                       other student organizations on campus, the GSA ensures that the interests of
We are a friendly, open and caring community that takes pride in the fact that      graduate students are taken into consideration.
our personal approach to learning benefits students in every academic discipline.   Student Services
We are home to students from across Canada and from around the world.
                                                                                      On-Campus Medical           On-Site Day Care             Financial Services
We believe in employment equity, and welcoming all people including women,
                                                                                      & Dental Facilities         Learning Commons             Career Services
aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, racialized people and members
                                                                                      Centre for Students         Student Life                 Alumni Affairs
of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-Spirited, Queer,
                                                                                      with Disabilities           Counselling Services
Questioning and Intersex communities.
Students have a variety of affordable housing options. On-campus graduate
students may choose to live in a one or two bedroom apartment or a graduate
house. Graduate students who have families may choose to live in one of 200
competitively priced townhouse units. Off-campus, there are many reasonably
priced housing options for students to choose from including: individual rooms,
apartments and houses.

Enjoy Life in Guelph                           “ The campus is wonderful, the city is friendly. You never have
                                               trouble finding somewhere to go or something to do.”
                                               Mateen Shaikh - Cambridge, ON
                                               Mathematics & Statistics PhD

                       Enjoy Life in Guelph
                       Commonly ranked as one of the
                       of the best places to live
                       best places to live in Canada
                       in Canada Magazine)
                       (Money Sense
                       (Money Sense Magazine)

                       Located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario (100 km west of Toronto), the City of Guelph   City/Campus Events
                       offers the perfect setting to complement your graduate studies. Commonly ranked as          March         College Royal             Sept       Guelph Jazz Festival
                       one of the best places to live in Canada (Money Sense Magazine), Guelph prides itself on    July          Festival Italiano
                       maintaining its small-town charm while providing urban amenities for families and single                                            October    Graduate Studies
                                                                                                                                 Multicultural Festival               Preview Day -
                       adults alike.                                                                               July          Hillside Music Festival              October 22nd
                       With just over 118,000 people, Guelph is a vibrant community and home to a lively                         Art on the Street
                       downtown core, a thriving cultural community, diverse recreational activities, numerous     August        Theatre in the Park
                       shopping facilities and a variety of special events. With so many attractions you’ll have
                       no problem finding the perfect escape from the lab or library.

                       For more information about the City of Guelph and attractions please visit:
                       City of Guelph:                                                                                           ONTARIO            Ottawa   Alfred
                       The Guelph Arts Council:                                                                    Kemptville
                       The River Run Centre:
                                                                                                                    Lake Huron                             Kingston
                       MacDonald Stewart Art Centre:
                       The Sleeman Centre:                                                         Toronto         Lake Ontario
                       Donkey Sanctuary:                                          Guelph                Guelph-Humber

                       Guelph Lake Conservation Area:                                                         London
                       City of Guelph Farmer’s Market:                                       Ridgetown
                                                                                                                                                                  NEW YORK
                       Attractions close to Guelph include:                                                                        Lake Erie
                       African Lion Safari:
                       Elora Gorge:
                       Rockwood Conservation Area:
                       St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Markets:
                       City of Toronto:
                                                                          “My department not only offered me a competitive funding package

                                                                                                                                                                            Financial Support
Guaranteed Minimum Stipend for Doctoral Students                          but has provided me with travel funding for conferences. The faculty
Every new full time Doctoral student (Canadian or International) is       have also facilitated useful SSHRC and OGS workshops for those of
guaranteed a minimum stipend of $17,500 per year for 3 years.             us applying for external government funding.”
Many programs offer higher levels of support.
                                                                          Mark Kaethler- Guelph, ON
University/College Awards & Scholarships                                  Literary Studies/Theatre Studies in English PhD
Each College at the University of Guelph offers a variety of awards
and scholarships for graduate students. Visit the College website or
contact the department for more information.                                Financial Support
Board of Graduate Studies Research Scholarships
Incoming and continuing students may be nominated by their
                                                                            The success rate of Guelph students who
department/school for the Board of Graduate Studies Research                apply for funding is consistently higher
Scholarships valued at $2,000 per semester.
University International Graduate Scholarships                              than the national/provincial average.
In-coming and continuing international graduate students may be
nominated by their department/school for the University International
Graduate Scholarships which are valued at $2,000 per semester.            Funding from External Agencies
Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarships in Science                       We encourage students to apply for a variety of external awards to supplement their funding.
and Technology                                                            For more information about external funding opportunities for graduate students
The Ontario government, in partnership with the private sector,           we encourage you to visit the following sites:
rewards excellence in graduate studies in science and technology
                                                                          The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC):
through QEII Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology
which are valued at $5,000 per semester. Canadian and Permanent
Resident students may be nominated by their department/school.            The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC):
Ontario Trillium Scholarship
                                                                          The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program:
This entrance scholarship, valued at $40,000 per year for up to
4 years, is offered in partnership with the Ontario government.
All international doctoral applicants who meet the eligibility criteria   The Canadian Institutes of Health Research:
will be considered.                                             
Graduate Research, Graduate Teaching & Graduate                           Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
Service Assistantships                                          
Graduate students at the University of Guelph are a vital part of our     Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS)
research and teaching community. We offer numerous opportunities
for graduate students to supplement their income with Graduate
                                                                          University-Wide Awards Offered by the University of Guelph:
Research Assistantships (GRA), Graduate Teaching Assistantships
                                                                          The University reserves the right to amend awards subject to the availability of funds.
(GTA) and Graduate Service Assistantships (GSA).
                                                                            The Brock Doctoral Scholarship, $10,000 per semester (up to $120,000)
Tri-Council Top Ups                                                         Nora Cebotarev Memorial Graduate Scholarship, $25,000 over 2-3 years
The Dean’s Tri-Council Scholarships valued at $5,000 per year are           Dairy Farmers of Ontario Doctoral Research Assistantships, up to $20,000 per year for 3 years
awarded in equal semesterly payments, to all, graduate students             Highdale Farms, $14,000 over 2 years
holding a scholarship from NSERC, SSHRC or CIHR.                            Fred Thompson Scholarship, $9,000 payable over two years
                                                                            Many other university-wide awards can be found at:
                                                                          Important Note: Please read the announcement at:
Admissions Requirements
                          Master’s and Doctoral graduates can earn
                          up to 50% more income than graduates
                          with a Bachelor’s degree.

                          Admissions Requirements
                          & Application Process

                          Master’s Degree                                                                               Deadlines to Apply
                          Applicants are required to have completed a four year Honours degree, or equivalent, from a   Application deadlines and entry dates vary by program. Some
                          recognized post-secondary institution with a minimum B- average over the last two years of    programs admit students year round, while others have only a single
                          full-time equivalent study.                                                                   admission point each year. We encourage students to apply as soon
                                                                                                                        as possible and recommend international students apply nine to
                          Doctoral Degree
                                                                                                                        twelve months in advance of their entry start date. Please review
                          Applicants are usually required to have completed a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from
                                                                                                                        program application requirements for further details.
                          a recognized post-secondary institution and must have achieved a minimum overall B average
                          in their Master’s program. Applicants must demonstrate strong potential for research.         Application Fee
                                                                                                                        The fee to apply to most graduate programs at the University of
                          Graduate Diploma
                                                                                                                        Guelph is $100 [(MBA and MA (Leadership) application fee is $150)].
                          Applicants are required to have completed a four year Honours degree or equivalent from
                          a recognized post-secondary institution with a minimum of a B- average over the last two      Application Checklist
                          years of full-time equivalent study.
                                                                                                                        We encourage students to:
                          Additional Admission Requirements
                                                                                                                         investigate program options,
                            Some departments may have additional or higher admission qualifications.
                                                                                                                         review minimum admission requirements & deadlines,
                            We recommend that you visit the Graduate Studies website, the program/department
                            website or contact the department directly for program specific admission requirements.      make contact with program/department (see website),
                            Student’s whose first language is not English are required to present a passing English      complete the English Language test (if required),
                            Language test (see page 11).                                                                 apply online at the Graduate Studies Website before the
                                                                                                                         program deadline (online scholarship application available),
                          How to Apply                                                                                   pay the application fee,
                          Students who are interested in applying to a graduate program at the University of Guelph
                                                                                                                         arrange & collect all of the required documents:
                          must apply online at:
                                                                                                                         - application,
                                                                          - transcripts,
                                                                                                                         - two or three reference letters (see department website),
                                                                                                                         - program specific requirements (i.e. portfolio, etc.),
                                                                                                                         mail the package of documents to the department,
                                                                                                                         obtain a Study Permit (Student Visa if necessary),
                                                                          “My academic advisor is an extremely approachable and gracious

                                                                                                                                                             Cost of Living & Tuition Fees
                                                                          individual. He pushes me to become my best and I attribute much
                                                                          of my success to his teachings and mentorship.”
                                                                          Jessica Haddad, Guelph, ON -
                                                                          Human Health and Nutritional Sciences MSc

                                                                             Cost of Living & Tuition Fees
                                                                             89% of Grad Students report
                                                                             successfully achieving employment
                                                                             in their desired field.

Costs                                                                     2012 Domestic Student Expense Guideline
The following outline is an itemized list of expenses for a typical
domestic graduate student for one calendar year (12 months).
These costs are estimates and should only be used as a guideline.
                                                                            Expense                                            Cost
The costs incurred by a student vary depending on many factors
                                                                            Tuition - Full-time                                $6,969*
including, but not limited to, your lifestyle, whether you are support-
ing family members, and the program to which you are admitted.              Compulsory Fees                                    $1,305
Computer expenses are not included in this guideline. Costs are in          (Dental, drug plan, etc.)
Canadian dollars and are subject to change at any time.
                                                                                                        Estimated Minimum                Estimated Maximum

                                                                            Room & Board                           $9,500                       $14,385

                                                                            Clothes                                 $500                         $1,200

                                                                            Transportation                          $400                         $1,200

                                                                            Books & Supplies                        $800                         $1,800

                                                                            Miscellaneous                           $500                         $1,300

                                                                            TOTAL                                 $19,974                       $28,159

                                                                          *Tuition fees vary for executive business programs

                                                                          For the most up-to-date information about tuition fees please review the Student
                                                                          Financial Services Website:

International Students                                       “ One of the best things about my graduate experience at
                                                             Guelph is the relationship I have been able to develop with my
                                                             advisor. He encourages me to think freely, follow my ideas and
                                                             offers a lot of good suggestions.”
                                                             Hongjie Zhang- Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China
                                                             Land Resource Science PhD

                         International Students
                         More than 400 graduate students from
                         70 different countries call Guelph home.

                         Applying to Guelph                                                                                                                       Costs
                         The application process is similar for international students, follow directions on page 8.                                              The following outline is an itemized list of expenses for a typical
                         We recommend international applicants apply a minimum of                                                                                 international graduate student for one calendar year (12 months).
                         9-12 months in advance of their entry start date.                                                                                        These costs are estimates and should only be used as a guideline.
                         English Proficiency                                                                                                                      The costs incurred by a student may vary depending on many
                                                                                                                                                                  factors including, but not limited to, your lifestyle, whether you
                         If your first language is not English, you are required to submit the results of a standardized
                         language test. Please see chart below for acceptable tests and required scores.                                                          are supporting family members and the program to which you are
                                                                                                                                                                  admitted. Costs are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change
                         English Language Certificate Program                                                                                    at any time.
                         The University of Guelph offers an English language program for international students
                         wishing to apply to graduate studies. Successful completion of the advanced level of this
                                                                                                                                                                  2012 International Student Expense Guideline
                         program meets the English language requirement for admission to graduate studies.                                                          Expense                                                  Cost
                                                                                                                                                                    Tuition                                                $16,341*
                                                                                                                                                                    Compulsory Fees                                         $1,305
                                                                                                                                                  Minimum           (Dental, drug plan, etc.)
                          English Language Requirement Chart                                                                                     Overall Score
                                                                                                                                                                    Health Insurance                                         $756
                           University of Guelph English Language Certificate                                                                     Advanced Level                                            Estimated                 Estimated
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Minimum                   Maximum
                           Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)                                                                       60
                                                                                                                                                                    Room & Board                                $9,500                      $14,385
                           International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (Academic Test)                                                      6.5           Clothes                                      $500                       $1,200
                           Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)                                                                       85            Transportation                               $400                       $1,200
                           Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE-A)                                                                                   60            Books & Supplies                             $800                       $1,800
                           (Note: A minimum score of 60 in each of the individual components)
                                                                                                                                                                    Miscellaneous                                $500                       $1,300
                           Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)                                                                                            Total                                     $30,102                   $38,287
                           Paper Based Test (PBT)                                                                                                     550
                           Internet Based Test (IBT)                                                                                                  89          * Cost of tuition varies for executive business programs.
                           Note: A minimum score of 21 must be achieved in each of the four categories (listening, speaking, reading, writing)                    Additional expenses to consider may include travel to or within Canada.

                                                                         “Guelph has an incredible range of innovative programs, which

                                                                                                                                                                              Graduate Programs
                                                                         provide opportunities for inter- and multi-disciplinary collaborations
                                                                         across departments as well as an excellent reputation for both
                                                                         teaching and research.”
                                                                         Ashlee Cunsolo Willox - Guelph, ON
                                                                         Rural Studies PhD

                                                                            Graduate Programs
                                                                            Choose from over 90 graduate
                                                                            program options.

Collaborative Programs                                                                            Interdepartmental Programs
International Development Studies, Neuroscience or Toxicology                                     Guelph is internationally recognized for its interdisciplinary research
                                                                                                  and graduate program options. Our interdepartmental programs are
Many graduate students choose to complement their graduate studies by adding a
                                                                                                  facilitated by faculty members across campus and provide a variety of
collaborative program in International Development Studies, Neuroscience, or Toxicology.
                                                                                                  opportunities to study at the intersection of traditional disciplines and
These options allow students to gain an in-depth understanding of their research area
                                                                                                  leading-edge research.
and how it pertains in the context of their collaborative program. Students are required to
complete the requirements for their departmental degree and will take additional courses          Bioinformatics MSc, MBioinf, GDip.
related to the collaborative program.
International Development Studies MA, MSc, PhD
                                                                                                  Biophysics MSc, PhD ext. 58966
Neuroscience MSc, PhD                                                                             Fields
Graduate Secretary: Wendy Arthur                                                                    Molecular Biophysics ext. 54900                                                                  Structural Biophysics
Toxicology MSc, PhD                                                                                 Cellular Biophysics
Graduate Secretary: Wendy Arthur                                                                    Computational Biophysics ext. 54900                                                                Food Safety & Quality Assurance MSc, GDip.
  Environmental Toxicology                                                                        Rural Studies PhD
  Molecular Toxicology                                                                            Graduate Secretary: Joanne Gillis
  Biomedical Toxicology                                                                  ext. 58901
                                                                                                    Sustainable Rural Communities
                                                                                                    Sustainable Landscape Systems

College of Arts                          “ I chose the Master’s in Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph for
                                         a number of reasons. Not only is it a small, intimate, one-year program,
                                         the department offers great funding, a chance to apply the skills I have
                                         learned, and the opportunity to be advised by distinguished faculty
                                         members renowned in their field.”
                                         Donia Sawwan - Toronto, ON - Theatre Studies MA

                  College of Arts
                  Graduate students at the College of Arts conduct research in the liberal
                  and performing arts that serves society by exploring the depth and
                  breadth of human experience, in the past and the present, to help our
                  world chart a course for the future.


                  School of English &                       Literary Studies/Theatre                    School of Languages &                 History MA, PhD
                  Theatre Studies                           Studies in English PhD                      Literatures                           (Joint program with University of Waterloo
                              Fields                                      European Studies MA                   & Wilfrid Laurier University)
                  English MA                                  Studies in Canadian Literatures           Graduate Secretary: Joanne Scheuer ext. 53556
                  Fields                                      Colonial, Postcolonial, &        ext 53884          Fields
                                                              Diasporic Studies                         Fields                                  Canadian History
                   Studies in Canadian Literatures
                                                              Early Modern Studies                        Europe: Nationalism,                  Race, Imperialism & Slavery
                   Colonial, Postcolonial, & Diasporic
                                                              Sexuality & Gender Studies                  Supra-nationalism & Identity          Early Modern European History
                                                              Transnational Nineteenth-Century            Perspectives on European Cultures     Modern European History
                   Early Modern Studies
                                                              Studies                                                                           Scottish History
                   Sexuality & Gender Studies                                                           French MA
                                                              Studies in the History & Politics                                                 War and Society
                   Transnational Nineteenth-Century
                                                              of Performance and Theatre                Graduate Secretary: Joanne Scheuer      Medieval History
                                                            School of Fine Art & Music         ext 53884          Cold War Era History
                  Creative Writing MFA
                  (Facilitated at University of             Studio Art MFA                              Latin American & Caribbean            Philosophy MA, PhD
                  Guelph-Humber campus)                     Graduate Secretary: Barbara Merrill         Studies MA                            Graduate Secretary: Janet Thackray
                  Graduate Secretary: Meaghan Strimas ext. 54671             Graduate Secretary: Joanne Scheuer ext. 56265
                                                                 ext. 53884       Fields
                                                            Art & Visual Culture MA
                  Theatre Studies MA                                                                                                            Continental, Social & Political
                                                            Graduate Coordinator: Sally Hickson
                                                   ext. 58234
                                                                                                                                                History of Western Philosophy
                                                                                                                                                Philosophy of Science,
                                                                                                                                                Mind & Language
                                                                                                                                                contact department for information
                                                                                                                                                about additional research areas

                                                                   “I chose to study at the University of Guelph because of the

                                                                                                                                                              College of Social & Applied Human Sciences
                                                                   collaborative PhD program in International Development Studies.
                                                                   There are very few programs like this in Canada and I feel very
                                                                   fortunate to be a part of it.”
                                                                   Lauren Scannell - Ontario - Geography & International
                                                                   Development Studies PhD

                                                                        College of Social &
                                                                        Applied Human Sciences
                                                                       From neuroscience to international development studies, CSAHS is
                                                                       committed to making a difference in everyday lives. Students have an
                                                                       opportunity to put research into practice with internationally recognized
                                                                       faculty in areas such as individual, family and workplace health, policy
                                                                       and governance, the environment, and globalization.


Applied Nutrition MAN                Geography MA, MSc, PhD                   Psychology MA, PhD                           Sociology & Anthropology                   Graduate Secretary: Nance Grieve         Graduate Secretary: Robin Fraser             Graduate Secretary: Shelagh Daly
519-824-4120 ext. 53968     ext. 56721  ext. 53508  ext 53895
Criminology & Criminal               Fields                                   Fields                                       Sociology MA, PhD
Justice Policy MA                      Environmental Management                 Clinical Psychology: Applied               Fields
Graduate Secretary: Renée Tavascia     & Governance                             Developmental Emphasis
                                                                                                                             Global Agro-Food Systems, ext. 56973        Biophysical Systems & Processes          Applied Social Psychology
                                                                                                                             Communities & Rural Changes
Family Relations & Applied             Socio-Economic Spaces & Change           Industrial Organizational Psychology
                                                                                                                             Work, Gender & Change in a
Nutrition MSc, PhD                   Political Science MA, PhD                  Neuroscience & Applied
                                                                                                                             Global Context
                                                                                Cognitive Science                   Graduate Secretary: Renée Tavascia                                                      Criminology & Criminal Justice
519-824-4120 ext. 53968     ext. 56973                                                         (MA field only)
Fields                               Fields                                                                                  Sociological Criminology
 Family Relations & Human              Public Policy & Governance                                                            (PhD field only)
 Development                           Comparative Politics: Industrial                                                    Public Issues Anthropology
 Applied Human Nutrition               Comparative Politics: Third World/                                                  MA
 Couple & Family Therapy               Development Studies                                                                 Graduate Secretary: Shelagh Daly
                                                                                                                  ext 53895

   Interested in International Development?
   Graduate students can add International Development Studies to their
   departmental degree through our collaborative program.
College of Management & Economics                          “ The great thing about my program is that I am not limited to
                                                           one advisor, I have two co-advisors and the relationship I have
                                                           been able to develop with each of them is very good. They
                                                           expect hard work but help me reach my goals and deadlines.”
                                                           Rita Patel - Hamilton, ON
                                                           Marketing & Consumer Studies MSc

                                    College of Management
                                    & Economics
                                    Graduate students in the College of Management and Economics
                                    acquire professional skills, analytical tools and a broad understanding
                                    of human behaviour to advance individual careers and to respond
                                    imaginatively to the social and environmental challenges facing business
                                    and society today.


                                    Business Administration MBA                  Marketing & Consumer                        Economics MA, PhD
                                    Manager, Executive Programs: Patti Lago      Studies MSc                                 Graduate Secretary: Sandra Brown
                           ext. 56607                 Graduate Secretary: Lisa Cauley    ext. 56341
                                    Fields                              ext. 52725
                                                                                                                             Management PhD
                                      Hospitality & Tourism Management           Fields
                                                                                                                             Graduate Secretary: Lisa Cauley
                                      (Online)                                     Consumer Behaviour               ext. 52725
                                      Food & Agribusiness Management               Marketing                                 Fields
                                                                                                                               Marketing & Consumer Behaviour
                                      Hospitality & Tourism (Residential)           Market Research GDip.
                                                                                                                               Services Management
                                    Leadership Studies                              Graduate Secretary: Lisa Cauley            Organizational Leadership
                                    MA (Leadership)                        ext. 52725
                                    Manager, Executive Programs: Patti Lago
                           ext. 56607

                                                                  “I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Guelph

                                                                                                                                                           Ontario Agricultural College
                                                                  and I chose to pursue my Master’s degree here. It was an easy
                                                                  decision to continue my education at Guelph because they are
                                                                  renowned for agricultural studies.”
                                                                  Kelli Durham - Burford, ON - Plant Agriculture MSc

                                                                          Ontario Agricultural College
                                                                         Canada’s top agricultural research institution provides diverse
                                                                         opportunities for cutting-edge graduate studies in extensive laboratory,
                                                                         field and office settings. Mentored by world leading faculty, graduate
                                                                         students in the OAC are making a difference in food, agriculture,
                                                                         communities and the environment.


Animal & Poultry Science              Food Science MSc, PhD                    School of Environmental                 School of Environmental
MSc, PhD                                         Design & Rural                          Sciences
Graduate Secretary: Wendy McGrattan                                            Development
                                      Fields                                                                           Environmental Sciences ext. 56215                                                Capacity Development &                  MSc, MES, PhD, GDip.
                                        Food Chemistry
Fields                                                                         Extension MSc                 
                                        Food Processing
  Animal Breeding & Genetics            Food Microbiology                      Graduate Secretary: Sue Hall            PhD Fields
  Animal Nutrition                                                    ext. 56780
                                                                                                                        Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  Animal Physiology                   Plant Agriculture MSc, PhD               Landscape Architecture                   Ecosystem Science & Biodiversity
  Animal Behaviour & Welfare          Graduate Secretary: Jean Wolting         MLA                                      Plant & Environmental Health
Food, Agricultural &         ext. 56077          Graduate Secretary: Diana Foolen
Resource Economics MSc,               Fields                          ext. 56576
PhD                                                                            Rural Planning &
                                        Plant Biochemistry & Physiology
Graduate Secretary: Kathryn Selves      Plant Breeding & Genetics              Development MSc ext. 52771             Crop Production Systems                (Planning), MPlan
Fields                                                                         Graduate Secretary: Sue Hall
  Food & Agricultural Economics                                       ext. 56780
  Natural Resource & Environmental                                             Fields
  Economics                                                                      Canadian Rural Planning
                                                                                 & Development
                                                                                 International Development Planning

   Interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Food Safety?
   Consider our interdepartmental program in Food Safety & Quality Assurance MSc, GDip.
College of Biological Science                       “ My passion for research and positive graduate student
                                                    experience led me to pursue a PhD. I transfered into the PhD
                                                    program after completing one year of my MSc.”
                                                    Justine Tishinsky - Huntsville, ON
                                                    Human Health & Nutritional Sciences MSc, PhD
                                                    (fast track to PhD)

                                College of Biological Science
                                Research conducted by the 300 graduate students in the CBS spans
                                studies of cellular function at the molecular level, lifestyle effects on
                                human health through to investigations of environmental factors
                                affecting the biodiversity of life forms on a global scale.


                                                                                                   Human Health & Nutritional                 Molecular & Cellular Biology
                                                                                                   Sciences MSc, PhD                          MSc, PhD
                                                                                                   Graduate Secretary: Andra Williams         Graduate Secretary: Carol Schlaht
                                                                                          ext. 56356   ext. 53815
                                                                                                   Fields                                     Fields
                                                                                                     Nutritional & Nutraceutical Sciences       Biochemistry
                                                                                                     Nutrition, Exercise & Metabolism           Cell Biology
                                                                                                     Biomechanics                               Microbiology
                                                                                                                                                Molecular Biology & Genetics
                                                                                                   Integrative Biology MSc, PhD                 Plant Biology
                                                                                                   Graduate Secretary: Mary Anne Davis
                                                                                          ext. 56094
                                                                                                     Evolutionary Biology
                                                                                                     Comparative Physiology

                                                                                                                                Karen White
                                                                                                                               Graduate Admissions Secretar
                                                                                                                               College of Biological Science
16                                                                                                                             519-824-4120 ext. 52730
                                              “My advisor has been extremely helpful throughout my

                                                                                                                                Ontario Veterinary College
                                              graduate experience. Any time I’ve needed assistance with my
                                              project he has offered me guidance while still encouraging me
                                              to learn independently. ”
                                              Larry Morgan - Brantford, ON
                                              Biomedical Science MSc

                                                  Ontario Veterinary College
                                                  The internationally recognized innovative and collaborative research at
                                                  OVC focuses on improving animal health and well-being by enhancing
                                                  our understanding of the development, prevention, diagnosis and
                                                  treatment of animal diseases and welfare issues thereby helping to
                                                  sustain a viable animal-human-environment interface.


                                              Biomedical Sciences MSc,                       Population Medicine MSc, PhD
                                              MBS, PhD                                       Graduate Secretary: Mary Elliott
                                              Graduate Secretary: Wendy Arthur      ext. 54780
                                     ext. 54900             Fields
                                              Fields                                           Health Management
                                                Biomedical Toxicology & Pharmacology           Epidemiology
                                                Reproductive Biology & Development             Theriogenology
                                                Cellular & Molecular Basis of Disease        Public Health MPH, GDip.
                                                                                             Graduate Secretary: Mary Elliott
                                              Clinical Studies MSc,                 ext. 54780
                                              MCS, GDip.
                                                                                             Veterinary Science (DVSc)
                                              Graduate Secretary: Deyna Dinesen
                                     ext: 54005                Fields

                                              Pathobiology MSc, PhD, GDip.                     Clinical Pharmacology
                                                                                               Comparative Medicine
                                              Graduate Secretary: Donna Kangas
                                                                                               Veterinary Anatomic Pathology
                                     ext. 54725
                                                                                               Comparative Pathology
                                              Fields                                           Veterinary Clinical Pathology
                                                Comparative Pathology                          Epidemiology
                                                Immunology                                     Health Management
DID YOU KNOW?                                   Veterinary Infectious Diseases                 Theriogenology
You can complete a MSc or PhD in an animal      Veterinary Pathology
related field without being a veterinarian.
Check out our program options.

College of Physical & Engineering Science                            “ My program sharpened my knowledge and understanding while
                                                                     my advisor taught me applicable research techniques and skills
                                                                     necessary to become a scientist.”
                                                                     Tarek El Salti - Guelph, ON
                                                                     Computer Science PhD

                                            College of Physical &
                                            Engineering Science
                                            CPES offers numerous graduate programs enhanced by cutting-edge
                                            facilities/partnerships including the Guelph Advanced Analysis Centre,
                                            Electrochemical Technology Centre, Perimeter Institute, TRIUMF, Canadian
                                            Light Source, SHARCNET, MITACS, Canadian Water Network, the Institute
                                            for Quantum Computing and the Advanced Food & Materials Network.


                                            Chemistry MSc, PhD                                     School of Engineering                  Physics MSc, PhD
                                            (Joint with the University of Waterloo)                Graduate Secretary: Laurie Gallinger   (Joint with the University of Waterloo)
                                   ext. 53848                    ext. 56187         Graduate Secretary: Linda Stadig
                                            Fields                                                 Recruitment Officer: Jason Tyszka ext. 52263
                                                                                          ext. 52433         Fields
                                              Analytical Chemistry
                                              Biological Chemistry or Biochemistry                 Engineering MASc, MEng, PhD              Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics
                                              Inorganic Chemistry                                  Fields                                   Chemical Physics
                                              Nanoscience                                                                                   Biophysics
                                                                                                     Water Resources Engineering
                                              Organic Chemistry                                                                             Astrophysics & Gravitation
                                                                                                     Environmental Engineering
                                              Physical Chemistry                                                                            Subatomic Physics
                                                                                                     Biological Engineering
                                              Polymer Chemistry                                                                             Quantum Computing
                                                                                                     Engineering Systems & Computing
                                              Theoretical Chemistry                                                                         Industrial and Applied Applied Physics
                                                                                                   Engineering Design of Sustainable        Condensed Matter & Materials Physics
                                            School of Computer Science                             Water Resource Systems GDip.

                                            Computer Science MSc, PhD
                                            Graduate Secretary: Sheryl Beauchamp                   Modeling Applications in Water
                                   ext. 56402                    Resources Engineering GDip.
                                                                                                   Mathematics & Statistics
                                              Artificial Intelligence                              MSc, PhD
                                              Distributed Computing
                                                                                                   Graduate Secretary: Susan McCormick
                                              Human Computer Interaction
                                                                                          ext. 56553
                                              Applied Modeling
                                                                                                     Applied Mathematics
                                                                                                     Applied Statistics
                                                                                                                    FSC placeholder
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                                                                         ENVIRONMENTAL SAVINGS
                                                                         Using 1,100 lb. of Enviro Satin 80# text instead of virgin fibres paper on the
                                                                         inside of this booklet has the following environmental savings:

                                                                             TREES                   WATER              AIR EMISSIONS           SOLID WASTE
                                                                               9                34,449 litres         1,356 kg CO2               522 kg
University of Guelph Graduate Programs
Animal & Poultry Science MSc, PhD        English MA                             Management PhD
Applied Nutrition MAN                    Environmental Science MSc, MES,        Market Research GDip.
                                                                                                                      NEW Programs
                                           PhD, GDip.
Art & Visual Culture MA                                                         Marketing & Consumer Studies MSc     Graduate programs offering
                                         European Studies MA
Bioinformatics MSc, MBioinf., GDip.                                             Mathematics & Statistics MSc, PhD    a thesis program option
                                         Family Relations & Applied Nutrition
Biomedical Sciences MSc, MBS,                                                   Molecular & Cellular Biology         Graduate programs that offer a
                                           MSc, PhD
  PhD, DVSc                                                                      MSc, PhD                            coursework plus major research
                                         Food, Agricultural & Resource                                               project/paper option
Biophysics MSc, PhD                                                             Neuroscience MSc, PhD*
                                           Economics MSc, PhD
Business Administration MBA                                                     Pathobiology MSc, PhD, DVSc, GDip.   GDip.: Graduate Diploma
                                         Food Safety & Quality
  Food & Agribusiness Management          Assurance MSc, GDip.                                                       Course based option: Program
                                                                                Philosophy MA, PhD
  Hospitality & Tourism Management                                                                                   offers Major Research Paper or
                                         Food Science MSc, PhD                  Physics MSc, PhD
Capacity Development &                                                                                               Course based option
  Extension MSc                          French Studies MA                      Plant Agriculture MSc, PhD           Collaborative program: students
Chemistry MSc, PhD                       Geography MA, MSc, PhD                 Political Science MA, PhD            may add a collaborative program
                                         History MA, PhD                        Population Medicine MSc, PhD, DVSc   to their departmental degree.
Clinical Studies MSc, MCS, DVSc, GDip.
                                                                                                                     Collaborative programs are not
Computer Science MSc, PhD                Human Health & Nutritional Sciences    Psychology MA, MSc, PhD              stand alone programs.
                                          MSc, PhD
Creative Writing MFA                                                            Public Health MPH, GDip.
                                         Integrative Biology MSc, PhD
Criminology & Criminal Justice                                                  Public Issues Anthropology MA
  Policy MA                              International Development Studies
                                                                                Rural Planning & Development
                                           MA, MSc, PhD
Economics MA, PhD                                                                MSc (Planning), MPlan
                                         Landscape Architecture MLA
Engineering MEng, MASc, PhD                                                     Rural Studies PhD
                                         Latin American & Caribbean
Engineering Design of Sustainable                                               Sociology MA PhD
                                           Studies MA
  Water Resource Systems GDip.                                                  Studio Art MFA
                                         Leadership Studies MA (Leadership)
Modeling Applications in Water                                                  Theatre Studies MA
 Resources Engineering GDip.             Literary Studies/Theatre Studies
                                         in English PhD                         Toxicology MSc, PhD
                                                                                Veterinary Science DVSc

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