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					                                                                 United Nations Development Programme

                                                          Project to Support Democratic Development through
                                                                  Decentralization and Deconcentration

                                        Monthly Workplan PSDD Municipal Phnom Penh Office, November 2009
                                                                                                                                    Focal Person
                 Date                                                  Activities
                                                                                                                           PSDD              ExCom
             01-30/11/09 Cooperate with LAU and FU to use the PID entry network system                                    PIA/LAA          TSU/LAU/TRS
             01-30/11/09 Construct the school public latrine at Sangkat Prekpra and Chhroy Changva                         MESA           CAU/ME/DoRD
             04/11/09      Prepare closing Financial Report for October 2009 (ICC&ExCom)                                    PFA                    FU
             04-30/11/09 Monitor training, services and construction of LDs implementation and payments                  PFA/MESA            CAU/FU
             05-10/11/09 Update NCD database and consolidate monthly report of ExCom                                       MESA              CAU/ME
             05-11/11/09 Finalize design poster and billboards for environment awareness                                   MESA          CAU/ME/DoNRM
             05-12/11/09 Evaluation 100% payment for concrete road construction at Health Center Along Kngan               MESA            CAU/ME/DoH
             05-20/11/09 Conduct awareness raising on Water & Sanitation; Environmental Regulation                          LAA               LAU/DI
             05-20/11/09 Organize meeting on 8 Khans and Capital profile analysis & compilations                           MESA                DoP
             05-24/10/09 Evaluation contractors that implemented CS projects 2009                                         PIA/LAA            TSU/LAU
             06/11/09      Consolidate budget projection of ExCom/LDs/DIs for November and December 2009                 PFA/MESA            FU/CAU
             06/11/09      Assist LAU to conduct regular monthly meeting                                                 LAA/SPPA              LAU
             09/11/09      Prepare request letter for 3rd budget installment ICC 2009                                     PFA/LAA            FU/LAU
                           Conduct training on M&E for Development Project, Administrative Affair and Financial
             10-12/11/09                                                                                                    LAA                LAU
                           Compliance to Sangkat chiefs, FPME and FPWA
             10-13/11/09 Attend in National Infrastructure workshop organized by MoI/NCDD at SVG                             PIA              TSOs
             10-25/11/09 Assist ExCom to prepare documents and process for annual CC congress                            All Advisers     All ExCom Units
             10-30/11/09 Entering results DIW 3472 projects/TAs into CDPD3 Database to MoP/MoI/NCDD                        MESA                DoP
             11-20/11/09 Procure posters on land properties, land conflicts and resolutions                              SPPA/MESA        CAU/ME/DoLUM
             11-27/11/09    Prepare closing 11th and organize 12th training on make up and hairdresser                     MESA           CAU/ME/DoWA
             11-2711/09    Support LDs/DIs to subcontract implementation and problems shootings                          PFA/MESA            CAU/FU
             11-30/11/09 Support ExCom to produce 4th quarterly newsletter                                                 SPPA                CAU
             13/11/09      Assist LAU to organize regular meeting within 76 Sangkat chiefs and Clerks                    LAA/SPPA           LAU/ExCom
             13-25/11/09 Distribute & provide livestock feed, piglets, VLAs tool kits and insect pesticides to farmers     MESA            CAU/ME/DoA
             16-17/11/09 Provide training on Project Generator training to TSOs                                              PIA               TSU
             16-25/11/09 Assist ExCom to allocate budget for ExCom units and PIF for Line Departments                      SPPA            ExCom/CAU
             16-30/11/09 Procure posters and billboards for environment awareness and installments                         MESA          CAU/ME/DoNRM
             19-20/11/09 Reflection meeting on ME for FPME of LDs/DIs                                                      MESA            ME ExCom/LD
             23/11/09      Assist ExCom to organize ExCom regular monthly meeting                                          SPPA            ExCom/CAU
             23/11/09      Assist LAU to conduct monthly meeting with a support group of ACCWG                             SPPA                LAU
             23-24/11/09 Provide training on Project Generator training to TSOs                                              PIA               TSU
             23-24/11/10 Organize annual reflection meeting on contract implementation and EoC report                      MESA            CAU/ME/DoH
             23-30/10/09 Register list of contractors for 2010                                                            PIA/LAA            TSU/LAU
             23-30/11/09 Consolidate CCWC report to be presented the regular LAU monthly meeting                            LAA                LAU
             23-30/11/09   Support Khans to conduct monthly meeting                                                          LAA               LAU/DI
             24/11/09      Training on Sangkat and village data collection for DoP staff and KFTs                           MESA                DoP
             25/11/09      Coordinate with ExCom and LDs to consolidate Calendar for December 2009                          MESA              CAU/ME
             25/11/09      Prepare monthly report of ICC and DI for MoI                                                      LAA                LAU
             25-30/11/09   Regular update Sangkat decentralization spreadsheet                                               LAA                LAU
             26/11/09      Assist ExCom to conduct annual CC congress                                                    All Advisers     All ExCom Units
             30/11/09      Assists TRS to prepare monthly financial reports of CS project fund                               PFA                TRS
             30/11/09      Prepare ExCom Financial Report for November 2009 (ICC&ExCom)                                      PFA                 FU

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