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Humic acid Amino acid product definition, typical analysis, function & benefits, and direction for use

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									Humic Acid+ Amino Acid Granule
1. Definition:
This product formulate humic acid with amino acid in granules non- soluble form,can
be widely used as base fertilizer .It is natural biostimulatant with obvious effect
to recover when plants suffers stress conditions.

2. Specifications:

 Appearance                                  Black Granule

 Humic Acid (dry basis)                      60.0%min

 Total Amino Acid                            10.0%min

 Nitrogen(organic)                           5.0%min

 Moisture                                    15.0%max

 Size Rate(1-4mm)                            95.0%min

 Product Code                                CXHA-AAHA-G

3.Functions& Benefit:
1) Strong anti-stress function,will strongly increase plants to resist environment
stress(drought, hot or cold temperature, transplanting stress etc.) and disease.

2) Humic acids will help to absorb macro and micro elements in the soil to increase
the yield and fruits quality, also other basic functions
3) Enhanced capability to repair damaged tissues.
4) Increase the effectiveness of the herbicide, pesticide and fungicide, immobilize
or reduce their harmful residues.
5) Support the plant with needed amino acids and peptides and save the biological
energy required for their synthesis.

4. Direction for use:
50-100 kg/ha as base fertilizer.Also depends on the soil condition.

5. Package:
1)   5KG,10KG Potable plastic bags .
2)   Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight,
3)   Jumbo bags with dischargeable open on the bottom,with poly bags inside.
4)   Can satisfy the customer’s requirement and offer OEM service.

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