Omega Three and Crohn’s Disease by KevinWhitsitt


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									     Omega Three and Crohn’s
   Can Omega Three Help with Crohn’s Disease?

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Crohn's disease is a horrible condition and it may be helped with omega three
fats. In a nutshell this ailment is when someone experiences pain, discomfort and
problems with their digestive system.

Usually the culprit is something known as inflammation. Inflammation is a very
bad thing and to give you an example do you know why someone experiences so
much pain with arthritis? It’s due to inflammation.

How about why sunburns are red or why pimples swell up? This is all due to
inflammation. When an injury occurs the immune system rushes everyone to the
spot to help. This is why it becomes inflamed, red and someone may experience a
warmth feeling.

Inflammation is when the immune system attacks healthy cells and tissues. I like
to think of it like collateral damage.

What is really horrible about this situation is that it can continue for a long time.
For example someone’s white blood cells may attack healthy tissues and then the
body goes to repair them and then they get attacked some more.

Sometimes this problem doesn’t even show outward symptoms and someone
may be experiencing this without even being aware of it.

This disease usually results in ulcers in the digestive tract and is found at the end
of the small intestines but can be anywhere. Ulcers are really just holes in the
tract and if it’s found in the stomach than it’s called gastric ulcers.

Can you guess what some of the symptoms of crohn’s disease are? At the top of
the list would be stomach pains and cramps. Diarrhea is another very common
symptom of this health problem. Other indicators could be constipation, mouth
sores and anal tears.

The important thing is that crohn’s disease is usually a lifelong condition and this
really is horrible.

You might be wondering how someone gets this condition. The bad news is that
the brightest minds are really not sure. It could be hereditary so if it runs in the
family it increases the risk of someone acquiring it. Smoking can increase the risk
as well as some form of bacteria in the intestines can cause it.

There is unfortunately no cure for this disease but it’s treatable. One great
medicine is by using omega three fatty acids that usually come from seafood, nuts
or beans.

One of the best ways that omega 3 can help is because it’s anti-inflammatory. This
means that it reduces inflammation which reduces the pain and damage.

Unfortunately clinical trials have not confirmed that this fatty acid can be of help
but it could in theory. There are however evidence that it can reduce the risk of
heart disease, Alzheimer’s, strokes plus can do so many other wonderful things.

Besides getting this healthy fat from food someone can easily get it through a
supplement. Many experts do endorse a supplement just because there is less
likely to be contaminations with it and someone can get a much higher dose.

We all know that all supplements are not created equal so how do you pick a
brand? Is it by the fancy label, a company or maybe a recommendation from a

The truth is that some supplements can not only be a rip-off but can be harmful
to your health. I would recommend getting a little educated about how to spot a
good safe brand.

You can do this by reading a free report that I created. It talks about picking a
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