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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ARAB TIMES, SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 2012
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                                                                                Minister asks ministry to initiate new projects to boost revenue

MoC denies rumors of increasing charges on Facebook, Twitter
                                                                                                                KUWAIT CITY, Aug 24:                       Sources added the ministry        although the charges were not        to boost the annual revenue,
                                                                                                                Officials from the Ministry of           seeks to increase the annual        much compared to the rates           given that the ministry yield-
                                                                                                                Communications           deny            revenue of state treasury but       other transport ministries           ed more than 100 million in
                                                                                                                rumors spread at the social              has no intention to burden the      charge in some countries.            proceeds last year.
                                                                                                                networking sites-Facebook                citizens and residents with           Sources     disclosed   the          Al-Utheina was quoted as
                                                                                                                and Twitter, saying the min-             additional charges for servic-      Minister of Communications           saying he does not require
                                                                                                                istry would increase charges             es.                                 Salem Al-Utheina is asking           additional levies for services
                                                                                                                on landline, public transport              He noted the recent               officials of the ministry to         and only wants the officials to
                                                                                                                and postal services, reports             increase on levies for services     initiate new projects and            initiate new projects to attract
                                                                                                                Alam Al-Yawm.                            incited    angry      reaction,     improve on existing services         consumers in future.

                                                                                                                Public Prosecutor refers case file
                                                                                                                of Juwaihel to the Criminal Court
                                                                                       Photo by Meshal Naif
The National Council against Drugs on Wednesday launched the first edition of ‘Giras’, a                                                          ‘Wrong to refer Al-Teraiji to Public Prosecution’
local magazine on combating drugs. Speaking to the press during the launching of the
magazine at the Kuwait Journalists Association (KJA) headquarters, Dr Ahmad Al-
Samdan, the magazine’s supervisor, revealed the contents of the publication include the                         KUWAIT CITY, Aug
council’s experience in its fight against drugs and ways of curbing the spread of drug                          24:    The     Public
abuse through public awareness campaigns and health development, particularly amongst                           Prosecutor Dirar Al-
the youth adults. Also present at the launch were council member Dr Badr Al-Sheibani and
          Dr Ahmad Al-Shatti — Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Giras’.                               Asousi has referred
                                                                                                                the case file of for-
Pentagon weighs                                          rebel fighter calling himself Abu Haidar.              mer        lawmaker
                                                            Both the government and opposition forces           Mohammed          Al-
                                                         say attacks on Aleppo province are aimed at cut-
                         Continued from Page 1           ting arms supply routes to the rebels in Syria’s       Juwaihel to the
                                                         battered second city.                                  Criminal      Court,
plan to secure chemical weapons, though a larg-             Rebels claimed earlier this week to control 60
er conventional force could be required to pro-          percent of Aleppo but the regime has dismissed
                                                                                                                reports Al-Rai daily.
vide enough manpower to safeguard the sites, the         the claims and said Thursday the army had
                                                                                                                  The Prosecution has
official added. “It’s possible it would not be SOF,      recaptured three Christian neighbourhoods,             accused Al-Juwaihel of
depending on what the situation is.”                     where residents are largely pro-Assad.                 misusing the media to
   As the United States monitors the chemical               French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian          insult the Al-Mutair tribe
arsenal with the help of spy satellites, officials       said on France 24 television on Thursday that an       via the social networking
have to take into account “whether the regime            “international coalition” of Western nations and       website and possessing an
intends to use it, whether it falls into the wrong       allies could consider setting up a limited no-fly      unlicensed gun in his
hands and whether there’s a collapse of security         zone over part of Syria without such a mandate.
around the sites,” according to the official.                                                                   home.
                                                            “The scenario mentioned by (US Secretary of            However, for his part, Al-
   Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile, which             State) Hillary Clinton of a particular zone where
dates back to the 1970s, is the biggest in the                                                                  Juwaihel has denied the
                                                         there could be a banned area is something that         accusations. He added more
Middle East, but its precise scope remains               needs to be studied,” said Le Drian, the first sen-
unclear, according to analysts.                                                                                 than one time he has said
                                                         ior French official to air the possibility of action
                     Refugees                            by an “international coalition,” rather than the       that the Twitter account does
                                                         United Nations.                                        not belong to him.
   The number of refugees fleeing civil war in                                                                     Meanwhile, when the
Syria has surged to over 200,000, the UN said on            On Tuesday, Russia warned the West against
Friday, as fighter jets and tanks reportedly             taking any unilateral action in Syria, after           General Department for
unleashed deadly new raids in hotspots across            President Barack Obama threatened “enormous            Investigation          referred
the country.                                             consequences” if Assad used Syria’s chemical or        Juwaihel to the Prosecution
   The new international envoy Lakhdar Brahimi           biological weapons.                                    the Sentences Renewal
held talks with UN leaders Friday, pledging: “We                               Producer                         Judge ordered his release on
will not spare any effort” but saying he was                                                                    KD 100 bail provided he
                                                            Prominent independent Syrian film producer
“scared” about the scale of the task confronting         Orwa Nyrabia has gone missing after trying to          was not jailed in another
him.                                                     head to Cairo, an activist group said on Friday,       case.
   Western powers are focused on tightening the          voicing fears that he had been arrested by the            Meanwhile, Mohammad
screws on al-Assad while the 17-month conflict           authorities.                                           Al-Dalal, MP of the nulli-
grinds on with neither government forces nor                Nyrabia, 34, was at Damascus international          fied 2012 parliament, said
rebels able to claim decisive gains on the battle-       airport on Thursday for a flight to Cairo when his     the government by referring
field.                                                                                                          Dr Abdullah Al-Teraiji to
   Syrian deputy foreign minister Faisal Muqdad          family lost contact with him, the Local
said Thursday that Damascus was ready to work            Coordination Committees said, citing his family.       the Public Prosecution
with Brahimi and voiced hope he could pave the              The LCC, which has a large network of               because he called for con-
way for “national dialogue, after another minis-         activists on the ground, said that according to        trolling violations and mis-
ter said this week the regime was “ready to dis-         EgyptAir, “he did not board the plane which indi-      takes that have been com-
cuss” Assad’s departure as part of any negotiated        cates that he had been arrested by the Syrian          mitted at the Kuwait Stock
solution.                                                authorities.”                                          Exchange, has committed a
   Syria’s only regional ally Iran said it will sub-        It was not possible to confirm the report.          big mistake, reports Al-
mit a proposal for ending the conflict at a Non-            Nyrabia is an independent film and documen-
                                                         tary producer who co-founded his own produc-           Anba daily.
Aligned Movement summit next week, saying it                                                                       On his social networking
included “all parties” but giving no further             tion company Proaction Film, and is a director of
                                                         a documentary festival in Syria known as DOX           website Twitter he said, the
details.                                                                                                        government has committed
   World powers are divided over how to end a            BOX, according to the company’s website.
                                                            He has also acted, taking the lead role in “The     a grave mistake by referring
conflict that is also heightening tensions in                                                                   Al-Teraiji to the Public
neighbouring nations, and Syrian demonstrators           Door to the Sun” which made the Cannes
who took to the streets after weekly Muslim              Official Selection in 2004, it said.                   Prosecution.
prayers protested at the lack of international              Nyrabia, who studied film production at the            He indicated it is a nation-
action.                                                  Sorbonne in France, has frequently served as a         al duty to stop all kinds of
   “The world disgusts us,” chanted protesters in        panellist and jury member in festivals in the          corruption and bring in
Daraa, birthplace of the revolt that began with          Middle East and Europe.                                reforms. He added the gov-
peaceful protests against the regime in March               “Orwa is one of Syria’s real young, sharp           ernment by doing so has
2011.                                                    minds in the film industry,” fellow independent        violated Articles No 99, 108
                                                         film maker Wael Omar told AFP from Cairo.              and 110 of the Constitution
                    Pressure                                This year’s documentary festival was due to
   The West is nevertheless ramping up the pres-         take place in March but was cancelled in protest       which gives a lawmaker the
sure, with Washington and London threatening             at the continuing bloodshed in Syria.                  right to practice his powers
possible action if Damascus uses its chemical               “We are outraged, disheartened and anguished        and use his constitutional
weapons although Moscow has told them not to             at the silence of the world as it has witnessed the    tools.
meddle in Syria’s internal affairs.                      massacre of our people,” the festival website             Moreover, a lawmaker
   France also said it backed a partial no-fly zone      said.                                                  has the right to express
over Syria, where the regime is intensifying its            Omar, an Egyptian, said the last time he saw        his/her opinions and ideas
attacks from the air as it battles to stamp out rebel    Nyrabia was at a documentary festival in               through the Parliament and
strongholds in Aleppo and pockets of resistance          Amsterdam in November.                                 its committees because
in the capital Damascus.                                    “I was telling him how I couldn’t believe he        he/she represents the entire
   France and Germany said they are pushing for          hadn’t been arrested yet,” Omar said. “He told         nation.
Security Council action on the humanitarian cri-         me: ‘I don’t think the authorities look at me and         For his part, MP Waleed
sis gripping much of the country, where the UN           say... that’s a threat we need to take seriously.’”    Al-Tabtabaei said the gov-
says over one million are homeless and 2.5 mil-                                  Priest
lion in need of help.                                                                                           ernment has violated the
   The UN refugee agency said the flow of                   Christians must do everything they can to           Constitution by pursuing Al-
refugees fleeing the fighting had jumped, with           avoid the destruction of Syria’s religious plural-     Teraiji just because he had
202,500 people registering in neighbouring               ism, a Catholic priest forced to leave after spend-    submitted a query during his
countries.                                               ing 30 years in a monastery north of Damascus          duty in the National
   Lebanon was rattled again by new fighting             said this week.                                        Assembly. He stressed now
between rival pro-and anti-Assad communities                Father Paolo Dall’Oglio speaks with emotion         it is the duty of the Public
in the northern city of Tripoli, with 14 people          about a country that he says enshrines “the ideal      Prosecution to shelve the
killed since Monday, stoking fears of a spillover        of Arab ecumenism” and the lifetime he spent           lawsuit.
of the Syria conflict.                                   building bridges between Christians and
   Warplanes and artillery again pounded the             Muslims in his mountaintop church in Mar
northern hub of Aleppo and several other areas
across the country, a watchdog said.
                                                            The thick-bearded 57-year-old fights back           Kuwaiti injured
                                                         tears as he remembers the thousands of victims
   The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
said August is already the deadliest single month        of the conflict and accuses the international com-     during quarrel
of the conflict with more than 4,000 people killed       munity of “irresponsibility” which could pave
in barely three weeks, and an overall death toll of      the way for the rise of Islamist groups.               KUWAIT CITY, Aug 24: A
around 24,500.                                              An energetic Italian Jesuit who has also lived      Kuwaiti citizen in his 30s
   In the day’s bloodiest single attack, 21 people       in Lebanon, Dall’Oglio left Syria in June under        sustained various injuries
including 12 women and a child were killed in an         strong pressure from the Syrian regime and is in       during a quarrel with four                                                                                                        Photos by Rizk Taufiq
air and artillery strike in Mayadin that levelled at     Rome for consultations on the crisis including         others        in       Kabad.     The Egyptian ambassador to Kuwait held a reception over the Eid Al Fitr holidays. Diplomats, Egyptian and Kuwaiti
least one residential building, Observatory head         with the Vatican’s Secretariat of State.               Eyewitnesses revealed that                                                 citizens graced the occasion.
Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.                                 He calls himself the “chaplain of the revolu-       gunshots were fired into the
   Al-Ikhbariya, a government satellite channel,         tion” and told AFP in the Thursday interview that      air during the quarrel.
                                                         Syrians “have the right to defend themselves
said security forces were “engaged in combat
with an armed terrorist group in the Mayadin             with arms” against an unjust regime.
                                                                                                                   When Operations Room
                                                                                                                at Ministry of Interior
                                                                                                                                                                              Fake KD 20 note cases increasing
region, killing dozens of terrorists”.                      During the interview, Dall’Oglio’s mobile
                                                         phone rings: a friend from Homs, the bombed-           received information about
   In all 129 people were killed nationwide,
according to the Observatory, which has a net-
work of activists, doctors and other sources on
                                                         out city that has become a symbol of the bloody
                                                            “A priest whose two brothers have been kid-
                                                                                                                the quarrel, securitymen and
                                                                                                                paramedics rushed to the
                                                                                                                scene and discovered that
                                                                                                                                                  CBK to discuss methods to encounter
the ground but whose information cannot be
independently confirmed.                                 napped. He thinks I have the right contacts but I      the Kuwaiti citizen fractured     KUWAIT CITY, Aug 24: The              through the addition of a broad         rently being studied, adding that
   It also reported heavy shelling on several dis-       no longer have any direct influence on the             his left hand and injured his     Central Bank of Kuwait will hold      magnetic strip as well as security      the concerned authorities have
tricts of Aleppo, scene of the fiercest fighting since   ground,” Dall’Oglio said.                              head and back. They also          a meeting next week with various      indications    to      differentiate    been looking into this matter for a
the conflict first entangled the commercial hub a           He said the Christian minority in Syria is          found a pistol with him.
month ago, as well as Daraa, the northwestern            caught in a complex bind and is “in danger” even          Paramedics provided first      local banks to discuss about meth-    between a fake and a genuine            long time and the pending analy-
province of Idlib and Hama in the centre.                though it is not expressly being targeted by           aid at the site to the injured    ods to counter the increasing         note.                                   sis is its suitability with ongoing
   The opposition Syrian National Council                rebels.                                                citizen, after which he was       cases of fake KD 20 notes being         They explained that the propos-       economic growth.
warned of a “humanitarian catastrophe” in the               Al-Assad’s government has used “a systemat-         referred     to     Farwaniya     used, reports Al-Shahid daily         al will be reviewed from all              They indicated that a high level
central city of Homs, saying it had been under           ic strategy to force Christians to remain allied       Hospital. The other suspects
siege for 80 days and was in desperate need of           with it,” he said, adding that men and women of                                          quoting reliable sources.             aspects and will be endorsed            of coordination exists between
                                                         the clergy were being coopted to keep Christians
                                                                                                                escaped before the officials        They said the local banks will      immediately if it fulfils all techni-   the Central Bank of Kuwait and
food and medical supplies.
                                                         on the regime’s side.                                  arrived at the location.
   Rebels said they were digging in for a war of
                                                                                                                   Securitymen are waiting        present a proposal during the         cal requirements and is approved        other financial establishments to
attrition in Aleppo, where the regime had warned            Syria “has the vocation to express the ideal of                                       meeting to the Central Bank of        by all concerned authorities.           control any monetary infringe-
last month of “the mother of all battles”.               Arab ecumenism where Muslims, Christians and           for the revival of the vic-
   “We don’t have enough weapons, they (the              Jews have retained an ancient civilisation,” he        tim’s health to proceed with      Kuwait regarding changes to be          They revealed that the proposal       ment that could emerge in the
Syrian army) don’t have enough men,” said one            said.                                                  the investigations.               implemented on KD 20 note             to introduce KD 50 notes is cur-        markets.

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