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					                                                    The High Road
                                           Monthly Newsletter of the Syracuse H.O.G.® Chapter
                                           Volume XXIX, Issue 4                                            April 2012

             Biker at Heart

W         hen it comes to
          motorcycles, there
          are not many
things to which Bud
“Scratcher” Moore can’t
                                                                                                        The Panhead, pic-
                                                                                                    tured to the left, is a 1953
                                                                                                    that Scratcher purchased
                                                                                                    in either 1965 or ‘66. He
                                                                                                    found it in a chicken coop
say, “Been there, done                                                                              and took it home for $150.
that.”                                                                                              It was originally a police
      Scratcher began his                                                                           department bike. The dif-
life-long passion for two                                                                           ference being the police
wheels in rural Cayuga                                                                              bikes had foot shifters and
County with a Cushman                                                                               the machines sold to the
motor scooter. He was 15                                                                            general public were still
years old at the time and                                                                           using a hand shift-lever.
rode everywhere. As far as                                                                          The police bike also had a
a license, “At 15 you can’t                                                                         larger capacity electrical
get a license to drive any-                                                                         generator.
thing.” The issue of regis-                                                                             Gleaming paint was
tration was also taken care                                                                         only a dream at the time.
of with a bit of creative                                                           Provided Photo The bike’s restoration fin-
ingenuity.      “We made Scratcher aboard his “slightly modified” 1953 Panhead Harley. Photo ish was Allis-Chalmers
license plates out of card- was taken about three years ago in front of Ithaca Harley-Davidson when orange tractor paint.
board to look like real he had it in for its annual DMV inspection.                                     In earlier years, there
ones.”                                                                                              was a category for
      No helmets, no licenses, no wor-        Scratcher’s first Harley was what Panheads in the annual chapter
ries, the police never bothered them.    was called a 45 by 45. It was a 1945 mileage contest. Scratcher won more
      When motorcycle operator licens- Army bike, model WLA, with a 45 than once with between 1500 and
es began in New York State, you could degree, 45 cubic inch engine. The bike 2000 miles.
receive a waiver on any testing by previously belonged to a neighbor.                       Scratcher is one of the senior
proving that you had owned and oper-          He also had a Yamaha bike for a members of HOG, relative to time in
ated a registered motorcycle for three while. This was an all-weather, ride-it- the organization. He is a Life Member
years.     A motor vehicle operator year ‘round, machine. Snowmobile having joined in June 1988. In addition
license was not required. It was some trails were a favorite in the winter, to membership in the Syracuse
time later that the system of adding a however after a lot of grief from snow- Chapter, he belongs to the Finger
motorcycle endorsement to your oper- mobilers, he traded the Yamaha for a Lakes Chapter where he previously
ator’s license was put into effect.      sled.                                                                  Biker, page - 3
                                            Blessing of the Bikes at PHD. As we
         John Muldoon                       did last year, we will be helping with                        Chapter
            Director                        traffic and parking of the bikes. I hope
                                            that Jeff and Kathy remembered what
                                            we learned last year!
                 Director’s Chatter              Please watch our website for            John Muldoon, Director
                                            details. As you read Jeff’s article this
                   What a start to the      month explaining the Annual HOT in           315-243-7832
              riding season so far!         Pa., think about how you can support
              After an incredibly warm      your officers efforts to make our            Jeff Crouse, Assistant Director
              March, we kicked off our      Chapter the best it can be so we all can
riding season with some fun at the St.      RIDE and HAVE FUN together!                  315-729-7075
Patrick’s Parade and the Chili Cook-off          Hope to see you soon on a ride.
at PHD.                                                                                  Ron Blakley, Treasurer
     This month we will have the                                      JFM      

   Meeting Minutes                          24). Need to set up chili by 11:30;
                                                                                         Kathy Crouse, Secretary
  February 19, 2012                         cook-off 12-4 p.m. Tim Fox and Tim
                                            Barr to judge chili for the competition.
Kathy Crouse, Secretary                           Safety Officer (Ken Yackel) - Guest    Peggy Neary & Marie Tubolino
                                            speaker today Trooper Greg Eberl from        Activities Officers
                                            Troop D Lysander on Motorcycle     
                      Call to order 10:00   awareness and safety checks as con-          315-436-6806
                 a.m.– (John Muldoon)       ducted by himself and others in his
                      Pledge           of   division. Trooper Eberl cannot speak         Bill Becker, Head Road Captain
                 Allegiance                 for all divisions or other law enforce-
                      Housekeeping          ment agencies.                               315-415-3416
issues- Health and Welfare, welcome                LOH (Marcella Becker) - Has a list
members                                     of women who signed up last year for         Ken Yackel, Safety Officer
     Motorcycle night at Syracuse           impromptu rides. If you are not on the
Crunch Hockey game 3-24, tickets            list, let Marcella know and she will add
                                                                                         Steve Moretti, Membership
$12.00, see John Muldoon for further        your name.
info.                                             Community        Service       (Lori
     Assistant Director (Jeff Crouse)-      Robbins)- given by Jeff Crouse
State HOG Rally Alex Bay July 12-14                 Photographers (Kevin & Kathy         Dick Davidson, Historian
update, can register online. Gave           Baker) – will take officers pics if need-
Community Service report for D              ed for website                               315-439-3016
Robbins (vacation); Tel Auc scheduled              Web Master (Chris Blakely) - rides
4/19-22 and 4/26-29; contact Lori via       will be on website with updates three        Chris Blakley, Webmaster
email or on website. Highway Cleanup        days prior to ride date; Big rides will be
4-29, need ride leader as Lori will have    on the website consistently.
cleanup supplies and cannot do both               Historian (Dick Davidson) - no         Kathy & Kevin Baker,
roles.                                      report                                         Photographers
     Treasurer (Ron Blakley)-Feb.                  Editor (Mike Waters)- Newsletter
report given, tax documents filed and       on website and tables.                       Marcella Becker
accepted by IRS                                     Old Business: Rolling Thunder        Ladies of Harley
     Membership (Steve Moretti)- 165        information given for Memorial Day 
members at this time; New Members:          weekend leaving 7 a.m., not 10 a.m. as       315-415-3416
Robert Bishop, Susanne Firkins,             per website, route to be completed by
Kathleen Kilgore, James French,             Jim Poole by April meeting. Need to          Mike Waters, Editor
Christopher Croad, Mari Lynn                book hotel rooms by 4-24 or the blocks
Mocyk, and Tim Rowland.                     for rooms will be lost. Jim will provide     315-446-1455
     Ride Report (Bill Becker)- Chris       his email for those interested.
Blakely will update rides on the web;             Pig Pot Payout: $83.00 to a lucky      Lori Robbins, Community Service
updates on upcoming rides noted. Ride       member, T Shirt Bingo: NC winner.  
today to Madison after meeting.                   Adjourn 10:45 a.m.
     Activities Officers-(Peggy Neary &                                                  Dave Sedlack, Sponsoring Dealer
Marie Tubolino)-Provided updates on             Respectfully submitted,        
St. Pat’s Parade & chili cook-off (March        Kathy Crouse, Secretary                  315-471-1157

Biker, from Page - 1                           seen many changes
served as road captain.                        in the Chapter and
     The only current members ahead            motorcycling in gen-
of Scratcher on the Chapter seniority          eral. He remembers
list are: Carol and Bob Anguish, Linda         meetings being held
and George Fields, Bob Hurwitz, and            upstairs      at    the
Debbie and Dave Sedlack.                       Western Ranch motel
     When he joined HOG, his primary           and then the Bridge
ride was a 1986 Liberty Edition Harley.        Street Tavern         in
It was produced with and 80 cubic inch         Solvay, prior to mov-
engine. After getting his doors blown          ing to the new
off by those he rode with, he increased        Performance        H-D
the stroke to where the engine had 92          building.
cubes.                                              At the beginning,
     He put more than 100,000 miles on         members elected all                                                       2011 File Photo
that bike.                                     the officers. Meetings    Pat Christensen, the regional road captain for the Patriot
     With all these miles comes some           did not begin with the Guard Riders, and a member of the Syracuse HOG chapter,
                                                                         stands for a photo with “Scratcher” following a PGR ride through
practical techniques you won’t read            Pledge of Allegiance.
                                                                         Wayne County to support Blue Star Mothers. PGR is one of the
about in company literature. When rid-         There were far fewer many motorcycle organizations that “Scratcher” supports.
ing his chopper, he wore spurs. If he          Chapter rides.
leaned over too far, the spurs would                Among the “senior” members he significant change in the local motorcy-
drag and he would know that was the            has had the pleasure of knowing, cle world. “There has been a transition
limit.                                         Scratcher fondly notes Ron and Rose from “bikers” to many more motorcycle
     While this worked fine on his bike,       DePeyster, Peg and Walt Nowakowski, enthusiasts.
it wasn’t as effective if he was on his        and Carm and Shar Rinaldo.                          The Swap Meet, now held at the
brother’s Low Rider. An aggressive                  Scratcher was also was very fairgrounds was started by Bob
ride resulted in dragging parts of the         instrumental in the formation of Stonecypher and held in the basement
bike on the pavement. In particular, it        A.B.A.T.E. chapters in New York State. of the Onondaga County War
was tough on the two exhaust pipes on          For 11 eleven years he was state coor- Memorial. Stonecypher was a full
the ride side; reshaping them from             dinator. In that role he oversaw the patch holder of the local motorcycle
round to oval. Scratcher developed a           growth from one chapter on the east club, “The Eliminators.”
technique of using a broomstick handle         coast - Syracuse - where they first met             Among other local clubs of that era
to work the metal back into its original       in member’s homes before moving were: Stalkers, Road Runners and
shape.                                         meetings to Jumpin’ Jacks Tavern in Klansmen. Scratcher was president of
     In more than 25 years as a mem-           East Syracuse; to an organization of the Roadrunners.
ber of Syracuse HOG, Scratcher has             more than 2,000 members in 23 chap-                 “Brotherhood was the most impor-
                                                                 ters.                       tant thing if you belonged to a club,” he
                                                                      “I was out on the remarked. If the president called and
                                                                 Panhead every night needed six members for something,
                                                                 organizing and I can that was what you did. It wasn’t a mat-
                                                                 remember riding to ter that you might have other plans.
                                                                 Albany, in the snow,              “Friday nights were for bar hopping
                                                                 for the annual helmet and stopping to shoot a round of pool.
                                                                 ride.                       On a Sunday ride you didn’t stop at any
                                                                      About every five bars.
                                                                 years, I’d have to                ”Fights between members of differ-
                                                                 rebuild the engine. ent clubs were to be assumed. “I came
                                                                 Probably put 200,000 home more than once, pretty beat up.
                                                                 miles on the bike,” he You could only fall through a window
                                                                 said.                       so many times, so a visit to a hospital
                                                                      Scratcher        has wasn’t always an option. You learned
                                                                 more than 200,000 to do what you had to do. I became
                                                                 “official HOG miles” pretty good and sewing up my wounds;
                                                                 and many thousand the ones I could reach.”
                                      Photo by Mike Waters more on various                         Bud “Scratcher” Moore is a fasci-
Bud “Scratcher” Moore, at home with his ‘06 ultra Classic. He machines.                      nating guy with a million great stories.
is wearing what he refers to as his “War Vest.” It was made for       During the more He’s the real thing and has ridden
him by a “Guy in the joint” in exchange for two cartoons of cig- than       50      years more miles than most of us can only
arettes. This treasure is handcrafted from elk hide and carries Scratcher has been dream about. Above all, he’s a Biker at
a number of momentos from days gone by.                          riding, he has seen a Heart.

                                                   As a patriotic refresher, the United
                                              States has a code about our national
                                              anthem - United States Code, 36
                                              U.S.C. § 301, states that during a ren-
                                              dition of the national anthem, when the
                                              flag is displayed, all present except
                                              those in uniform should stand at atten-
        Marcella Becker                       tion facing the flag with the right hand
                                              over the heart; members of the Armed
                    Happy April every-        Forces and veterans who are present
                one.                          and not in uniform may render the mil-
                    Since Memorial Day        itary salute…..
                is approaching next                Thank you to all our military men
                month, I decided to           and women past and current and their
                cruise the Internet and       families at home for their sacrifice.
look for the connection of Military,          Land of the brave home of the free.
Motorcycle and Women. I expected to
find a connection to the “Rosie the                       Activities
Riveter” campaign from the World War
II era. Instead I stumbled across a site               Peggy Neary &                                          Photo by Kevin Baker
about our sisters across the big pond in               Marie Tubolino                       Dick Davidson can always be counted on
                                                                                            when the task involves food. Although not
                                                                                            an official judge, he managed to savor a
     Come to find out there were                                                            sufficient amount of each entry to ensure all
women working in the military and rid-                                 T     h     e        were suitable for human consumption.
ing motorcycles beginning in World                                 Syracuse       St.
War I and World War II. They were                                  Patty’s       Day        spicy and special chilies.
Britain’s WOMENS ROYAL NAVAL                                       Parade was held               When the tasting and judging were
SERVICE (WRNS); they rode motorcy-                                 on March 17. It          complete, Dave Sedlack announced
cles as dispatch riders.                      was a beautiful day. Thanks to all who        the three winners and awarded them
     Dispatch riders would sometime           helped us decorate and participated in        PHD gift cards.
have to deliver documents to areas            the parade.                                        First place went to Rick Yaroski for
hidden on unmarked roads. The also                The large crowds seemed thrilled          “Rick’s Heavy Breather Chili,” second
delivered live ammunition between mil-        to see Harleys back in the parade.            place to Barb Snyder for her “Clean
itary naval bases on very dark and                We all had a great day.                   Your Chrome Chili,” and third place to
treacherous “roads” and on occasion               The Second Annual Chili Cook-off          Erin Kish for “Erin’s V-Rod® Vegetarian
with bombs dropping.                          was held at Performance Harley-               Chili.”
     The site I found is www. Sea Your        Davidson on Saturday, March 24.                    Special thanks to our three celebri-                               There was a great variety among the           ty judges: Tim Fox from Channel 9
     Also, for you Monty Python fans          11 competitors who submitted their            News, Tim Barr from Glen Loch
remember the scene where the British                                                        Restaurant and Catering, and Josh
dispatch rider delivers the world’s fun-                                                    Brittain. Josh is a left winger on this
niest joke? It was being used as a mil-                                                     year’s Syracuse Crunch hockey team.
itary weapon against the Germans                                                                 We couldn’t have put together
because those who read it or heard it                                                       such a great day without the help of our
would die laughing. In the skit, the                                                        generous club members: Don Peck,
British read it out loud in German but                                                      Barb and John Snyder, Dick Davidson.
did not understand it so they would not                                                     Dave Tubolino, and Jeff and Kathy
die.                                                                                        Crouse.
     Harley has some info on their site                                                          We would also like to thank
about military history of the Harley-                                                       Performance Harley-Davidson for their
Davidson motorcycle. By broadening                                                          help with setup and Brian Sedlack for
the scope to all brands of motorcycles                                                      supplying all the paper products, uten-
in the military; there is a lot of history.                                                 sils and beverages.
     Looking online, there are some                                                              Thank you very much to those who
great photos of our military men and                           Photo by Kevin Baker         patriciated in the cook-off.
those of other countries on motorcy-          Tim Fox, Josh Brittain and Tim Barr,               With beautiful weather beginning, it
cles, mounted with machine guns and           celebrity judges, sample chili made by each   is time for us to ride and have fun.
soldiers with their motorcycles               of the contestants, as Karen Peck picks up         Everyone stay safe.
designed to carry their rifles and            their rating sheets.                               See you all on the rides.

                                              2, Troop D commander and a
      Safety Officer                          26 year veteran of New York’s
              Ken Yackel                      finest. He has had several
                                              commands over his career
                                              including Watertown (which
                       Hopefully everyone encompasses 3 counties) and
                  enjoyed the safety por- now the zone that covers
                  tion of our March meet- Onondaga County.
                  ing with Trooper Greg             Debbie and I spent sever-
                  Eberl and his presenta- al hours with Captain Raub,
                  tion. All of the informa- who is no stranger to motorcy-
tion presented was invaluable.                cles or motorcycle safety. He
     Many of the statistics that were is a rider and owns a 2009
explained were mind-boggling. Did Road Glide CVO.
you know that in the past five years,               Many people do not real-
motorcycle fatalities have increased 47 ize that there are only 17
percent in the United States? Last motorcycle troopers in New
                                                                                                             Photo by Mike Waters
year alone they increased more than York State (approximately two
                                                                                  Trooper Greg Eberl with his “official” ride at the
18 percent in New York State.                 per troop; and they are used
                                                                                  Lysander barracks. The bike had just been serviced at
     Even as I write this article the news primarily for traffic control at Performance H-D. Trooper Eberl will be taking it to
has announced the death of two more large events and dignitary Albany this month for his annual recertification.
bikers on New York Route 49 in West escorts).
Monroe. (When will this end?) The                   We are lucky to have Troopers having the troopers visit us again next
number of deaths on motorcycles Eberl and Jay Strait assigned to Zone year with another presentation.
exceeds that of any other vehicles by 2. Trooper Eberl will have 20 years of                    Ride Safe.
three percent, per miles traveled. service on March 30, 2012, with the
Trooper Eberl also stated that the num- New York State Police as a road patrol
ber of deaths and injuries involving trooper and has been a motorcycle offi-
motorcycles are rising, while other cer since 2001. His personal ride is a                  Community Service
vehicle related injuries are declining.       Dyna Wide Glide. Trooper Eberl’s
     Trooper Eberl passed around cut- brother is also a New York State                                Lori Robbins
away versions of a DOT helmet and a Trooper.
novelty helmet. What a major differ-                New York State Police motorcy-                               Our spring highway
ence between the two. He went on to clists must be specially trained before                                 cleanup is scheduled
explain that during their road checks, being assigned to motorcycle duty.                                   for April 29. I am look-
they are looking for expired New York Troopers who have been trained by                                     ing for a volunteer to
State inspections and straight pipes.         Harley Davidson conduct this training.                        lead a ride of your
                                                                  Each       motorcycle                     choice       after     the
                                                                  trooper must attend,                      cleanup. This is always
                                                                  and      successfully a great way to start out the season and
                                                                  complete, recertifica- promises to be a great time! We meet
                                                                  tion training every at Tabitha’s Restaurant on state Route
                                                                  two years.                370 at 10 a.m.
                                                                      These troopers            Thank you in advance to Jim Allen,
                                                                  have the same pas- Karen Whedon and Mike Waters for
                                                                  sion for riding and offering their time to answer phones at
                                                                  safety as we do.          the WCNY Tel Auc on April 28 from 8
                                                                      In conclusion, I p.m. to 12 a.m.
                                                                  would like to thank           Next “save-the-date” is August 25
                                                                  Captain Raub and for the MDA Ride. We will be looking
                                                                  Troopers Eberl and for 10 - 15 volunteers to help out in var-
                                                                  Strait (who could not ious ways the day of the ride. This will
                                        Photo by Kevin Baker be with us for this take place in downtown Liverpool and
Trooper Greg Eberl shows the differences between a novelty
                                                                  meeting) and pray we usually help out from registration to
helmet and one that meets DOT safety standards. It was quite
                                                                  that every night they parking. If you are not interested in
clear from the construction; the novelty helmet offers no protec-
tion for the rider.                                               make it home safely helping out, please plan to support this
                                                                  to their families, and worthy cause and participate in the
     The presentation would not have to my wife Debbie, for being my extra ride. There will be food by Limp Lizard,
been possible without the help and ears at these meetings and taking music and many vendors.
assistance of Captain Jeff Raub, Zone notes for me and we look forward to                       Ride safe!

                   As Simple as ABC
By Arasmus B. Draggin

    t’s never too early to get a head       Hoover Dam, a Nevada state welcome           then Henderson H-D (remember, deal-
    start on the riding season. I had to    center and Arizona’s Mohave County.          erships count for towns as well).
    be in Las Vegas (poor, poor, pitiful         Along the way I got off the beaten          The day ended with a trip to the
me) the beginning of March for a cou-       path (the cattle guard should have           parking lot at Las Vegas H-D.
ple of trade shows, and lo and behold I     been a clue) and found a neat old town           Day one: 19 points.
had a weekend free in between.              called Chloride. Go figure. First real           Sunday morning was a little
                                            stop was in Kingman, where I spent           warmer than Saturday, and it was a
                                            some time with the fine folks at Mother      great ride west over to the border town
                                            Road H-D before heading down to              of Pahrump, Nevada, which is located
                                            Yucca and Lake Havasu City. There            in Nye County.
                                            are two great things about Lake                  After a visit to the Terrible’s Casino
                                            Havasu City—it’s the home of the real,       for their spectacular (and cheap)
                                            actual, in-the-flesh London Bridge. It       breakfast buffet, I headed over to
                                            was not falling down. There were no          California and Death Valley. After turn-
                                            fair ladies. But... located across the       ing onto California state Route 127 in
                                            parking lot from this transplanted           Shoshone, I was in Inyo County, and
                                            assemblage of brick and mortar, was          then it was up to Death Valley Junction
      Photos by Arasmus B. Draggin          the shining light of my first day out. Of
Arasmus parks his bike along side the       course, I refer to the world-famous In-
roadway to make a documentary photo         n’-Out Burger. Damn, that’s good eats.
indicating he ;and his bike were in              After a couple of double cheese-
Pahrump, Nev. in 2012.                      burgers (when I am ever going to be
                                            back there?) I headed out for Parker
     Having several choices (1. Lose all    Dam, which is not only a town but the
my money playing video poker; 2. O.D.       name of a dam (duh). Crossing the
at the buffet; 3. Ride a motorcycle) I      dam put me into San Bernardino
thought long and hard about what to do      County, California.                          Death Valley National Park counts as
with my spare time. If you haven’t               Parker Dam Road was a real nice         one point out of possible five in this cat-
guessed yet, I’m too cheap for gam-         ride along the Colorado River, and           egory.
bling, too fat for the buffet already and   after saying “hello” (actually, I said
love to ride so it was an easy decision.    “Holy Sh#t”) to a couple of burros in the    and then into the park.
     I was able to procure a 2011 Street    road, it took me all the way to Earp              Death Valley is spectacular and
Glide for the two days and made my          (post offices say “United States”, so        much more colorful and scenic than
arrangements. I packed up my helmet,        that counts for a country) and then on       one would think. In the miles I rode I
jacket and riding boots and headed          to Vinal Junction. From there is was a       went from below sea level to more than
west. My plan was to see how many           right turn and up to Needles.                2,500 feet of elevation. It’s a wild ride.
ABC points I could rustle up around Sin          A little later that day I was able to   If you go, make sure you take the trip
City.                                       pass through Searchlight, Nevada and         up to Scotty’s Castle. Talk about plop-
     After picking up the bike on Friday                                                 ping something down in the middle of
evening (most rentals are based on 24                                                    nowhere. I picked up the sign for
hours, not on a calendar day, so try to                                                  Death Valley National Park on the way
get them the night before so you can                                                     out toward Beatty, Nevada.
head out early) and taking a short ride                                                       After gassing up, it was time to
to work out some cobwebs, I headed                                                       head back to Sin City, via Indian
back to the hotel for a good night’s                                                     Springs and then a visit to Red Rock H-
sleep.                                                                                   D before returning the bike.
     Saturday morning I was up early                                                          Day two: 9 points.
and headed out south on Las Vegas                                                             Two days, 28 ABC’s points, 806
Blvd. to get my first points. After stop-                                                miles, priceless views. I didn’t even
ping at the Clark County Fire house         Needles, Calif., where temperatures run      mind losing at the video poker that
                                            well into three digits during the summer
and the Las Vegas city sign, I hopped                                                    night.
on the highway and headed toward the

                                                                                          ty and more. HOT training is designed
                                                 Assistant Director                       to give officers the knowledge they
    Kathy & Kevin Baker                                  Jeff Crouse                      need to achieve these goals from pro-
                                                                                          fessional trainers and fellow HOG offi-
                                                                 It’s More Than a         cers.
                          It is a good idea                            Party                   The cost of attending HOT training
                      to take a second to                                                 is split among the officers, the sponsor-
                      check for distrac-                            What used to be       ing dealer and the chapter. The Motor
                      tions when compos-                       called POT is now          Company covers the cost of the train-
                      ing     photographs.                     called HOT. And nei-       ing and the last-night’s dinner. The
                      Bright objects, dis-                     ther has to do with        remaining costs are divided as men-
tracting lines, or too much contrast in       drugs or pretty people. What it has to      tioned. The sponsoring Dealer has
the backgrounds can detract from the          do with is training – Harley Officers’      agreed to cover 50% of the room cost
main subjects.                                Training to be exact. Every year            with the remaining 50% split between
      Usually a change in position            Harley Davidson Motor Company               the chapter and the participating offi-
left/right or raising/lowering the camera     sponsors a number of three-day train-       cers. The officers are also responsible
angle can help. You can also use your         ing sessions throughout the United          for all transportation costs and any inci-
zoom lens to control backgrounds by           States for the training of those individ-   dentals including time off from work to
changing the perspective.                     uals who have volunteered to be offi-       drive down and attend.
      For a portrait type image step back     cers for local HOG chapters.                     Upon returning from HOT, an offi-
and zoom in to show less background                HOT Training for our area will be      cers meeting will be held and informa-
and bring more attention to subject.          held during the third weekend in April in   tion gained by each officer will be
      If you are on the Bob Davidson          Pittsburgh, Pa. and the Syracuse            shared with fellow officers.
New York City Ride and are photo-             Chapter will be well represented. All            So it’s much more than a party –
graphing the group and bikes in Times         four of our primary officers will be        HOT is an essential part of making
Square, get closer to the group and           attending as well as a number of other      sure our chapter remains strong and
zoom out to show more of the scene            officers.                                   provides all members with the opportu-
while still keeping the main subjects              Training sessions are held all day     nity to ride and have fun.
large enough in the image.                    Friday and Saturday with a final ban-
      If you are photographing the
Xenia, Ohio sign with your bike for
                                              quet Saturday evening. There are
                                              approximately 25 unique courses avail-
HOG’s ABC of Touring Contest, take            able and each officer is asked to attend             Steve Moretti
some time to compose the image to             the courses which best meet the
highlight your motorcycle and the sign        responsibilities he or she has as an                            Syracuse      HOG
by choosing the best angle, distance          officer.                                                    welcomes the following
and zoom.                                          One of the biggest advantages of                       members who have
      Technology makes it easy to take a      attending HOT is the opportunity for                        recently joined the
photo, try to get into the habit of creat-    our officers to connect with fellow offi-                   chapter:
ing an image.                                 cers from other HOG chapters. Our
                                              primary objective as a HOG chapter is          Mary and Ronald Amyot, Henry
                                              to ride and have fun but it doesn’t hap-    Capella, Jeff and Susan Gordon,
                                              pen automatically. Our officers need to     Charles and Kelly Koagel, Chet
 Who are the Newlyweds?                       understand how a successful chapter         Kotwas, Christine McCullough, Ronald
                                              is organized and operated. They need        Pennock, Richard Raab, Tim Rowland,
                                              to have clear goals and the tools nec-      Joseph Swierk, and James Togni.
                                              essary to achieve those goals. The
                                              Syracuse Chapter primary officers               The following National HOG mem-
                                              meet on a regular basis to ensure we        berships expire in April:
                                              are in compliance with the National
                                              Charter as well as state and local laws             Timothy C. Alexander
                                              pertaining to the operation of a not-for-           Robert F. Bugnaski
                                              profit membership organization.                     Victoria A. Cole
                                                   The primary officers are also                  Timothy H. Duerr
                                              charged with the maintaining financial              Renee M. Sager
                                              records and keeping the chapter finan-              Michael D. Standen
                                              cially viable.
                                                   Many of the courses are designed           You must be a member of the
                                              to cover promoting and maintaining          national organization to remain a mem-
                                              membership, how to run successful           ber of the Syracuse chapter.
                 Photo by Mike Waters         events, dealership relations, rider safe-

                 Happy St. Patrick’s Day
By Barb O’Snyder

      aturday, March 17, was a perfect
      day for a parade. Luckily for
      about 20 HOG members, there
happened to be one in Syracuse that
day! There were a dozen or so motor-
cycles ridden by our members and a
few friends, a big red truck and a ginor-
mous Harley- Davidson balloon.
    We gathered at PHD to decorate
our bikes, the truck, and balloon and
then headed over to our staging area
to wait for the cannon to go off signal-
ing the start of the 30th Annual St.
Patrick’s Day Parade.
    The ‘biggest crowd ever’ greeted
us as we rolled along Salina Street.
Folks cheered and roared almost as
loud as our Harleys. It was so warm                                                                 Photo by Mike Waters
and sunny that some got their first sun-                  Dick Davidson holds the tether for the Performance H-D balloon as
burn of the season; everyone certainly                    members on bikes pass between the Gridley Building and Clinton
had a good time.                                          Square.
    After the parade most of us head-
ed back to PHD for some food and
laughs, which is pretty ‘standard oper-
ating procedure’ for Syracuse HOG.
    The Parade was a great way to
kick off the 2012-riding season. Let’s
hope all our events are as fun and col-
orful as this one.

                               Photo by Kevin Baker                                         Photo by Kevin Baker
Syracuse HOG members who were participating, gather       Peggy Neary make adjustments to decorations as Dick
for a group photo prior to the beginning of the parade.   Davidson and Barb Snyder look on.

       It’s gotta be the chili !                                                                 Historian
                                                                                               Dick Davidson
                                                                                                       A Blast from the Past
                                                                                                           Today     we     are
                                                                                                      blessed with an ice
                                                                                                      storm that cut power to
                                                                                                      several areas of Central
                                                                                           York. It seems hard to remember
                                                                                      riding at Daytona Bike Week just a few
                                                                                      weeks ago!
                                                                                           Even the recent temps of 60-70’s
                                                                                      seem like a distant memory. But, when
                                                                                      spring arrives, it will come in a rush
                                                                                      with warm temps and dry, sunny skies.
                                                                                      Be ready to take advantage of this long
                                                                                      awaited weather by having your bike
                                                                                      together, serviced and road ready.
                                                                                           April is the traditional month of
                                                                                      motorcycle        registrations     being
                                                                                      renewed, so make sure to contribute to
                                                                                      the DMV for the privilege (?) of riding
                                                                                      on the highways of New York. Put the
                                                          Photo by Mike Waters        new registration sticker on your bike
#17 Josh Brittain, Syracuse Crunch, “drops the gloves” against #29 Derek Mathers of   license plate, as it will do no good at
the Adirondack Phantoms. Less than a week prior, Brittain was one of the celebrity    home on the kitchen table when you
judges for the PHD Chili Cook-off. Josh also doubled his season goal production in    get stopped.
games played after the Cook-off. He purchased a new Sportster from PHD as a gift           It is a good time to check the insur-
for his mother. Josh is from Milton, Ontario.                                         ance cards you are carrying to make
                                                                                      sure they are current and readable.
                                                                                      Ready? – Now let’s go riding!

        Mardi Gras or St. Pat’s?                                                           NEXT MEETING – The next
                                                                                      SYRACUSE HOG Chapter meeting
                                                                                      will be held
                                                                                           SUNDAY, APRIL 27 @ 10AM at
                                                                                      the BRIDGE STREET TAVERN. The
                                                                                      meeting date was changed to allow for
                                                                                      the Easter holiday. Damn The Snow
                                                                                      Chapter guided ride will follow, so bring
                                                                                      the bike!
                                                                                           See you there!
                                                                                      Reprinted from April 2003

                                                                                         Our Fearless Leader
                                                                                                             John Muldoon,
                                                                                                             chapter director,
                                                                                                             Jeff Crouse, assis-
                                                                                                             tant director, Kathy
                                                                                                             Crouse, secretary,
                                                                                                             and Mike Waters,
                                                                                                             editor,        have
                                                          Photo by Kevin Baker                               served as parade
                                                                                                             marshals for many
      Mike Williams, followed by Mike and Toby Casler pass through crowds along W.
      Genesee St., between Clinton Square and the Syracuse Newspaper building.

                                Syracuse, NY 13204-1215
                                807 North Geddes Street
                                Performance Harley-Davidson
                                Syracuse, NY Harley Owners Group

Mark Down These Dates
 Monthly Meeting 4/15/12 - PHD 10:00 a.m.

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                Password: Chapter3424

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