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   Mission, vision, history and structure
   Biennial goals and service projects
   Zonta International and Zonta
    International Foundation Boards and
   Your local Zonta Club
   Zonta and You
           Zonta Mission

Zonta International is a global organization of
executives and professionals working together to
advance the status of women worldwide through
             service and advocacy.
            Zonta Vision
     Zonta International envisions a world in
which women’s rights are recognized as human
 rights and every woman is able to achieve her
full potential. In such a world, every woman is
   literate and has access to education, health
care, legal and economic resources on an equal
  basis with men. In such a world, no woman
              lives in fear of violence.
                   Zonta History
   1919-Founded in Buffalo, New York, USA

   1921-First Zonta Convention held in Syracuse, NY

   1930-Zonta Confederation became Zonta International with the
    first European club in Vienna, Austria

   1928-Zonta opens national headquarters in Chicago
                     Zonta History
   1946-Consultative status with United Nations

   1948-First South American Club (Chile)

   1952-First Asian Club (Philippines)

   1965-New Zealand

   1966-Australia

   1970-First African Club (Ghana)
          Zonta Membership
            Global Reach
 More than 1,200 Clubs in 64 countries
 More than 30,000 members
         Organizational Structure

                 (ZI) Board
                                                            (ZIF) Board

                ZI Districts
ZI Committees                            Headquarters     ZIF Committees
                 and Areas

                               Clubs / Members
        Zonta International Goals
                                2010 – 2012
   Governance                                     Legislative Awareness and
   Financial                                       Advocacy
   Credibility and Visibility                     Service
   Membership                                     Amelia Earhart Fellowship
   United Nations                                 Jane M. Klausman Scholarship
                                                   Young Women in Public
                                                    Affairs Award
                                                   Z and Golden Z Club
                                                   Zonta International Foundation
                 For more information, visit, Member Resources
       Zonta International Foundation
        2010-2012 Fundraising Goals
             2010-2012 Foundation Fundraising Goals
              Total (excluding the Endowment Fund)
International Service Fund                            1,500,000
ZISVAW Fund                                             630,000
Amelia Earhart Fellowship Fund                          700,000
Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship Fund     184,000
Young Women in Public Affairs Award Fund                 94,000
Rose Fund                                               650,000
Zonta International Service Programs
 International Service Program
 Zonta International Strategies to End Violence
  Against Women (ZISVAW) Program
 Amelia Earhart Fellowships
 Jane M. Klausman Women in Business
 Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Awards
 Emma L. Conlon Service Award
 For more information visit or contact your District Foundation Ambassador
International Service Program
       2010-2012 Projects
           United Nations Children’s Fund
            (UNICEF): Prevention of Mother-to-Child
            Transmission of HIV and Gender-Based
            Violence in Rwanda

           UN Women (The United Nations Entity
            for Gender Equality and the
            Empowerment of Women): Safe Cities for
            Women in Guatemala City, Guatemala and
            San Salvador, El Salvador

           United Nations Population Fund
            (UNFPA): Towards Elimination of Obstetric
            Fistula and the Reduction of Maternal and
            Newborn Mortality and Morbidity in Liberia
Zonta International Strategies to End Violence
Against Women (ZISVAW) Program 2010-2012

   UN Trust Fund, administered by UN Women (The
    United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the
    Empowerment of Women) : Towards a Comprehensive
    Strategy to End Burns Violence Against Women in Cambodia,
    Nepal and Uganda

   UN Women (The United Nations Entity for Gender
    Equality and the Empowerment of Women): Security and
    Empowerment for Women and their Families: Ensuring a
    Gender-Responsive Humanitarian and Early Recovery
    Response in Haiti
          Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards
 Amelia Earhart Fellowship – Fellowship for women pursuing
  Ph.D./doctoral degrees in aerospace-related sciences and engineering

 Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship – Scholarship for
  women pursuing undergraduate and Master’s degrees in business

 Young Women in Public Affairs Award (YWPA) - Recognizes young
  women for their demonstrated leadership skills and commitment to public
  service and civic causes and encourages them to continue their participation
  in public and political life

 Emma L. Conlon Service Award – Recognizes Z and Golden Z Clubs
  whose projects and programs best express the ideals of Zonta International
  through local and international service and advocacy to advance the status of
  women worldwide
    Zonta International Advocacy
Zonta International Resolutions
 Awareness, Prevention and Treatment of
 Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
 Violence Against Women
 Anti-Trafficking
 CEDAW Optional Protocol
     Zonta International
Zonta International Foundation
    Boards & Committees
Zonta International Board and Zonta
  International Foundation Board
             Zonta International
 Bylaws & Resolutions          Legislative Awareness and
 Convention                     Advocacy (LAA)
 ZI Finance                    Organization, Membership
 Nominating                     and Classification (OMC)
 Amelia Earhart Fellowships    Public Relations &
 Jane M. Klausman Women        Service
  in Business Scholarships
 Young Women in Public         United Nations
  Affairs Awards                Council of Europe
 Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs    ZIF Finance
                                ZIF Development
Zonta International Headquarters
          Staff Departments:
 Executive
 Finance and Human Resources
 Member Services
 Programs
 Contributions
 Communications
                    Zonta International Board
                     and Zonta International
                       Foundation Board
Name                              Office                 Zonta Club
                                  President              Santa Clarita Valley, CA, USA
Dianne K. Curtis
                                  President-Elect        Wellington, New Zealand
Lynn J. McKenzie
                                  Vice President         Copenhagen, Denmark
Maria Jose Landeira Oestergaard
                                  Treasurer/Secretary    New York, USA
Ellen Karo
                                  Director (2010-2012)   Düesseldorf, Germany
Susanne Von Bassewitz
                                  Director (2010-2012)   Milwaukee, USA
Jacqueline Beaudry
                                  Director (2010-2012)   Brampton-Caledon, Canada
Kathleen Douglass
                                  Director (2010-2012)   Yokohama, Japan
Kikuko Hara
                                  Director (2009-2012)   Melbourne on Yarra Inc, Australia
Beryl McMillan
                                  Director (2009-2012)   Hyvinkää Area, Finland
Kirsi Nickels
                                  Director (2009-2012)   Kungsbacka, Sweden
Sonja Hönig Schough
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International Conventions

The 2012 Zonta International Convention will
     be held in Torino, Italy, 7 – 12 July
Zonta and You
          Zonta and You:
   Benefits of Zonta Membership
 Make a difference in the lives of women and girls
 Participate in and support quality service, advocacy
  and scholarship programs
 Meet a diverse range of executives and professionals
  through member networking.
 Build leadership and mentoring skills
 Enjoy fellowship and fun through international
          Zonta and You:
     Website Member Resources
 Website –
  Locate a Club
  Member Directories
  Online tools for leadership, membership
   development, public relations, service,
   advocacy and fundraising
         Zonta and You:
  Website Member Resources
Website –
   Information about current ZI Programs funded
    by ZIF, scholarship and award recipients such as
    Amelia Earhart Fellows
   Share Your Story – success stories of Zonta
    service and advocacy shared by Zonta clubs
    around the world
   Frequently asked Questions/Contact Us
District/Club Websites
                Zonta and You:
              Additional Resources
 The Zontian magazine
 Zonta International monthly e-newsletter
 Zonta leadership (Governors, Lieutenant
  Governors, Area Directors, Club
 Foundation Ambassadors
 Zonta International official social media
  on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
  YouTube and Flickr
     Thank you for your
commitment to advancing the
 status of women worldwide!

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