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									                  Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry

                                                         Summer 2012

      Eye on Education is generously sponsored by The HOYA Free-Form Company, which manufactures and supplies ophthalmic
    lenses to eyecare professionals. Its focus is to provide a complete range of high-quality lens designs, coatings and materials.

ASCO Elects Officers                          •	 Dr.	 Richard	 W.	 Phillips,	 At-Large	            In addition, the Board’s action encour-
at June Meeting                                  Member                                         ages	 the	ACOE,	 if	 a	 decision	 to	 proceed	
                                              •	 Dr.	 Kevin	 L.	 Alexander,	 Immediate	         is made, to include broad input from the
                              Dr. David A.                                                      optometric community in a manner con-
                           Heath, Presi-         Past-President.
                                                                                                sistent with past practice when developing
                           dent of the
                           State Universi-
                                              Board Backs Ideas for                             the	 standards	 and	 processes	 for	 CE	 ac-
                                              CE Accreditation                                  creditation.
                           ty of New York,
                           State College         Support for the development of a feder-        Ex-ASCO Presidents
                           of Optometry,      ally recognized accreditation process for         Enter Hall of Fame
                           was      elected   continuing	 education	 (CE)	 programs	 in	
ASCO President             President     of   the profession of optometry was approved            Dr.	 Kevin	Alexander,	 Immediate	 Past-
Dr. David A. Heath         the Association    by the ASCO Board of Directors at its an-         President of ASCO, and former Presidents
                           of Schools and     nual meeting in June. The approval is con-        Dr.	Thomas	Lewis	and	Dr.	William	“Bil-
Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) at its an-       tingent on a decision being made within           ly” Cochran have been elected to the Op-
nual meeting in Chicago, Ill., on June 26.    the profession to proceed with such a pro-        tometry Hall of Fame and were honored
During the meeting, Dr. Heath presented       cess.                                             at the American Optometric Association
his vision for his presidency, highlighting                                                     (AOA) Congress in June.
                                                The Board-approved motion also sup-
the theme of “Finding ASCO’s Voice.”
                                              ports the expansion of the mission of the
                                                                                                             (ASCO News cont’d on page 2)
  This priority includes:                     Accreditation Council on Optometric
•	 developing	communication	strategies        Education	 (ACOE),	 as	 optometry’s	 spe-
•	 providing	more	leadership	in	optome-
                                              cialized accreditation body, to include the         IN THIS ISSUE:
                                              accreditation of agencies and/or programs
   try and health care by sharing expertise   providing	 CE	 to	 doctors	 of	 optometry.	 It	     Meetings............................................7
•	 being	 more	 deliberative	 in	 engaging	   encourages the development of a com-
   external constituents.                     prehensive business plan, taking care to            School and College News .................8
Other	officers	elected	for	the	new	program	   ensure there are adequate resources to
                                              support	a	process	of	CE	accreditation	that	         Industry Spotlight............................11
   year, which began July 1, are:
                                              would be of the highest quality before
•	 Dr.	Jennifer	Smythe,	President-Elect                                                           Corporate Contributor News ...........12
•	 Dr.	Linda	Casser,	Secretary-Treasurer
ASCO NEWS                               (Cont’d from page 1)

   Dr. Alexander is President of Southern
California College of Optometry. He was                        ASCO Institutions Can Now Apply for Grants to
ASCO President in 2011-2012 and had
previously served as Dean of the Michi-                        Fund On-Site Cultural Competency Guidelines
gan College of Optometry at Ferris State                               Implementation Workshops
University. He is a former President of the            The application process for the ASCO Curriculum Guidelines for Culturally
AOA. Dr. Cochran served on the Board of                Competent Eye and Vision Care Workshop Grant Program is now open.
ASCO and as President in 1991-1992. He                 The program provides funds to schools and colleges of optometry for on-site
was also President of Southern College of              Cultural Competency Guidelines Implementation Workshops. The workshops
Optometry, during which time the college               demonstrate how to use the ASCO Guidelines for Culturally Competent Eye
moved into the national arena of optomet-              and Vision Care to incorporate topics and experiences in cultural competency
ric education.                                         into the optometric curriculum. Depending on the needs of each institution,
  Dr.	 Lewis’	 term	 as	 ASCO	 President	              a workshop runs from 2 to 4 hours. A grant pays for travel, housing and per
was	in	1996-1997,	and	he	is	the	first	and	             diem for two facilitators as well as materials used during the workshop. Grants
only	recipient	to	date	of	ASCO’s	Lifetime	             are funded by Walmart.
Achievement Award. He also served as
President of the Partnership Foundation
for	 Optometric	 Education	 and	 President	            The Cultural Competency Curriculum Guidelines Subcommittee of the ASCO
of	 the	 National	 Board	 of	 Examiners	 in	           Optometry Diversity and Cultural Competency Committee will review applica-
Optometry.                                             tions based on the following criteria:
                                                       ‣	 The	percentage	of	the	institution’s	faculty,	administrators	and	staff	who	are	
ASCO Applauds                                             committed to participating in the workshop
Award for Dr. Shipp                                    ‣	 The	commitment	of	workshop	participants	to	complete	the	following	prior	to	
  Dr. Melvin Shipp, a former ASCO Pres-                   the workshop:
ident	and	the	first	optometrist	to	be	elected	            •	 take	an	online	self-awareness	survey
President of the American Public Health                   •	 read	two	pre-workshop	materials	(available	on	the	ASCO	Web	site	at	
Association, was honored by ASCO upon              
receiving the AOA’s Optometrist of the
                                                             1) ASCO Guidelines for Culturally Competent Eye and Vision Care
Year Award in June. Dr. Shipp has been
an outstanding leader in optometric edu-                     2) Cultural and Linguistic Competence, from Optometric Care in the Pub-
cation and the profession throughout his                        lic Health Community
four-decade career.                                       •	 take	a	reading	materials	pre-workshop	quiz
   An ASCO Board-approved resolution                      •	 determine	the	demographics	in	their	area	and	share	the	results	with	as-
recognizing Dr. Shipp’s many achieve-                        signed ASCO facilitators
ments states, in part, “Optometric edu-                ‣	 Evidence	of	an	institutional	commitment	to	diversity	and	cultural	competen-
cation and the profession have directly                   cy, with an intention to integrate cultural competency training into numerous
benefitted	from	Dr.	Shipp’s	expertise	and	                courses, workshops and clinical experiences in the optometric curriculum
leadership as ASCO President in 2009-                     through lectures, interactive exercises, discussions, case study analysis,
2010, Professor and Dean of The Ohio                      journal-keeping, readings, Web-based learning, videos, diverse patient care
State University College of Optometry,                    opportunities and other strategies.
and Professor, Assistant Dean for Clini-
cal Services and Director of Clinics at the            Application Process
University of Alabama at Birmingham                    The dean or president of an ASCO member institution should submit an ap-
School of Optometry.” In addition, the                 plication letter to Carol Brubaker, Staff Liaison, Cultural Competency Curricu-
ASCO resolution states, “Dr. Shipp’s ded-              lum Guidelines Subcommittee, by Dec. 31, 2012. The letter can be e-mailed to
ication to improving the health of the citi-  or mailed to 6110 Executive Blvd., Suite 420, Rockville,
zens and communities of the United States              MD 20852. The letter should discuss the participants, their commitment to
is	 reflected	 in	 his	 more	 than	 25	 years	 of	     perform the pre-workshop activities and participate fully in the workshop, and
work in public health.”                                evidence of institutional commitment to diversity and cultural competency. No
                                                       budget	or	budget	justification	will	be	necessary	because	workshop	expenses	
Five Research Grants                                   will be covered by ASCO through the Walmart grant. The institution is en-
Awarded to Educators                                   couraged to demonstrate support for the workshop by providing a room with
  ASCO and The Vision Care Institute,                  audio-visual	capability,	offering	food	for	the	participants,	and	publicizing	the	
LLC,	 an	 affiliate	 of	 Johnson	 &	 Johnson	          workshop.
Vision Care Inc., are pleased to announce

                                                                     2                                   (ASCO News cont’d on page 3)
ASCO NEWS                             (Cont’d from page 2)

the recipients of the 2012 Starter Grants          Board OKs Addition                                  org/files/public/Web%20Site%20Re-
for	 Educational	 Research.	 In	 this	 year’s	                                                         vised%20Residency%20Listing%20
                                                   to Residency Titles
program,	 five	 applicants	 were	 chosen	 to	                                                          PDF%20Link%202012%20with%20
receive grants. The investigators for each            At its June meeting, the ASCO Board              new%2011th%20title%20(2).pdf.	
project are:                                       of Directors approved a motion put forth
•	 Dr.	Denise	Goodwin,	Associate	Profes-
                                                   by	its	Residency	Affairs	Committee	to	add	          OptomCAS Opens
                                                   Brain	Injury	Vision	Rehabilitation	(BIVR)	          for 2012-2013
   sor,	and	Dr.	Len	Hua,	Assistant	Profes-
                                                   to the list of recommended Optometric
   sor,	both	of	Pacific	University	College	                                                               OptomCAS, the Optometry Centralized
                                                   Residency	 Titles	 and	 Descriptions.	 The	
   of Optometry (Integration of Blended                                                                Application Service, launched its fourth
                                                   approved	 description	 of	 the	 new	 BIVR	
   Learning	into	Optometric	Education)                                                                 application cycle (2012-2013) on June 29.
                                                   residency	classification	is	as	follows:	The	
•	 Dr.	Srihari	Narayanan,	Associate	Pro-                                                               The service enables applicants to schools
                                                   majority of the clinical didactic curricu-
   fessor, and Dr. Patricia Sanchez-Diaz,                                                              and colleges of optometry to use a single
                                                   lum will be devoted to topics and practice
   Assistant Professor, both of the Uni-                                                               Web-based	application	and	one	set	of	ma-
                                                   relevant to assessment, management, and
   versity	 of	 the	 Incarnate	 Word	 Rosen-                                                           terials to apply to multiple institutions. All
                                                   interdisciplinary rehabilitation of patients
   berg	School	of	Optometry	(Evaluation	                                                               21 ASCO member schools and colleges
                                                   with brain injury and neurologic disease.
   of	the	Effectiveness	of	an	Online	and	a	                                                            are participating this year.
                                                   The new title and description join the 10
   Face to Face Format Interprofessional
                                                   previously	approved	residency	classifica-              New this year is the initiation of an Op-
   Case Based Course Involving Optom-
                                                   tions (Family Practice Optometry, Prima-            tomCAS-facilitated national background
   etry Students)
                                                   ry	Eye	Care,	Cornea	and	Contact	Lenses,	            check service, through which Certiphi
•	 Dr.	 Lindsay	 Sicks,	 Clinical	 Assistant	
                                                   Geriatric Optometry, Pediatric Optometry,           Screening Inc. will procure a national
   Professor, and Dr. Sara Gaib, Clini-
                                                   Vision	 Therapy	 and	 Rehabilitation,	 Low	         background report on applicants upon
   cal Assistant Professor, both of Mid-
                                                   Vision	 Rehabilitation,	 Ocular	 Disease,	          initial, conditional acceptance for schools
   western University - Arizona College
                                                   Refractive	and	Ocular	Surgery,	and	Com-             that	require	it.	Eleven	institutions	are	par-
   of Optometry (Teaching GP Contact
                                                   munity Health Optometry).                           ticipating.
   Lenses	Concepts	Through	DVD	Mod-
   ules)                                              The Board agreed with the committee’s              A preliminary analysis of the previ-
•	 Dr.	Julia	Appel,	Assistant	Clinical	Pro-        assessment	that	the	new	classification	was	         ous OptomCAS application cycle (Cycle
   fessor,	and	Dr.	Rochelle	Mozlin,	Clini-         needed	 in	 order	 to	 reflect	 an	 anticipated	    3), which ended on June 2, showed there
   cal Associate Professor, both of State          increase in the number of residency pro-            were	 2,545	 applicants,	 a	 slight	 increase	
   University of New York, State Col-              grams	 focusing	 on	 BIVR	 due	 to	 several	        from the cycle that preceded it. A com-
   lege of Optometry (Investigation of             factors, including an increase in the num-          plete statistical report from Cycle 3 will
   an Additional Critical Thinking Out-            ber of brain-injured soldiers and cerebro-          be available in mid-October.
   come	Measure:	The	Efficacy	of	Criti-            vascular accidents in the aging population,
                                                                                                         For answers to questions about Optom-
   cal Thinking Assessment in Predicting           medical advances that have improved
                                                                                                       CAS, visit or contact
   Clinical Success)                               brain-injury survival rates, and increased
                                                                                                       Paige Pence, ASCO Director of Student
•	 Dr.	Adam	Blacker,	Assistant	Professor,	         awareness of sports-related concussions.
                                                                                                       Affairs, at
   Midwestern University - Arizona Col-            In	 addition,	 the	 Vision	 Therapy	 and	 Re-
   lege	of	Optometry	(Can	Three	Wrongs	            habilitation residency title currently used         Forum Includes Talk
   Make	a	Right?)                                  by	 BIVR	 programs	 does	 not	 allow	 resi-
                                                   dency candidates to differentiate between
                                                                                                       on Graduate Education
   Faculty members from the 21 ASCO                                                                       At this year’s meeting of the American
                                                   traditional vision therapy and rehabilita-
member institutions are eligible to ap-                                                                Optometric Student Association (AOSA)
                                                   tion residency programs, which may not
ply for grants under the program, which                                                                in Chicago, Ill., future optometrists from
                                                   include	significant	training	in	BIVR.	The	
is dedicated to educational research. The                                                              around the country attended a featured pro-
                                                   committee	 also	 noted	 that	 while	 BIVR	
grants support the concept of the Schol-                                                               gram titled “Choosing Your Ideal Mode of
                                                   residency programs typically include ad-
arship	of	Teaching	and	Learning	(SoTL).	                                                               Practice – A Forum.” The program, held
                                                   vanced training in vision therapy and re-
Although all types of educational research                                                             June 29 at the McCormick Place Conven-
                                                   habilitative management of some types
projects are considered for a grant, prior-                                                            tion Center, included a segment presented
                                                   of	 visual	 field	 defects,	 they	 also	 include	
ity	 is	 given	 to	 those	 that	 embrace	 SoTL.	                                                       by ASCO representative Dr. Mark Bulli-
                                                   several additional areas of training. Fur-
SoTL	applies	to	all	disciplines	and	levels	                                                            more that focused on graduate education
                                                   thermore,	the	new	classification	will	help	
of academia. It embraces teaching as a                                                                 opportunities and their importance in the
                                                   rehabilitation facilities identify optom-
worthy subject for research with the goal                                                              profession.
                                                   etrists who have formal advanced clinical
of producing a public body of knowledge
                                                   training	and	knowledge	in	BIVR.                       Dr. Bullimore’s talk was the result of
that is reviewed, developed and tested for
the purposes of increasing the effective-            For descriptions of all 11 residency              collaboration between ASCO and the
ness of teaching and student learning.             classifications,	 visit	 http://www.opted.          AOSA to incorporate the topic into a

                                                                         3                                         (ASCO News cont’d on page 4)
ASCO NEWS                             (Cont’d from page 3)

prominent session, as outlined in ASCO’s           Current survey data also indicate:                 •	 the	average	tuition	for	a	first-year	resi-
Marketing	 Plan	 for	 Graduate	 Education	         •	 50.9%	 of	 1.0	 FTE	 faculty	 are	 male	           dent student enrolled in a professional
in Optometry. Dr. Bullimore had chaired               and	49.1%	are	female	(Compared	with	               O.D. program was $18,901 at a public
the effort to develop the marketing plan              a year ago, the number of male 1.0                 school and $28,800 at a private school
during his tenure on ASCO’s Academic                  FTE	 faculty	 decreased	 9.1%,	 and	 the	       •	 full-time	 and	 part-time	 students	 now	
Affairs Committee. His presentation was               number	of	female	1.0	FTE	faculty	in-               represent every U.S. state, the District
the	first	in	what	will	be	a	series	of	efforts	        creased	8.2%)                                      of	Columbia,	Puerto	Rico,	Canada	and	
to increase student awareness of graduate          •	 the	percentage	of	1.0	FTE	faculty	who	             more	than	15	other	countries.
programs and the importance of research               are	Black	or	African	American	is	2.6%             The full 2011-2012 Annual Student
and to address the association’s concern           •	 the	percentage	of	1.0	FTE	faculty	who	          Data	 Report	 can	 be	 found	 on	 the	ASCO	
about the diminishing number of individu-             are	Hispanic	or	Latino	is	5.4%                  Web	site	at
als who have optometric credentials and            •	 the	percentage	of	1.0	FTE	faculty	who	          es/index.cfm?pageid=3396.
another graduate degree.                              are	Asian	is	12.8%
   Joining Dr. Bullimore on the panel were         •	 the	percentage	of	1.0	FTE	faculty	who	          Student Affairs Officers
Dr.	 Ben	 Gaddie	 (moderator),	 Dr.	 Wal-             are	White	is	75.9%	                             Meet in Baltimore
ter	Ball	and	Dr.	Mark	Wright.	They	each	           •	 the	total	number	of	all	faculty,	includ-
                                                                                                         The	 ASCO	 Student	 Affairs	 Officers	
spoke about their practices and how they              ing	all	FTEs,	increased	from	1,017	to	
                                                                                                      met in Baltimore, Md., on June 20 to dis-
made their way to their chosen practice               1,028
                                                                                                      cuss a variety of timely issues, including
settings. At the conclusion of the session,        •	 the	 average	 percentage	 of	 a	 full-time	
                                                                                                      ASCO activities, OptomCAS and traf-
ASCO sponsored a stress ball give-away                (as	defined	by	the	school)	faculty	mem-
                                                                                                      fic	 guidelines	 for	 admissions.	 A	 primary	
for students that highlighted its online              ber’s salary contributed by the institu-
                                                                                                      topic of discussion was the joint ASCO/
listing of graduate programs, which can               tion	for	an	employee	benefits	package	
                                                                                                      AOA effort to further develop a robust,
be	 found	 at            increased	from	29.8%	to	31.3%.
                                                                                                      diverse	 and	 highly	 qualified	 national	 ap-
Grad%20Programs_2012.pdf.                             The	full	2011-2012	Faculty	Survey	Re-           plicant	pool.	Roundtable	discussions	were	
                                                   port	can	be	found	on	the	ASCO	Web	site	            held on best practices in recruitment and
Highlights from Latest                             at          retention, special student populations and
Faculty Survey Report                              cfm?pageid=3487.	                                  health care for optometry students. In ad-
  ASCO’s	Annual	Faculty	Survey	Report	                                                                dition, Dr. Mark Colip of the Illinois Col-
for Academic Year 2011-2012 was distrib-           Newest Student Data                                lege of Optometry delivered a presenta-
uted to the deans and presidents of mem-           Report Now Available                               tion on the use of dynamic presentation
ber schools and colleges in June. This               ASCO’s 2011-2012 Annual Student                  tools for promoting optometry as a career.
year’s survey includes 20 U.S. and Puerto          Data	Report	was	distributed	to	the	deans	
Rican	schools	and	colleges	of	optometry.	          and presidents of ASCO member schools
                                                                                                      ASCO Distributes
The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy              and	colleges	in	July.	Results	include	infor-       Diversity Mini-Grants
and Health Sciences School of Optometry            mation from 20 institutions. The Massa-              ASCO is pleased to announce that its
became a member of ASCO after the sur-             chusetts College of Pharmacy and Health            Diversity Mini-Grant program has pro-
vey cycle began, but will be included in           Sciences School of Optometry will be in-           vided funding assistance for 10 projects/
the survey next year.                              cluded	next	year.	Its	first	class	begins	this	     programs in 2012. The program is spon-
   The report shows that the total number          fall.                                              sored	by	The	Vision	Care	Institute,	LLC,	
of	 1.0	 full-time	 equivalent	 (FTE)	 faculty	      The survey shows that the total number of        an	affiliate	of	Johnson	&	Johnson	Vision	
is	647.	Last	year	the	number	of	full-time	         full-time students enrolled in the respond-        Care	Inc.,	Luxottica	Retail	and	Alcon.	Its	
(as	defined	by	the	school)	faculty	was	656.	       ing 20 professional O.D. programs during           goal is to aid optometry schools in devel-
This	year’s	results	reflect	a	change	in	the	       academic year 2011-2012 was 6,289, an              oping and implementing activities and
way full-time faculty are counted. Fac-            increase	of	3.8%	compared	with	the	previ-          programs for recruiting and/or retaining
ulty	 are	 now	 grouped	 as	 1.0	 FTE	 or	 less	   ous	 year,	 and	 an	 increase	 of	 14.6%	 since	   under-represented	 minority	 students,	 fi-
than	1.0	FTE,	while	in	the	past	they	were	         2006-2007. The total number of graduates           nancially	disadvantaged	students	and	first-
grouped as full-time or part-time as desig-        decreased	1.8%	from	2010	to	2011.                  generation college students.
nated	 by	 the	 schools,	 regardless	 of	 FTE.	
                                                     Additional highlights from the report:             The following schools and colleges re-
This change should be kept in mind when
                                                                                                      ceived grants in 2012:
comparing data from this survey to previ-          •	 the	 percentage	 of	 female	 full-time	
ous	data.	This	year,	34	of	the	faculty	who	           students in the professional O.D. pro-          •	 Illinois	 College	 of	 Optometry	 (Focus	
are	less	than	1.0	FTE	are	considered	to	be	           grams	rose	to	64.3%	(Only	one	school	              on Your Future Summer Program)
full-time by the schools.                             reported more full-time male students           •	 Nova	Southeastern	University	College	
                                                      than female students in 2011-2012)                 of Optometry (The Preparatory Op-
                                                                                                         tometry Program [POP])

                                                                                                                 (ASCO News cont’d on page 5)
ASCO NEWS                              (Cont’d from page 4)

•	 The	 Ohio	 State	 University	 College	              ASCO would like to graciously thank         The HOYA Free-Form Company, who ad-
   of Optometry (Community Middle                   HOYA for its sponsorship of this competi-      dressed attendees and thanked ASCO for
   School Outreach: Pipeline to I-DOC)              tion.                                          the opportunity to support the event.
•	 Southern	 College	 of	 Optometry	 (Eye	                                                            Dr. Heath also announced Dr. Charles
   on Success)                                      Several Topics Part                            Haine as the winner of the Dr. Jack Ben-
•	 SUNY	 State	 College	 of	 Optometry	             of CAO Meeting                                 nett	 Innovation	 in	 Optometric	 Education	
   (Increasing	Diversity	by	Engaging	All	                                                          Award. The award
                                                      ASCO’s	 Chief	 Academic	 Officers	 met	
   [IDEA])                                                                                         recognizes         an
                                                    in June in Baltimore, Md., holding round-
•	 University	 of	 Alabama	 at	 Birming-                                                           ASCO volunteer
                                                    table discussions on several topics, includ-
   ham School of Optometry (Providing                                                              for an outstanding
                                                    ing faculty orientation, role of student re-
   Diversity	 in	 Optometric	 Education	                                                           innovation in op-
                                                    search, preparing students for the National
   through	 Continual	 Enhancement	 of	                                                            tometric education
                                                    Board examinations, class attendance and
   Current Programs that Promote Diver-                                                            through ASCO. It is
                                                    online component, student expectations
   sity in Optometry)                                                                              named in memory
                                                    regarding honor codes, American Board
•	 University	 of	 California-Berkeley	                                                            of Dr. Jack Bennett,
                                                    of	 Optometry	 certification	 requirements	
   School of Optometry (Berkeley Op-                                                               who was a creative
                                                    for	faculty,	and	Web	training	certification.
   tometry Opto-Camp)                                                                              leader in optomet- Dr. Charles Haine
•	 University	 of	 Missouri	 at	 St.	 Louis	           Also, the group heard two presenta-
                                                                                                   ric education and
   College	of	Optometry	(Eyes	on	Diver-             tions:
                                                                                                   dean at three optometric institutions. Dr.
   sity)                                            •	 “Optometric	 Practice	 Simulation	          Haine received the award in recogni-
•	 University	of	Houston	College	of	Op-                Course Demonstration,” by Dr. David         tion	of	his	successful	40-year	career	as	a	
   tometry (Texas Optometry Career Op-                 Mills, Ophthalmic Business and Man-         clinician, educator and mentor. Over the
   portunities	Program	[TEXOCOP])                      agement	Instructor	at	the	New	England	      course of his career, Dr. Haine served as a
•	 Western	University	of	Health	Sciences	              College of Optometry, and Cameron           faculty member and administrator at mul-
   College	 of	 Optometry	 (Eyes	 on	 Op-              Tipping, President of IIBD Business         tiple academic institutions, as well as an
   tometry).                                           Simulation,	Consulting	&	Training           active volunteer for ASCO. He advanced
  The call for proposals for next year will         •	 “The	Optometric	Admission	Test	Pro-         residency education as the founding and
be announced in early 2013. For more                   gram,”	by	Dr.	David	Waldschmidt,	Di-        only	president	of	the	Optometric	Residen-
information about this program, contact                rector of the American Dental Associa-      cy Matching Service for nearly 30 years.
Paige Pence at                       tion’s Department of Testing Services.
                                                                                                      Dr. Debbie Godfrey, a consultant for
                                                    More than 130 Guests                           the ASCO/AOA Joint Project Team that is
Student Video Contest                                                                              working on the strategic initiative to de-
Winners Announced                                   Attend 2012 Luncheon                           velop a robust, diverse and highly quali-
   In	the	ASCO	Envision	Video	Competi-                                                             fied	 national	 applicant	 pool,	 also	 spoke	
tion, optometry students aim to produce                                                            at the luncheon. She shared the outcomes
a segment that effectively educates po-                                                            from the initial research phase of the Joint
tential school and college applicants and                                                          ASCO/AOA project, which included an
the general public about the profession of                                                         assessment of attitudes regarding the pub-
optometry with creativity, ingenuity and
                                                     ASCO would like to thank                      lic image of optometry as a profession.
humor. As the contest’s judges, a subcom-             HOYA for sponsoring                          Over the past year, Dr. Godfrey had con-
mittee of the ASCO Student Affairs Com-                the 2012 Leadership                         ducted extensive focus groups as well as
                                                                                                   private and group interviews with optom-
mittee decided these were this year’s best                  Luncheon.                              etry leaders, students, faculty and young
                                                                                                   practitioners. In addition, she presented
•	 First	 place	 ($5,000):	 Joey	 Kane,	
                                                       More than 130 members of the optomet-       key results from a survey of high school
   New	England	College	of	Optometry	
                                                    ric community attended ASCO’s Annual           and college students.
   ( h t t p : / / w w w. y o u t u b e . c o m /
                                                    Leadership	Luncheon,	which	was	held	in	
   watch?v=Bldhl05ht8U)                                                                              ASCO would like to thank everyone
                                                    June at the Hilton Chicago. HOYA gener-
•	 Second	place	($2,500):	Aaron	Rahn	and	                                                          who	 attended	 this	 year’s	 luncheon.	 We	
                                                    ously	sponsored	the	flagship	event.	ASCO	
   Huda Minhas, Inter American Universi-                                                           look forward to hosting the event again
                                                    President Dr. David Heath welcomed at-
   ty	of	Puerto	Rico	School	of	Optometry	                                                          next year!
                                                    tendees and thanked the association’s af-
                                                    filiate	 organizations	 and	 corporate	 con-
                                                    tributors for their support of the schools
•	 Third	place	($1,000):	Konstantin	Fishi-
                                                    and colleges of optometry. Dr. Heath in-
   levich, SUNY State College of Optom-
                                                    troduced Barney Dougher, President of
   etry	(

                                                                                                              (ASCO News cont’d on page 6)
ASCO NEWS                            (Cont’d from page 5)

ASCO Welcomes                                       ASCO’s second Future Faculty Pro-             ing member of both the Senate Committee
Industry Leaders                                 gram	 will	 be	 held	 July	 13-14,	 2013	 in	    on	Health,	Education,	Labor	and	Pensions	
                                                 conjunction with the Summer Institute for        (HELP)	and	the	House	Energy	and	Com-
   More than 70 industry representatives         Faculty	Development.	Up	to	15	graduate	          merce Committee asking them to remove
and leaders of schools and colleges of           students from the schools and colleges of        the language from the bill. The letter ac-
optometry attended ASCO’s Annual Cor-            optometry will be selected to participate        knowledged the worries about drug abuse,
porate Contributor Breakfast, held in June       in the program, which is chaired by Dr.          but	stressed	that	reclassification	could	cre-
at the Hilton Chicago. ASCO President            David Troilo from the SUNY State Col-            ate barriers for patients who have a legiti-
Dr. David Heath welcomed attendees and           lege of Optometry. Applicants must be            mate need for pain treatment.
thanked the association’s corporate con-         enrolled in a full-time graduate program
tributors for their continued support of its                                                         In response to the letter, rather than re-
                                                 at an ASCO member institution and have           classifying	these	substances,	the	final	bill	
programs and initiatives. During the pro-        demonstrated a strong interest in pursuing
gram, Dr. Heath reviewed ASCO’s priori-                                                           (passed by the House in June and signed
                                                 a career in academic optometry.                  by President Obama on July 9) contains a
ties for the coming year, which include ap-
plicant development, diversity initiatives,         ASCO will begin accepting applica-            requirement that the Secretary of Health
the Summer Institute for Faculty Develop-        tions for both programs in January 2013.         and Human Services hold a public hear-
ment, and strategic communications. Fol-         All applications must be approved by the         ing on hydrocodone abuse issues no later
lowing Dr. Heath’s comments, attendees           institution’s dean or president prior to sub-    than 60 days after the enactment of the
participated in an open forum to discuss         mission to ASCO. For more information,           Act. ASCO will continue to monitor this
critical issues.                                 contact	 LaShawn	 Sidbury	 at	 lsidbury@         issue	and	work	with	the	AOA	as	FDA	offi-
                                       	or	(301)	231-5944	ext.	3012.           cials consider administrative proposals to
   The Corporate Contributor Breakfast                                                            respond to hydrocodone abuse and illegal
is part of ASCO’s Corporate Contributor             Both the Summer Institute for Faculty
                                                 Development and the Future Faculty Pro-          diversion.
Program. The event provides an oppor-
tunity for the deans and presidents of the       gram are initiatives aimed at addressing
schools and colleges of optometry to meet        ASCO’s strategic priority of faculty pro-
with industry leaders to discuss matters of      motion and development. The associa-
mutual interest.                                 tion	 thanks	 Alcon,	 Essilor,	 Vistakon	 and	
                                                 Walmart	 for	 generously	 contributing	 to	
Faculty Development                              the	Institute,	and	Walmart	for	funding	the	
                                                 Future Faculty Program.
Events Return in 2013
   Planning	 has	 begun	 for	 ASCO’s	 fifth	     Groups’ Input Alters
Summer Institute for Faculty Develop-            FDA-Related Bill
ment,	which	will	be	held	July	14-17,	2013	
in	 St.	 Louis,	 Mo.	 Up	 to	 two	 applicants	      In May, the U.S. Senate passed S. 3187,
from each school and college of optom-           the Food and Drug Administration Safety
etry will be selected to participate in the      and Innovation Act. This legislation in-
program, but institutions are encouraged         cluded language that would reclassify
to submit additional applicants. The pro-        all hydrocodone-containing products as
gram is co-chaired by Dr. David Damari           Schedule II substances. Currently, cer-
from the Southern College of Optometry           tain hydrocodone-containing combination
and	 Dr.	 Shilpa	 Register	 from	 the	 Massa-    products	 are	 classified	 as	 Schedule	 III,	
chusetts College of Pharmacy and Health          which many states allow optometrists to
Sciences School of Optometry. The goals          prescribe.	The	“hydrocodone	reclassifica-
of the Institute are to contribute to in-        tion amendment” in S. 3187 would create
creased retention of faculty and to pro-         a number of barriers for certain health pro-
vide participants with an opportunity to         fessions, including optometry.
gain the knowledge and skills necessary            On June 8, ASCO, the AOA and sev-
to enhance their success in an optomet-          eral other health profession organizations,
ric academic environment as career-long,         including like-minded physician groups,
productive faculty members.                      sent a letter to the chairperson and rank-

  (ASCO Professional Groups, Committees and Special Interest Groups*)
  Unless	otherwise	indicated,	the	contact	for	all	meetings	is	ASCO	Program	Manager	LaShawn	Sidbury,	or	(301)	
231-5944	ext.	3012.

OCTOBER 2012                                                              Low Vision Educators SIG
                                                                          Met: July	12-14	at	Southern	College	of	Optometry	in	Memphis,	
The Clinic Directors and Administrators SIG and Externship
Directors SIG meetings will be held in Pomona, Calif., at the
Sheraton Fairplex.                                                        Chair: Dr.	Elli	Kollbaum

October 11                                                                Topics discussed: Learning	objectives	for	advanced	competen-
Externship	Directors	SIG	(contact	Dr.	Lester	Caplan,	lcacc@               cies in low vision rehabilitation                                                              Actions:	Next	meeting	Oct.	25	in	Phoenix,	Ariz;	next	summer	
                                                                          meeting tentatively planned for July 11-13, 2013 at Michigan Col-
October 11-13
                                                                          lege	of	Optometry	at	Ferris	State	University	in	Big	Rapids,	Mich.
Clinic	Directors	and	Administrators	SIG	(contact	Dr.	Lester	
Caplan,                                                Speakers: Documentation and coding presentations by Dr.
                                                                          Richard	Soden	and	Dr.	Kendall	Krug
The following meetings will be held in conjunction with the
American Academy of Optometry annual meeting in Phoenix,
Ariz. Dates are tentative
October 22
ASCO	Executive	Committee		
October 23
ASCO	Board	of	Directors;	Clinical	Optometric	Methods	&	
Procedures Instructors SIG
October 24
Educational	Technology	SIG	
October 24-26
Vision	Science	Librarians	SIG
October 25
Binocular	Vision	and	Perception	Educators	SIG;	Cultural	Com-           Southern College of Optometry hosted the July meeting of the Low
petency	Curriculum	Guidelines	Subcommittee	and	Workshop	               Vision Educators SIG. (Photo courtesy of SCO.)
Planning Group (contact ASCO Manager of Professional Affairs           Ophthalmic Optics Educators SIG
Carol	Brubaker,	or	(757)	491-6993);	               Met: July 26-27, 2012 in San Diego, Calif.
Development Directors SIG (contact ASCO Director of Cor-
porate Affairs and the Partnership Foundation for Optometric           Chair: Cathy	Evans,	Director	of	Ophthalmic	Services,	Pacific	Uni-
Education	Christine	Armstrong,	or	(301)	          versity College of Optometry
231-5944	ext.	3018);	Joint	ASCO/AOA	Executive	Committee;	              Actions: Dr. Mark Street, Pennsylvania College of Optometry at
Low	Vision	Educators	SIG;	Neuro-Rehab	Educators	SIG;	Part-             Salus University, was named chair-elect for next year. (Dr. Michelle
nership	Foundation	for	Optometric	Education	(contact	ASCO	             Hoff, University of California – Berkeley School of Optometry, is
Director of Corporate Affairs and the Partnership Foundation for       the current chair-elect.)
Optometric	Education	Christine	Armstrong,	carmstrong@opted.
                                                                       Speakers: Dr.	Ralph	Chou	delivered	the	Joe	Bruneni	Lecture,	“The	
org	or	(301)	231-5944	ext.	3018);	Public	Health	Educators	SIG;	
                                                                       Ground	Glass	Lunch,	Perspectives	on	Lens	Impact	Resistance”;	Jeff	
Residency	Educators	SIG	(contact	ASCO	Manager	of	Profes-
                                                                       Hopkins,	Carl	Zeiss	Vision,	teaching	free-from	technology	to	op-
sional	Affairs	Carol	Brubaker,	or	(757)	
                                                                       tometry	students	and	patients;	Dr.	Jerome	Legerton,	Innovega	Inc.,	
                                                                       and	Dr.	Richard	Clompus,	Pixel	Optics,	on	the	future	of	wireless	
October 26                                                             eyewear with electronic delivery of information; Dr. James Sheedy
Chief	Academic	Officers;	Continuing	Education	Directors	SIG;	          on 3D progress and its impact on our lives from the classroom, to
Ethics	Educators	SIG;	International	Optometric	Educators	SIG;	         the theaters, to our living rooms.
SIG Meeting/Orientation                                                Sponsor: Carl	Zeiss	Vision
 *	Special	Interest	Groups	(SIGs)	were	created	within	ASCO	as	a	primary	means	of	implementing	the	ASCO	mission	of	“fulfilling	the	leader-
ship role in the optometric education enterprise.” The purpose of SIGs is to provide forums for professional staff, administrators and faculty
with common responsibilities to communicate directly with each other and to provide advice and counsel to the ASCO Board of Directors on
issues related to their areas of interest. Participation is open to individuals designated by the deans and presidents of active ASCO member
institutions.	See	the	ASCO	Web	site,,	for	more	information.

SCO’s Dr. Campbell                                                         George	S.	Osborne	College	of	Audiology,	the	College	of	Educa-
Reappointed as ACOE Chair                                                  tion	and	Rehabilitation,	and	the	College	of	Health	Sciences.		

  Southern College of Optometry Professor Dr. J. Bart Campbell             Gift to Fund Vision Institute at UH
has been reappointed as Chair of the Accreditation Council on
                                                                              University of Houston College of Optometry alumnus Dr.
Optometric	 Education	 (ACOE).	 ACOE	 is	 the	 only	 accrediting	
                                                                           Doug	Barnes	and	his	wife,	Molly,	have	made	a	$5	million	pledge	
body for professional optometric degree programs, optometric
                                                                           to the University of Houston. The gift will be submitted for state
residency programs and optometric technician programs in the
                                                                           matching	funds	through	the	Texas	Research	Incentive	Program.	
United States and Canada.
                                                                           The	first	two	floors	of	the	university’s	new	Health	and	Biomedi-
  Dr. Campbell has served on numerous education-related com-               cal Sciences Building will be named the Molly and Doug Barnes
mittees	for	the	ACOE	as	well	as	the	Association	of	Schools	and	            Vision Institute in their honor.
Colleges	 of	 Optometry	 (ASCO)	 Residency	 Affairs	 Committee	
                                                                             The planned expansion will provide novel educational op-
and	 a	 National	 Board	 of	 Examiners	 in	 Optometry	 Examination	
                                                                           portunities for students and innovative facilities for research, in-
Construction Committee, which he chaired for two years.
                                                                           cluding an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) and laser refractive
SCO Groundbreaking                                                         center	on	the	ground	floor	and	classroom	space,	a	learning	center	
                                                                           and	clinical	research	labs	on	the	second	floor.	The	heart	of	the	Vi-
                                                                           sion	Institute	will	be	the	state-of-the	art	ASC,	the	first	of	its	kind	
                                                                           within an optometry school.

                                                                           MCPHS Partnering on New Clinic
                                                                             The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sci-
                                                                           ences	 (MCPHS)	 and	 the	 Family	 Health	 Center	 of	 Worcester	
                                                                           launched	a	$1.5	million	joint	project	to	construct	a	state-of-the-
                                                                           art	 optometry	 clinic	 on	 the	 ground	 floor	 of	 the	 health	 center.	
                                                                           The	project	is	part	of	a	$5	million	grant	awarded	to	the	center	
                                                                           by	the	Health	Resources	and	Services	Administration	as	part	of	
                                                                           the Affordable Care Act.
                                                                              The new optometry clinic will be partly staffed by faculty
                                                                           and students from the new MCPHS School of Optometry,
Southern College of Optometry recently broke ground on its                 which begins receiving students in August. MCPHS optometry
$9.4 million academic facility expansion project. For more                 students will also have the opportunity to do their clinical rota-
information about the project, see the Spring 2012 issue of Eye	           tions at the clinic. It is scheduled to be completed in July 2013
on	Education.                                                              and will serve approximately 7,000 patients per year.

Salus University Names President                                           ICO Adds Center on Vision and Aging
                                 After completing his service with                                            The Illinois College of Op-
                              the	 U.S.	 Navy,	 Rear	 Admiral	 Dr.	                                         tometry (ICO) announced the
                              Michael H. Mittelman will succeed                                             founding of the Alfred and Sarah
                              Dr.	Thomas	 L.	 Lewis	 as	 the	 Presi-                                        Rosenbloom	 Center	 on	 Vision	
                              dent of Salus University. He is ex-                                           and Aging, which will be located
                              pected to assume his new role by                                              on campus within the Illinois
                              summer 2013. To accommodate this                                              Eye	 Institute.	 The	 Center	 will	
                              timing and ensure a smooth transi-                                            ultimately have four essential
                              tion,	Dr.	Lewis	has	agreed	to	remain	                                         functions: to promote optometry
                              as President during this period.                                              student and practitioner knowl-
                                                                                                            edge and understanding of the
                                Currently serving as Deputy                                                 inter-relatedness of aging and vi-
Incoming President of         Surgeon General of the Navy and                                               sion care; to provide vision care,
Salus University Dr.          Deputy Chief, Bureau of Medicine             Dr. Alfred Rosenbloom and
                                                                                                            counseling and support services
Michael H. Mittelman          and Surgery, Dr. Mittelman’s naval           his wife, Sarah
                                                                                                            for older adults and underserved
                              service has included a variety of            communities in and around Chicago; to develop ongoing rela-
positions around the world. He is a graduate of the Pennsylva-             tionships with selected geriatric care facilities in the Chicago area
nia College of Optometry, which founded Salus University under             for education and patient care services; and to sponsor vision-
Dr.	Lewis’	leadership.	Salus	now	has	three	additional	colleges:	the	       related geriatric research.

                                                                                                               (School News cont’d on page 9)
SCHOOL AND COLLEGE NEWS (Cont’d from page 8)
   The	Center	honors	Dr.	Alfred	Rosenbloom	and	his	wife,	Sarah.	         •	 Dr.	 Suresh	 Viswanathan	 will	 be-
Dr.	Rosenbloom	served	as	Dean	of	ICO	from	1955	to	1972,	Pres-               come Chair of the Department of
ident from 1972 to 1982, and remains a Distinguished Profes-                Biological and Vision Sciences in
sor	Emeritus.	He	was	inducted	into	the	National	Optometry	Hall	             January 2013. He is currently a ten-
of Fame in 2010 and continues to be a leader in the profession.             ured Associate Professor at the Indi-
“To have a prominent ICO alumnus and his wife – and a former                ana University School of Optometry.
president	of	ICO	–	make	such	a	significant	leadership	gift	to	ICO	          He	is	also	a	member	of	the	Editorial	
is transforming for the institution,” said ICO President Dr. Arol           Review	Board	of	the	ASCO	journal	
Augsburger. “ICO will soon be the only optometric institution               Optometric Education.
with a Center on Vision and Aging.”                                         In other news, the college opened a Dr. Suresh Viswanathan
                                                                         state-of-the-art Sports Vision Center at
69-year-old Graduates from PUCO                                          its	University	Eye	Center	and	will	offer	professional	and	ama-
   Springtime news in the optometric community is typically              teur athletes the opportunity to maximize their sports perfor-
full of interesting stories related to the 20-plus graduating            mance through vision training. In addition to individual train-
classes, but a real eye-catcher emerged this year from the Pa-           ing for children and adults, the Center will offer workshops for
cific	 University	 College	 of	 Optometry	 (PUCO).	 According	           sports trainers and coaches that demonstrate vision training and
to an article in the daily newspaper The Oregonian, PUCO’s               vision calisthenics techniques for sport success. The staff will
Class of 2012 included Norm Smith, who happens to be 69                  also conduct vision screenings for area sports teams and will in-
years old.                                                               clude	tests	that	are	sports	specific.
   As the author of the article, Bill Graves, explained, Smith is
a lifelong entrepreneur who was looking for a new challenge.             SCCO’s Dr. Carnevali is First
After spending two years taking the necessary prerequisite               to Receive AOA Educator Award
courses, he applied to 17 optometry schools, most of which                 As	the	recipient	of	its	inaugural	Optometric	Educator	of	the	
did not respond. PUCO did respond, and Smith graduated this              Year Award, presented at its annual meeting in June, the Amer-
May. He told the Oregonian’s Graves that he plans to work                ican Optometric Association (AOA) chose Southern California
two or three days a week, perhaps in nursing or hospice homes            College of Optometry Associate Professor Dr. Tony Carnevali.
where eye care is limited, and what has always been important            The Award recognizes a deserving AOA member educator for
to him is to “keep moving.”                                              performance of outstanding services on behalf of the profes-
                                                                         sion, optometric education and the visual welfare of the public.
SUNY Fills Positions,                                                    Dr. Carnevali spent 20 years in private practice before becom-
Opens Sports Vision Center                                               ing	 a	 full-time	 SCCO	 faculty	 member	 in	 1995.	As	 a	 special	
  The State University of New York, State College of Optometry           consultant to the California Department of Consumer Affairs,
recently announced the following appointments:                           he wrote the comprehensive report that became the foundation
                                                                         for guidelines adopted by the California State Board of Op-
•	 Dr.	 Richard	 J.	 Madonna	 has	 been	                                 tometry that permit California optometrists to receive training
   named Chair of the Department of                                      and	become	glaucoma	certified.
   Clinical	Education.	In	addition	to	his	
   new appointment, he also serves as                                       In other news, Teresa Thetford has been selected as the
   Director	of	Continuing	Education	and	                                 Founding Director of the Physician Assistant Program at
   as an Associate Professor.                                            SCCO,	the	first	of	its	kind	in	Orange	County.	Thetford	will	be	
•	 Francisco	 A.	 Lucio,	 a	 2006	 gradu-                                working with SCCO’s executive leadership to develop the vi-
   ate of St. John’s University School                                   sion, structure, systems and processes that support the strategic
   of	 Law,	 has	 been	 named	 Director	 of	                             goals for this Master’s level academic program. The program
   Career Development and Minority Dr. Richard Madonna                   is	planning	to	accept	its	first	class	in	the	fall	of	2014.	
   Enrichment.	 This	 is	 a	 new	 position	
   at the college, one that will help stu-                               RSO Pleased with Success
   dents identify career options and as-                                 of Research Training Program
   sess and understand their personal                                       As part of its commitment to grow its research programs as
   and	professional	competencies.	Lucio	                                 it develops its academic programs, the University of the In-
   is the former Program Director at the                                 carnate	 Word	 Rosenberg	 School	 of	 Optometry	 developed	 a	
   Manhattan-Staten Island Area Health                                   Summer Fellowship Training Program (SFTP). After its initial
   Education	 Center	 where	 he	 was	 re-                                year, the research funds awarded to the program, designed for
   sponsible for overseeing nine heath                                   optometry	interns	who	completed	their	first	academic	year	and	
   career programs for more than 200                                     are transitioning to their second year, were doubled. Partici-
   underserved students a year.                                          pants	receive	a	$4,000	stipend	for	scholarly	and	related	activi-
                                             Francisco A. Lucio          ties completed during an eight-week period.
                                                                                                        (School News cont’d on page 10)
SCHOOL AND COLLEGE NEWS (Cont’d from page 9)
  The	first	SFTP	yielded	a	total	of	eight	peer-reviewed	posters	              Group Establishes Award
and	 two	 papers	 that	 were	 presented	 at	 national	 meetings.	 Re-         in Honor of Fellow Student
search areas for the 2012 program include the genetic basis of
retinoblastoma, treatment and visual performance in dry eye,                     The	 Student	 Optometric	 Leadership	 Network	 (SOLN),	 a	
low contrast and color vision on multiple touch-screen displays               group dedicated to cultivating leaders in private practice optom-
such as iPad and iPhone, and development of a neurovision test                etry,	presented	its	first	Preston	Cup	award	this	spring.	The	award	
card for measuring visual acuity.                                             was created in honor of Preston Smith, a fourth-year student at
                                                                              Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry
  The school credits faculty members Dr. Charles Connor, Dr.                  (NSUOCO)	and	founding	member	of	SOLN	who	was	killed	in	a	
Patricia	Sanchez-Diaz	and	Dr.	Jeffrey	Rabin	and	their	interns	for	            car accident in 2011.
“putting	the	Rosenberg	School	of	Optometry	research	program	
on the map far ahead of schedule.”                                              SOLN	members	attending	the	group’s	annual	conference	this	
                                                                              year	 voted	 to	 give	 the	 first	 award	 to	 the	 Practice	 Management	
UMSL Researchers Enter                                                        Club of NSUOCO in recognition of its “going above and beyond
                                                                              over	the	past	year.”	According	to	SOLN,	the	club	not	only	stayed	
National Academy of Inventors
                                                                              on track with its mission after the death of its president, Smith, it
   Three	 members	 of	 the	 University	 of	 Missouri	 at	 St.	 Louis	         continued moving forward by starting a new program for mem-
College of Optometry family have been inducted into the Na-                   bers called “Day with the Doc.”
tional	Academy	of	Inventors.	Director	of	Research	and	Graduate	
Studies	Dr.	Carl	Bassi	and	Senior	Research	Technician	Michael	
Howe were inducted based on their patent pertaining to a quanti-
tative three-dot test designed for earlier detection of amblyopia.
   Clinical	Professor	Dr.	Raymond	I.	Myers	was	inducted	based	
on his research involving innovative techniques for refractive
surgery and safer contact lens case design. He holds a patent
related to lenticular refractive surgery for presbyopia, other re-
fractive errors and cataract retardation and has several others

                                           ASCO Corporate Contributors*
        ASCO appreciates the continued support it receives from the following companies for its national programs
                          and	activities	that	benefit	all	the	schools	and	colleges	of	optometry:
                                             Abbott Medical Optics           Alcon
                           	                                Allergan	        Bausch	+	Lomb
                           	 Carl	Zeiss	Vision	/	Carl	Zeiss	Meditec	         Compulink	Business	Systems
                           	                          CooperVision	          EMRlogic
                           	                     Essilor	of	America	         Haag-Streit	
                           	                                 HEINE		         The	HOYA	Free-Form	Company
                           	              International	Vision	Expo	         Keeler	Instruments
                           	        Luxottica/EyeMed	Vision	Care	            Marco
                           	                               Marchon	          M&S	Technologies
                                                              Oculus         Optos North America
                           	                             PixelOptics	        Review	of	Optometry	
                           	                           Safilo	Group	         TLC	Vision
                                            Transitions Optical Inc.         Vision Service Plan
                                                     Vision Source!          Vistakon, Division of Johnson
                                                                             &	Johnson	Vision	Care	Inc.
                                                   Volk Optical Inc.         Walmart	Stores	Inc.

                           *As of July 1, 2012


   INDUSTRY                                               Company Prides Itself on Quality
                                                          Lenses and Tackling the Unmet
   SPOTLIGHT                                              Need in Vision Correction

      Essilor	is	a	leading	manufacturer	and	wholesale	distributor	of	optical	lenses	in	the	United	States.	
    In	1996,	with	the	establishment	of	Essilor	Laboratories	of	America	Inc.	(Essilor	Labs),	the	com-
    pany	became	the	first	fully	integrated	optical	company	in	the	United	States,	specializing	in	oph-
    thalmic lens production, manufacturing and distribution in addition to wholesale optical laboratory
       Essilor	works	closely	with	eyecare	professionals	to	provide	innovative	products	that	fit	their	pa-
    tients’	lifestyles.	In	fact,	Essilor	was	recently	named	#25	on	the	Forbes	100	Most	Innovative	Com-
    panies list. Bringing to the industry the most technologically advanced lenses — Varilux, Crizal,
    Optifog,	Xperio	and	DEFINITY	—	demonstrates	Essilor’s	ability	to	respond	to	consumer	demand	
    for quality eyewear that continues to meet unmet patient needs.
      However,	at	Essilor,	innovation	goes	far	beyond	the	products	we	bring	to	the	market.	Providing	
    better visual health to as many people in the world as possible is both our ambition and responsibility.
      Of	 the	 world’s	 population	 of	 7	 billion,	 4.2	 billion	 people	 need	 visual	 correction,	 but	 only	 1.7	
    billion	are	corrected.	The	remaining	2.5	billion	people	are	without	the	visual	correction	they	need.	
       We	all	understand	that	poor	vision	has	extreme	consequences,	both	for	individuals	and	commu-
    nities.	To	contribute	to	improving	poor	vision,	Essilor	undertakes	many	initiatives	to	evaluate	for	
    and provide eyeglasses, including vans that travel around India and provide glasses to underserved
    populations	and	kiosks	set	up	in	24	Chinese	cities.	In	the	United	States,	the	Essilor	Vision	Founda-
    tion has evaluated more than 86,000 children and provided more than 21,000 pairs of glasses in the
    past	four	years.	Above	all,	Essilor	has	50,000	employees	mobilized	around	its	mission	of	improv-
    ing	the	vision	of	the	4.2	billion	people	in	the	world	who	need	visual	correction.
      We	thank	you	for	your	support	of	our	business	and	for	your	dedication	to	an	industry	that	is	mak-
    ing a difference in the lives of people around the world.
      For	more	information,	visit

                                                        * Information for this Industry Spotlight was supplied by
                                                     Essilor and not independently verified by Eye on Education.

Vision Expo Expands                                                                               he served as
                                                  Companies Name                                  Division Vice
Student Programming                               President and CEO                               President,
                                                                                                  Global Sales
                                                                                                  and Interna-
                                                                                                  tional Mar-
                                                                                                  keting, with
                                                                                                  Abbott Medi-
                                                                                                  cal Optics.
                                                                                                     The compa-
   International	 Vision	 Expo	 &	 Confer-
                                                                                                  ny said Neal
ence	continues	to	add	benefits	and	expand	
                                                                                                  is the ideal George Neal
programming related to its Optometry
                                                                                                  person to lead
Student Program. This year at Internation-
                                                                                                  TLC	 as	 it	 looks	 to	 invest	 in	 the	 business	
al	Vision	Expo	in	Las	Vegas,	Nev.	(Sept.	
                                                                                                  and take advantage of the multiple growth
5-8),	 show	 management	 will	 begin	 test-
                                                                                                  opportunities it sees on the horizon. “I
ing a Mentor Program. The program will
                                                                                                  firmly	believe	that	the	best	days	are	ahead	
match third- and fourth-year students with
                                                                                                  for	TLC,”	 Neal	 said.	 “I	 am	 excited	 at	 the	
an optometrist mentor to prepare for the
                                                  Dr. Ernest Cavin                                prospect of leading the company and con-
show and connect on-site.
                                                                                                  tinuing to set the standard for refractive
  Numerous events designed to help stu-             Haag-Streit	 USA	 and	 Reliance	 Medi-        eyecare	 services.	 I’m	 also	 confident	 TLC	
dents make valuable connections with              cal	Products	have	named	Dr.	Ernest	Cavin	       will lead the industry as the provider of
colleagues and future employers are also          President	and	CEO	of	both	organizations.	       choice for refractive technologies, premi-
scheduled. To help students get to this           Dr. Cavin brings extensive expertise from       um	IOLs	and	cataract	solutions.”
year’s show, $1,000 travel grants were            the technology industry to the Mason, OH-
awarded to one student from each of the           based companies. Prior to joining Haag-         Pioneering Lens
22 schools in the American Optometric             Streit USA, Dr. Cavin held positions with       Solution Turns 25
Student Association. The growth of the            Ciena	Ltd.	in	Zurich,	Switzerland;	Ascom;	
Student Program has also enticed orga-            Swisscom	 FixNet;	 and	 Lucent	Technolo-
nizations to host meetings at the show,           gies.
                                                                                                    Bausch	+	Lomb	is	celebrating	the	25th	
including the Association of Practice               In a press release from the companies,        anniversary	 of	 renu,	 the	 first	 multi-pur-
Management	 Educators	 and	 Student	 Op-          Dr.	 Cavin	 stated,	 “Haag-Streit	 and	 Reli-   pose contact lens solution brand, which
tometric	Leadership	Network.                      ance have achieved record sales, due to         was originally introduced in 1987. The
   International	 Vision	 Expo	 recently	         a commitment to offering the eyecare in-        brand forever changed the contact lens
joined the Association of Schools and             dustry products they can trust. My goal is      solution category as the original single-
Colleges of Optometry’s Corporate Con-            to remain true to those core principles, as     bottle regimen and introduced a unique
tributors Program, which supports nation-         medical devices become more high-tech           ingredient for its time, Dymed.
al	 programs	 and	 activities	 benefiting	 the	   and	 software-oriented.	 We	 will	 continue	
                                                  to focus on adding value and serving the          According	to	Kimberly	C.	Gobel,	Mar-
schools and colleges of optometry.
                                                  needs of the eyecare community.”                keting	 Director	 of	 Lens	 Care,	 Bausch	 +	
  For more information, visit                                                             Lomb	North	American	Vision	Care,	“We or call Client
Services	at	(800)	811-7151.
                                                  TLC Laser Eye Centers                           are	 proud	 that	 Bausch	 +	 Lomb	 modern-
                                                                                                  ized the way people care for their eyes by
                                                  Appoints New CEO                                introducing an innovative brand that not
                                                                                                  only made contact lenses more convenient
                                                                                                  and accessible but has remained a lead-
                                                                                                  ing personal care product for more than a
                                                                                                  quarter of a century.”

                                                    TLC	 Laser	 Eye	 Centers	 appointed	
                                                  George	Neal	to	the	position	of	Chief	Ex-
                                                  ecutive	 Officer.	 Neal	 joins	 the	 company	
                                                  with	more	than	25	years	of	experience	in	
                                                  the ophthalmic industry. Most recently,
                                                                                                                (Corporate Contributor News
                                                                                                                          cont’d on page 13)

CORPORATE CONTRIBUTOR NEWS                                                                    (Cont’d from page 12)

Long-Time Executive                            Pink Lens Campaign                                June. It complements the 2012 update of
to Retire This Fall                            Raises $30,000                                    the “Vision Problems in the U.S.” report,
                                                                                                 which was released during the event. To
                                                                                                 download the new report, visit the News
                                                                                                 &	Resources	section	of	PreventBlindness.

                                                                                                 Expansion Aimed at
   Following a 23-year career with John-
                                                                                                 U.S. Customer Service
son	 &	 Johnson	 Vision	 Care	 and	 more	        In 2009, Volk Optical developed an
than	40	years	in	the	eyecare	industry,	Phil	   exclusive line of pink-ringed lenses to              To better serve its U.S. customers, Ocu-
Keefer	has	announced	his	decision	to	re-       support the philanthropic efforts of its          lus Inc. moved its headquarters to a new
tire,	effective	Sept.	1.	Keefer	joined	John-   ophthalmic products distributor Pioneer           facility	 in	Arlington,	Wash.,	 north	 of	 Se-
son	&	Johnson	Vision	Care	in	1989	as	Ex-       International.	With	the	sale	of	the	1,000th	      attle. The new location houses executive
ecutive Vice President Sales, Marketing,       lens, donations to the American Cancer            offices,	 a	 main	 customer	 service	 center,	
Professional Affairs and Strategic Plan-       Society have reached $30,000.                     the	 finance	 and	 operations	 divisions,	 and	
ning, where he oversaw the launch of the                                                         a state-of-the-art showroom for the com-
                                                  The campaign originated as a celebra-
Acuvue brand. In 1993, he was appointed                                                          pany’s products.
                                               tion of Pioneer’s 10th anniversary. From
Vice President, New Business Develop-          each lens sold, $10 of the purchase price           The company is also opening an east
ment, where he created and implemented         was matched with $10 each from Volk and           coast service center in Florida in Sept.
global strategic plans that included the       Pioneer, resulting in $30 per lens donated        2012,	 so	 that	 its	 helpline	 (+1	 425	 670	
international expansion of the Vision          to breast cancer research. Available exclu-       9977) will be available from 8 a.m. to 8
Care franchise. He served as Managing          sively from Pioneer, Volk 20D, 78D, 90D           p.m.	EST	to	serve	customers.	In	addition,	
Director/President of multiple regions, in-    and	Digital	Wide	Field	lenses	are	ringed	in	      specialists from Oculus Germany will join
cluding	Asia	Pacific,	the	Americas,	Latin	     the signature pink of breast cancer aware-        the U.S. team at the service center.
America and Japan.                             ness and engraved with the awareness rib-
   Keefer	is	currently	President	of	The	Vi-    bon.                                              Portable Slit Lamp
sion Care In-                                                                                    Designed for Value
stitute, where                                 Minority Eye Health
he conceived                                   is Focus of Report
and      imple-
mented         a
professional                                                                                        Offering another portable slit lamp
education                                                                                        choice to suit optometric practice needs,
strategy that                                                                                    Keeler	 has	 launched	 the	 PSL	 One.	 With	
                                                 Recognizing	 that	 growing	 ethnic	
resulted in the                                                                                  one	 standard	 magnification	 of	 10X,	 the	
                                               minority populations are at higher risk
creation	of	15	                                                                                  PSL	 One	 is	 a	 more	 cost-effective	 option	
                                               for many eye diseases, yet often have less
Vision Care                                                                                      than	 Keeler’s	 Classic	 Portable	 Slit	 Lamp	
                                               access to and lower awareness of the need
Institutes and                                                                                   for practitioners who prefer value over
                  Phil Keefer                  for preventive care, Prevent Blindness
nine      satel-                                                                                 extra	features.	The	PSL	One	has	been	de-
                                               America and Transitions Optical Inc.
lite centers around the world. He has also                                                       signed to be lightweight and durable, ideal
                                               have introduced a new report, “Focus
served as an active member of the Johnson                                                        for use on pediatric, elderly, obese and
                                               on	 Eye	 Health	 and	 Culturally	 Diverse	
&	 Johnson	 Vision	 Care	 Global	 Manage-                                                        disabled patients in on- or off-site clinics.
                                               Populations.” The report, which overviews
ment Board for his entire 23-year career.                                                        Its precision-machined aluminum chassis
                                               the serious eye health risks faced by
   Also,	Dr.	Janelle	Routhier	and	Dr.	Cris-    African Americans, Asian Americans and            creates a sturdy structure able to withstand
tina Schnider of Vistakon Division of          Hispanics, is intended to serve as both a         daily travel and use in a busy practice.
Johnson	&	Johnson	Vision	Care	Inc.	were	       resource and call-to-action for government          It	features	slit	and	wheels	from	0.15-1.6	
recently elected as Fellows of the British     agencies, policymakers, organization              mm, a 12-mm circle and a 1-mm square to
Contact	Lens	Association.	                     leaders and patient advocates to make eye         produce	anterior	chamber	flare,	aiding	in	
                                               health education among these groups a             the	diagnosis	of	uveitis.	Red	free,	blue	and	
                                               national priority.                                neutral	 density	 filters	 all	 come	 standard.	
                                                 The report was developed following              An	 optional	 iPhone	 4	 adaptor	 enables	
                                               Prevent Blindness America’s Focus on              ophthalmic video capture.
                                               Eye	 Health	 Summit,	 which	 was	 held	 in	
                                                                                      (Corporate Contributor News cont’d on page 14)

CORPORATE CONTRIBUTOR NEWS                                                      (Cont’d from page 13)

Company Showcases
Technology at Schools                                          Publication Information
                                                 Published by the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry
                                                                  6110	Executive	Blvd.,	Suite	420
                                                                    Rockville,	Maryland	20852
   Optos recently teamed up with Dr.
John Nishimoto from the Southern                                          (301)	231-5944
California College of Optometry (SCCO)                                 (301) 770-1828 (fax)
to deliver presentations at Midwestern                          
University - Arizona School of Optometry
and The Ohio State University College                                   Marty	Wall,	CAE
of    Optometry. The          presentations,                            Executive	Director
attended by deans, associate professors
and clinical faculty, were designed to                                     Desiree Ifft
demonstrate SCCO’s experience with                                       Managing	Editor
successful implementation of ultra-
widefield	 technology	 over	 the	 years.	 The	
presentations also served to illustrate                                Christine Armstrong
Optos’ continued support of clinical
optometry	 and	 the	 benefits	 of	 teaching	
optomap as a form of ophthalmoscopy in                      
optometry schools.

New Indication for
Femtosecond Laser

  Abbott Medical Optics recently received
FDA clearance to use its iFS Advanced
Femtosecond	 Laser	 to	 create	 bow-shaped	
or curved arcuate incisions in corneal
surgery, including cataract surgery.
   The	 iFS	 Laser	 was	 originally	 cleared	
to	 create	 LASIK	 flaps	 and	 other	 corneal	
incisions	 in	 the	 eye	 and	 is	 the	 fifth	
generation	of	IntraLase	technology,	which	
has	 been	 used	 in	 more	 than	 5	 million	
procedures worldwide.


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