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                                                                                      2008 NLA OFFICIAL SPONSORS

                                                                                        2008 LIMOSCENE SPONSOR

Six New Directors                                                                 LimoScene Goes
                                                                                  LimoScene Goes
Join NLA Board for
2009-2012 Term                                                                    Effective with this issue Limo-
                                                                                  Scene, the bi-monthly news-
                                                                                  letter written expressly for the
By Patricia A. Nelson
NLA Executive Director                                                            members of the National Limou-
                                                                                  sine Association, will be an elec-

       ix operators have been elected to serve the 2009-2012 term on the          tronic publication and delivered
       Board of Directors of the National Limousine Association. Four are         in PDF format directly to NLA
       brand-new to the post and two have served prior terms. They will           members’ e-mailboxes.
       join the twelve sitting operator board members to compose the or-          •••
ganization’s governance body of 18 voting-directors for 2009.                     LimoScene – current and past
                                                                                  issues – also are available for
                                        The newly elected directors are           viewing at any time on www.
                                        Robert Alexander (RMA World-     See “Membership
                                        wide Chauffeured Transporta-              Resources” on the left side of
                                        tion, Rockville, Md.) who will            the home page, then
                                        represent the U.S. Southeast              click through too
                                        Region, Richard Azzolino (Gate-           “Publications,” and
  Alexander     Azzolino      Boroday   way Limousines Worldwide,                 then“LimoScene.”
                                        Burlingame, Calif.) who will
                                        represent the U.S. West Region,
                                        Robert Boroday (Prime Network Ground Transporta-
                                        tion, Miami, Fla.) who also will represent the U.S. South-
                                        east Region, David Eckstein (Valera Global, Long Island
   Eckstein      Jacobs       Rothstein City, N.Y.) who will represent the U.S. Northeast Region,
                                        George Jacobs (Windy City Limousine, Bensenville, Ill.)
who will assume an At Large seat, and Stuart Rothstein (Smart Cars, Inc., Chicago, Ill.) who will
represent the U.S. Central Region.

                                          In turn, four operators completing their second succes-
                                          sive three-year term and one operator completing his
                                          first three-year term in office now will step down. The
                                          six-year veterans are Gary Bauer (Bauer’s intelligent
                                          Transportation, San Francisco, Calif.), Carla Boroday (As-
                                          sociated Limousine Services, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), Diane
      Bauer       Boroday      Forgy
                                          Forgy (Overland Limousine Service, Kansas City, Kans.)
                                          and Michael Renehan (Allaire Limousines, Farmingdale,
                                          N.J.). The three-year retiree is Stephen Qua (Company        NLA Members
                                          Car and Limousine, Cleveland, Ohio). The sixth board          Do Business
                                          seat, which this election has filled once again, was held         with
                                          by Julie Herring (Julie’s Limousines & Coachworks, Clear-
     Renehan                              water, Fla.) until her death this past May.
                                                                                                       NLA Members
                      Qua     Herring

1     THE LIMOSCENE                                                                                        WWW.LIMO.ORG

                                                                  3    4
                                                             MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

                                                             2                                                      National Limousine Association

National Limousine Association
                                                                           2009 Special Events

49 S. Maple Ave., Marlton, N.J. 08053
Phone: (856) 596-3344 • Fax: (856) 596-2145                 DATE            EVENT

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                          January 25      Board of Directors Meeting – Las Vegas
Patricia A. Nelson                                                          * Election of 2009 Officers

                                                                            * Election of 2009 Vendor Directors

Darcie-Jo Benard                                            January 26      International Coffee Reception – Las Vegas


MEMBER SERVICES COORDINATOR                                 January 26      Summit for U.S. Association Presidents – Las Vegas

Sara Williamson                                    January 26      4th Annual Women Entrepreneurs’ Forum – Las Vegas

BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                          January 26      2009 NLA Annual Membership Meeting – Las Vegas


                                                            January 26-28   2009 International LCT Show – Las Vegas

Richard Kane (’07-’10) At Large
International Limousine Service, WASHINGTON, D.C.
                                                            March 31        Board of Directors Meeting – Chicago

Ron Sorci (’05-’08) (’08-’11) Southeast Region
Aventura Worldwide Transportation, FLORIDA                  May 3-5         2009 LCT Leadership Summit – Miami

                                                            June 8          Board of Directors Meeting – Washington, D.C.

Stephen Qua (’06-’09) Central Region
Company Car & Limousine, OHIO
SECRETARY                                                   June 9          2009 NLA Day on the Hill – Washington, D.C.
Barbara Curtis (’05-’08) (’08-’11) West Region
Two Step Limousine, COLORADO                                June 10         2009 Association Presidents’ Summit – Washington, D.C.
Bob Beutel (’04-’07) (’07-’10) Central Region               October 7       Board of Directors Meeting – Uncasville, Conn.
All Star Transportation, MICHIGAN

DIRECTORS                                                   October 8-9     2009 LCT Eastern Conference – Uncasville, Conn.
Gary Bauer (’03-’06) (’06-’09) West Region
Bauer’s Worldwide Transportation, CALIFORNIA
Carla Boroday (’03-’06) (’06-’09) Southeast Region
Associated Limousine Services, FLORIDA
Joe Cirruzzo Sr. (’08-’11) Northeast Region
A Elegant Int. Limo, NEW YORK
Dean De Beer (’07-’10) International
Tristar Worldwide Chauffeur Services, ENGLAND
Diane Forgy (’03-’06) Central Region (’06-’09) At Large
Overland Limousine Service, KANSAS
Sue Jarvis (’08-’11) Central Region
Aristocat Limousine Service, MICHIGAN
Craig McCutcheon (’03) (’04-’07) (’07-’10) Canada
Rosedale Livery Limited, ONTARIO
Mark Munoz (’08-’11) At Large
Deena Papagni (’07-’10) West Region
                                                                NLA Membership Means
Touch of Class Transportation, CALIFORNIA
Michael Renehan (’03-’06) (’06-’09) Northeast Region
Allaire Limousines, NEW JERSEY
                                                                Business! Display Logo in
Dawson Rutter (’07-’10) Northeast Region
Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation,
                                                                    Print and Online
Scott Solombrino (’08-’11) At Large
                                                               NLA affiliation is a valuable tool for attracting new clients –
Dav El Chauffeured Transportation Network, MASSACHUSETTS       corporate or retail.
VENDOR DIRECTORS                                                 You’ll confirm you stand with the very best in the chauffeured
Steve Edelmann                                                 transportation industry whenever and wherever you display
Royale Limousine Manufacturers
Ray Gooley
                                                               the National Limousine Association seal of membership.
Managing Agency Group                                            To request the NLA logo in electronic form, contact the NLA
Arthur Messina                                                 office at and it will be emailed right away for you
                                                               to use in your company’s print and online communications.
Doug Walczak
Ford Motor Company—Limousine & Livery Vehicles

    2       THE LIMOSCENE                                                                                                WWW.LIMO.ORG
                                                           THE LIMOSCENE • NEWS & VIEWS OF THE NATIONAL LIMOUSINE ASSOCIATION

                                                 from the President
                                                 Washington D.C.—based firm of highly              If subrogation hasn’t caught your at-
                                                 experienced federal lobbyists. Engage-         tention yet, I encourage you to read
                                                 ment of a professional group of this           about the programs in detail on www.
                                                 caliber is critical to implementing the and/or contact the providers
                                                 outreach we need.                              at (866) 323-5883, ext. 105 and sales@
                                                    Second, with Cornerstone at the helm, (Blue Leaf Claims)

                                                 we orchestrated the best attended and          and (877) 434-7888 and
                                                 most successful Day on the Hill in the his-    (Vaccaro and Associates). Both have the
                                                 tory of the NLA. From this jumping-off         ability to save you real money!
                                                 point, we’ve been able to leverage Cor-        • Fiscal Responsibility: While the NLA
                                                 nerstone’s myriad relationships and their      now has slightly more than $1 million
                                                 daily on-the-ground interaction with U.S.      in assets, including almost $750,000 in

                                                 elected officials and senior staffers to our   treasuries, the current economic down-
                RICHARD KANE                     great benefit. The National Limousine          turn does not permit a “business as
                                                 Association now is on Capitol Hill’s radar     usual” approach to the upcoming year’s
     2008: A YEAR IN REVIEW                      screen loud and clear.                         projections and tapping into these re-
     I’m writing this on December 30 and re-        Third, we stepped up the involvement        serves is decidedly imprudent.
     flecting, perhaps just as you do at this    of our local member associations by hold-         Consequently, under my leadership,
     time, on the experiences of the year        ing conference calls for organization pres-    the NLA Board has prepared a 2009
     now just about to close.                    idents and executive directors monthly         budget that reflects a conservative rev-
        While many words might describe          and hosting the second annual summit           enue forecast and, accordingly, some
     2008, I think “exhilarating” comes the      meeting for these leaders immediately          hefty cutbacks on expenses. While the
     closest to the truth for me. It truly has   following the Day on the Hill. Raising         budget cuts were tough decisions, this
     been exhilarating to work with all of       awareness among all NLA members and            precautionary planning was made with
     you, and especially the NLA board mem-      installing a grassroots infrastructure also    very careful deliberation to assure the
     bers and the NLA staff, and to serve as     are crucial to attaining RIDE Act amend-       ultimate goal – continued fiscal health
     president of the National Limousine As-     ment and all legislative goals.                for the National Limousine Association.
     sociation this year.                        • Subrogation Services: Subrogation,              .
                                                 which permits an insurance company             What We’ve Still Got Ahead of Us
     What We Set Out to Do                       to pursue a claim with the responsible         The next step for RIDE Act amendment
     When I became president in March,           party(ies) for deductibles, additional         is to secure bill introduction to the U.S.
     three priorities topped my action plan:     damages or, most importantly, the loss         House of Representatives. Accomplish-
     1) Get the RIDE Act amendment intro-        of revenues from the time needed to re-        ing that, we must motivate all NLA
     duced into Congress, 2) Establish an ad-    pair or replace a livery vehicle, is some-     members to contact their own Senators
     vantageous NLA members-only subro-          thing many operators don’t know about          and Representatives to ask that they co-
     gation services program, and 3) Ensure      at all and/or others neglect to pursue.        sponsor the bill and vote for its passage
     the National Limousine Association re-      This is real value lost and something I        into law. Having this groundswell heard
     mains fiscally sound.                       wanted to change.                              will give us the best chance of securing
        I’m proud to say that all three goals       So, at my instigation, the NLA Board        RIDE Act amendment passage and, ul-
     have been realized.                         sent out an RFP for subrogation ser-           timately, ensuring cessation of abusive
                                                 vices to our insurance company vendor          fees by airports and seaports.
     What We’ve Accomplished So Far              members and, ultimately, approved                 Of course, pursuing this relief is but
     • RIDE Act Amendment: Securing U.S.         two proposals – one from AmWINs Un-            one item on the NLA legislative/regula-
     Senate introduction of the NLA-advo-        derwriting through its claims adjusters        tory agenda. There are several other vital
     cated amending language to the Real         Vaccaro and Associates and one from            issues immediately before us and, almost
     Interstate Driver Equity (RIDE) Act as      Great Mountain Insurance through its           assuredly, even more off in the distance.
     S.3667 on October 2 hits the charts as      claim administration company Blue Leaf         The good news of 2008 is we now are in
     2008’s #1 accomplishment in my book.        Claims. Both offered 3% discounts from         the best position since the inception of
       That said, the steps we undertook to      their standard fees. Significantly, the        the NLA to take them on.
     make sure this happened are the linch-      savings is an exclusive NLA members-
     pins for this achievement and, I believe,   only benefit. Neither company offers
     for many more triumphs to come.             this same special pricing to any other in-
       First, we invested in the services of     dividual client or to any other member-
     Cornerstone Government Affairs, a           ship organization.                                                      Richard P. Kane
                                                                                                                     THE LIMOSCENE      3

       Meet Your 2009 NLA Board of Directors
      With the 2009 election results verified, the full complement of 18 operator directors
       who will serve National Limousine Association members this year is as follows:

             Robert Alexander                                         Sue Jarvis
             RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation                 Aristocat Limousine Service
             Rockville, Md.                                           Warren, Mich.
             NLA Member Since: 1990                                   NLA Member Since 2003
             NLA Board: Southeast Region – 2009-2012                  NLA Board: Central Region – 2008-2011

               Richard Azzolino                                      Richard Kane
               Gateway Limousines Worldwide                          International Limousine Service
               Burlingame, Calif.                                    Washington, D.C.
               NLA Member Since: 1999                                NLA Member Since 1988
               NLA Board: West Region – 2009-2012                    NLA Board: At Large – 2007-2010

             Bob Beutel                                               Craig McCutcheon
             All Star Transportation                                  Rosedale Livery Limited
             Royal Oak, Mich.                                         Mississauga, Ont.
             NLA Member Since 1998                                    NLA Member Since 2001
             NLA Board: Central Region – 2004-2007,                   NLA Board: Canada – 2003, 2004-2007,
             2007-2010                                                2007-2010

               Robert Boroday                                        Mark Munoz
               Prime Network Ground Transportation                   BostonCoach
               Miami, Fla.                                           Boston, Mass.
               NLA Member Since: 2003                                NLA Member Since 1991
               NLA Board: Southeast Region – 2009-2012               NLA Board: At Large – 2008-2011

             Joe Cirruzzo Sr.                                         Deena Papagni
             A Elegant Int. Limo dba ELS Int’l                        A Touch of Class Transportation
             Staten Island, N.Y.                                      Madera, Calif.
             NLA Member Since 1993                                    NLA Member Since 2000
             NLA Board: Northeast Region – 2008-2011                  NLA Board: West Region – 2007-2010

               Barbara Curtis                                        Stuart Rothstein
               Two Step Limousine                                    Smart Cars, Inc.
               Littleton, Colo.                                      Chicago, Ill.
               NLA Member Since 1999                                 NLA Member Since 2004
               NLA Board: West Region – 2005-2008,                   NLA Board: Central Region – 2009-2012

             Dean De Beer                                             Dawson Rutter
             Tristar Worldwide Chauffeur Services                     Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured
             London, England                                          Transportation
             NLA Member Since 2004                                    Boston, Mass.
             NLA Board: International – 2007-2010                     NLA Member Since 1992
                                                                      NLA Board: Northeast Region – 2007-2010

               David Eckstein                                        Scott Solombrino
               Valera Global                                         Dav El Chauffeured Transportation Network
               Long Island City, N.Y.                                Chelsea, Mass.
               NLA Member Since: 2005                                NLA Member Since 1998
               NLA Board: Northeast – 2009-2012                      NLA Board: At Large – 2008-2011

             George Jacobs                                            Ron Sorci
             Windy City Limousine                                     Aventura Worldwide Transportation
             Bensenville, Ill.                                        Miami, Fla.
             NLA Member Since: 2006                                   NLA Member Since 1993
             NLA Board: At Large – 2009-2012                          NLA Board: Southeast Region – 2005-2008,

  4    THE LIMOSCENE                                                                                   WWW.LIMO.ORG
                                                         THE LIMOSCENE • NEWS & VIEWS OF THE NATIONAL LIMOUSINE ASSOCIATION

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                                                                                     Checked Out
                                                                                     If not, you’re missing
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                                                                                                         THE LIMOSCENE   5

RIDE Act Amendment: What It Would Mean
for U.S. Chauffeured Transportation
By Michael F. Morrone
Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP

            n September 25, 2008, encouraged          determining arrivals or departures of aircraft,
            by the National Limousine Asso-           buses, trains, ships or boats, and any other fa-
            ciation, Senators Frank Lautenberg        cilities that the Secretary of the U.S. Depart-
            (D-NJ) and David Vitter (R-LA) in-        ment of Transportation may determine “to be
troduced a bill in the U.S. Senate designed to        necessary, appropriate, desirable or useful to
clarify application of the Real Interstate Driver     the business of the provision of prearranged
Equity Act of 2002 (RIDE Act).                        ground transportation service.”
   The bill’s intent is to prevent the imposition        The bill further calls for the Secretary of
of unreasonable transportation terminal fees          Transportation to publish regulations to carry
on providers of prearranged ground trans-             out the bill’s provisions and calls for the Sec-           The NLA believes
portation service who interface with those            retary to establish a schedule of suggested                it has champions
transportation terminals. The bill defines a          fees for the provision of such ancillary facili-           in the U.S. House
“transportation terminal” as “any airport,            ties, whereby the Secretary has determined                 of Representa-
port facility for ships or boats, train station, or   those fees to be reasonable vis à vis the cost             tives for the
bus terminal, including any principal buildings       of operating such ancillary facilities. Terminal           proposed RIDE
and all ancillary buildings, roads, runways or        operators would be prohibited from charging                Act amendment
other facilities.”                                    an ancillary facility fee greater than that es-            and anticipates
                                                                                                                 their alignment
                                                                                                                 with Senators

{     The bill’s intent is to prevent the imposition of unreasonable
      transportation terminal fees on providers of prearranged
      ground transportation service who interface with those
      transportation terminals.
                                                                                                        }        Lautenberg and
                                                                                                                 Vitter for intro-
                                                                                                                 duction of the bill
                                                                                                                 to the House in
                                                                                                                 early 2009. When
  The proposed legislation would establish            tablished under the Transportation Secretary’s             this is achieved,
that if a transportation terminal receives fed-       schedule unless that proposed fee were ap-                 the next steps
eral funds that are used for the terminal’s           proved in advance by the Secretary following               will be to secure
“construction, expansion, renovation or other         a public hearing that has determined the fee’s             the proper legisla-
capital improvement, or for the purchase or           reasonableness in relation to the cost of oper-            tive vehicle for
lease of any equipment installed in the trans-        ating the ancillary facility.                              its inclusion, to
portation terminal or on its property,” then,           Hence, the critical determining factor solely            rally bi-partisan
with two exceptions, the terminal operator            will be whether the terminal operator receives             support for the
“may not charge any fee to any provider of            federal funds for infrastructure development               amendment from
prearranged ground transportation service”            purposes. In the event of that receipt, the                both houses of
rendered to or from that terminal.                    terminal operator will be foreclosed from im-              Congress through
  The two exceptions are: 1) a fee no                     posing a fee on the prearranged ground                 grass roots efforts
greater than that charged to the gen-                        transportation service provider that is             by NLA members
eral public for access to or use of any                        any greater than the fee that terminal            and others in the
part of the transportation terminal;                            operator charges any member of the               industry through-
and 2) a fee for the availability of the                        general public to access or use the ter-         out the country
terminals’ ancillary facilities that must                       minal.                                           and, ultimately,
be reasonable in relation to the cost                                                                            to pass the bill
of operating those ancillary                                                                                     into law. The NLA
                                                                        Michael F. Morrone is a partner in the
facilities.                                                               Washington, D.C.-headquartered         will continue to
                                                                          law firm of Keller and Heckman         update members
  The bill defines “ancil-                                                LLP and practices transportation,
lary facilities” as inclusive                                                                                    on the progress
                                                                          telecommunications, business
of, but not limited to, rest-                                             counseling and transactional law.      of this significant
                                                                          He has served as counsel to the        effort.
rooms, vending machines,                                                  National Limousine Association for
monitoring facilities for                                                 more than a decade.

6    THE LIMOSCENE                                                                                                    WWW.LIMO.ORG
Being There Starts Here.                            SM

What’s There?
Joining the BostonCoach Affiliate Network is
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Environmental Sustainability
Need-to-Know for Chauffeured
Transportation Companies
The Environmental Revolution                company should take is to measure              beginning to ask for ISO 14001 compli-
The landscape for all transportation        the overall greenhouse gas emissions           ance from their suppliers in the Ground
companies is changing. Based on the         generated inside of a calendar year.           Transportation Industry.
momentum of the environmental               This is known as your baseline. Only
revolution inside of corporations and       when the baseline is established can a         Your Options as an Operator
governments, we believe it is definite-     company accurately demonstrate re-             Many companies have started making
ly here to stay. All governments and        ductions in their greenhouse gas emis-         changes in-house. Some companies
major corporations around the world         sions through data driven reporting.           have purchased carbon credits. Some
are beginning to strategically address      This type of ongoing data collection           companies have joined third-party
                                                                                           programs to assist with their carbon
                                                                                           measurement and reduction efforts.

{   The transportation industry as a whole is
    responsible for between 20% and 30% of the total
    greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.                                 }       As the NLA, we encourage you to look
                                                                                           at all the options before making a
                                                                                              Just remember, the most important
the climate change challenge. The Na-       provides two fundamental benefits:             first step for your business is beginning
tional Limousine Association believes       1) It provides your company with the           to measure your greenhouse gas emis-
strongly that educating our members         ability to provide on-going reporting          sions footprint in order to create mea-
will assist in preparing the industry to    that clearly demonstrate commitment            surable and reportable reductions as
benefit from this powerful shift in sup-    and progress internally which can lead         your company moves into this new age
plier expectations.                         to significant cost savings, and 2) It         of environmental accountability.
                                            provides you with the opportunity to
The Big Picture                             demonstrate leadership and account-            Prepared by NLA supplier member Green Ride
Climate change is accelerated by the        ability in the eyes of your existing and       Global (Toronto, Ont.)
release of greenhouse gas emissions         potential clients.
into the atmosphere. Greenhouse Gas
emissions are also known as C02e or                    tional             S
                                            The International Standard – ISO
Carbon Dioxide equivalent. Every ac-                    ronmental Manage-
                                            14001 Environmental Manage- a e
tivity that takes place inside your busi-             m
                                            ment System
ness has greenhouse gas emissions                         01
                                            The ISO 14001 Environmental Man-   l Man- n
attributed to them. This includes elec-     agement System is the most widely
                                                           em                 t widelely
tricity use, waste and recycling, water     recognized standard for environmen-
                                                          andard        environmen-
use and of course the operation and         tal responsibility. The processes that
                                                          lity.       processes that
                                                                            e e        t
ongoing maintenance of your fleet of                       environmental manage-
                                            constitute an environmental manage-
                                                                          a      n e
vehicles. The transportation industry                                    set p and
                                            ment system should be set up and
                                                                          e          n
as a whole is responsible for between                            they withstand th
                                            monitored so that they withstand the
                                                                  h y ithst n
20% and 30% of the total greenhouse                        y Fortune 1000 cli t
                                            scrutiny of any Fort ne 1000 client or
                                                               ortun          client
gases released into the atmosphere.                       dy. The ISO standard
                                            regulatory body. The ISO standard dard
As such, our industry will be closely       is based on a measure-
                                                             e s
monitored over the years and decades        ment, reduc-   -
ahead.                                      tion and report- -
                                            ing system that targets
                                                           at targ
What You Measure, You Manage                ongoing continual improve-
                                                             ua i pro
                                                          nual imprprove-
The single most important step a            ment. Many corporations are
                                                          orporat ons
                                                          orporati n ns

    NLA Members Do Business with NLA Members
8    THE LIMOSCENE                                                                                                     WWW.LIMO.ORG
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                                          strategically designed the best educational line-up available
                                         to the limousine and chauffeured transportation industry. With
                                         sessions specifically for new operators and advanced sessions
                                           for seasoned veterans, this program delivers solutions to the
                                            challenges you face, and prepares you for what’s to come.
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Eight Operators from Three Countries Win
2009 NLA/LCT Scholarships
     NAME                  COMPANY                                 LOCATION                   COUNTRY        ASSOCIATION

     Billy Osta            Aficionado Limousine                    Schenectady, N.Y.          U.S.                  N/A
     Hendrick Häse         Chauffeurservice Häse                   Berlin                     Germany               N/A
     Sara Cruz             Cruz Limousine                          Montreal, Que.             Canada                N/A
     Khari Dickson         Divine Chariots Limousines              Lawrenceville, Ga.         U.S.                 GLA
     Matthew Brennan       London Carriage                         Castle Rock, Colo.         U.S.                 CLA
     Robert Swineford      Premier Limousine Service               Powhatan, Va.              U.S.                 VLA
     Greg Konerza          Royal Chariot Limousine                 Becker, Minn.              U.S.               MPLA
     Edwin Cabrera         Sleek Comfort Limousine Service         Whittier, Calif.           U.S.                GCLA

Eight operators hailing from Canada, Germany and the         rently members) ($205 + value),
United States have been awarded scholarships to attend       and one paid year’s subscrip-
the 2009 International LCT Show in Las Vegas on January      tion to LCT magazine ($28
26-28.                                                       value).
  Incredibly worthwhile, the 2009 scholarship prize pack-       To have qualified for a 2009
age for each person includes one full show registration      International LCT Show Scholar-
($310 value), two paid hotel nights ($498 value), one paid   ship, the applicants must own a lim-
2009 NLA membership (for recipients who are not cur-         ousine company that has at least
                                                             one vehicle and be in business for
                                                             no more than five years. Lim-
                                                             ousine service must be the op-
                                                             erator’s primary business. The opera-
                                                             tor may not have attended the LCT Las Vegas Show in any
                                                             capacity previously.
                                                                In fact, ten scholarships were available this year, includ-
                                                             ing eight scholarships for operators located in the U.S.
                                                             (two per region – Northeast, Central, Southeast, West),
                                                             one scholarship for an operator located in Canada, and
                                                             one scholarship for an international operator (located in
                                                             any country other than the U.S. and Canada).
                                                                For the second successive year nominations for scholar-
                                                             ships could be made in two ways: 1) by local/state limou-
                                                             sine associations (that are NLA association members) for
                                                             their members and 2) by operators themselves who are
                                                             located where no local/state association (NLA association
                                                             member or not) exists.
                                                                All submissions were reviewed and approved by the
                                                             2008 NLA Scholarship Committee, chaired by Barbara Cur-
                                                             tis (Two Step Limousine, Littleton, Colo.) and vice-chaired
                                                             by Sue Jarvis (Aristocat Limousine & Luxury Coach Service,
                                                             Warren, Mich.).
                                                                See the accompanying chart for the complete list of
                                                             scholarship winners and, if applicable, the associations
                                                             that nominated them for the program.
                                                                Applications for the 2010 NLA/LCT Show Scholarship
                                                             Program will be available this coming September. Contact
                                                             the NLA office at (800) 652-7007, ext. 16 or
                                                             to obtain a copy or request more information about the
10      THE LIMOSCENE                                                                                       WWW.LIMO.ORG
                                                THE LIMOSCENE • NEWS & VIEWS OF THE NATIONAL LIMOUSINE ASSOCIATION

Julie Herring Remembered with                                                   About Hospice
Hospice Gift from Berkman Fund                                                  According to www.hospicenet.
                                                                                org, “Hospice is a concept of

        his past year the National Limousine                                    caring derived from medieval
        Association through its philanthropic                                   times, symbolizing a place
        arm, the Harold Berkman Memorial                                        where travelers, pilgrims and
        Fund, contributed $10,000 to The Hos-                                   the sick, wounded or dying
pice Foundation of the Florida Suncoast in                                      could find rest and comfort. The
memory of NLA director Julie Herring (Julie’s                                   contemporary hospice offers a
Limousines & Coachworks, Clearwater, Fla.)                                      comprehensive program of care
who lost her hard-fought battle with cancer                                     to patients and families facing a
on May 16, 2008.                                                                life threatening illness. Hospice
  In acknowledging the donation, Betty                                          is primarily a concept of care,
Ann Safley, director of philanthropy for                                        not a specific place of care.”
the hospice, said, “Your contribution to                                           “Hospice emphasizes palliative
The Hospice Foundation of the Florida                                           rather than curative treatment;
Suncoast helps to ensure that the needs                                         quality rather than quantity of
of the more than 2,500 patients and their               Julie Herring           life...Hospice care is provided to
families whom we serve each day are met                                         patients who have a limited life
with dignity and respect…many lives will be touched through your gen-           expectancy. Although most hos-
erosity.”                                                                       pice patients are cancer patients,
  Added Julie’s father Tom Herring in another note of appreciation, “To All     hospices accept anyone regard-
NLA Members, thank you so much for the generous gift given in Julie’s name      less of age or type of illness.”
to The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast. Julie would be so proud.”

                                                                                                 THE LIMOSCENE       11

Luxury Base
Joins NLA
The NLA Board of Directors
approved the membership
application of the brand-new
Luxury Base Operators As-
sociation (LBOA) as the 31st
association member of the            Barbara Boyts, president of the Alliance for Lupus Research, accepted the NLA’s Harold
National Limousine Association       Berkman Memorial Fund donation of $15,000 from NLA president Richard Kane this past
                                     November 2 on the occasion of ALR’s “Walk with Us to Cure Lupus” in Washington, D.C.
on November 12.
   LBOA members include oper-
ator and vendor companies lo-        NLA Again Contributes to
                                     Alliance for Lupus Research
cated in the New York City tri-
state area. The organization’s
officers – NLA members every

                                               n November 2 NLA presi-           to make tremendous strides toward
one – are: president - Sergio
                                               dent Richard Kane pre-            ending the devastation of lupus. It
Sanchez (Partner’s Executive
                                               sented a $15,000 donation         cannot come soon enough for the
Transportation, Mineola, N.Y.);
                                               from the NLA’s Harold Berk-       many hundreds of thousands who are
first vice praesident – Michael
                                     man Memorial Fund to Barbara Boyts,         living with this deadly disease. We
Rose (Flyte Tyme Worldwide
                                     president of the Alliance for Lupus Re-     move into 2009 prepared to do even
Transportation, Mahwah, N.J.);
                                     search (ALR), on the occasion of ALR’s      more and look forward to you being
second vice president – Avra-        Washington D.C. “Walk with Us to            with us.”
ham Mazouz (Henry Limousine,         Cure Lupus.”                                   2008 marked the fourth year in suc-
Ltd., Woodside, N.Y.); and sec-        Said Boyts in her communication of        cession that the NLA has supported
retary/treasurer – Guy Palumbo       appreciation to Kane after the pre-         the Alliance for Lupus Research. One
(Partner’s Executive Transporta-     sentation, “Thank you for attending         hundred percent of all donations re-
tion, Mineola, N.Y.).                and saying a few words and for pre-         ceived by the organization go to sup-
   For more information on           senting the generous donation from          port medical research because the
the organization, see www.           the National Limousine Association.         ALR’s board of directors pays for all                         Your presence and this special gift         administrative and fundraising costs.
                                     added tremendously to the day.”                Since its inception in 1999, the ALR
                                       “2008 has been a groundbreaking           has quickly grown to become the larg-
                                     year in lupus research at the ALR,”         est private supporter of lupus research
       NLA                           she continued. “We are finally be-
                                     ginning to unlock the mysteries of
                                                                                 in the world. To date, the Alliance for
                                                                                 Lupus Research has committed $50 mil-
     Members                         lupus. Thanks to the dedication and         lion to finding new treatments and a

        Do                           support of the NLA, we will continue        cure for the damaging disease.

     Business                        What Is Lupus?
       with                          According to the Alliance for Lupus Research, “Systemic lupus erythematosus
                                     is a chronic autoimmune disease that can affect the joints and almost every

       NLA                           major organ in the body, including the heart, kidneys, skin, lungs, and brain.”
                                        ALR estimates as many as 1.4 million in the U.S. have lupus. Nine out of ten

     Members                         are women and the disease usually strikes during the childbearing years.
                                        For more information on the disease and the Alliance for Lupus Research, see

12   THE LIMOSCENE                                                                                           WWW.LIMO.ORG
                                                    THE LIMOSCENE • NEWS & VIEWS OF THE NATIONAL LIMOUSINE ASSOCIATION

NLA Hurricane Fund Aids 11 Operator-Members
in Houston and Baton Rouge
Generosity Abounds from Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association

        his past October the Board of
        Directors of the National Lim-
        ousine Association established
        the Hurricane Gustav and Ike
Relief Fund to assist operator members
harmed by the two September 2008
storms. Donations were solicited from
members across the U.S. and a match
to the total (up to a $15,000 maximum)
was pledged from the NLA’s philan-
thropic arm, the Harold Berkman Me-
morial Fund.
   NLA operator members in the af-
fected storm areas of Houston and
Baton Rouge were contacted and ad-
vised that those who applied for assis-
tance would receive one equal portion
of the full amount collected. All other
NLA members in the U.S. were solic-
ited for their contributions.
   Donations from individual and as-
sociation members for the NLA Hur-
ricane Gustav and Ike Relief Fund to-     As indicated by the organization’s very generous donation to the NLA Hurricane Gustav
                                          and Ike Relief Fund, the Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association (PRLA) has made
taling $4,070 were received (see the
                                          charitable work an integral part of their charter. PRLA members also recently supported
accompanying donor list). Hence, with     a major Susan G. Komen for the Cure event in Philadelphia and, as captured in this photo,
the NLA board-promised match from         delivered Santa Claus (aka PRLA president Philip Jagiela [Aries Limousine Service, South-
the Harold Berkman Memorial Fund,         ampton, Pa.]) to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the association’s sixth annual
                                          “Limo by Santa” teddy bear and toy distribution.
$8,140 was disbursed — $740 to each
of the ten Houston and one Baton
Rouge members who requested aid.          NLA Hurricane Katrina relief program          in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana
   The NLA Hurricane Gustav and Ike       set up three years ago that provided          who were devastated by the 2005 di-
relief plan was modeled after the         support to eleven operator-members            saster.

                                          NLA Hurricane Gustav and Ike Relief Fund Donors
                                             DONOR                                                                     DONATION
                                           Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation (San Francisco, Calif.)                   $ 250
                                           Dash Limousine & Sedan Service (Millbrae, Calif.)                            $ 100
                                           Gary L. Lackey (Washington, D.C.)                                            $    20
                                           Maryland Limousine Association                                               $ 500
                                           Minnesota Chauffeured Transportation Association                             $ 500
                                           Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association                                  $ 2,500
                                           Presidential Limousine, Inc. (Denver, Colo.)                                 $ 200

                                                                                                                        $ 4,070

                                           Harold Berkman Memorial Fund                                                 $ 4,070

                                           Total                                                                        $ 8,140

                                                                                                               THE LIMOSCENE       13

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