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									Canada Vacation Ideas Make Planning Your Next Vacation a Breeze Why not look at Canada vacation ideas to take the stress out of choosing your next vacation destination? Planning a vacation can be difficult. After all, besides making sure that you have enough money set aside to even go on vacation, you have to decide where to go, and that can be challenging. If you are planning a family vacation you want to make sure that you pick a vacation destination that everyone will enjoy. There is no sense in planning a wonderfully romantic week in Paris if your two year old twins will be coming along! Thankfully there are several great Canada vacation ideas to help you make sure that you plan the perfect vacation. If you are looking for a fun filled, easy vacation why not head to Calgary? This Canadian city located in the province of Alberta offers the best in luxury traveling from week end trips to spas to amazing cuisine and an exciting nightlife. It boasts over 25 museums and for the shopper in your family there is no provincial sales tax! Snuggled in at the base of the Rocky Mountains a trip to Calgary will also satisfy the outdoorsman in your family. In fact, if you have some family members who are looking for an exciting metro vacation while others were wanting to spend more time outside, Calgary is the perfect destination. Edmonton is another vacation destination that shouldn’t be over looked. If you’re all about the shopping then you will definitely want to vacation in Edmonton and spend a few days at the West Edmonton Mall. Yes, you will indeed need at least a few days to take in the over 800 stores and entertainment venues at the mall. In fact, if shopping is your thing, you could plan a whole vacation around the West Edmonton Mall. With its fun water park and hotel, you’ll never have to leave the mall! While most people hunker down inside during the winter, waiting for spring and the warm days of summer, why not head out on an adventure vacation? There are some great Canada vacation ideas specifically for those who love the winter and aren’t afraid to bundle up and head outdoors. If you love to ski, then you’ll love a winter skiing vacation to Canada. Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta all have some amazing ski locations that even the pickiest of skiers can’t help falling in love with. Whistler is perhaps the best known Canadian skiing destination, and for good reason. With amazing skiing and a first rate luxurious resort, it is a top notch ski destination. Another amazing ski destination in Canada is Marmot Basin ski resort in Jasper National Park. This ski resort also offers over 80 first class ski runs from beginners to experts along with wonderful hotels complete with top notch cuisine, saunas and indoor spas. You can also take in some of the great Canadian outdoors during the winter by visiting national parks such as Banff National Park. Banff offers first class hotels, skiing, hiking trails and outdoor skating. And you can be sure that there will be lots of hot chocolate and marshmallows in the evenings! If you are looking to take in more than one or two Canadian locations, you can travel via the Canadian Rockies train ride. This unique travel experience allows you to enjoy a slice of Canada from the comfort of a train car. There are so many amazing Canada vacation ideas that you are bound to find one that suits your needs. Whether you decide to stay in one of Canada’s amazing cities or take in a national park or two, you will no doubt enjoy your stay.

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