A Promotional USB Drive Can Help Your Company Think Outside the Box by andywest


Catch the attention of potential clients by designing a promotional USB drive.

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									A Promotional USB Drive Can Help Your Company Think Outside the Box Catch the attention of potential clients by designing a promotional USB drive. T-shirts are old news. Baseball hats are kind of tacky. And who really wants a coffee mug with a company logo on it anyway? When it comes to finding the right promotional material for your company, you need to start thinking outside the box if you want to get the type of attention you deserve. Potential clients don’t want teddy bears or window decals, they want products they can use, and for your sake you want them to be products they can use frequently. Why not design a promotional USB drive to get your name out there? It is an inexpensive, uncommon, and high profile way to get your name in front of clients and keep it there. USB drives are great promotional items because they are something that every potential client needs. They are a great storage device that can be used to back up files and transport a host of files with ease and no-fuss. A client can use them to move pictures, music, or even presentations and vital business documents simply by clicking them into their computer and pulling them out. The shape of traditional USB drives makes them lightweight and able to be kept on a keychain, around a neck, or in a pocket. Think of all the places your client can take your USB drive, providing a constant reminder to them and the people around them of your services! Creating a promotional USB drive for your business is extremely effective because these little items feature lots of great blank space for your logo, website, or business name to be printed on. They come in a variety of colors and designs, and can be completely customized to meet your marketing needs. The best part is, they can be completed – from design phase to being in your hands – within a week if necessary. Pricing for these great marketing items are based on how many are ordered, how many printing colors are used, and amount of storage capacity. For example, an order of one hundred USB drives with two printing colors and one gigabyte of storage would cost about the same as a T-shirt, an exceptionally reasonable price for the amount and duration of advertising that these cheap USB drives will generate! Did you know that you can even purchase fully printable eco-friendly USB drives as well as the traditional plastic ones? That’s right, if you are running a business that focuses on environmental awareness and responsibility, you can still enjoy the benefits of a promotional USB drive. Instead of being made with plastic, eco-friendly flash drives are totally encased in forestry certified wood. Now that is truly a unique marketing item that will undoubtedly get the attention of your clients and have them asking each other, “where did you get that great USB drive?” Of course, that is exactly the response you want your promotional items to elicit! A promotional USB drive is a long lasting, durable, and functional tool that you can use to take your business, whatever it is, to that next level of regard and success. The leaders in any field are the ones who step outside the lines and do something a little bit different. So why are you wasting your time and marketing dollars on old tricks that don’t work? Become the leader in your field that you know you can be and start a new trend by trying this effective, productive, and appreciated promotional method. You won’t be disappointed with the results, guaranteed!

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