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									Pleasanton Chiropractor, Dr. Ronald Vernon, Puts A New Twist On
Chiropractic Care

Pleasanton, CA, 31-OCT-2012 - Non Surgical Pain Relief Center and Dr.
Ronald Vernon, DC, Pleasanton chiropractor, are pleased to announce that
chiropractic care is not only different from traditional medical care,
but is gentler and more effective in pain relief. Chiropractic
practitioners do something that most medical doctors do not attempt to
do. Chiropractors promote wellness rather than treating symptoms.

That may sound like a minor difference. Others may say that it is simply
semantics. For those patients who have spent years trying to alleviate
painful symptoms, though, the difference can be identified in a quality
of life level that is measurable.

Even though painkillers may dull the sensation of pain for a time, they
do not promote healing. Pain therapy as recommended by traditional
medicine is simply to cover up the symptoms. This tends to require
stronger and stronger dosages of more powerful pain meds. In the
meantime, the body is not helped to heal, only to avoid feeling the pain
for a time.

The techniques of a Pleasanton chiropractor are radically different. The
first step in most instances is to define the location, cause and extent
of pain. Then a care plan is developed to reduce the blockages that stop
healing from occurring. When there are no impediments, the natural
healing process of the body kick into gear and improvement can be rapid
and dramatic.

Learn more about how natural and effective techniques focused on
chiropractic methods encourage healing without surgery, drugs or other
procedures by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and
others who have additional questions about this press release are
encouraged to get in touch with Dr. Vernon, DC, at the location
identified below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Ronald Vernon, D. C.

Company Name: Non Surgical Pain Relief Center

Address: 1811 Santa Rita Road, Suite #118, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Contact Telephone Number: (925) 484-3472

Contact Fax Number: (925) 484-1889



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