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Arsène Wenger: Reading victory may well
be one of my greatest wins
Arsène Wenger has admitted Arsenal’s 7–5 win at Reading may well
be one of his greatest wins Page 2

NFL in talks over London Olympic
Stadium with mayor Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson has held ‘encouraging’ talks with senior officials over
staging games at the London Olympic Stadium Page 3

Government contacts Serbia over England
Under-21 charges
The government are in contact with their Serbian counterparts to
ascertain the full details regarding potential charges facing two
England Under-21 players and a staff member Page 3

Kauto Star retired as                        Bryan Redpath agrees                        Marussia Formula                Novak Djokovic
Paul Nicholls declares                       to stay on at Sale as                       1 team talks to                 crashes out of Paris
‘the end of an era’                          club’s head coach                            investors after £49m            Masters with defeat
Page 4                                       Page 6                                       loss Page 7                     to Sam Querrey Page 9

Kevin Pietersen                              Horse racing tips:                           Nico Hulkenberg joins           Brian O’Driscoll
makes frenetic return                        Thursday 1 November                         Sauber as teams ask             faces surgery as
in England’s game                            Page 7                                       drivers to pay their           Ireland face autumn
with India A Page 5                                                                      own salaries Page 8             internationals Page 9 © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                         
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Page  G24 Sport                                                               Wednesday October 31 2012               17:46 GMT

                                                                      showed everyone that we never give up.”
                                                                          McDermott struggled to find words to say to his team after
Arsène Wenger: Reading victory may                                    what he termed the “worst defeat of my career”.
well be one of my greatest wins                                           Such a crazy game could be said to defy analysis but
                                                                      McDermott identified Walcott’s first goal — the one that
• We had a party in the second half, adds                             made it 4-1 on the stroke of half-time — as the turning point.
Arsenal manager                                                       “I wasn’t happy at half-time,” he explained. “That goal gave
                                                                      them impetus that we didn’t need [them to have]. We totally
• Arsenal come from 4-0 down to win 7–5 at
                                                                      dominated the first half and they scored a goal out of nothing.
Madejski                                                              When you give good players an opportunity, they take it. I really
Paul Doyle at the Madejski Stadium                                   wanted us to get a fifth goal to finish them off, which seems a
                                                                      ridiculous thing to think when you’re 4-1 up. But we didn’t play
                                                                      in the second half, what we did was kamikaze stuff.
                                                                          “We were really, really good for the first 35 minutes … but
                                                                      then when you see what we did in the second 45 minutes, it
                                                                      was bizarre to say the least,” continued McDermott. “When
                                                                      you consider that we were 4-0 up and who we were playing
                                                                      against and we end up drawing 4-4 [after 90 minutes], it’s just
                                                                      embarrassing for us all.” McDermott nonetheless felt that the
                                                                      match should have been over before Arsenal equalised: the
                                                                      referee had indicated a minimum of four minutes of additional
                                                                      time and Walcott drew the sides level in the sixth. “You can’t
                                                                      get the times as wrong as that,” he said.
                                                                          McDermott has given the players two days off to recover
                                                                      from this ordeal. Seeking some positives amid the gloom, he
Arsenal celebrate during their 7-5 win. Photograph: David
                                                                      noted that many of them have recovered from major set-backs
                                                                      before, notably when they lost the Championship play-off final
Arsène Wenger could barely contain his laughter after a match         in 2011. “In football you have massive disappointment, and I
that threatened to be one of the most humiliating of his career       had one of them a couple of years ago with that play-off final
transformed into one of his most extraordinary triumphs. His          but we managed to come back and win the league the year after
side recovered from an error-strewn opening period in which           that.”
they collapsed to a 4-0 deficit against Reading to hit back with          As for looking for positives from this game, McDermott says
seven goals and prevail 7-5 after extra-time .         he may not be able to study the game too closely. “I may just
    “We had a big party in the second half,” quipped the Arsenal      throw the dvd in the bin.” He may try to forget, but everyone
manager before remarking that the freakish scoreline was              who saw this amazing match will remember it for a long time. “I
more familiar in tennis, joking “so that’s the first set to us”.      know, and that makes me feel worse,” said McDermott.
The shocked Reading manager, Brian McDermott, meanwhile,
lamented that “this feels like a funeral”.
    Wenger added: “We went from disaster to getting some

pride because we came back in the second half with a decent
performance.” He also declared that although the League Cup
is not one of his priorities for the season, the first-half display
was so bad that immediate improvement became of paramount
    “It was not one of our priorities but had we gone out the way
we could have gone out on the basis of the first half, that would
not have been one of my proudest moments at the club so I’m
                                                                        From Beirut to Big Brother,
very happy that we came back.” Asked whether what transpired            Murdoch to Millionaire,
constituted one of his greatest victories, “It may be” was the
Frenchman’s reply.
                                                                        discuss the hot topics in the
    “I didn’t feel great when they made it 4-0,” added Wenger           media on not one, but two blogs
with masterful understatement. His mood was matched by
the travelling Arsenal fans, many of whom left the stadium in
                                                                        Organ Grinder and Greenslade
disgust and missed their team’s comeback. Wenger said that    
those who stayed helped inspire the transformation. “I just
thought what can I do about that and started to think about my
half-time speech,” said Wenger. “I felt sorry for our fans and I
would like to give them credit tonight. A big part of them stayed       greenslade/
behind and I am happy that we paid them back.” And for those
who left? “I give them less credit,” he chirped.
    “We were sloppy [in the first half] and the boss told us it
wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t Arsenal,” said Theo Walcott, “we © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page  G24 Sport                                                             Wednesday October 31 2012                17:46 GMT

                                                                    interested in moving into the venue, which will retain a running
NFL in talks over London Olympic
Stadium with mayor Boris Johnson
                                                                    Government contacts Serbia over
• Mayor’s office confirms talks over staging                        England Under-21 charges
NFL matches
• Wembley has deal to host International                            • ‘We are investigating full details’
Series until 2016                                                   – government spokesperson
Press Association                                                  • Two players and staff member cited by
                                                                    Serbian police
                                                                    Jamie Jackson

St.Louis Rams run out on the field before the NFL
International Series match against the New England Patriots
at Wembley. Photograph: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images
                                                                    Serbia’s Nikola Ninkovic, left, advances on Danny Rose,
Boris Johnson has held “encouraging” talks with senior              after England Under-21s’ controversial match in Krusevac.
National Football League officials over the prospect of staging     Photograph: Miroslav Todorovic/AP
matches at the London Olympic Stadium.
                                                                    The British government is in contact with its Serbian
    The NFL has staged games in London every year since 2007,
                                                                    counterparts to ascertain the full details regarding potential
and last Sunday the New England Patriots beat the St Louis
                                                                    charges facing two England Under-21 players and a staff member
Rams 45-7 in front of a sold-out Wembley crowd that included
                                                                    before deciding how to act, with the Football Association yet to
the Mayor of London.
                                                                    discover the identity of those cited by Serbian police.
    Next year, Wembley will host two NFL games, and has an
                                                                        A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
exclusive deal to host the International Series games until
                                                                    said: “Serbian police have announced that they have submitted
2016. But Johnson, who is chairman of the London Legacy
                                                                    charges against two England players and an assistant coach to
Development Corporation responsible for deciding how the
                                                                    the public prosecutor following an incident at the England-
Olympic Stadium will be used in the future, wants to see if
                                                                    Serbia Under-21 football match in Serbia. We are investigating
there is a role for the Stratford venue.
                                                                    the full details of these charges before considering our
    A spokesman for the mayor said: “Sunday’s game at
Wembley, in front of over 80,000 fans, further cements
                                                                        “The British embassy in Belgrade is liaising with the Serbian
London’s reputation as the natural home of American Football
                                                                    authorities as a matter of urgency.”
outside of the United States.
                                                                        The Guardian understands, however, that the two players
    “Only last week the Mayor, in conjunction with the NFL,
                                                                    and member of staff may not yet face charges, with the Serbia
announced an expansion from one to two regular season
                                                                    public prosecutor to decide if the cases should be a court
matches in London from 2013. That means in total an additional
                                                                    matter. The FA, which has vowed its full support for the
£44m in revenue for the capital from next year.
                                                                    accused, has not yet been contacted by the Serbia FA or any
    “Given the ever growing popularity of Gridiron on this side
                                                                    other of the country’s agencies.
of the Atlantic the Mayor and his team have held a number of
                                                                        On Tuesday, a statement from the Serbian Interior Ministry
meetings with senior executives in the last few days to explore
                                                                    said: “Charges have been pressed against five Serbia players and
further opportunities involving the NFL and London. The talks
                                                                    an assistant coach, two England players and an assistant coach
were exploratory, we are at an early stage, but the signs are
                                                                    as well as three fans. According to the instructions of the public
                                                                    prosecutor’s office in Krusevac, they have been charged with
    The mayor’s office are exploring the long-term possibility of
                                                                    violent conduct at a public sports event on 16 October at the
utilising the Olympic Stadium to bring more games to London,
                                                                    Mladost Stadium. The three fans have been charged with the
potentially in addition to Wembley. One prospect often
                                                                    use of fireworks.”
discussed is whether London could be the base for a new NFL
                                                                        Where this leaves any future fixtures between England
                                                                    teams at all levels with Serbia is unclear, or individual players
    A decision on the future use of the Olympic Stadium is
                                                                    if their clubs are drawn against teams from the country in
not expected before December. West Ham are one of those © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                           
Page 4 G24 Sport                                                               Wednesday October 31 2012                17:46 GMT

European competition.                                                the opinion that the time had arrived to retire him,” Nicholls
   This is the second occasion the Under-21 side have suffered       said through his Betfair column. “Of course, as owner, the final
racist abuse when playing against the nation. At the 2007            decision rested with Clive, but he agreed that the horse had
European Championships in the Netherlands, Serbia were               done enough.
fined £16,000 by Uefa for racist chanting from fans following            “Don’t get me wrong, Kauto looks and feels as vibrant as
England’s 2-0 group win. Then, the defender Nedum Onuoha             ever, as those who saw him at our owners’ Open Day last month
was a target and recently told the Guardian it was the “toughest     would testify to. He was mad fresh that day and continues to
90 minutes of my career. It is an experience that will never         be as alert as ever and very, very well in himself. But I suspect
leave me, and to this day it is a source of sadness and anger        Kauto will be like that when he is 20 years old.
that during an international football match, played in the               “And, deep down, we know he has done enough – and in
21st century, I was the victim of racist chanting from Serbia        some ways I think we have to protect him from himself. And
supporters.”                                                         maybe ourselves, too.”
   Whether Rose, a Tottenham Hotspur defender on loan at                 Smith had been considering one final run in the King George
Sunderland, would also consider playing in the country in the        VI Chase at Kempton on Boxing Day, which Kauto Star had
future European club competition may also be in the balance.         won a record five times, one more than was achieved by Desert
                                                                     Orchid. But both Smith and Nicholls were keenly aware that
                                                                     Desert Orchid’s final run in the race nearly ended in disaster
Kauto Star retired as Paul Nicholls                                  when he took a crashing fall at the third-last in 1991, when he
declares ‘the end of an era’                                         was the same age Kauto Star is now.
                                                                         Kauto Star will be remembered as one of the greatest
                                                                     steeplechasers in the sport’s history, having also won two Gold
• 12-year-old steeplechaser is healthy but                           Cups and four Betfair Chases. In all, he won 23 of his 41 starts
‘has done enough’                                                    and a total of £2,375,883 in prize money, as well as a £1m bonus
• One of the greats, he won a record five                            offered by Betfair for winning their race, the King George and
King Georges                                                         the Gold Cup in the 2006-07 season.
                                                                         His 2009 King George success is likely to be remembered
Chris Cook
                                                                     as his greatest single performance, as he sauntered home 36
                                                                     lengths clear of what had seemed a talented collection of rivals.
                                                                     His Gold Cup victory earlier that year will also mean much to
                                                                     those who saw it, as he became the first horse to win that crown
                                                                     back after having lost it. Denman, who had beaten him the
                                                                     previous year, trailed him by 13 lengths.
                                                                         A promising youngster in his native France, Kauto Star was
                                                                     bought by Smith in the summer of 2004. Smith had hoped to
                                                                     buy Garde Champetre but was outbid at auction by JP McManus
                                                                     and used the money instead for a private purchase of the horse
                                                                     who would come to dominate his life.
                                                                         Having won easily on his debut at Newbury in December
                                                                     2004, Kauto Star was on his way to success at Exeter the
                                                                     following month when he fell at the second-last, fracturing a
Kauto Star at Kempton, where he won five King George VI              leg. Unaware of the injury, Ruby Walsh remounted him and the
Chases, one more than the previous record, set by Desert            pair came within a short-head of winning the race, Kauto Star
Orchid. Photograph: Julian Herbert/Getty Images                     having jumped the last fence despite his fracture. Thankfully,
                                                                     he made a full recovery and was able to race again within
Kauto Star has been retired, his trainer, Paul Nicholls, has
                                                                     10 months, but the incident led to a review of the rules on
announced. The news on Wednesday morning comes seven
                                                                     remounting, which was eventually banned in 2009.
months after the horse’s final race, when he was pulled up in
                                                                         Kauto Star fell again when he went to the Cheltenham
the Cheltenham Gold Cup, and follows protracted discussions
                                                                     Festival for the first time in 2006, when he contested the
between Nicholls and Clive Smith, the horse’s owner, about
                                                                     Champion Chase, and his jumping would continue to scare
whether to persist with the steeplechaser’s career.
                                                                     those closest to him throughout his career. Though perfectly
   “The end of an era has finally arrived,” Nicholls said. “Clive
                                                                     capable of a fluent leap over any fence, he seemed to lose
was here this morning and we have taken the decision to retire
                                                                     concentration at times, especially late in a race. He blundered
Kauto Star.”
                                                                     at the final fence en route to his first victories in both the King
   Now 12, Kauto Star is fully fit but has reached an age at which
                                                                     George and the Gold Cup.
the great majority of jumps racehorses are put out to grass.
                                                                         He unseated Sam Thomas at the final fence of the 2008
He won two top-class races from three starts last winter but
                                                                     Betfair Chase, an incident from which Thomas’s career has
competing at the highest class becomes more of a strain as age
                                                                     never really recovered. Walsh, who was injured at that time,
takes a toll and his connections have decided not to take the
                                                                     was on board when Kauto Star took a shocking fall at the fourth-
risk of sending him back to the track.
                                                                     last in the 2010 Gold Cup, the horse turning over on his neck in
   “We have had nine superb years with the horse but, after
                                                                     a manner that caused many to fear for his life.
seeing him in his work these past few weeks, myself, Clifford
                                                                         His retirement was widely expected after he was pulled
[Baker, head lad] and Dan [Skelton, assistant trainer] were of © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page  G24 Sport                                                               Wednesday October 31 2012                17:46 GMT

up in the Punchestown Gold Cup in May 2011, but Nicholls
maintained through that summer that the horse would be
capable of running again. That view was vindicated when Kauto
                                                                     Kevin Pietersen makes frenetic return
Star put up a performance close to his best for a final Betfair      in England’s game with India A
Chase win at Haydock, by eight lengths from Long Run, who
had won the previous Gold Cup.                                       • Pietersen hits quickfire 23 before falling to
   Nicholls said on Wednesday that the “raw emotion” of that         old adversary Yuvraj
success “will live longest in my memory. I had to hold myself
                                                                     • England reach 286 for four in reply to
together to stop myself being in floods of tears that day, and I
just about managed it.”
                                                                     India A’s 369 all out
   Kauto Star again beat Long Run in the King George the             Press Association
following month but his preparation for the Gold Cup was
interrupted by a fall during schooling at Nicholls’s Ditcheat
yard. Though he recovered his fitness in time to take part, he
dropped tamely out of contention on the first circuit and was
pulled up.
   Walsh reported that he may have pulled muscles while
stretching over the water jump. There was spontaneous
applause from the grandstands as Kauto Star was taken out of
the race, the crowd recognising the end of a great career and
appreciating that Walsh was looking after the horse.
   In his autobiography, Lucky Break, Nicholls named Kauto
Star as his favourite racehorse. “He is so well named, because
he’s a genuine star,” the trainer wrote. “For me, there will never
be another like him.”
                                                                     Kevin Pietersen of England hit a quickfire 23 before being
   Details of how and where Kauto Star will spend his
                                                                     dismissed by his old adversary Yuvraj Singh. Photograph: Pal
retirement remain to be confirmed.
                                                                     Pillai/Getty Images
                                                                     Kevin Pietersen provided the brief panache, and Alastair Cook
                                                                     the necessary substance, in their opening gambits on England’s
                                                                     tour of India.
                                                                         For Pietersen, returning after his summer of discontent and
                                                                     successful “reintegration” with vexed management and team-
                                                                     mates, a flighty 23 – complete with eerily appropriate dismissal
                                                                     to old adversary Yuvraj Singh – was notable.
                                                                         For Cook, embarking on his first Test tour as permanent
                                                                     captain, it was fitting as well as valuable that he should
                                                                     contribute a trademark 207-ball century to underpin England’s
                                                                     286 for four in reply to India A’s 369 all out on day two of three
                                                                     at the Brabourne Stadium.
                                                                         Cook (112no) brought his famed powers of concentration and
                                                                     discipline to bear as he first shared an important second-wicket
                                                                     stand of 95 with Jonathan Trott (56) and then an unbroken one
                                                                     of 153 with Samit Patel (82no).

                                                                         The only blemish was an escape on 87 when he edged an
                                                                     attempted cut at Yuvraj and was dropped by wicketkeeper
                                                                     Wriddhiman Saha.
                                                                         Yet the only memorable frill from the stoic opener came
                                                                     in the 90s when he leaned on an expertly-placed on-drive off
                                                                     Yuvraj for his 12th boundary – before completing his hundred
  Compare and buy                                                    off Suresh Raina with familiar understatement via a single to

  Use our free independent                                           mid-off.
                                                                         Pietersen was in and out, by comparison, in the blink of an
  comparison services to switch                                      eye. But it was hard to risk blinking while he was there, and
  suppliers and save money on                                        inevitably his fretful stay will overshadow for many the labours
                                                                     of Cook or the significance of Patel’s case for Test inclusion as a
  all your household bills.                                          batting all-rounder.                                                  Pietersen, batting for his adopted country for the first time
                                                                     since he was dropped for the Lord’s Test, hit a six over long-off
  compareandbuy                                                      and three fours in a near run-a-ball innings.
                                                                         The India A captain Raina was the man hit for six, and duly
                                                                     replaced himself with Yuvraj – infamously dubbed a “pie- © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page 6 G24 Sport                                                              Wednesday October 31 2012               17:46 GMT

chucker” by Pietersen on England’s last Test trip here four years
    Pietersen responded by trying to assert himself against
                                                                     Bryan Redpath agrees to stay on at Sale
the all-rounder, who has become one of his favoured Twitter          as club’s head coach
sparring partners.
    But the slow left-armer Yuvraj, continuing his comeback in       • Redpath lost director of rugby role after
the world game after recovering from lung cancer, had the last       poor start to season
laugh on Pietersen this time when he moved smartly to his left
                                                                     • Steve Diamond confirmed as Scot’s
to take a return catch.
    Yuvraj was all smiles again soon afterwards when Ian Bell
                                                                     immediate replacement
edged him to slip, leaving Cook and Patel with much work to          Andy Wilson
    England had lost their first wicket with just two runs on
the board when Nick Compton endured a false start to his
prospective international career with a third-ball duck.
    The 29-year-old Compton, grandson of the great Denis, is
being pencilled in by many as likely replacement for the retired
Andrew Strauss as Cook’s opening partner on this tour. But he
will first need a substantial innings or two under his belt before
the opening Test in Ahmedabad on 15 November.
    Compton left his first two deliveries from Ashok Dinda, the
second precariously close to off-stump, and was persuaded to
push defensively forward at the third only to edge new-ball
swing behind.
    Cook and Trott were then in no particular hurry as they
                                                                     Bryan Redpath signed a four-year contract at Sale having
sought to avoid any more early dramas. Trott completed his 50
                                                                     joined them from Gloucester in the summer. Photograph:
with a cut for his ninth four from the seam bowling of Parvinder
                                                                     Henry Browne/Action Images
Awana in early afternoon.
    Soon afterwards, though, he uncharacteristically lost            Bryan Redpath has agreed to stay with Sale in a new role as head
concentration – going back rather than forward to a Raina off-       coach despite being stripped of his previous title as director of
break, to be bowled and set the stage for the Pietersen show.        rugby after the club’s shocking start to the Premiership season.
    James Anderson had earlier done his best to hasten that              The former Scotland scrum-half only joined the Sharks in
moment too, giving England the perfect start when he had R           the summer on a four-year contract after leaving a similar role
Vinay Kumar lbw with an inswinger first ball to end the home         with Gloucester, but was informed after last Friday’s defeat at
innings without addition.                                            Worcester that he would lose the director of rugby title as part
    Also among the non-Pietersen footnotes was Patel,                of a shake-up of the coaching staff.
although his 92-ball 50 – just one slip along the way, when he           Steve Diamond, the former hooker and coach who has been
was dropped by Saha down the leg-side off Awana on 29 – is           working as the club’s chief executive, has taken charge of the
deserving of more prominent billing, in content and context          team for the rest of the season, with the former All Blacks coach
for a cricketer who may be no bit-part player over the next two      John Mitchell as a consultant.
months.                                                                  Redpath has accepted Diamond’s offer of a lesser position as
                                                                     head coach, but on the same terms as his director of rugby role.
                                                                     He will also sit on a new Rugby Strategy Management Board to
                                                                     be chaired by Brian Kennedy, the Scottish businessman who has
                                                                     bankrolled Sale for more than a decade, with Diamond, Mitchell
                                                                     and the co-owner Ian Blackhurst.
                                                                         “We are delighted that Bryan will be taking on the role

                                                                     of head coach of Sale Sharks as from today [Wednesday],”
                                                                     Kennedy said in a statement. “His four-year contract that
                                                                     commenced this year will stay in force. The priority of all the
                                                                     management within Sale Sharks is to get back to winning ways
                                                                     and secure our position in the Premiership. We believe we have
  The Guardian digital edition                                       the playing and coaching talent and structure to achieve this.
  Read the Guardian on the web                                       Beyond this we must plan medium and long term to compete
  exactly the way it was printed.                                    at the top of the game and this will be the remit of the strategy
  With award-winning Guardian                                        board.”

  photography accessible from
  anywhere in the world. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            
Page 7 G24 Sport                                                          Wednesday October 31 2012               17:46 GMT

Horse racing tips: Thursday 1 November                          Marussia Formula 1 team talks to
                                                                investors after £49m loss
Pericoloso is napped to win a handicap
hurdle at Hereford, plus tips for all four race                 Sheffield racing team chief Andy Webb cites
meetings                                                        staff and infrastructure investment behind
Chris Cook                                                      costs rise
                                                                Christian Sylt

Nicky Henderson could have winners with Vasco De Ronceray,
Polly Peachum and Thanks For Coming. Photograph: David         Marussia F1 team driver Charles Pic. Directors are seeking
Davies/PA                                                      potential sponsorship deals for the team, says the chief
Hereford                                                        executive. Photograph: Xpb Images/Press Association Images
   1.30 Vasco Du Ronceray 2.00 Missionaire 2.30 Pericoloso      Marussia, the Formula One team 29.4% owned by Lloyds
(nap) 3.00 Seedless 3.30 Going Nowhere Fast 4.00 Unwanted       Banking Group, is in talks with potential investors to keep its
Gift 4.30 Amazing D’Azy                                         wheels turning after making a £49m loss last year.
Kempton                                                             Andy Webb, the team’s chief executive, said directors were
   4.40 Serenity Spa 5.10 Tartary 5.40 Norfolk Sky 6.10         “in active discussions with potential new investors in the
Ermyntrude 6.40 Quintilian 7.10 Shamir 7.40 Barnet Fair (nb)    business and also pursuing other sources of income including
8.10 Kai                                                        potential sponsorship”.
Lingfield                                                           He added that some of these discussions “were well
   12.50 Hekaayaat 1.20 Hidden Belief 1.50 Watcheroftheskies    advanced although not yet completed, so the outcome of each
2.20 Kingscroft 2.50 Baheeja 3.20 Polygon 3.50 Layali Dubai     remains uncertain”.
4.20 Rio Royale                                                     The Sheffield-based team joined F1 in 2010 and is likely to be
                                                                valued at about £45m – about a quarter of F1’s only listed team,
Stratford                                                       Williams. While the Williams team has nine championships to
   1.10 Ballycassel 1.40 American Art 2.10 Theodore Lamb 2.40
                                                                its name, Marussia’s drivers, Timo Glock and Charles Pic, have
Polly Peachum 3.10 Mr Valentino 3.40 Thanks For Coming 4.10
                                                                yet to score a single point.
                                                                    A disastrous start in 2010, when Marussia finished last in the
                                                                standings, hit the team’s finances the following year. Turnover
                                                                – mainly derived from sponsorship and prize money – declined
                                                                5% to £28.6m in the year to 31 December 2011.

                                                                    However, the team’s costs rose 11% to £70m, and in turn this
                                                                widened its net loss by £11m.
                                                                    Webb puts the increase in costs down to “significant
                                                                investment in the team’s personnel, infrastructure and
  Fantasy League Classic                                        factory”.
                                                                    The team finances its operations with debt from Lloyds
  Manage a squad of 16 players and                              Development Capital (LDC), the government-owned bank’s
  a budget of £75 million. £75,000                              private equity arm. Last year LDC handed the team £38.4m,
  worth of prizes to be won in weekly,                          bringing its total loans to £77.7m.
                                                                    LDC invested in the team in 2009, and in November 2010 a
  monthly and overall competitions.                             controlling stake was sold to Marussia, the Russian sports car
  Beat your nearest and dearest in a                            manufacturer after which the team is now named.
  friends league.                                                   Marussia now controls 70.6% of the team with the remainder                                  of the shares owned by LDC.
                                                                    In 2011 the team’s net debt came to £77m with £61m due
                                                                after the end of this year. The increased investment last year is © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                       
Page  G24 Sport                                                             Wednesday October 31 2012                17:46 GMT

showing signs of paying off as Marussia now lies in its highest-   I don’t know. At the moment there is no movement. I’m waiting
ever position of 10th place.                                       on what Tony wants to do. He has different options and has to
   If the team finish the year in this position the prize money    decide what route he wants to take.”
from Formula One Management will increase around four-fold             Caterham have confirmed that van der Garde will drive in
from the $10m received last year.                                  Friday’s opening session in Abu Dhabi, his fifth first-session
                                                                   drive of the season and his fourth in a row.
                                                                       At Willams, Pastor Maldonado brings in £30m from the
Nico Hulkenberg joins Sauber as teams                              Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA, while at Lotus Romain
ask drivers to pay their own salaries                              Grosjean repays the patient faith the team have in him with
                                                                   money from Total.
                                                                       The financial position at Force India was the centre of some
• Kamui Kobayashi struggling to find                               speculation during the Indian Grand Prix, following team
sponsorship money                                                  principal Vijay Mallya’s well publicised problems with his
• Uncertainty at Force India a worry for                           grounded Kingfisher Airlines. That must worry Paul Di Resta,
Scot Paul Di Resta                                                 who does not bring in any sponsorship deals. But Di Resta is too
                                                                   good a driver to let go.
Paul Weaver
                                                                       Force India are unlikely to name a replacement for
                                                                   Hulkenberg until the end of the season. But there could be a
                                                                   return to the team for Adrian Sutil, who was ninth in the world
                                                                   championship last year before being replaced.
                                                                       Jules Bianchi, Force India’s test driver, is also on the short
                                                                   list. Force India have a tradition of promoting from within the
                                                                       Meanwhile, in Abu Dhabi, where Red Bull could lift the
                                                                   constructors’ championship this weekend, Sebastian Vettel
                                                                   is poised to become the first driver to win five races in a row
                                                                   since Michael Schumacher in 2004. “I hope we will sail on the
                                                                   tailwind of our four wins and add a fifth,” he says.
                                                                       But, according to McLaren team principal is has all been a
                                                                   little too straightforward for the German. Whitmarsh said: “I
Nico Hulkenberg is moving to Sauber as pressure mounts             think we made it all too easy for him [in India].
on drivers to bring in more sponsorship to their teams.                “”If you are at the front you can look after the tyres, you can
Photograph: Sutton Images/Corbis                                   look after everything. We needed to get up there and give him a
                                                                   harder time at the start and we were not able to make that stick.
An increasing number of cash-strapped Formula One teams are
                                                                       “Jenson’s start was very good, and our two guys were
asking their drivers to pay their own salaries as even the most
                                                                   fighting each other and Fernando. I think having Fernando,
glamorous of all sports feels the chill wind of austerity.
                                                                   Lewis and Jenson fighting over the first lap was probably the
   As Nico Hulkenberg’s move to Sauber was confirmed on
                                                                   dream ticket for Red Bull to get away.
Wednesday, replacing the McLaren-bound Sergio Pérez, it
                                                                       “If you can do that, running in clean air, with probably Seb
emerged that current Sauber driver Kamui Kobayashi was
                                                                   not feeling too threatened by the car behind him, then that is
losing his battle to find the sponsorship money he needs to
bring in to pay his wages.
   As Sauber are backed by the world’s richest man, Carlos
Slim, who has an estimated fortune of £50bn, as well as Chelsea
football club owner Roman Abramovich it doesn’t say much
for the chances of the teams farther back on the grid. A Sauber
insider said last night: “Just because Slim and Abramovich are
very wealthy it doesn’t mean they are throwing their money at
us – maybe that explains why they’re very wealthy.”

   Hulkenberg’s team-mate at Sauber next year is increasingly
likely to be their test driver, Estaban Gutiérrez, whose Mexican
background should please Telmex, the telecommunications
company, and its owner, Slim.
   Meanwhile, Heikki Kovalainen is fighting to keep his seat         Are you getting the best deal on
at Caterham, where team principal Tony Fernandes admits
that he “cannot discount going down the pay driver route”.
                                                                     your mortgage?
Caterham, who face a heavy financial penalty if they fail to         Compare over 8500 mortgages
finish in the top ten of the constructors’ championship, have        online to find the best deal for you.
spoken to Marussia’s Charles Pic and their test driver Giedo van
der Garde, who can both bring sponsorship money to the team.
“The fact is, I don’t bring money and I get paid,” Kovalainen        compareandbuy
said on Wednesday. “Whether that’s the deciding factor or not, © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            
Page  G24 Sport                                                               Wednesday October 31 2012               17:46 GMT

Novak Djokovic crashes out of Paris                                  Brian O’Driscoll faces surgery as Ireland
Masters with defeat to Sam Querrey                                   face autumn internationals

• Second seed Djokovic beaten in second                              • Captain misses games against Fiji, South
round                                                                Africa and Argentina
• Sam Querrey won match 0-6, 7-6, 6-4                                • Declan Kidney expects O’Driscoll to
Press Association                                                   return in eight to 12 weeks
                                                                     Press Association

Novak Djokovic of Serbia reacts during his defeat to Sam
Querrey. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA                              Brian O’Driscoll of Leinster will miss all Ireland’s autumn
Novak Djokovic has crashed out in the second round of the BNP        international matches after surgery to repair damaged ankle
Paribas Masters in Paris to the American Sam Querrey.                ligaments. Photograph: Michael Steele/Getty Images
    The second seed, who is guaranteed to finish the year as         The Ireland captain Brian O’Driscoll was due to undergo surgery
world No1, looked on course for the easiest of victories when he     on Wednesday on the ankle ligament trouble that has sidelined
raced through the first set 6-0, only to let his grip on the match   him for his country’s autumn Tests.
slip and go down 0-6, 7-6 (7-5), 6-4 in just over two hours.             O’Driscoll, the full-back Rob Kearney and hooker Rory Best
    The Serb dominated his opponent’s serve in the first set as      will all miss forthcoming games against South Africa, Fiji and
he took three of four break points, but Querrey, the world No23,     Argentina because of injuries.
pulled himself together in the next, hammering down 10 aces,             And with the lock Paul O’Connell’s training currently
while another seven followed in the decider.                         restricted, it could be that Declan Kidney will require a new
                                                                     captain for the 10 November appointment with South Africa in

                                                                         “We will assess all that now,” said Kidney.
                                                                         “Paul [O’Connell] has his own niggles with his back. He was
                                                                     hoping to get a bit of pitch time this weekend.
                                                                         “Captain can be an onerous position. We will let him recover
                                                                     first; we will look after the person first and then see what is
                                                                     right for the team.”
  Mystified by mortgages?                                                The No8 Jamie Heaslip could emerge as the captaincy
                                                                     favourite if O’Connell is unavailable.
  Perplexes by pensions?                                                 Assessing O’Driscoll’s situation, Kidney said: “You just don’t
  Confused about your consumer                                       hold back on these things. If it [surgery] needs to be done, you

  rights?                                                            get it done, and we are very lucky with the medical back-up that
                                                                     we have.
  Our experts are on hand to                                             “He is frustrated. Everybody likes putting on a green jersey,

  answer all kinds of financial                                      nobody more than Brian. “We will miss him – we missed him
                                                                     during the Six Nations last season. That makes it all the more
  and legal questions, so you                                        precious when he is around.
  don’t need to be baffled any                                           “The prognosis for him is eight to 12 weeks. I don’t want to
                                                                     put pressure on Brian, but he’s usually on the shorter side of
  more. Read their advice, or put                                    that. We wish him well and God speed for a quick recovery.”
  a question to them, at                                                 The New Zealand-born prop Michael Bent, meanwhile, has
                                                                     been drafted straight into Ireland’s squad ahead of the autumn                                               series.
                                                                         Bent, who qualifies for Ireland through his maternal
                                                                     grandmother, could play for Leinster against the Ospreys next © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                                Wednesday October 31 2012                17:46 GMT

Sunday and then be under consideration to face the Springboks          competition on the last day, as the US blew a six-point lead and
six days later.                                                        lost by one.
   “He will work with Leinster on Wednesday, come back to                  Keegan Bradley, whose exceptional play in the Ryder Cup
Carton House [Ireland’s training base] Thursday and Friday,            was a bright spot for the Americans, said a victory for one of
and then a decision will be taken on whether he will have an           his countrymen in China this weekend would provide a morale
involvement in Leinster’s game on Sunday,” the Ireland team            boost.
manager Michael Kearney said.                                              “I saw some guys in the airport yesterday and it made me
   “For us, he could play in one or two or all three games in          happy just to see the guys,” he said. “I think it would be great
November. It depends on what happens in the next week or               – a win here anytime is amazing, and I think that it would help
two.”                                                                  all of the Americans and especially myself.”
   Bent, 26, has arrived in Ireland after playing for Taranaki in          Mickelson was also trying to look on the bright side of
New Zealand’s ITM Cup. He also made five Super 15 appearances          the Ryder Cup experience, saying that the success of his
for the Hurricanes earlier this year.                                  partnership with Bradley there had at least given him new
   Kidney added: “It’s our job to assemble the best Irish-             motivation to work on his game.
qualified group together. In fairness to Leinster, they did a lot of       “I had a great couple of days playing with Keegan as a
groundwork in finding him.                                             partner,” he said. “And I saw some things where I can improve
   “With the game-time the rest of the tighthead props have            my game and I have this new kind of excitement and energy
around the place, he’s probably one of the most qualified in           that Keegan has, and it’s rubbed off on me and I am excited to
terms of being match-fit.”                                             play and work and practice.”

Phil Mickelson says USA Ryder Cup                                      Lalit Modi loses appeal against £90,000
defeat was ‘one of my biggest lows’                                    libel award to Chris Cairns

World No19: ‘The two weeks following the                               • Cairns sued over unfounded match-fixing
Ryder Cup was a really tough low, one of the                           allegation
biggest lows of my career’                                             • Modi ‘singularly failed’ to provide reliable
Associated Press in Shenzen, China                                    evidence
                                                                       Press Association

Phil Mickelson has made the US Ryder Cup team a record nine
times. Photograph: John Raoux/AP                                      Chris Cairns sued Lalit Modi for libel over an unfounded
Phil Mickelson has said that he has spent the past month trying        match-fixing allegation. Photograph: Carl Court/AFP/Getty
to get over the USA’s shocking defeat by Europe in the Ryder           Images
Cup at Medinah in September , which he said             An appeal against a £90,000 libel award to former New Zealand
was “one of the biggest lows of my career”.                            cricket captain Chris Cairns over an accusation of match-fixing
    As he prepared to play for the first time since the Ryder Cup,     has failed.
in the HSBC Champions which starts on Thursday at Mission                  Cairns, 42, sued Lalit Modi , the former
Hills, the world No19 said it would likely take him far longer to      chairman of the Indian Premier League, over an “unequivocal
forget what happened at Medinah.                                       allegation” on Twitter in January 2010 which, he said, turned
    “I think the first two weeks following the Ryder Cup was a         his achievements to “dust”.
really tough low, one of the biggest lows of my career,” he says.          In March, Mr Justice Bean ruled that Modi had “singularly
“It was one of the biggest disappointments that I’ve had to deal       failed” to provide any reliable evidence that Cairns was
with. That disappointment will last a lot longer than a month.         involved in match-fixing or spot-fixing, or even that there were
I still feel disappointment from it. I still feel that over the next   strong grounds for suspicion that he was.
two years, we’ll still have the same disappointment from not               He said: “It is obvious that an allegation that a professional
winning this year’s Ryder Cup.”                                        cricketer is a match-fixer goes to the core attributes of his
    Mickelson lost to Justin Rose in the turning point of the          personality and, if true, entirely destroys his reputation for © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                               
Page 11 G24 Sport                                                   Wednesday October 31 2012   17:46 GMT

    “The allegation is not as serious as one of involvement in
terrorism or sexual offences (to take two examples from recent
cases). But it is otherwise as serious an allegation as anyone
could make against a professional sportsman.”
    He said Modi’s lawyers had launched a “sustained and
aggressive” attack on Cairns, with the words “liar”, “lie” and
“lies” used 24 times.
    To reflect that, he increased the damages by about 20
percent, from a starting point of £75,000 to £90,000.
    On Wednesday, three judges in the Court of Appeal, headed
by the Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge, said the awards were
proportionate to the seriousness of the allegation and its direct
impact on Cairns himself – and would serve to vindicate his
    In 2007 and 2008, Cairns captained the Chandigarh Lions in
three competitions in the Indian Cricket League (ICL), which
flourished briefly before the ascendancy of the IPL.
    The allegation made by Modi related to the second and third
of these competitions, between March and April 2008 and
October and November that year. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                   

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