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									                                         DCU Sport
                        Autumn Group Fitness Schedule 2012
   Monday           Tuesday         Wednesday             Thursday         Friday         Saturday
    10am                              7am                10am
Active for life                      *Spin           Active for life
    Emma                            Graham               Irina

                                    11.15am            11:15am            11:15am        11.15am
                                  Active Pilates     Aqua Aerobics     Friday Fitness     Pilates
Aqua Aerobics
                                      Emma               Irina             Emma           Denise

   1pm                                                                    1pm
                     1pm              1pm                1pm                               1pm
  *Meet &                                                                *Meet &
                  *Kettlebells       *Rip:60          *Kettlebells                      *Gym for All
   Train                                                                  Train
                    Graham            John              Martina                           Denise
    Des                                                                    Des

     1pm              1pm             1pm                   1pm            1pm
   *Rip:60           Pilates         *Spin                 Pilates        *Spin
    Emma              Irina          Emma                  Emma           Emma

                    1.35pm                                 1.35pm
                    Pilates                                Pilates
                     Irina                                  Emma


    6pm                                6pm
                      6pm                                                  5pm
  *Outdoor                           **Nike
                     Rip:60                                              *Teen Fit
  Bootcamp                        Training Club
                      John                                                Denise
    John                              Emma

    6pm               6pm             6pm                   6pm            6pm
     Spin            Pilates          Spin                  Spin           Spin
   Graham             Lauri           John                  John          Denise

   6:45pm           6:45pm           6:45pm             6:45pm            6:45pm
 Core Attack      Core Attack      Core Attack        Core Attack       Core Attack
  Graham             John             John               John             Denise

    7 pm              7pm             7pm                7pm
*Pump & Tone!         Spin           Pilates          *Kettlebells
    John             Emma            Emma                John

    7pm                               7pm
   Rip:60                            Rip:60
   Graham                             John

   7.45pm           7.45pm           7:45pm
     Spin         *Kettle Bells    Core Attack
   Denise            Emma             John

         * DCU Staff & students NON members can pay €5 for these classes
         ** Public non members can pay €10 for these classes ONLY
         ***NOTE For Zumba there is a charge of €5 members.
Nike Training Club - delivers the most efficient and effective
workout to get you lean, toned and strong
Spin - Super fat burning on stationary bikes.
Kettle Bell – Conditioning with Kettle Bells
Boot camp – Come prepared to sweat in this group style, ultimate,
fat burning session.
Pump & Tone – Tone up & burn fat with a full body toning class.
Core Attack – a great 15 minute workout designed to tone up and
strengthen the core.
Pilates – focused on building core strength, improving flexibility,
agility and helping to prevent injury.
Active Pilates– great class to improve flexibility, posture and
mobility for the older adult.
Aqua fit – An invigorating water workout
Active for life – Keeping the older adult Active!
Rip:60 – Full body workout using suspension training - guaranteed to
build muscle tone, increase strength and loose Bodyfat!
Friday Fitness – A fun full body workout for parents to kick the
weekend off in style!

 Please Note
       All participants must scan in to the required class, at reception, 10
        minutes prior to the class time.
       All classes will cater for all fitness levels.
       Participants must follow the ‘Studios Code of Conduct’, which is
        displayed in each studio.
       Classes may be merged or withdrawn without notice.
       Phone bookings will not be accepted.
       All classes 45mins, Lunchtime classes 35 & core attack 15mins.

                              6.30am-10.30pm Mon-Fri
                     10am-6pm Saturday, Sundays & Bank Holidays
                       PH: 7005797 or visit

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