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         The most important battle of our time is set in Stafford 3048ad. The world is now a different
place, it now split in 4. There are no longer countries arguing over trade and borders, no longer
repression for countries in too much dept. At the start of the 31st century China had finally manage
to conquer the whole of Asia and became the wealthiest and most powerful country the world had
ever seen. It no longer considered itself a mere country but a continent. Fear of this enormous
power lead to massive power shifts in Europe and Africa. Knowing that separate it individual had
little chance of victory should Asia invade so they combined all countries and became continents

The 3 Kingdom Era had now started with Asia, Africa and Europe.

        As for North America and South America no human life has been seen on it for 1000 years. It
is now infesting with alien species. At first it was crabheads caused by the Americas when China won
the won between them a thousand years ago but they have evolved into lizardmen form and have
before a constant danger to each continent.

        However this battle in Stafford is not between man and monster it’s between man and man.
Though each continent is powerful they alone do not have the power to take on the monster on
their home ground let alone destroy them from the face of the world so Asia has decided to conquer
Europe and with the combined might and resources they believe they can destroy the aliens once
and for all. The only problem is the Europeans don’t want Asia in control of their continent or
people; they want freedom and free choice which is more restricted in Asia.

This has lead to war.

          The reason Stafford is so important is that in the home of the Blue Crystal which is a energy
source from in the early 21st century and has become the most safest and environmental friendly
resource with no pollution and a constant renewable resource it is the most proper means of
energy. This power source alone supplies Europe with 70% of its electricity. The crystal has affected
Stafford as a place, it no longer a town but a city surrounding a power plant with the land around it
been adjusted by humans to ensure the crystal provides the best yield of energy. Man made
waterfalls have been put in place to keep the crystal from overheating and cracking from the inside
as well as been isolated from the general public with a fortress surrounding it for protection. All that
is really left is a few building from the olden days like the Counsel House next to the fortress which is
used to convert the energy from the crystal to electricity. And the Clock Tower which has been
turned into flats for the engineers and scientists that look after and study the crystal and factory.

Asia has sent a small elite force to take over the crystal and the destroy it. Once destroyed Asia will
send it full force over the European border and with no electricity to use it big weapon Europe
should fall quickly and easily. To have the energy of the crystal you must own at least 6 power
converters, these are in the shape of flags, once your own 6 the crystal energy can be secured and
then you have full control over the crystal.

Asia Elite:
They have successfully landed and have acquired 3 energy converter however the European have
noticed the danger and have sent an elite force themselves to defend the crystal and regain control
over it. The Asia army has sent vehicle support aid to help you achieve your task. The mission is to
acquire 3 more energy converters from the enemy base and bring them to yours, failure is not an

European Elite:

They have successful reach the base before the Asian elite could acquire the other converters and
have secured the base. It’s your task to recapture the energy converters taken by the enemy; we
have highjacked some of the Asia vehicles dropped for them, so use them to recapture the
converters. Failure will spell the doom of the European Continent.

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