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									         How A Clean Work Environment Can Boost Productivity

Anyone who has ever worked in an office, which applies to most of us, will completely
understand how much the condition of the rooms can affect the team of employees.
If an office space looks terrible, dark, dingy, dirty and untidy, the chances are that all the
staff will feel terrible too.
Conversely, a bright, airy, clean and well-organised office brings out the best in everyone
who works there and for a variety of reasons...
Firstly, even if an office is not the most spacious or glamorously decorated room, it is
essential that it is absolutely clean.
A fresh, hygienic office is vital to ensure the good health of employees and to prevent the
spread of germs that cause illnesses and infections. With less sickness within the office
environment, there is less time taken off work and so overall productivity increases.
Also, a clean, tidy office is far better for people’s mood, spirits and mental health.
A dirty, messy environment can be deeply depressing, especially if it means staring at
grimy walls and windows or a grubby carpet all day!
An office that is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, feels like a productive haven,
where ideas can flow more easily and deadlines can be met.
A smart, hygienic, neat office genuinely makes for the ideal place to work.
Clutter and dirt is hugely distracting and people waste energy moving around it and
trying to ignore it, rather than channelling their efforts into doing great work.
If you improve the atmosphere at work by hiring a professional cleaning company to
ensure high standards of cleanliness, then you are also reducing employee stress,
improving their self-esteem.
Who feels proud of having to work in a dirty office?
Very often, the investment made in ensuring the office remains clean, tidy and pleasant to
spend time in, will be more than repaid in the company’s improved image and

Martin Dutson, MD of Carlton Cleaning, is an ex-Royal Navy serviceman that has built
an impressive commercial cleaning company serving the Plymouth and Devon areas.
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