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									                          Mobile Advertising to Profit SMBs

Mobile advertising is a boon to businesses and if properly employed mobile ads can make a
great difference. It can attract customers and enhance the overall sales for the business.
Mobiles have been a boon to the advertising industry. The use of smartphones and tablets has
given rise to the new concept of mobile advertising and it is growing in popularity with each
passing year.
The surge in mobile activity has forced businesses to advertise through the mobile platform. It
enables business to reach out to a huge clientele and deliver information to the customer right
into their mobile devices. Businesses have seen a remarkable difference in consumer activity
since the introduction of mobile advertising.
Here are a few points to consider while devising a mobile advertising strategy –
    Target your customers
    Build a mobile website
    Leveraging Google AdWords
    Give customers a reason to contact you
Mobile technology is ever changing and tech savvy consumers also like to receive mobile ads
to remain updated. Mobile advertising is a new concept and it enables to have a business
advantage. Simply put, mobile advertising is any marketing activity done to make the
customers aware of current trends and inform them about the latest offers and discounts. This
information may be communicated through any medium like an SMS or MMS. The advertising
of business products/services is done through the mobile device and the customer has
immediate access to these ads.
Mobile Advertising - The Advantage
Most cell phones users are addicted to their mobile device and always keep them within their
hands’ reach. In such situations, businesses can make tremendous profit through advertising on
the mobile platform. Mobile advertising proves beneficial for the following reasons-
    It is possible to target technology crazy consumers with the new arrivals in their field of
     interest. Savvy shoppers too respond immediately to mobile advertising and their
     chances of walking into the actual departmental store to make a purchase increases.
    Mobile advertising helps to keep in-touch with one’s customer by shooting regular
     updates of the store and offering discounts time and again. It enables to maintain the
     relationship with the customers and keep them attracted towards the business.
     Customers feel valued and can remain faithful to the business.
    Mobile ads are delivered right to the consumers wherever they are. The targeted
     customer can spread the word by talking about it to nearby friends and relatives. This
     attracts more customers to the business and can enable the business to grow by leaps
     and bounds. Mobile ads play an important role in generating great leads for business.
    Mobile devices are the best mode of engaging customer while on the go. It is profitable
     to target the specific audience while travelling, working, or at home.
Marketers need to incorporate mobile ads for greater productivity and efficiency. If businesses
do not think mobile in present times, they are sure to lose out on a huge clientele. It is a great
platform to drive traffic to the actual store and improve sales. Technology has progressed a long
way and mobile ads can be made through a combination of all varied technologies. Consumers
can be attracted through simple texts, or an audio-visual commercial to create an impact of TV
ad. Offering attractive discounts along with every purchase also proves to bring in more
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