California's Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs by coopmike48

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This analysis reveals that middle-skill jobs make up over half of the jobs in California's labor market. Without greater investments in education and skills training, future growth in the supply of educated workers will likely fall short of the growth in labor market demand. Representatives of EDGE, a non-partisan, statewide nonprofit coalition working to propose policy to prepare Californians for the high-wage, skilled jobs that will drive the state's economic recovery, will meet the state's congressional leaders in Washington, DC on November third to review the study's findings and discuss further federal efforts to ensure all workers can get the skills they need to play a role in economic recovery. Registered Apprenticeship is mentioned as part of the solution throughout the report. The California EDGE campaign will brief state policymakers on the report's findings and begin to explore ways to make California a leading state in addressing the middle-skills gap.

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