Stepping into Land of Miniatures by MelvinYap1


									Stepping into a land of Miniatures will help you relish those 'moments' again. We
hope you will enjoy this short presentation. We are not into long draggy
introductions and we certainly do not want to waste your precious time.

Thank you.
Have you been to places where everything around you makes you feel happy?
The feeling is like a child 'lost' in the big playground with his favorite toys all
around him.

Don't we miss those days when we were little and carefree? Everything doesn't
seem to matter as long as there are food, toys and playmates.
We will all grow out of toys as we age and have other interests and commitments.
What if we can bring back those moments and relish one more time?

Many have done so through diorama, but this visual art takes time, money and
skills. Even Lego Diorama takes plenty of time, patience and imagination!
Wouldn't it be better if we can recreate these toy-like scenes?

There is an easier way and a even greater number of fans are sticking to this
visual art, in the form of photography. We call this tilt shift photography or more
popularly known as miniature faking.
Digital cameras are not as expensive as in the past, and almost everyone has
internet connection. With a digital camera and an internet connection, you have
the basic ingredients for cooking up your own miniature faking creation!

And of course, you need lots of creative juice to spice your images up!

Miniature faking is the simulation enactment where real life scenario is
manipulated into toy-like scene. It can be done digitally by using either photo-
editing software or smartphone apps. Some are paid applications, but there are
also free ones which works great too.

Take a stroll backwards in time, and destress from your daily commitment for a
moment with miniature faking and tilt shift photography.
Written and compiled by m3l
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Extra   Credits (images in order of placement):
   1.   Jemsweb (Flickr ID)
   2.   Timo_Beil (Flickr ID)
   3.   Daniele Pesaresi (Flickr ID)
   4.   Stuart Miles (

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