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									Continuous Delivery And Deployment - Inspirational Quote

Done means "released". This implies ownership of a project right up until it’s in
the hands of the user, and working properly. There’s none of this "I’ve checked
in my code so it’s done as far as I’m concerned".

James Betteley

Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous
delivery of valuable software.

Principles behind the Agile Manifesto

Just ship, baby.

Kent Beck

How long does it take you to get one line of code into production?

Wisdom of the Internet ;)

We don’t have a release manager and there are no set weekly deploys.
Developers and designers are responsible for shipping new stuff themselves as
soon as it’s ready.

GitHub blog

DevOps (a portmanteau of development and operations) is a software
development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration
between software developers and information technology(IT) professionals.
DevOps is a response to the interdependence of software development and IT
operations. It aims to help an organization rapidly produce software products
and services.

Continuous   Deployment     is   the   notion   of   having   the   automated   build
infrastructure, the Continuous Integration server, go one step further and roll
out deployments to the running server.


If it hurts do it more often.

Wisdom of the Internet ;)

continuous delivery means minimizing lead time from idea to production and
then feeding back to idea again

Rolf Andrew Russell

[teams] must learn to trust themselves to deliver the level of quality that is
required for continuous deployment.

Paul Klipp

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