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					      Thunderbird High School Swimming and Diving
                             Suit Information

Thunderbird Swimming and Diving is in the process of ordering 2012 season
team swimsuits. It would be best to have this form and payment available on suit
fitting day which is Friday, August 17th at the beginning of practice. Credit
Card orders placed after this date may be done directly through Ski Pro, cash or
check orders placed after this date can be turned into the coaching staff.

This year’s suits are high quality Speedo brand suits.

Team suits are not required but are highly recommended. We would very much
like to look like we are competing as a team this season. If you choose not
purchase a suit please be aware of the team practice and competition uniform
policies listed on the next page.

Because of the individual nature of uniforms in swimming and diving (these are
not football jerseys and pads that can be washed and re-issued to someone else
next year); athletes need to purchase their own suits. It is the goal of
Thunderbird Swimming and Diving to not exclude anyone from participating for
monetary issues. If you wish to purchase a suit and feel you cannot afford to do
so, please approach the coaching staff so that arrangements can be made.


Additional items are available for purchase. These items are optional and cannot
be subsidized by the team.

There are two style choices of shorts. One pair will be orange with blue “THS
Swim and Dive” embroidered on the leg for the ladies. The other is a Black
basketball style short with “THS Swim and Dive” also embroidered on the leg for
the men. While we are labeling these shorts as appealing to one gender or
another, you are free to order as you wish.

Bags are large blue or orange Speedo backpacks that will have an orange “T”
plus your name embroidered on them. For the quality of this bag as well as the
personalized embroidery, you won’t be able to beat the price.

Our vendor, Ski Pro, has graciously agreed to visit us on Friday, August 22nd.
They will have the style of suits we will be ordering so that anyone who wishes to
try on suits before purchase may do so.

With the help of Ski Pro, we have put together a package of high quality goods
and a reasonable price. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this
opportunity to show team pride and place an order.
Practice and Competition Uniform Policy:
Thunderbird Swimming and Diving requires that all athletes be properly attired
when practicing and competing in the pool. Women are to wear suits that are
appropriate for competitive aquatic activities and do not hinder performance or
require constant adjustment. Men are to be attired in "Speedo" type suits that,
like the women, do not hinder performance or require constant adjustment.
Shorts are not acceptable. Additionally, all suits worn in competition are subject
NHFSA regulations. These rules basically require appropriate coverage and limit
non-school logos (including manufacturer logos) to 1 1/2 inches square. All suits
are subject to approval of the coaching staff.

Athletes that do not conform to team policy will be issued one (1) warning per
season, after which they will not be allowed to participate on that day. Since they
are not participating, such athletes will be considered absent and be subject to
makeup workouts and exclusion from future competition.

The staff realizes that not all athletes have the resources to purchase unlimited
suits and that equipment purchases for the season may be limited to one suit.
As such, these rules will not be strictly enforced until after the team suit order has
arrived. After such point, there are no excuses not to adhere to team policy.

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