The Vision for Telecommunications in NYS - Southern Tier East by zhouwenjuan


									“Back to the Future” the Vision of
 Telecommunications in NY State
Let’s see what Appalachia is doing?
  What will be needed in NY’s future?
• NYS will need more bandwidth to support ever
  expanding new “Applications”.
• The BB services will have to be affordable
• The services will have to be accessible.
• The use of Internet 2 will be greatly expanded -
  schools / universities / research labs, and other new
  permitted users.
• Entirely new “Sector Driven” – Internet 2 type
  networks will come “on-line” - health, government,
  business, military, and other users.
Let’s get on the Information Highway
       and go into your future
Let’s begin with libraries....
         Libraries continued....
• “Marian the Librarian” has been replaced by
  “Marian or Marion the Techno Geek”
• They hold Master’s degrees
• Marian no longer has a pencil behind her ear,
  glasses on a chain, as she now wears a phone
  headset for incoming calls,
• Marion carries a Blackberry, and they both use
  their PDA’s / laptops more than they use a
  computer workstation and they say: “Let’s see
  what we can find “on-line!”
 How important will libraries be in the
          state’s future?
• Local libraries are “Continuing Education
  Learning Centers”
• Libraries are now places for “on-line” training
  / for in Re-Licensing of all types of
  professionals - medical, educational, business
  – CPA, Administrators, legal, etc.
         Libraries continued....
• Libraries interface with schools: homework,
  curriculums, specific research projects, “on-
  line” uses within the classroom setting
• Libraries are partners in the economic
  development life of their communities
• Video programming of all types will become
  available through all local libraries
         Libraries continued.....
• Libraries will become even more important to
• Governments will provide all kinds of “on-line”
  information that will be available through
  “public access terminals” in libraries
       In hard times libraries are used more –
............this is a fact being proven everyday now

• Library utilization was jumped tremendously
  these past few months with “on-line” job
  searches, help wanted information “on-line”,
• Citizens across the country will be looking for
  more free “public access sites”
• Urban America has tremendous high school
  dropout rates, and in some instances
  approaching 40 + % or higher.
• Appalachia’s HS completion rate is 83% - North,
  72% - Central, and 67.7 –South Region wide it is
  74.8 % - 2007 data *
• Some distressed areas still have drop out rates as
  high as 50 - 60%*
• DL is going a long way towards improving and
  offering more courses... etc.
• * Depends on how the statistics are collected
   Educational uses in the future

• Distance learning will greatly accelerate in
  education - teachers are the key
• “Advanced Placement” / “Dual Enrollment”
  courses will literally explode in next few years....
• Local colleges / universities will have to compete
  for these “outreach” high school course offerings
• Alabama requires a certain number of DL courses
  at the high school level be completed before
  graduation is to be certified...2011..
        Education in the future…..
• Most universities / colleges use “Real time”/ “on-line”
  education to increase curriculum / enrollments - both U -
  WV and U –MD currently offer some MA degrees on line!
• Many colleges conduct “on-line” college Interviews instead
  of inviting students to come to campus for an interview
  with the parents. “Preliminary Screening” is being done
  even before the student sees the campus!.......[Wake
• Graduate programs screen by using webcam services at: U
  GA, Arizona S U, Penn State
• Businesses now require employees to take “routine on-line
  training” each year – OJT will take on an entirely new
  meaning for more and more people.....
           Education .............
• All students in the near future [K-12] will be
  required to use a “durable laptop” computers in
  the classroom to do all papers, reports,
  homework will be sent in electronically [Calhoun
  County – Alabama will be ready by 2012 at the
• Many high schools: WV, OH, GA, NC are already
  using DL / “laptop” facilitated educational
  curriculums that function on “Meshed “ wireless
  backbones in the classroom that “bleed over into
  the community for other users!
               Education ...........
• Many HS are now open year around as community
  learning centers: [NC, GA, Ala]
• These “Community Learning Centers” require all
  homework / papers / reports be sent in electronically
  from home or through the school’s internal wireless
  network by the students. [NC, GA]
• Schools now require students to do major research
  “on-line” and as a part of all papers that are prepared
  the students must cite the web sites used in their
  reports by including the URL’s........ They cannot just
  use books!
• School Board meetings are on “Streaming Video”
• School budgets are “on-line” in many districts
  along with posted agendas / GIS bus routing
  information, absentee reports, school closings,
  homework assignments, etc. [AL]
• All children in the future will be required to keep
  up with classes via the Internet when they are
  out sick or recuperating from an illness
  Homework is now on line daily in many school
  districts for parents to see. [GA, NC, AL]
• We all know that many high school graduates can’t read, write, or
  know where the USA is on a map of the world......... Well if they fail
  on these skills they surely fail in having computer skills as well.......
• Without computer skills these days students really can’t get high
  paying / quality jobs out of High School
• Many adults who cannot read now, are finding themselves out of
  work because they don’t fit into a “Computer Assisted
  Manufacturing” environment, and more adults will face this issue
  as CAD /CAM is extensively phased into the work place.........
• GED enrollment is up all over the country. A lot of illiterate adults
  are now enrolled in “on-line” educational courses that will lead to
  being able to complete a GED. [GA, AL, NC]
  How will Governments use HS in the
• Entire budgets are “on-line” with attending reports
• Governments are selling, auctioning, and buying all
  types of things on line that require detailed
  descriptions, pictures, and technical drawings, and they
  are using e-Commerce very well! In some instances
  they have sold things “on-line” to someone across the
  country [PA]
• Entire deed and tax records have now been digitized to
  expedite tax billings, and provide access to records by
  lawyers, judges, real estate people, etc. [MS]
• Governments are doing “Streaming video” of many
• Governments are routinely doing
  Telemedicine to / from jails / hospitals, and
  Video Arraignments are routinely being sent
  from the jails to the courthouses [Ala]
• Governments are doing all types of E-911
  services through “meshed wireless” formats,
  [AL, OH, KY, AL, NC, MS]
• Planning districts are working with
  governments on e-Commerce training / Web
  Page development, hosting, computer
  application software training, GIS mapping, “e-
  Commerce” training [PA, NY, TN, MS, VA,]
  Communities are now offering all types of
  “on-line” services to their citizens [PA, NY, Al,
              Government ........
• Governments are providing all kinds of services to
  citizens and businesses through municipally built
  networks: [PA - Cambria, MD Allconet2, VA – Haysi /
  Independence, GA - Dalton / Rome, NY –Delhi]
• Governments are posting all types of GIS facilitated
  reports “on-line” i.e. : – crime areas / recent arrests,
  parade routes, parking restrictions, “snow” and other
  emergency reports, health warnings, tourism
  information, economic development information /
  opportunities, public services, and real estate
  information, etc.
• Governments are: posting vacancies, job descriptions,
  searching “on-line” for new staff, conducting video
  interviews with potential employees, etc...
• Examining other community’s Web sites in order to
  keep “competitive with them” on all aspects of social
  and economic development issues....... Very big issue
  in these times!...
• Governments are now becoming very efficient in using
  the Internet to research / resolve problems, and
  increase their service area’s outreach [PA, NY]
• Governments are using all types of enhanced
  community web sites to promote: tourism /
  recreation, economic development, community
  services, and public interest information, etc......
• Communities without robust web sites are simply
  completely overlooked by companies doing
  research for new plant locations..... If you don’t
  “pop out” / you “pooped out!” One click and you
  are history!
• Robust regional web sites work as solid marketing
  tools for communities – Advantage Valley – W VA
Business uses...
               Business .........
• Businesses that are not using robust web sites are
  loosing business / market share.......period
• “e-Commerce” when properly used by
  businesses: can save them money, market their
  products, locate new suppliers, develop co-
  marketing efforts, analyze their competition,
  sustain relationships with past customers, and
  build new customer relations, etc.
• A business without a robust web site is generally
  going out of business, declining........... Or is
  potentially being looked at as an acquisition!
• A robust web site projects a strong company image
• Well designed / maintained web sites encourage longer
  visits / multi-media rich content is critical to sustain
  [“eye balls” on-the-screen]
• Local businesses need to build better local “co-market” each other’s business
• All businesses need to examine their competition’s web
  site [back side] very carefully and learn from their
  competition. This is very simple to do......
• All business information on the Internet is public
• Businesses are posting: job vacancies, job
  descriptions, Annual Reports, news articles
  about their company, enhancing their Blogs to
  include personal items about the company
  employees etc., which results in more human
  / or soft marketing
• Businesses are conducting initial “job
  webcam interviews” rather than bringing the
  prospective employee on site....
• Marketing budgets must include significant
  funds for “web site” development and
• Our nation’s future depends on successful
  global marketing of our products, and “e-
  Commerce” is absolutely critical now! ......
• 45 million people lack medical health insurance
• Health care costs are expected to reach $2.4 Trillion in 2008
  – 16.6% of the Gross Domestic Product – [Kaiser Family
• Health care costs are expected to reach $4.1 Trillion by
  2016 accounting for 19.6% GDP [KFF]
• 45% of all Americans suffer from one or more chronic
  diseases – this accounts for 70% of all deaths, and 75% of
  health care spending [KFF]
• Medicare covers 49.1M low-income Americans along with
  families, people with disabilities, and the elderly.
• Medicare spending from 2006 to 2012 is projected to rise
  from $374 B. to $564 B. or an increase of 190 B. [KFF]
• Telemedicine is being used all over world to
  cut costs, access Electronic Medical Records of
  patients , “Store / Forward” information,
  provide consultations, provide off – site
  medical reads of X-Rays, and a variety of other
• In 2005 - 10% of all beneficiaries of Medicare
  accounted for more that 67% of all Medicare
• Approximately 2.2 M. beneficiaries reside in
  long term care facilities........
• Over 40 states in the USA require that if
  telemedicine services can be used to treat a
  patient under their “Medicaid program” that
  is the “fee amount” that will be paid for the
  services – no matter if the patient decides to
  see a Doctor in person and incurs more costs
                 Health - VA
• The VA has been using telemedicine services for
  over 30 years / today they are serving 10’s of
  1,000’s of veterans in “in-home settings” and in
  “Out Patient settings” throughout their 200
  campus using the VOIP / Internet / and facilitated
  high speed services where available
• The VA went from 2.3 M. veterans receiving
  services in 1993 to 5.6 M in 2003
• And at the same time the VA reduced the number
  of beds from 85,000 to 55,000 beds nation wide

• The DOD is using telemedicine services
  through all kinds of “meshed” networks from
  the battlefield Hummer “Mash” units – direct
  to Walter Reed via satellite, “Ship to Ship”,
  “Ship to Shore”, satellite from base to base
  world wide...... What they do today is in our
  health care next year! Mayo, Cleveland Clinic,
  John Hopkins, etc.........
• They literally are on the bleeding edge..
• There are between 700 - 800 telemedicine
  networks currently functioning
• Telemedicine is being used to do “Virtual
  Pediatrics” – Binghamton, Electrical Medical
  Records GA, PA, OH, KY, SC, Al, MS, Tele-
  Mental Health in KY, Diabetes control in OH,
  VA, PA
• And routine “Consultations” are being done
  electronically in Ala, MS, PA, VA, WV, and
  elsewhere in the region
• Telemedicine / telehealth services are being
  reimbursed throughout the entire country by
  State Medicaid programs in order to contain
  costs, and limited demonstration payments are
  being made under Medicare........
• Within the next 5 years major hospital systems
  will be doing entire their internal “in-take to
  discharge” electronically using patient carried
  “Smart Health Cards” like they are doing in
  Europe now!!!!
 So where will NY be in the future?
• It takes vision, leadership, planning, the right
  “business” decisions, available resources, and
  access to affordable BB services, along with
  the desire to improve service delivery, quality
  of life, and being able to sell your community,
  product, service to the world.........
• Now let’s hear from some of your experts!

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