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4th - Eversley Parish Council


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      PRESENT:             Cllr P Todd (Chairman)
                           Cllr P Arpino
                           Cllr D Bradley
                           Cllr S Dickens
                           Cllr J Hartle
                           Cllr K Neville
                           Cllr A Ricketts
                           Cllr C Young

    ALSO PRESENT:          Cllr Dr A Crampton (HDC) and Mrs J Routley, Clerk.

    Prior to the meeting there was a brief presentation by Colin Ive, Chairman of Yateley Area
    Community Emergency Plan Steering Group (See Appendix 1). Cllr C Young agreed to join
    the Steering Group as EPC’s representative.

    Cllr D Simpson (HCC)


    i) The minutes of the meeting held on WEDNESDAY 7th MARCH 2012 had been previously
    circulated to all Councillors.
    ii) Correct any errors
    No errors were reported.

     It was resolved that the Minutes be approved and signed by the Chairman.                      PT

    iii) Matters arising
    Min 189: Welcome to Eversley Booklet         This is still a pending item for Cllr P Todd.     PT
            Rights of Way Booklet        This is still a pending item for Cllr P Todd.             PT
            Wooden Cross It was agreed that despite the cheque not having yet been cashed it
    should appear in the financial year when the cheque was written, that being 11-12.             Clerk
           s106 Developer Contributions Cllr Dr A Crampton (HDC), who was present, reported
    back on her discussions with Daryl Phillips (HDC). The background to the requirement for the
    new forms was that when Hart had gone to developers for s106 money they were losing as
    developers were appealing and their appeals were being upheld. Hart therefore looked at
    tightening up the requests via the new proformas as s106 money can only be given if it is
    ‘directly linked to the development and proportionate’. Cllr Crampton said that on some of
    Eversley’s requests some have merit but some could do with editing and some such as some
    of the ESA requests could be linked to wider district projects.
    The Chairman expressed disappointment that in November Councillors had worked hard and
    rushed to meet the deadline and then had not received any feedback until now when they had
    approached Hart. If they had not done so then they would not have been told that there was
    anything wrong with their requests. Cllr D Bradley reiterated that it was a shame that a
    response had to be forced out of Hart. He would have welcomed feedback from them to
    explain what the problems were with the applications. Cllr Crampton explained that the
    requests would go to Cabinet in June and that Daryl Phillips (HDC) had said that EPC could
    do more work on them before then and resubmit. She explained that EPC would need to
    prioritise and work on those projects they felt were most important. She had arranged that
    going forward she would have regular meetings with Daryl Phillips (HDC) regarding Eversley
     Cllr S Dickens stated that the Council should have received a response in writing from Hart
     and would appreciate time with an officer to now get the requests right. He also referred to
     projects that had been approved by Cabinet in the past. Cllr Crampton confirmed that even
     these would need to be resubmitted to meet the new guidelines.

     Cllr Crampton offered to arrange a meeting with Daryl Phillips (HDC) or Carl Westby (HDC) to
     talk through their applications.                                                                     AC

     Cllr Crampton also reported back on the Community Infrastructure Levy stating that it would
     replace s106 in approximately 2 years time.
     Cllr S Dickens stated that the continued availability of s106 money for Webb’s Corner was
     unclear. Cllr Crampton stated that as far as she knew this was still allocated for the project by
     Cllr D Bradley requested that this be confirmed in writing.                                          AC

    i)    Annual Newsletter             The Clerk reported that no reports had yet been received.
    Following a discussion it was resolved that in order to still meet publishing and distribution
    deadlines reports should be sent to the Clerk no later than 14th April.                              ALL
    The Clerk is also to ask ‘Eversley Matters’ if they wish to include an up to date report.            Clerk
    ii)   Annual Assembly It was resolved to hold the Annual Assembly on Friday 25th May at
    7.00pm.                                                                                              ALL
    The Chairman is to look into the possibility of inviting an additional speaker.                      PT
    iii)   Standing Orders The Clerk is to re-circulate the Standing Orders for Councillors to
    review in preparation for them being adopted at the AGM.                                             ALL
    iv)   It was resolved to remind the Open Spaces Committee to ask Rob Wheway to carry out
    the playground Inspections in June.                                                                  OSC

    Cllr Dr A Crampton offered to come and give an update on any area EPC required more
    information on. She would be having regular meetings with the officers at Hart and would
    feedback to EPC.
    Cllr S Dickens said that Malcolm Benjamin, who could not attend the meeting, had asked him
    to mention that the issue of the footpath west of The Fielders had still not been addressed.
    The Chairman felt that the likelihood of getting HDC to clear it was remote. Cllr S Dickens
    said he would continue to discuss this issue in the Open Spaces Committee.                             OSC

    The Treasurer distributed copies of the reconciliation for March 2012 as previously circulated.


Lodgements                                                                                 710.00

Balance expected at End of March 2012 (see Minute 192/11-12)                            18,090.60

O/s Cheque not cashed                                                                       35.00

Balance at end of March (23rd March as per statement)                                  18,125.60

Cheques for payment 4th April 2012

O/s Cheques not cashed (as above)                                                        (35.00)

Total Expected in Current Account            End of April 2012                         12,108.52
Balance in Reserve Account (24th January as per statement)             13,667.09
Interest                                                                    1.70          13,688.79

The Treasurer reported the following:
   1. As they were required before 4.4.12 these 2 cheques were written on 23.3.12 which was after the
       reconciliation of 7.3.12.
   It was resolved that since the approval was given at this meeting that these cheques should be recorded in
   the new financial year 12-13.                                                                         Clerk

      ii)    Wooden Cross project          The over spend had resulted from changes in the design
      and structure and additional weight. All Councillors wished to thank Cllr K Neville for giving
      his labour free to this successful project.                                                          ALL

      It was resolved to approve the increase in expenditure of £330 for the Wooden Cross
      project.                                                                                             PT

      iii)   It was resolved to authorise the payments, as above, for signature.                           PT

      iv)    Budget 2012/13              The Chairman thanked Cllr A Ricketts for providing the
      base figures on which to calculate quarterly figures.

      v)     It was resolved to approve the Chairman of Open Spaces to attend the course
             ‘Finding and Bidding for Project Funding’ at a cost of £30 plus travel expenses. SD

    Cllr D Bradley reported that after contact with Mags Whylie he had ascertained that the
    surveys had been completed and that the architect had commenced work on the new layouts.

    The Chairman reported the following:
        A meeting has been held with WBC’s Planning Councillor and Wokingham’s Traffic
          Modellers. Cllr D Bradley would produce a report from this meeting.                       DB
        There are still outstanding queries on the traffic modelling which need to be addressed
          to Steve Bailey (WBC).
        Need to know the position of HCC as Tim Wall (HCC) is due to provide more
          information on necessary highway improvements.
        Cllr D Bradley is to chase Cllr D Simpson (HCC) regarding his meetings with senior
          level people at HCC.                                                                      DB
        The Chairman stated that a meeting had been programmed with the Defence
          Infrastructure Organisation and with representatives of their traffic modellers and other
          landowners. However, this had not taken place.
        Angus Ross is hoping to persuade the developers to wait until the updated traffic
          modelling at the end of August and therefore he would not expect a planning
          Application within this year.
        The Chairman explained that the traffic modelling they are using for Wokingham’s
          strategic model is so elaborate that it reassigns traffic to other routes once one route
          becomes congested. So regardless of how much traffic the model would state that
          The Street never gets to capacity as the traffic is being accommodated on other roads
          even though in reality these are not the roads that would be used.
        Cllr C Young suggested that Cllr D Simpson (HCC) may now be able to pursue the
          downgrade of A327 to a B road as the restrictions for doing so are now available.

    A formal proposal had not yet been received and therefore this item was deferred.
    The Chairman explained that once a formal proposal was received the designs should be
    made public 3 days before the meeting due to discuss it. He also reminded Councillors that
    they would be responding as both land owner and trustees of the recreational land.
    i) Update on progress
    The Chairman is to:
          Get a quote from the landscape architect in the name of the Parish Council as
            opposed to the landowner.                                                               PT
          To ask the architect to invoice both parties.                                            PT
          To inform Ron Rietdyk that EPC has approved expenditure for the architect and to
            provide him with an idea of the current figures for income and expenditure for the
            burial ground.                                                                          PT

    i) Update on progress
    Cllr J Hartle reported that the project is progressing and that one aspect is that Charles
    Kingsley’s School would be making bunting.
    ii) Actions required by EPC
          Cllr C Young suggested chasing the Parish Warden regarding the completion of the
             Village sign. The Chairman believed that the sign was finished and ready for painting.
          The Clerk is to liaise with Cllr J Hartle regarding Public Liability Insurance for the
             Jubilee.                                                                               Clerk/JH

    Countryside Access Plan Working Group Meeting - Forest of Eversley The Chairman is to
    prepare a report from the Forest of Eversley meeting held on 30th March 2012.                    PT
     Cllr C Young reported on the following:
     Road Signs
           The ‘Give Way’ sign at the junction of the A327 and the Bramshill Road, knocked down
              by vehicle (needs to be replaced or re-erected).
           Marsh Lane road sign at junc. with the B3272 damaged by vehicle, requires replacing.
           'New Road' street sign and footpath post, damaged by vehicle, signage is damaged but
              useable and needs re-erecting.
           ‘Children Playing’ sign on St Neots Road has been hit.
           ESA sign into Fox Lane had been knocked to face the wrong way.
           The arrow sign on one side of the island near Kingsley Road has been knocked.
           The depth gauge at The Ford has still not been replaced or the unnecessary sign
     Road Repairs
    Cllr C Young reported that the drain outside Southview on Chequers Lane required attention.
    The pot holes in Webb’s Corner had been filled in but badly and would therefore require
       further repairs.
     Vehicle Activated Signs Cllr D Bradley reported that he had been informed by HCC that their
     policy is not to provide a permanent sign unless it was on an accident hot spot. The Parish
     Council can purchase one but at a cost of £3K. All other signs were temporary Speed
     Indication Devices (SID’s).
     Cllr D Bradley asked Cllr Dr A Crampton (HDC) if it could be raised with HDC to see what
     their views are. He felt that to expect Parish Council’s to bear the cost of purchase and
     ongoing maintenance is unrealistic.                                                            AC
     The Chairman suggested that at the meeting of the District Association of Councils
     (HDAPTC) on 10th April, EPC could submit a written report that they are concerned over
     this issue. The Chairman offered to action this.                                               PT
     Road Closures The Clerk had contacted John Foggo regarding the simultaneous road
     closures and misleading signage. He had replied via e.mail the gist of which was that
     although Hart issue the notifications for road closures the permission and coordination is the
     responsibility of Hampshire Highways. The Coopers Hill works were scheduled to be carried
     out under a road closure.The parish would have been notified of these works back in August.
     Unfortunately the District Council do not have any involvement with roadworks which don't
     involve a closure and were not notified of the works being carried out on the A327. He would
     imagine these were emergency works as HCC do not normally allow any roadworks on a
     road which forms part of a diversion route. He has passed EPC’s concerns on to HCC
     regarding the signage issue in Marsh Lane.
     Speed Traps At the time of the meeting, PC Mark Hoban had responded saying that he
     would pass on any information regarding the recent speed traps in the Village as soon as he
     received it but that it was not yet available. (Shortly following the meeting this information was
     received and circulated to Councillors.)
     Westward Ho HCC had responded regarding the pathway at Westward Ho stating that it was
     not their responsibility but that of the Housing Association. The Chairman suggested that the
     Open Spaces Committee could look into the possibility of extending EPC’s grounds
     maintenance contract for this area and recharging the Housing Association.                         OSC

    Cllr D Bradley reported on the following:
          Ditches still required clearance which the Open Spaces Committee were following up
            by St Neots, Warbrook Lane and Hollybush Lane.
          Colin Harris had stated that he would attend to the trees in the ditch in Hollybush Lane
            once he had ascertained which were dead.
          Colin Harris had also stated that he would be jetting the culverts.
          HCC had said that clearance of the Warbrook Lane ditch on the north side was
            imminent 4 weeks ago.
          Cllr P Todd reported that the ditch north of Rose Cottages to footpath 4 had been
            cleared and made wider and deeper increasing its capacity considerably.
          The Chequers Public House was still facing problems with the land drainage which was
            making the refurbishment difficult.

    ESA Planning Application The Chairman explained that a request had been received from a
    Councillor and a member of public for EPC to decide on appointing someone to speak at the
    HDC Planning Committee meeting on 11th April when the ESA Floodlighting Planning
    Application was to be considered. An extraordinary meeting, with the obligatory 3 days notice,
    could not be called in time owing to the bank holidays therefore the Chairman had drafted a
    letter that he was proposing to send to the Head of Planning explaining what EPC’s objection
    was (see Appendix 2).
    Following a lengthy discussion, it was felt by the majority of Councillors that the letter should
    be sent in order to correct the mistake in the Planning Officer’s report.

    i) Items of Information received by the Clerk
    ESA Planning Application            This application will be considered by HDC on 11th April
    Road safety                         Article in the press regarding road safety:
    Village SOS Road Show               The Village SOS Live event is taking place on Friday 18
    May 2012 from 9:45am to 3:30pm at the Saïd Business School, Park End Street in central
    Parish Engagement Event             At Ashburton Hall, Hampshire County Council, Friday 25th
    May 2012. Representatives from the parish council are invited to attend a special seminar for
    parish councils organised by Hampshire County Council's Department for Economy,
    Transport and Environment (ETE) on 25th May 2012. They have asked for the Chairman to
    nominate up to two representatives to attend.
    Hart Overview & Scrutiny Committee Representatives from Network Rail and South West
    Trains have been invited to attend the meeting of the Hart Overview & Scrutiny Committee on
    17 April 2012. Parish Councillors have been asked if they have any issues, questions etc that
    can be passed on to the relevant bodies in order for them to investigate beforehand and have
    answers for the meeting.
    2012 Volunteer Recognition Awards. Hart Voluntary Action is still accepting nominations for
    the 2012 Volunteer Recognition Awards. Nominations are open to all volunteers, who will be
presented with their awards at a reception hosted by Cllr Kennett on Tuesday 24th April 2012
at Robert May’s School, Hook. To be eligible nominees need only be an individual or an
organisation that has made a significant contribution to the community through voluntary
action. As 2012 is the year of the Olympics, nominations are particularly (but not exclusively)
welcome from individuals or organisations involved in the promotion of sport.
In the past the Chair of Open Spaces has nominated 3 people on behalf of EPC.
Electoral review of hart             A summary of the Commission’s report setting out their
final recommendations for HDC has been published. A full copy of the report is available at They would welcome comments on their survey.
South East Water – drought measures South East Water has reported that a lack of rain is
having an impact on resources and that they may need to put in place drought measures.
They have asked if EPC can place water awareness messages in newsletters to alert
ii) Councillors had nothing to report.

There being no further items for discussion the Chairman closed the meeting at 10.22pm


                   Presentation given by Colin Ive, Chairman of
             Yateley Area Community Emergency Plan Steering Group
Colin Ive explained that the purpose of the Yateley Area Community Emergency Plan Steering
Group was to formulate a common sense approach to ourselves and our community in times of
severe stress and need.
Background Colin Ive explained that he had previously been in charge of Yateley Fire Station and
had worked for Nokia as their Disaster Manager ensuring that their sites had business continuity
plans in place. He had also set up his own consultancy in this field.
Government Involvement Working with the cabinet Office the Civil Secretariat has created the
Strategic National Framework on Community Resilience which is available to download.
This document explains why the Government would like communities to be more resilient. It is
emphasised that this is not a replacement for the emergency services; to work with them but not
doing their job. The aim is to produce Community Plans which could be used in the event of a
disaster and to help the vulnerable at this time. For example to have 4x4 cars delivering meals on
wheels during heavy snow.
Plan for the Local area The aim is to set up a local group called the Yateley Area Community
Emergency Plan Steering Group (YACEP) and to put a Plan together for this area. One of the main
challenges is to identify who is vulnerable and how to contact them and let them know what is
going on in the event of a disaster.
Colin Ive stated that he was looking for volunteers to join this group. He already has commitment
from the following local people:
Danny Randall – OIC Yateley Fire Station
Andy Whittaker – Yateley Town Councillor
Major General James Gordon CBE r’td
Brian Rose – Yateley Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator
Dawn Hayward – Blackwater and Hawley Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator,
He would like further volunteers either with specific skills or just a willingness to help. He would like
the community and its elected members to help build the Plan.
It was proposed that the Community Emergency Plan would cover the same area as that covered
by the Yateley Fire Station, being broadly Hawley, Blackwater, Darby Green, Yateley, Eversley,
Elvetham and Minley, including the significant army camp at Gibraltar Barracks.
Next Steps If this was of interest to the Council then a Councillor could be invited to join the
Steering Group. They would be holding an Open Meeting on Thursday 26th April at Yateley
School and EPC could invite any other local groups to attend.

Cllr C Young explained that he has a draft plan for the area and from HDC and HCC and that if
they could learn from each other that would be very beneficial. He confirmed that he would be
interested in joining the Steering Group as EPC’s representative.

                     EVERSLEY PARISH COUNCIL
Clerk :    Julie Routley, EPC Clerk,         Chairman :     Cllr. Philip Todd,
           18, Village Way, Yateley,                        Dressors, The Street,
           Hants. GU46 7SD                                  Eversley, Hants. RG27 0PJ
   Tel :   01252 876 924                            Tel :   0118 973 3379
e mail :        e mail :

 Daryl Phillips, Head of Planning,
 Hart District Council,
 Civic Offices,
 Harlington Way,
 Hants. GU51 4AE

 4th April 2012

 Dear Sir,

 re HDC Planning Committee Report (11th April 2012) Item 103 - ESA Floodlights

 I write to inform you of a gross error in your Committee Report in respect of the planning
 application for floodlights to the main pitch at Fox Lane, Eversley. This error invalidates
 the Report’s conclusions and means that the Planning Committee cannot rely on your
 recommendation in coming to a decision on this item.

 In Section 5, Ecology, on page 47 of the Report, it states “The Environment Agency has
 stated that the information provided within the lighting scheme would ensure that the lighting
 levels in the river corridor would not exceed Lux Level 2.”

 What the Environment Agency actually said was “We have previously assessed the lighting
 scheme for this site and are happy that, from the information submitted, lighting levels in the
 river corridor will not exceed Lux level 2.” That submitted information was the Light Spillage
 statistics, graphical tables and plans that accompanied planning application 11/01463/FUL.
 However, the Environment Agency was totally wrong in its assessment of that information.
 The graphical table clearly shows that within the river corridor, being the 8 metre wide buffer
 strip from the top of each bank of the watercourse, the lighting levels would rise to a
 maximum of greater than Lux level 404 - more than twice as bright as the darkest point on
 the pitch itself. On those banks immediately south and west of the pitch the light levels in
 the 8 metre wide buffer strip would be, mainly, between Lux levels 25 and 100 – far in
 excess of Lux level 2, as required by EA as a maximum.

 There are no statistics, graphical tables or plans of light spillage associated with the new,
 amended application. There is, specifically, no indication of how the applicant intends to
reduce the light impact in the river corridor from the previous peak in excess of Lux level 404
to less than Lux level 2. That was the reason for Eversley Parish Council’s specific
objection to the current application.

I recognise that the main fault lies with the Environment Agency, which failed to understand
or correctly interpret the information previously presented to it. However, I do believe that
HDC should have checked the validity of the EA’s response, especially in the light of EPC’s
submitted objections.

It helps nobody for HDC to permit, on the basis of erroneous information, the erection, at
great public expense, of floodlights covered by a condition that means that they could never
actually be switched on or used. To illustrate the difficulty of the situation, your
recommended Condition 3 requires the foot of the southwest floodlight column, which would
be sited only just beyond the limit of the 8 metre wide buffer strip, to be kept virtually in the
dark. This means that it must be unlit by its own lights and those of all of the other five

Yours sincerely,

Philip Todd

copied to:    HDC Chief Executive
              Cllr Anne Crampton

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