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									News Release

 Project Management Training Online Provides Courses on “On-site and
                     Virtual Teams” for PDUs
Mendham, New Jersey—October 4, 2007 — Project Management Training Online –
pmtrainingonline.com - announced today that it is providing 4 online courses and 2 online simulations on
the subject of “Creating High-performance On-site and Virtual Teams”. The courses provide a wide
range of interactive online training on this current topic, and provide PMPs with the opportunity to earn
PDUs for each course. Project Management Training Online - www.pmtrainingonline.com - provides one
of the most extensive offerings of online training courses focused on professional project management
that can be found on the internet.

According to John Reiling, PE, MBA, PMP, President of Project Management Training Online, “Project
Managers are constantly looking for opportunities to advance their knowledge on current topics, as well
as to earn PDUs. The workplace has changed, and professionals are no longer just managing teams in
the same office. To the contrary, today’s project manager often is building, managing, and leading both
on-site and virtual teams. This brings on a host of new challenges in project communications, project
risk, project control, and more! We are pleased to offer this grouping of courses to help project
managers know about this vital topic. And, of course, PMPs can earn Professional Development Units
(PDUs) for this training.”

Consistent with its mission of providing the best and most time and cost effective training for project
managers, Project Management Training Online provides these Skillsoft online courses as the “Course
Bundle: Creating High-performance On-site and Virtual Teams - 20.0 hours/PDUs”. As with other
Skillsoft courses, they provide a rich interactive experience for developing in depth knowledge of a
variety of aspects of this topic. The bundle consists of the following individual courses: “Launching
Successful On-site and Virtual Teams - 5.5 hours/PDUs”, “Leading Successful On-site Teams - 5.0
hours/PDUs”, “Leading Virtual Teams - 5.0 hours/PDUs”, and “Facilitating On-site and Virtual Teams -
4.5 hours/PDUs”. In addition, there are 2 simulations: “Creating High-performance On-site Teams
Simulation” and “Leading Virtual Teams Simulation”. All of these courses and simulations help students
to interactively build and reinforce skills in the area of team building in an on-site or virtual environment,
and qualify for PDUs at the rate of 1 PDU for each course hour, according to PMI policy.

Project Management Professionals (PMPs) who want to try elearning are invited to try a course for free –
and earn PDUs! There are courses available on a free trial basis for PMP Exam Prep, CAPM Exam
Prep, or PDUs for current PMPs.

Project Management Training Online - www.pmtrainingonline.com, provides one of the most extensive
offerings of online training courses focused on professional project management on the web. In addition
to the 26 courses and the PMP exam simulation, pmtrainingonline.com also provides hundreds online
courses where Project Management Professionals (PMPs) can rapidly and conveniently expand their
skills in a variety of chosen areas and earn Professional Development Units (PDUs). A complete listing
can be found at http://www.pmtrainingonline.com/site/1648622/page/45031 . Courses and training aids
were created by Skillsoft and Mindleaders, and are provided by WestNet Learning - A Skillsoft and
Mindleaders Authorized Partner.

For addition information, contact:

John Reiling, PE, MBA, PMP
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