ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY
          Conference Call Meeting Summary
                             September 11, 2008

Participants:       Laura Cabiness, Chair
                    Dean Lehman, Member
                    Sherri McIntyre, member
                    Sherri Zimmerman, Member

Absent:             Bill Reichmuth, member
                    Brian Usher, member

Staff:              Carol Estes, Staff Liaison
                    Kathy Dotson, Education

   1. Call to order – Laura Cabiness called the meeting to order at 1:00pm
      Central time.

   2. Review of meeting Summary 8/16/2008 – The meeting summary was

   3. At-large Director Report –Patty Hilderbrand was not available for the

   4. Education Report – Sherri Zimmerman filled the committee in on
      education activities. A Click, Listen and Learn session on Keyhole
      Technology was held yesterday and a CLL entitled “Salt Storage – More
      than a grain of salt” is scheduled for October 2. Another CLL program,
      “Porous Pavement-How is it performing?” is scheduled for October 16.

         The first program in the 4-Part Sustainability Web Series is scheduled for
         October 30, 2008. It is called: Sustainability 1: Introduction to
         Sustainability and what it Means to Public Works.

         Upcoming live workshops: October 22-24, 2008 – Dallas, Texas: Public
         Works Fleet Management

         The online Masters Degree program through Norwich University is
         scheduled to begin in March 2009
   Public Works Institutes: Currently nine chapter-sponsored Public Works
   Institutes are approved: Arizona, Northern California, Pacific Northwest,
   Illinois, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Florida.

5. Discussion of topics for Education sessions for Congress 2009 -
   Guaranteed session topic selection must be complete by the end of
   Topics discussed for guaranteed sessions in 2009 included:

   HAWK Signalization – Richard Nassi, Carol will coordinate
   Warm Asphalt – Laura Cabiness – Working on a draft
   Sustainability – Dean Lehman–Three cases will be discussed, one is in

   Action item: Complete online form by September 30

6. Roadway Maintenance Guide Discussion –Dean Lehman reported that
   he is working on the two chapters to be added, “Street Sweeping,” and
   “Right of Way Encroachments.”

   Action item: Keep item on the agenda

7. E & T Survey work plan – The members of the committee discussed the
   questions that comprised the E & T survey. Committee members were
   assigned questions in order to take a closer look at the results. Each
   member will look at the questions they have been assigned and determine
       Is there a project suggested by the responses that the committee
          as a whole should undertake?
       Is there a project suggested by the responses that should be
          placed on the committee’s long term work plan?
       Is there information that should be passed to another technical
          committee or department within APWA?
   Assignments of question responses were made to members by category.
   Assignments included:
       Questions 1 – 5, Information Resources – Laura Cabiness
       Questions 6, 12-16, 20 – Demographics – Staff
       Questions 17-19 – Procurement Technology – Bill Reichmuth
       Questions 21-23 – Project Tracking – Brian Usher
       Questions 24-32 – Procurement Process – Sherri McIntyre
       Question 33 – Infrastructure security – Sherri Zimmerman
       Question 34 – Education – Sherri Zimmerman

8. E & T work plan – The committee discussed the objectives of the current
   business plan. Listed objectives were assigned to individual committee
   members to keep track of during the year.
The next call is Thursday, October 2, at 2:00 pm Eastern, 1:00 pm Central,
12:00 pm Mountain, 11:00 pm Pacific time

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