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The Importance of Job Networking
This article deals with the importance of networking in your career and gives tips and suggestions as to how to find jobs through good
networking strategies. It is crucial to build contacts if you want to get a suitable job and advance in your career. Registering on job
search boards definitely helps but the power of networking in securing a good job cannot be underestimated.

It is important to network strongly apart from following other           research about the background of the people and their
job hunting strategies if you are looking forward to getting a           personality. You can also prepare a questionnaire regarding
suitable employment opportunity. The importance of building a            your goals and what you want to convey to those you meet.
good relationship with your professional and personal contacts
cannot be underestimated. In fact, you can rely on your                  Generally, networking can be done at college reunions,
family and friends to give you moral support in the crucial              parties, seminars, etc. If you have a good network, you can
job hunting process. A strong network does not happen by                 brighten your chances to get a good job. In fact, you might
chance; you have to go about building it. It is important to             chance upon a potential contact in the gym, parking lot, or
build a network even before you actually need it. This is a              anywhere else. Always be prepared to make a contact and
lifelong procedure as relationships take time to develop. You            exchange business cards.
can start with friends and family before moving on to business
colleagues and club members, etc.                                        Follow up with the people in you network once anyone assures
                                                                         you of knowing potential job opportunities or employers. Once
It is interesting to know that the best jobs are not listed              they help you meet the concerned person for the job, it is
anywhere except in the minds of CEOs and managers. You got               important to write a thank you note for letting them know that
to reach them through strategic networking. The important                they have helped you. You may also refer to helpful advice
aspects of building effective job networks is cold calling               they had given. Remember, even the highest level executive
prospective employers, sending cordial letters to concerned              wants to feel appreciated. Once a meeting or a conversation is
individuals and going about making verbal interactions.                  over, remember to keep in touch with your contact.
Networking should be considered as a personal challenge
where you are required to brainstorm for contacts and then               Remember that to be treated with respect, you must show
get in touch with them. Take into account all those people who           respect to others as well. For getting a prompt response,
could help you build contacts that can get you a job. Seek out           you need to return their calls or emails. Always be courteous
people who are friendly and have contacts. You also need to              and behave well, as you never know who might help. Make
be prepared with the campaign by being sincere in your efforts           it possible for your contacts to help you by explaining to
as well as staying relaxed.                                              them what kind of job you are looking for and asking useful
Before venturing into a conference room or trailing your way
into a party, you need to do your homework regarding the                 A job search is challenging, so make sure you stay determined
contacts list. Prepare a catalog of the people who are coming            and have a positive outlook if you want to succeed.
and make sure you accomplish your goals. Do thorough

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