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									                      NEWSLETTER No 97 – OCTOBER 2012
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                                         Don’t forget our new office address and location
                                            at the Fisherman’s Village end of Bangrak
                                   58/11 Moo 4, Bangrak, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320
                                              Telephone: 077 770-1 Fax 077 447 777

Last month I reported that Samui had been upgraded to City status. The positive aspect of that is that Samui gets to retain
more of the tax revenue generated on the island as opposed to sending it to Suratthani. The consequence of that however
is that the local administration are more motivated to collect taxes that were of no benefit to them previously. The principal
tax that will affect most expatriates with property here is “House Tax” or as it is more correctly designated “Structural
Usage Tax” which is calculated at the rate of 12.5% of the yearly rental according to the lease agreement or the annual
value assessed by the Land Department, whichever is higher, over property that is not the primary residence of the owner
(e.g. a second home or a property that is rented out by the owner). In case of a property that is owned by a company
Structural Usage Tax must be paid by the company irrespective if rent is paid or not or income is received by the company
from it. It is this latter clause that will encompass most real estate owned by expatriates here in Samui. Technically they
could demand payments from the date the house was completed, but they seem to be taking a realistic view and only
asking for payment starting from this year.

If you have any interest in tracking flights around the world and in particular in this region this is an interesting web site to
visit . Best viewed in a Chrome browser (IE does not work so well), you can see all the aircraft in
the sky all around the world. You can track aircraft into and out of Bangkok and follow them in the sky to their destination.
The downside is that Samui does not have a ground station that supports this so the aircraft disappear off the system
about 100km north of the island. However I have followed a flight from Bangkok and I can see that it left on time and follow
its progress in the sky. In a side panel it shows full details of the flight including the flight number, aircraft type and ID
number so predicting the arrival time is easy and more fun than . It also has a nice little feature which
allows a Cockpit view using the Flight Simulator mode in Google Earth linked to the flight data transmitted by the aircraft. It
is a pity that Samui does not have a ground station because in this view, just as Samui appears on the screen, the
transmission is lost.

We are in the process of creating a new web site. Our existing web site whilst very functional and has served us well, is
somewhat dated being over ten years old and written in archaic web formats. We are gradually loading all our properties
onto the new web site and anticipate having it fully operational within the next few weeks. We still have a number of issues
to address and these become apparent as we upload more properties. Please feel free to visit the new website which for
the moment can be found at and if you have any comments or suggestions please let
me know.

A reminder about the Samui International Jazz Music Festival which will be held again this year on Oct. 14-20. Two nights
of concerts – Oct. 19 and 20 –to be held at the ‘Main Stage’ on Chaweng Beach at the beachfront of Amari Palm Reef Hotel,
will be free to visitors. See more information below.

And for those beer drinkers among you, you may be pleased to hear that Carlsberg are making a return to Thailand after an
absence of several years following their fall out with Chang. They have agreed a joint venture with Singha.

They property market has become more active this year and we are seeing increased demand in all sectors. Buyers are
however keenly aware that they are in a strong position and with sellers beginning to feel the market may be about to turn,
reaching agreement is still difficult. The reality is that sales that are occurring are for properties where the asking price has
been reduced to take account of the correction in the market over the last three years. The available supply of property is
still quite large and older properties are at a disadvantage to more modern properties built to higher specifications.

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We are fortunate in being allowed to offer what is probably the best sea-view land with full infrastructure in Samui.
Situated on a ridge on the south-west of the island, these individual plots of land have magnificent sea views across to the
mainland and also to the Five Islands. Some plots have the benefit of views to both the east and west. All services are
installed including a concrete road, underground three phase electricity, filtered water supply from the estates own
reservoir and high speed Broadband fibre optic cabling for internet, telephone and television services. Whilst you are free
to design your own villa within certain reasonable parameters, there is a range of designs available for inspiration.

 Ko Samui Properties have been fortunate in being involved with this land for some time as Project Managers of two of the
  recently completed villas and can therefore guide you through the acquisition and planning of your dream home on this
                magnificent land. Please see further details on our web page here – or contact us direct at

See also in particular the following New Listings and Price Reductions – CTRL + click to follow the link:

                     NEW LISTING
                     3 Bedroom garden villa with pool in Ban Kao
                     Available at Baht 6,950,000

                     NEW LISTING
                     3 Bedroom Luxury Ocean View Villa in Chaweng
                     Available at Baht 29,500,000

                     NEW LISTING
                     1 Bedroom Sea View Condominium in Bang Po
                     Available at Baht 5,000,000

                     NEW LISTING
                     24.5 Rai, Hillside sea view land in Maenam
                     Available at Baht 1.5m/Rai

                     NEW LISTING
                     2 Bedroom bungalow with Pool in Plai Laem
                     Available at Baht 7,500,000

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                       PRICE UPDATE
                       7 Bedroom Hillside Seaview House in Namuang
                       Baht 19,500,000 or reasonable offer

           For Festivals around Thailand visit the Tourist Authority of Thailand website.

Samui Express is on line and you can find them here

THAI Cancels Koh Samui Service from mid-Jan 2013                                30 August 2012
As per 30AUG12 GDS inventory display, THAI starting 16JAN13 cancels Bangkok – Koh Samui service. The airline currently offers
twice daily flights on board Boeing 737-400 since 15FEB08.
Reservation for this flight is closed and removed from the system for travel on/after 16JAN13.

Schedule until 15JAN13:

TG281 BKK0745 – 0850USM 734 D
TG287 BKK1520 – 1625USM 734 D
TG282 USM0930 – 1035BKK 734 D
TG288 USM1705 – 1810BKK 734 D

Samui-Penang air service launched                                                             Samui Express 30 August 2012
Firefly inaugurated its thrice-a-week service between Penang and Koh Samui on Aug. 11, making it the only airline that provides
direct air link between Malaysia’s northern region and Thailand’s southern backdoor.
Passengers and members of the media who boarded the inaugural flight, FY 3602, at 2.25 p.m. in Penang were greeted with a warm
welcome by Thai tourism officials at the Samui airport during their arrival.
“Being the only airline that commercially services this route, Firefly’s direct access and convenient travel time into both islands
provide tremendous convenience and travel options to customers, said Firefly’s CEO, Ignatius Ong, in a statement.
“Besides the locals and expatriates from the northern region, we are targeting foreign customers for this route, particularly from the
Middle-East, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, India, and who largely choose Penang as their preferred holiday destination during the
intense seasons in their homelands. We are ea-ger to meet the demand of these markets with our signature hospitality and
commitment to providing great service,” Mr. Ong added.
“Islands are seen to be in demand for these market segments, hence creating an access to Koh Samui via Penang will be most
ideal for these travellers who are keen to explore spectacular beaches in the region concurrently,” he added.
Ms. Angelina Fernandez, Firefly’s head of marketing and communications, added that “these islands have got more to offer than just
serene beach retreats. Penang, also known as the Pearl of the Orient, is recognized to be a UNESCO world heritage city whereby it
shows the world of its quaint legacy buildings, history, art and culture that co-exist alongside modern development.”
“As for Koh Samui,” she said, “it is a shopping paradise that vastly offers local Thai products as well as international branded
outlets, mostly textile and leather goods. To add on, both of these islands are also known to be a food haven that caters popular and
authentic Malaysian and Thai dishes and delicacies respectively.”
Firefly’s return flight to Penang, which departed at 3.15 p.m. that same day. They were given a warm welcome at the Penang
International Airport by a Malaysian cultural troupe. Penang’s chief minister, Lim Guan Eng, and Mr. Ong were on hand to personally
welcome the passengers who were on a four-day familiarization tour of Penang.

Pure Blue Launches Reef Regeneration Project Off Koh Samui Asia Travel Tips 4 September 2012
Pure Blue Foundation has launched a reef regeneration programme on Hanuman Bay just 50 metres from the shore at Akaryn
Samui Resort and Spa.
Last month the Pure Blue Foundation successfully planted 12 new structures among the reef at Akaryn which has been designed to
attract and develop new coral species as well as more types of tropical fish. This is part of a process that started with the recent
preparation of the seabed.

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Akaryn has also enlisted the expertise of two highly experienced marine biologists Mr Sebastien Stradal and Mr Gabriel Bidawid. The
pair will spend initially two weeks at Akaryn and take charge of the planting of the module structures and putting in place all
development plans in an area 50-metres from the sandy beach of Hanuman Bay – a 400-metre stretch protected by granite
The initiative is the latest activity by the marine environment group, founded by Akaryn Hospitality Management Services (AHMS)
managing director, Anchalika Kijkanakorn, which owns and operates both Akaryn and Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga Resort and Spa.
"We are thrilled to be bringing our marine conservation work to Koh Samui having worked in Phang Nga for the last few years," said
Ms. Kijkanakorn. "It is an ideal location outside our new resort, which comprises of 52 suites and villas in a very private, tranquil
location. We feel a deep responsibility to all the destinations in which we operate resorts and this is the latest in a long-term
commitment we have made to not only preserving the environment but to nurturing its development for generations to come."
On 1 December 2012, Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga Resort and Spa will launch its latest fundraising activity to generate funds for its
turtle conservation project in an evening soiree at its location on Natai Beach at which the latest batch of turtles will be released into
the Andaman Sea.
Over the last two years, Pure Blue Foundation has raised THB600,000 – releasing over 100 turtles into the wild – and will require
about the same amount this year to successfully continue its programme that has now been extended to Koh Samui.
The event will feature a surprise guest DJ flown in from Europe as well as a host of interactive culinary demonstrations highlighted by
a chocolate theme and liquid nitrogen preparation as well as dance and body painting performances.

7 more tourist centers to be opened in big cities              National News Bureau of Thailand                    17 September 2012
BANGKOK, 17 September 2012 (NNT) – The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is set to spend over 10 million baht to set up 7 more
tourist centers in big cities across Thailand after receiving complaints of frauds and scams from tourists.
According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, 7 more tourist centers will be set up to help tourists avoid scams and overpriced-
products after the Ministry has received numerous complaints on the issues. Those centers will be set up at airports in Chiang Mai,
Chiang Rai, Khonkaen, Hatyai, Samui Airport, and the city of Pattaya.
At present, there are only 2 tourist centers in Thailand, one at Donmuang and the other at Suvarnabhumi Airports.
Most complaints from the tourists have been in regard to over-priced products which travellers were duped by unscrupulous store
owners or tourist guides into buying.
Additionally, nearly 100 officers will be on a 24-hour service to assist the tourists. The service will be provided in 4 languages:
English, Korean, Chinese, and Russian.

Tourism panel vows to protect island’s image                            Samui Express 17 September 2012
WITH tourism as the main engine of Koh Samui’s economy, the island’s main tourism governing body vowed to protect its image
and environment to continue attracting international tourists in the years to come.
Tanongsak Wong, president of the Koh Samui Tourism Promotion Association, promised during their recent executive board
meeting to promote the island’s positive image to international travelers.
A new committee made up of entrepreneurs and business travelers also agreed to cover all areas of concern in the tourism sector.
These include rising airfares that may affect the number of travelers to Koh Samui.
Wong said their group continues to fight Bangkok Airways’move to increase fares temporarily.
“The flight cost will affect the whole island,” he said.
He said everyone in the community should also help preserve Koh Samui’s natural resources which are its main tourism attraction
to the outside world.
A media campaign is also being planned to further promote Koh Samui in the international travel industry.

A low blow at the airport                                                          Samui Express                 August 2012
BEING a small island, one expects Samui to be free of underhanded business tactics. With everybody knowing almost everybody,
you would think the business atmosphere here would be friendlier and more decent than anywhere.
It doesn’t seem to be the case.
What’s On Samui got a proposal last year from another magazine company, which won a contract to manage the display areas for
magazines and brochures at the airport. For a monthly fee of Bt10,000, the magazine company proposed, What’s On Samui would
be given a space at the airport to display copies of its magazine for arriving guests to pick up handily.
Although a bit leery, especially since the agreement specifically stipulates that the other company would have exclusive control of
overseeing the display, management went for it. It convinced itself there was no reason to doubt the sincerity of the offer. The other
company has its own magazine, competing against What’s On Samui, the more established magazine in the market. But it was like
being invited by a neighbor who happens to be your rival for the presidency of the local Parents Teachers Association to play poker
in his home. You expect it to be a friendly competition and don’t expect any skullduggery, which would be too obvious and a low blow
on his part.
But this is what happened.
What’s On Samui accepted the offer and religiously paid Bt10,000 every month for over a year. Every issue, the magazine would
deliver thousands of copies to the airport, trusting they would be displayed at designated areas of the airport.
There was no reason to suspect anything. Every three to four days someone from the company would call saying they needed more
copies to display, as previous copies were all gone.
Of course, since the magazine wasn’t visible, it was getting calls from advertisers complaining they were not getting the usual
number of responses for their ads.

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The Bangkok-based owner of What’s On Samui then decided to visit the island.
Naturally, she started looking for her magazine at the airport during her arrival. Magazines and brochures were on display at
conspicuous places, except What’s On Samui. And there were no empty spaces in the magazine racks, to signify that copies of a
certain magazine had run out.
Luckily, she saw a girl refilling one particular rack. She had a bunch of brochures and other items with her – but not a single copy of
What’s On Samui. Of course, the What’s On owner asked her why a lot of brochures were on display but not any of What’s On
Samui. “Maybe they pay more than you do,” came the asinine reply.
When you pay for a room in a hotel, you expect to get that room. You don’t expect the hotel to give to somebody else even if that
somebody is willing to pay more. That’s how decent people do business, right?
The next day, the owner of the other company went to the hotel where the owner of What’s On Samui was staying. Instead of
explaining why What’s On was nowhere to be seen at the airport despite the Bt10,000 monthly fee, she only had one cryptic
message to deliver. “If you’re not happy with our service, you can cancel it.”
The What’s On owner could only scratch her head. Cancelling it is easy but decency dictates she should at least know why she
didn’t get the service she paid for – or be refunded!
She isn’t really buying it, she says, but her friends are suggesting she had been had -- that she was a victim of an elaborate scheme
to put down a thriving competition.

The Dusit Dhewa Samui Cultural Center of Asia                                                 Samui Express 17 September 2012
One of the lesser known parts of Koh Samui that is well worth exploring is the back road from Nathon to Lipa Noi. Here you will find
a stunning beachfront temple, a mysterious and deserted, at least on a Saturday, arts and cultural center and a stunning picture
perfect beach.
To find this area take the one-way system through and beyond Nathon. When you get to the large set off traffic lights take a right turn
and drive towards Samui hospital passing immigration on the left. Take a left turn at the 7 Eleven on the left hand side of the road
before it bends around right to the
The Dusit Dhewa Samui Cultural Center of Asia hospital. If you continue along this road you will pass the temple gate and find the
most stunning gold and white temple beyond, which is a beautiful stretch of un-spoilt beach. After stopping for a look around
continue through the grounds of the temple and drive out under the temple gate. Go over the small bridge and continue until you see
a large and ornate wall on the left hand side of the road.
                        At the beginning of this wall is a spectacular entrance to the Dusit Dhewa Samui Cultural Centre and Fine Art
                        of Southeast Asia. The entrance to this strange and mysterious center stands majestically in a virgin jungle of
                        tropical palm trees and looks like something of a movie set.
                        Stone, mythical creatures line up along the ornate gold pillars on top of which Buddha images sit as if they are
                        protecting this sacred-looking ground. Stone steps lead through a tall, draped gateway with its thatched five
                        tier roof.
                        On the other side of the entrance stone steps lead down to rows of stone statues that look as if they are part of
some outdoor banqueting hall. Beyond this you will find a wooded area that has temples and old wooden furniture hidden in its
At the end of the wooded area is a large sala that looks as though it has only just been built. Beyond that a Japanese -style temple
sits in dense and seemingly un-trodden jungle.
As well as statues and temples there is a mixture of old and new buildings in this mysterious and almost spooky spot.
If you continue your journey beyond the center you will go past the Teer restaurant on the right, continue along past a house with
ornate gates on the right and a large convenience store on the left. Go past Samui Park Ville Holiday homes and some homes with
stripy blue and red roofs.
When you get to Samui Villas turn right. Go past a development with pink walls. The road then turns sharply right, then sharply left
then sharply right again. Pass a house with an orange wall on the left and then park next to the big metal gate on the right. From
here you can make your way onto a beautiful, picture perfect, deserted beach that is flanked by broken down bungalows and villas
that were beautiful in times gone by and screaming out for renovation!
After enjoying the beach if you are driving home via Nathon why not stop at the Krua Savoiey Restaurant that can be found on the
very south of the oceanfront road that takes you north through Nathon. This popular restaurant serves delicious Thai and Western
food at incredibly low prices. The pizza, which is worth a try, is smothered in rich and delicious cheese. You might also like to try the
ice cream chocolate milkshakes. -- SB

(Repeated from last month as a reminder)
Weeklong jazz festival to start Oct 14                                             Samui Express               13 August 2012
AFTER its resounding success in 2010 and 2011, the Samui International Jazz Music Festival will be held again this year on Oct.
14-20. Over 3,000 visitors are expected to fly to Koh Samui to attend the festival.
Koh Samui has certainly earned its reputation as an international leisure and travel hotspot. For years now, new and returning
visitors alike have loved to come and experience the warm and welcoming hospitality on the island.
Festival visitors will experience an intimate and exciting atmosphere that will give each one of them the unique feeling of really being
up close and a part of the action. The third Samui International Jazz and
Music Festival attracts renowned international and local Jazz musicians performing in various styles spanning the Jazz spectrum.
The line-up is exceptional and the six beachside locations are stunning, providing perfect surroundings for relaxed jazz melodies
served with a cocktail on a tropical night.

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For the third year, 40 exceptional Thai and international artists from 10 different countries will come to Koh Samui to perform. They
include Paulette McWilliams, a Chicago native who has been on stage and performed with artists like Quincy Jones, Michael
Jackson, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross.
Her discography reads like the who’s who in music history: everyone from Sammy Davis Jr. to Placido Domingo, with every genre of
music in between. She is expected to perform on the main-stage of the festival on Oct. 19. Entrance is free.
Also performing is Peter Beets, a world-class jazz pianist from Netherlands who has shared the stage with jazz greats like Chick
Corea, Wynton Marsalis, and Dee Dee Bridgewater.
The Karen Devroop Jazz Quartet of South Africa is also scheduled to perform during the festival. Their quartet’s repertoire spans a
very broad spectrum of styles and genres ranging from Bebop to Latin and contemporary Jazz.
Organizers said that more music highlights and the exact venues and times will be announced later. An entrance fee of Bt500 will be
charged during the five days of concerts at hotel venues, such as the Amari Palm Reef in Chaweng on Oct. 14, the Rocky Boutique
Resort in Lamai on Oct. 15, The Library on Oct. 16, Nora Buri Resort & Spa On Oct. 16, and the Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa on
Oct. 18.
Two nights of concerts – Oct. 19 and 20 –to be held at the ‘Main Stage’ on Chaweng Beach at the beachfront of Amari Palm Reef
Hotel, will be free to visitors.


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